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Thread: The Direction you wish the Series went?

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    Ash becomes the Top 2 in the current League.Iris becomes famous as the Master of Dragon.Cilan becomes an S-class Pokémon Connoisseur

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    For a long time, I said Ash and Team Rocket should have had their stories end after D/P. There was no need to reset Ash, Jessie, James, and Meowth because literally all of their storylines were wrapped up.

    That was what I wanted for a long time, but then I saw that Giovanni appeared to be coming back in a big way in B/W, so I thought "Maybe this is going to be an exit for J/J/M when some huge Team Rocket fight happens and they do something important and then retire for good". That would have been acceptable to me, but that didn't even come remotely close to happening. I still think it would have been the best option.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I wish Trip becomes the first gymleader of Unova like Cheren did in the BW 2 games. That would be nice.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I want:

    After the Junior Cup Trip gets thrashed by Alder. This leads to him joining the main group and battling Ash regularly as a rival
    James gets TRio's old Pokémon back and they are NINJA! He goes round and beats all of the Unova Gym Leaders.
    The Seven Sages, N and James enter the tournament along with Ash, the regular rivals and Suwama
    James beats a Seven Sage and a random CoTD before losing to Ash
    Stephan is beaten by Ash in Round 1, using Braviary, Sawk and Zebstrika (Ash's team: Boldore, Unefezant and Pikachu)
    Trip beats Georgia in Round 3 (Vaniluxe, Bisharp and Beartic vs Vaniluxe, Chandelure and Conkledurr)
    Burgundy gets to the semis after beating two sages and Suwama (along with a CoTD) but is beaten by Ash in a 6 v 6
    Trip and Ash battle in the final, leading to Ash winning by an inch and going on to beat Alder

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    What we needed:

    1.I being a strong believer in Pokeshipping, There totally shouldve been a confirmed relationship between Ash and Misty.

    2.Ash staying as a Pikachu for a few episodes. it was very disapoiting that Ash was a Pikachu for only less than 30 seconds at the beginning of the episode following Hocus Pokemon

    3.The King of Pokelantis to return again. I would kill someone to make him come back for revenge on Ash.

    4.They needed to keep Ash's original eyes. one does not simply fix what isnt broken. they just suddenly changed his eyes many years? about 13 years right?somebody help me here XD.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I - Steven/Wallace appeared instead of Lance.
    II - Brendan made an appearance.
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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I have two things I always wanted the anime to do:

    1. Get rid of Ash at the end of the original series. Starting with Johto, it would have followed Gold. Then when Hoenn started up, Brendan and May would have taken the lead. You get the idea with the rest of the series.
    2. Leaf, the female character from FireRed/LeafGreen, actually makes a major appearance.

    Those two things would have me interested in watching the anime again, mostly because I am so sick of seeing Ash not learn anything and make the same mistakes he's been making since day one. It'd at least be refreshing to see someone else screw up.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    Misty and Brock would have pointed out to Erika that she could not deny Ash a battle.

    Less filler
    A plot involving all of the legendaries and the GS Ball

    No Brock.
    Either replace JJM with two "rival" Team Magma and Team Aqua groups, or have each of them join one side (Magma for Jessie and Aqua for James?) to maybe try and make a good reputation for themselves instead of "disgracing" Team Rocket (though I'm not sure where Meowth would be).
    Max would stay, but he would have turned 10 during Ash's fifth gym battle and got a Slakoth egg from Norman, then he'd go on to get other Pokemon.

    No Tobias or Brock.
    Nando would be a rival to both Ash and Dawn, all others be damned.
    Paul would not get his redemption as quickly as he did, if he HAS to be in the show, nor would he be treated as a normal person.
    The Aipom-Buizel trade would not have happened (because Aipom lost her personality afterwards, until that ping-pong episode, where she suddenly decided to abandon Dawn to play ping-pong).

    The narrator would not say "...the ten year old Ash Ketchum!"
    Pikachu would lose its electric attacks for a decent amount of episodes, forcing Ash to use a diverse moveset and new strategies for him. Once it got them back, it would only be used for emergencies.
    Ash would go easy on Trip until the League, where he crushes him.

    In general:
    No four move limit, it makes it seem too much like the games.
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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    Kanto: for what it did, it was fine, warts and all. yeah the pity badges are annoying,but later on Ash grows to become stronger so it was fine.

    Orange Islands: a little bit more focus on Misty, with it being a water area and all.

    Jotho:resolve the bloody GS ball plot. abandoning it was so dumb. bring better closure to Ash travelling with Brock and Misty(though to be fair, what they did was fine too)

    Hoenn: have to see more before I weigh in on it.

    BF: same as above

    Sinnoh: still have to see much more, but I'm pretty much sure everyone agrees that Tobias need to get his ass out of the series. that was unbelieveably cruel and cheap how some guy with a bunch of legendaries just pops up and wins the freaking tournament. Ash didn't need to win it per se, but he deserved better.

