General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime
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Thread: General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime

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    Default General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime

    I would like to ask about the opinions of everyone about the Legendary Pokemons that appears in the anime. Not only the movies, but also the normal TV series, the chronicles and/or OVA such as the Origin.

    For my personal opinion, during the beginning series of the show like in the OS, the appearance of the Legendary Pokemon were finely done, as they are shown to have a mystic power that are different from ordinary Pokemon, and yet not breaking their mysterious aura by "vulgarization" (involving in human daily activities). It making them feels mystical and enigmatic, and that is the romance of them being Legendary Pokemon.
    As some examples, the very first movie of Mewtwo, show him his rebellious nature of being a man-made Pokemon, but at the end he decided to become one of the "natural" Pokemon like all the other lifeforms. It actually leaves a mysterious feeling to the audience of how he can cope with other Pokemon "naturally", which I like it.
    And at the Johto saga, Suicune appears in the first episode of the saga just for a short minute where Ash and co. happened to spot it. It disappear gracefully and yet mysteriously. Then the second time it appears in Ecruteak city by calming the raging Pokemon immediately with its power. TRio and also Eusine were attempted to catch it, but unsuccessful, not even able to make a scratch on it. Suicune then immediately left, without further deeper involvement with the human beings.

    But unfortunately, the Legendary Pokemon of nowadays were demystified and vulgarize too much, not just that they feels like ordinary Pokemon merely with a little stronger power than ordinary level, but they are too close to the human beings, some of them had even became the handheld Pokemon of the CoTD.
    For the very first one that is too close to the human was Entei from the M03. Though, that is not a real Entei but merely an illusion made by the Unown, so I'll forgive it.
    But then, starting from M06, I kind of dislike the way how the scriptwriter treating the Legendary Pokemons. Example, in M06, Jirachi is a super-rare Pokemon that awakes only every 1000 years and have the power of wish-granting, yet its real power is not used, but rather "utilize" it in a very roundabout way by Butler.
    What I dislike most in the movies is the Creation Trio and Arceus. Especially the Arceus movie, where no one treat it with veneration nor revered it, and it is too much underpowered down to the level of illogical for the sake of plot flow.
    Then in M13, the three Beast Trio were the Kodai's Baccer Team being shown on the TV screen. Although in the later we knew they are fakes, but still using the Legendary Pokemon in such sport activities seems like an insult to the real Beast Trio.

    Such Legendary Pokemon treating IMO is even worse in TV series, as I said before, they became handheld Pokemon of CoTD for no reason, except the mere reason of plot needs. Some were never explained how they got such Legendary Pokemon.
    Now the Legendary Pokemon were too much vulgarized, they no longer have that aura of "mystery". There are absolutely no romance nor extraordinariness about their existence.

    What are your opinions about this matter?
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    Default Re: General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime

    My problem with the Legendaries is that unlike the games, the anime shows that often these legendaries are their own species and not just one specific Pokemon. Like for instance there are several of each Legendary Beast, there's tons of Shaymin, at least two Lugia, and possibly multiple Deoxys. It ruins the whole point of them being Legendaries then. If there was only one of each then they would actually be unique. Otherwise they're just powerful Pokemon with nothing really special about them.

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    Default Re: General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime

    Agreed, when people start using legendaries (Nolan) it gets a bit silly, when they one of them in Pokeballs, (Nurse Joy wtf??) or even 2 (guy from sinnoh league) it makes a mockery of them being legendary.

    The worst of all being multiple mewtwo, who was a one off experiment.

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    Default Re: General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime

    I pretty much agree with you guys. At first legendaries seemed to be a pretty mysterious thing and it had lots of talk about them. But now it seems like it's just everywhere. Thats just the way I see it. I was also confused about how many legendary Pokemon of the one species there were as you both previously mentioned.


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