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Thread: Filler percentages, saga by saga

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    BW031 won't be filler.... if Oshawott masters Aqua Jet.

    Quote Originally Posted by OmigawdMatt View Post
    The thing with BW is that there are some episodes that seem to be filler until the end when usually TR shows up for just a minute, making the whole episode a non-filler. Depending on the person's choice, the % of fillers vary.
    Team Rocket appearing didn't make the Litwick episode non-filler... the fact that Yamask used Shadow Ball for the first time.

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    I think the only fillers so far are:

    • EP667: Saving Darmanitan From the Bell; The only notable event in this episode was Team Rocket recieving the the meteorite, but as the end of the serious TRio arc has most likely been banned, I don't think this event counts towards anything yet.
    • EP673: Nacrene City! Big Adventure at the Museum!!; Once again, this episode features a TRio event, but once again, it isn't going towards anything as of yet.
    • EP678: Connossieur Showdown! Dwebble VS Dewott!!; Unless Cabernet is a rival of Cilan, this is a filler.
    • EP680: Skyarrow Bridge and Gothitelle!; Once again, this episode is a filler, because it doesn't feature anything notable. And I don't think the Skyarrow Bridge counts as a game event, but more of a location.
    • EP685: Fishing Conference of Castelia City! Fishing Connossieur - Cilan Enters!; As we know jacksquat about this episode, there is a high chance that it could be filler (even though it will be banned).
    • EP687: Emolga VS Snivy! The Volt Switch Chaos!!; No notable events here, so let's move on.

    So anyway, in my opinion, there are six fillers so far, and they are the Darumaka episode, the museum one, the connossieur one, the Gothitelle one, the fishing one, and the Volt Switch one. And I'm not speculating about EP690 and onwards.

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    I would disagree with the Nacrene Museum episode being filler, cause it introduces us to the gym leader.

    the Cabernet episode could go either way, depending on if Cabernet becomes a recurring character or not.

    The Fishing Conference is when Bianca joined the party, so I'd rank it as non-filler

    Volt Switch I'd consider a "character development" type episodel since we have Iris battling with Emolga for the first time and beginning to see how she will have to train it and stuff. Plus, Bianca leaves the group at the end of the episode ^^.
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    Recomendation!: Can you provide a list of in the but not in-game episodes? 'Cause I 'm just looking for very important ones. Also, is this info based on the Japanese? Cause that's what I want. I think I'm say cause to much. CAUSE!

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    I personally didn't find Johto as bad as most other people did; nor did I find Sinnoh that way. I also didn't find Hoenn as great as everyone said (though I do like it still). I will now take any possible contempt I may get for this statement.

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    I made a list a while ago on all the episodes I believed were non-filler, I don't know if that thread still exists. Many of the episodes in the OP I do not consider filler because of the all-important character development and it has Ash appearing in places important to the plot in future episodes. Exposition episodes are also not filler IMO.

    EDIT: Oh I found it.

    Pokemon Anime Fan's Guide to Non-Fillers
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