    Unova: Add Natural to the series. it would have been a nice step up from Paul' ideas of power and his attitude toward his team to a man who distrusts humanity and sees himself as a savior of Pokemon. this would have given someone who could not only challenge Ash as a trainer, but on a psychological and philosophical level. also his presence would have set the stage for Plasma's presence in the series. and most of all, they should have kept Ash as a wiser and more mature trainer, who has grown from his experiences and is closer to fulfilling his dream, rather then pulling a New 52 and resetting him to be the young bright eyed beginner, which changed him from a kid on his way to his goal into a dog chasing cars.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    1. Have Ash win the Lily of the Valley Conference, defeat all the E4, and lose/tie to Cynthia. This makes sense because all the build-up, and I really think the writer just forced Tobias down our throats with the hacked legendaries
    2. Less filler episodes
    3. Ash gets a psuedo-legendary (probably Garchomp or Tyranitar)
    4. Better rivals (Trip is disgusting)
    5. Instead going to Hoenn, Dawn would go to Kanto, and have a rivalry with Misty
    6. Team Plasma making their debut and N acts as a rival AND the main antagnist
    7. Iris should replace Excadrill and Emolga with Druddigon and Swablu, replace Dragonite with Dratini
    8. Giovanni left Viridian City, and Gary Oak became the new gym leader (like Blue in-game)
    9. Ash catching pokemon with more quality in BW
    10. Ash actually ages (he should be at least 13 now)

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    - Jessie / James / Meowth should have been more villainous. I mean, at least on the same level that they were in the 2nd episode (which wasn't extremely villainous, but at least they weren't bumbling idiots like they've become).

    - Not dubbing the Dratini episode was a huge mistake. I was always confused as to how Ash had 30 Tauroses from the Safari Zone when he had never even been to the Safari Zone.

    - Porygon should be featured. They don't have to use the Porygon episode, but out of the entire series Porygon and his evolutions have never appeared other than Porygon being mentioned (but not even seen) in the Diglett episode.

    - The series should have ended with Kanto. But then again, I liked the Orange Islands and Johto was kind of mandatory after that, but either way, it should not have continued past Johto. Anything not in the so-called "original series" should have used completely different characters.

    - They should have stuck to the original concept of "there are 150 known species of Pokémon... everything else is a new discovery" rather than changing it to "there are 150 regional Pokémon species in Kanto and tons of others outside of Kanto." This would be a little awkward for Johto so I can see why it was changed, but I still would have rather not had that inconsistency.

    - The GS Ball. I don't see why they couldn't have worked it into the 4th movie. Just because the 4th movie features Celebi is no reason to ditch the GS Ball which the entire series has been revolving around since the Orange Islands.

    - Ash should age. Just going by the canon (ignoring the first episode of Best Wishes) he must be at least 13, since they referenced 2 years passing since he left. And I'm thinking he's closer to 16 or even older. The fact that they changed him back to 10 is extremely annoying and makes absolutely no sense other than the whole idea that "all our new fans are young so we'll ditch the canon and make Ash young." Also by that logic, why not just follow a new main character who is 10? If all the fans are new then they could really care less that someone other than Ash is the star, when none of them even know who Ash is in the first place.

    - Pikachu should level up. He's been in enough battles with Team Rocket alone that his level should be high enough to not have any challenge fighting those low-leveled Unova Pokémon. This woud make the show a lot less interesting, but they wouldn't even have that problem if they had gotten rid of Ash and had the series follow a new character.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I'd probably have the gyms handled better in all regions.

    Misty and Brock would have competed in side tournaments like Iris and Cilan instead of standing there all the time.

    The DP trio would have added Barry to help with its god awful chemistry. Likewise I'd have Ursula replace Kenny as Dawn's second rival.

    Giovanni would have gotten regular arcs in all sagas.

    And last but not least, I'd fix up the entire Johto arc from the mess and make it more in line with later sagas.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    ok, I just downed a ton of coffee, so I got more ideas for the unova arc.

    Maybe it's from all the one Piece I read, but I feel what I would do is have Ash use his loss against Tobias as a step to improving as a trainer. Since it was his first time fighting a trainer with Legendary Pokemon(even though I sometimes pretend that never happened), he can go out on a journey to possibly prepare his team for battles against them again on his quest to become a master, sort of like how in OP Luffy was becoming stronger after his first fight against an Admiral. In his travels, one thing leads to another, and he heads to the Unova region.

    first off, I really want to establish that making Ash 10 again was a HUGE lemon on the creators part- there is nothing wrong with having a character that ages in a story, in fact having him age would have the audience more connected to him. And it's not like would age much-most people assumed he was about 13-14 years old now, which would have worked perfectly, since that was actually the age of the playable characters in Black & White versions. I'd also like for him to get the recognition he deserves. His name should be spread around the world for his accomplishments-saving the world multiple times, being the Orange Islands Champion, defeating the Frontier Brains, bring the downfalls of Team Aqua,Magma,and Galaxy, and being the only person to defeat Tobias' Darkrai and make top 4 in Sinnoh should get him some fame by now-even in infamy.

