Did Chili go on his journey or did he stay in Striaton City?

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Thread: Did Chili go on his journey or did he stay in Striaton City?

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    Default Did Chili go on his journey or did he stay in Striaton City?

    Ok at the end of A Call for Brotherly Love, Chili reveals what he will do first: Which is make up with Cress. He might will skip dinner (he ate too much donuts and are fried, too much fried foods are not good for your health) so he wouldn't want to eat maybe until the morning when he might suffer indigestion later that night, he might have showered (some people shower at night) and Chili is that type to shower at night and he might gone a whole day without that shower, he's to shower everyday because he's a teenager so hormones make oily and smelly, due to being upset (well he was pouting on the floor so he might have been uncontrollable the other night so he wouldn't do anything but throwing a fit, yelling, and screaming). We all know Cress is going a whole day crying nonstop (just look at his face when he was calling Cilan). He might have not been eating or drinking. So Chili might have calmed down Cress before talking to him (you wouldn't want to talk to a person who is stressed and crying). I imagine the "making up with Cress" part being very heartwarming and somewhat emotional (even though it's not shown. He might have mom and dad hugging him (they might be ten times more worried than Cress but must be happy that Chili's safe and okay).

    So after all of that!! Now I'm confused what Chili do after that? Two peole said he just stayed home. Pocketmonsters.net on Chili's page said he stayed for a short time (a few weeks at the most) then left.

    The following sentence:
    "After defeating Ash's Oshawott in a battle, Chili and his Baoppu's enthusiasm grew and he decided to return home to make up with Cress before continuing on their journey towards that goal."

    But pokemon.com treated it just unknown. If he did? I hope he reappears and reveals what he did. I imagine him continuing it in a beautiful way, by saying his farewells before bedtime then getting up at like before dawn, sweetly picking up his sleeping Pansear in his arms, wearing that backpack, and heading out the door just at dawn then walks out as the sun rises up started a new day.

    What is the true thing? Is Pocket monsters right? Or is the small group of people right?
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    Default Re: Did Chili go on his journey or did he stay in Striaton City?

    If he left it would really suck for those who picked tepig, and newbie trainers. Cress is the strongest of the striaton 3. Excluding zeustle.

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    Default Re: Did Chili go on his journey or did he stay in Striaton City?

    It was never stated in the anime episode itself that Chili would continue his journey after making up with Cress. It's pretty much guaranteed that he stayed at the Gym.

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    Default Re: Did Chili go on his journey or did he stay in Striaton City?

    I doubt Chili stayed at the Gym. :/

    He had a dream of becoming Unova's first Fire-type Gym Leader, and I see absolutely no reason for him to give up on that dream. He's way too determined to give up on that dream, that's at least the impression I got from him. So, I'd say that he continued his journey.


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