Best and Worst of Ash’s Unova Gym Battles

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Thread: Best and Worst of Ash’s Unova Gym Battles

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    Default Best and Worst of Ash’s Unova Gym Battles

    We’ve seen the Kanto Boy Wonder pull off another 8 badges which seems to be in record time this series. Probably because of absence of Contests and whatnot, but which battles do you consider to be top-notch and which gym bouts didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of memorable fights for the badge?

    Here is how I'd rank them from 1-8 with 1 being highest and 8 the lowest:
    1. Freeze Badge
    2. Quake Badge
    3. Jet Badge
    4. Toxic Badge
    5. Trio Badge
    6. Basic Badge
    7. Bolt Badge
    8. Insect Badge

    Honestly, I don't really consider any of these gym battles memorable in any way. Unova put the "Evolve/New Move in a tight situation" equation into nearly half of these gym battles. Unlike Kanto, Ash did battle and earn these badges. His match with Brycen was good since Pignite had a good gym battle debut IMO along with the development between Ash and his glasses wearing comrade that makes his future evoltion believable.

    Burgh was just a disaster it was hard to rank that and his Nimbasa Gym battle. I'd say the Insect Badge is my least favorite with Elesa coming close because Ash was way out of character that gym and running out the gym like that? Come on now...

    Giga Impact being used on Tepig in Nacrene City and him surviving the attack and countering it head on with Flame Charge? No need to go any further into that ranking.

    Trio Badge wasn't the best; Tepig survived Flamethrower, Fire Punch and Dig but won with weak moves like Tackle and Ember. Pikachu losing wasn't a good start to his gym battles in Unova but Oshawott was the shining star this battle.

    Roxie's gym well it was good but 6 on 3 not my favorite thing to see especially with 3 of Ash's Pokemon inflicting little to no damage at all (Boldore, Unfezant and Palpitoad) if anything its clear that Pignite, Leavanny and Pikachu should have been the 3 Pokemon Ash should have went with in the first place. Only reason I'd liked that gym was because Pikachu won showing its ability for the first time in Unova.

    Jet Badge was cool seeing Unfezant using a missle-like Air Cutter. But Ash calling back Pikachu like that is why I didn't rank it higher.

    Quake Badge showed good use of Miju and Snivy. Roggenrola taking all of those Drill Runs and attacks like that was bull but because of the other 2 Pokemon and Excadrill being one of my Unova favs I put it at #2.

    How do you all feel?

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    Default Re: Best and Worst of Ash’s Unova Gym Battles

    1. Homika( I love Levanny and Pignite)
    2. Burgh ( GO SWADLOON)!
    3. Brycen ( Loved Pignite in this, Krokorok using stone edge as shuriken was unexpected)
    4. Clay (Probably the only gym where type advantage actually mattered)
    5. Elesa ( Pikachu saves the day, also happens to be the last time Palpitoad gets a win as of this post)
    6. Skyla (WTF AQUA RING, oh yeah and unfezant)
    7. Striaton bros (Cress is a badass, Chili fails, Cilan is okay)
    8.. Lenora (shit battle, also Ash lost)

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    Default Re: Best and Worst of Ash’s Unova Gym Battles

    There's already a thread like this in the Grand Festival section here: Favorite Best Wishes Gym Battle?

    Please take the discussion to that thread instead. Thank you.


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