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Thread: Characters You Wish Had Met

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    Default Re: Characters You Wish Had Met

    Wouldn't mind hearing what Brocks learned in regards to what a Pokemon doctor does. Would it be a string of spiritual cliche or would there be a diagnosis that eating a berry wouldn't fix?

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    Default Re: Characters You Wish Had Met

    Here are some encounters which i want to happen:

    - Misty meeting Iris. Brock will meet Cilan and it would be only appropriate imo that two aspiring trainers which want to become type masters meet each other.Since Misty and Iris both can tease and be curious i could see them finding common knowledge, although Iris bratty behavior could also lead to possible small annoyance or conflict. Battle between them would be welcomed too having quite a few strong pokemon and lot of experience.

    -Paul and Gary. I don't care if its plausible or not, out of rivals they influenced and pushed Ash the most as trainer imo leaving big impact on his career. Seeing them battle each out and evaluate skills would be pretty enjoyable to see. Im sure Gary still hasn't lost some of his touch.

    -Misty and Serena. We don't know much about later though but she already seems like total opposite of Misty which could lead to some humorous, vibrant interacting(opposites do attract as saying goes). And i could see Misty adventurous, headstrong persona clicking well with Serena enthusiasm and shy attitude leading to their girl talks, sharing experinces over knowing Ash and possible moments of annoyance. If anything than because of Serena high interest in fashion and appearance which could cause slight increase of tension between two.
    Just random of thrown ideas, but they are technically two first girls Ash met as far as we know making them interesting in that aspect(shippers would add some other things which builds on their appeal but im staying away from that):p.

    -Ash meeting Jimmy from Legend of Thunder special in chronicles(he did battled his friend Vincent in Johto after all). He seems to be quite similar to Ash in terms of treating and taking care of pokemon and that Typholson is real beast. I wander how would Ash Charizard fare against it.

    -Harley meeting Conway. They are both stalkers by nature having creepy, intrusive vibe around themselves which could lead to interesting interaction and intricate situations.

    -Bonnie and Brock. if anything than because they have common link in being both somewhat forceful as far as girl chasing goes. With former one seeming to be dedicated in finding appropriate wife for her older brother, while later one being in never ending pursue of finding woman of his dreams. It would be hilarious to see Bonnie recommending what kind of girl Brock should get putting him in embarassing situation.

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    Default Re: Characters You Wish Had Met

    Ash and Jimmy (Legend of Thunder)

    Gary and Paul

    Gary and Drew

    Gary and May

    Misty and Dawn

    Misty and Iris

    Misty and Cilan

    Tracey and Cilan

    Barry and Trip (XD)
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    Default Re: Characters You Wish Had Met

    Cilan and Clemont (squeals)

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    Default Re: Characters You Wish Had Met

    Paul and Gary
    Max and Bonnie

    Oh and I'd like to meet Ash so I could educate him on the importance of not making STUPID DCEISIONS!

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    Eureka and everybody else.
    1. Satoshi/Ash Ketchum: 879 episodes
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    4. Kasumi/Misty: 282 episodes
    5. Hikari/Dawn: 201 episodes
    6. Haruka/May: 197 episodes
    7. Masato/Max: 192 episodes
    8. Iris: 142 episodes
    9. Dent/Cilan: 139 episodes
    10. Citron/Clemont: 78 episodes
    11. Eureka/Bonnie: 78 episodes
    12. Serena: 78 episodes
    13. Kenji/Tracey: 44 episodes

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    Default Re: Characters You Wish Had Met

    Misty and Wallace/Juan/Wake/Cress, Brock and Team Plasma And/Or N, Skyla and Misty's Sisters, Colress and Dr. Yung, Lt. Surge and Sho (From Pika and Goliath!) (so the former can show the latter who's the real deal!), Nathaniel (from Strategy Begins At Home) and Max.

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    Misty and Serena

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    Flannery for obvious reasons.

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