    Another thing I would do is give someone else the spotlight, similar to what the first episode of Diamond and Pearl teased at. Maybe it could be Hilbert/Hilda, maybe Bianca, but if they wanted to establish Iris, she could play this role nicely. She is considered a character who has the potential to do great things in the future, so let's see it, because just saying “she won 99 matches at a young age” doesn't cut it, as AJ did the same in season 1, but you don't see him being called a Kanto prodigy. Her goal to become a master of Dragons is perfectly fine, however Also make sure SHE REALLY FOCUSES ON THAT BLOODY GOAL(this is what pissed me off the most about her series version she has now). As Brock is currently departed to fulfill his true dream at last, have Ash fill his role as a mentor and adviser to her, in a way hat he can guide her down the eventual path to the person she can (and someday will)become. Also as stated above, they should have Gym battles alternate between the whole team for them to get badges, rather then just only Ash getting them.

    The 3rd traveler can be varied. Cilan is cool, and is growing to become one of my favorites in the BW series, but we can be a bit more daring. Hilbert/Hilda could work, or Cheren could be another possibility, though he may work better as the Rival role. A very interesting take of the 3d partner I considered is Natural, who could play the role of Ash's ally. Natural could join Ash on his journey of self-discovery and knowledge while he himself could pursue his ideals and his dream, which would be unknown until a certain point. This also could help fleshout the character,and give more insight on the events that lead to his motivations and beliefs. Then possibly in Nimbasa, an incident could happen that he reveals the truth to Iris and Ash of his role as the King of Plasma, leading to a split in the group, as their friend suddenly turns into a foe, whose actions could bring calamity and casualty to the world.

    And on the subject of Team Plasma, do not introduce them like the diabolical theives intro used for the other teams- make it in a way that it makes it look like the heroes, and that their methods are just. When Plasma was introduced to Unova, it was in such a way that they were seen as heroes, and their ideals were the right way. Are they good?are they bad? I want them to challenge the nature of what is right or wrong in the nature of humans living with Pokemon, and make Ash and the others question:is the Truly Ideal one where Pokemon and humans are seperated? They should be made in a way that it raises questions, but slowly the ball unravels, and the dark truth can be revealed of their true intentions.

    I actually like Team Rocket's role as an intimidating force hiding in the shadows, making preparations for a big event. Just give a better explanation of the sudden personality change(and promotion) of the trio, because it was that sudden change that had tons of folks thinking they rebooted the whole series.

    I personally fall into the camp of those who would love to see Ash catch meloetta later in the series, because I feel it could be a step up for Mr. ketchum, wondering how he can handle the power of an mythological being. This is something he will have to face one day on his journey of becoming a Pokemon Master, so there's not really much point of delaying it-after all, I'm pretty sure 2/3rds of us expect Ash to encounter and catch Ho-Oh one day, right?

    Lastly, I want Ash to win. To truly win. We know that in the series they say there is always another another League after the region league(champion League), and I say it's about time he gets there for once. Maybe instead of the beeline to the Elite 4+champion, Make it instead that it leads straight to the World Championship League. Or possibly leave the result of the Championship League fight ambiguous, possibly leaving open a way for a “several years later”timeskip to the World Championships. This event alone could be an Arc by itself(see Battle Frontier for proof), and bring about immense closure, or the steps towards one, as all of Ash's friends, his foes, his Rivals, they can all return, older, wisened, more experienced, ready for the ultimate fight. use this as a platform to bring everything full circle. This game event in BW2 was practically written in a way that this would be the best setup to end the anime series. Do it.

    … yeah, that's what I would want.

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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I agree with what someone said about the Porygon and Jynx episode. They could have used another Pokemon to attack Porygon instead of Pikachu that time and they could have had Jynx purple from the beginning since some ice types are dark purple anyway.

    As far Brock goes, they could have stopped him in Johto if they weren't going to do anything for him. Max would have been fine.(It's not like either was doing much anyway)

    They really should have planned Iris more better than they should have. Instead of doing it right, they do it too quick and ridiculously unbearable at times.
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    Default Re: The Direction you wish the Series went?

    I would have liked to see a clean slate with no older characters whatsoever when BW began. Dawn's cameo was rather disappointing so I'd rather she had just gotten 8 specials in Hoenn rather than 8 BW episodes of being background.

    The Johto seasons were such a chore that I wish the writers introduced Silver and did the major Giovanni storyline back there. It would have relieved us from those absolutely awful Johto fillers that we could not stand between Goldenrod City and the end of Chuck's Gym. I would have also had Ash meet Ho-oh back then.

    And I don't understand why Ash even captured the Johto starters. What purpose did they serve? Either have them do something of value or I'd rather he never caught them at all.

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