Which events would you have changed?

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Thread: Which events would you have changed?

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    Default Which events would you have changed?

    I'm talking about battles, captures, evolutions, the lot.

    Personally for me the list is quite long.

    It starts at Lenora's gym where I don't think Ash should have lost. I think that he should have used Scraggy and Snivy, with Scraggy knowing Low Kick. I would still have had Tepig learning Flame Charge and Oshawott learning Aqua Jet sometime though.

    Burgh's gym. Change around Pikachu for Tranquill and make it a loss. Ash goes and does some training, Tepig learns Flame Charge and Tranquill learns Aerial Ace. They come back around BW029 and re-challenge.

    Swadloon vs Dwebble
    Swadloon vs Venipede : Due to Burgh doing some training of his own and Venipede learning Venoshock.
    Tepig vs Venipede
    Tepig vs Leavanny
    Tranquill vs Leavanny

    Stephan vs Ash: In the second battle Oshawott evolves to replace its Scalchops

    Roggenrola's capture: I would have had Roggenrola struggling to learn Flash Cannon, something Ash could resolve.

    Club Battle: I'd use Roggenrola against Dino and Palpitoad against Iris.

    Elesa's battle.

    Joltik vs Roggenrola: Joltik's annoying and Volt Switches out.
    Emolga vs Roggenrola: Emolga tries to Volt Switch but fails, taking both of them out with an Iron Tail-Flash Cannon close range collision.
    Joltik vs Snivy: Joltik keeps on dodging Snivy's attacks until she traps Joltik in Leaf Storm and uses Slam. She knocks Joltik out with a Leaf Blade and evolves
    Zebstrika vs Servine: Servine faces problems with Flame Charge and is knocked out.
    Zebstrika vs Palpitoad : Pretty similar to how it was in BW049, but less one sided.

    Clay's battle: I'd keep it the same but put in Swadloon rather than Snivy.

    Skyla's battle: I'd use Swadloon rather than Krokorok. When Tranquill evolves she learns Sky Attack

    Homika vs Ash: I'd make it a full 6v6

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    Default Re: Which events would you have changed?

    Oh God where do I begin? I guess I'll address some of the minor things.

    -Give Ash the recognition he deserves. dude went through 4 leagues, won an independent league, beat the Frontier Brains, and was the first person in Sinnoh to beat Tobias' Darkrai, so I'm pretty sure that even the obscure land of Unova should know how famous this guy is. in fact with all he did,Trip should be worshipping this guy as much as he does Alder. and speaking of Trip....

    -I would have liked a more believable reason why he won the first fight aginst Ash. electric Power nerrf or no,Pikachu should have ended his Snivy after the first Quick attack. instead, since Oshawott was following him, have Ash notice and use him in the battle, due to Pikachu being unable to because of the sickness. not only would it give a more believable reason for a loss, but would also mirror the Rival battles from the games(since they always fight you with a type advantage.)

    -Build up Team Plasma, like what they did with Team Rocket. Plasma was all around, holding public speeches in the streets about the rights that Pokemon should have, sweeping people into their cause and making themselves look like the idealist heroes of the world. which makes me wonder WHY THE HELL THEY DIDN'T USE THIS YET??? not only would this introduce Team Plasma and show their role in Unova(where they are seen as vigilante heroes rather then common theives like the other teams), it also would set up a way to bring in N, who in many ways is one of the perfect rivals to give to Ash. since Natural is fueled by his Ideals and beliefs, and the last generation had Ash portrayed as chosen by the spirit of Ambition, it would perfectly sync with the ideals(Resh) vs. Ambitions(Zeks) theme in Unova.

    -I'm pretty sure if there was one filler arc many would want to see,it would be a dream world arc. there is just too much fun potential to skip that.

    -on the Battle end, with the Elena fight, I would like Ash to act like the ambitious strategist he became after his loss at the Kanto League instead of making an ass of himself like he did in that episode.

    -now with this league,I would want ash to win. now the most common reason why many argue that Ash loses is because if he wins, the series would end, and they couldn't promote the games. I call Taurosshit on that. Ash can win the Main League...but lose fighting the Elite 4, who I cannot believe Ash hasn't battled yet(though I think he fought Agatha once,IIRC). this would be then next logical step, and if there is another arc, at least he won't be treated like an underdog again.

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    Default Re: Which events would you have changed?

    The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I think the topic is similar enough with this thread for it to be discussed there.


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