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    Hello together, I have as a question because ash so there was but one episode where man him on it sees where he is very very sour on the photo are still Rocko and Lucia, and in the background are vr a stone I think
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    Hi and welcome to BMGf! Just to let you know, I removed the NEWS prefix you gave this thread as its only for Pokémon news as opposed to a question such as this. Hopefully someone can answer soon!

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    You should probably try to spell better, I have absolutely no idea what you're asking about.
    If English is not your native language try using a dictionary, such as, Oxford Dictionaries, The Free Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Online or Macmillian Dictionary or use an online translation service, such as Google Translate or Bing Translator to translate one word / expression at a time (more than that and it'll mess up the translation).
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    1. Satoshi/Ash Ketchum: 879 episodes
    2. Team Rocket: 799 episodes
    3. Takeshi/Brock: 634 episodes
    4. Kasumi/Misty: 282 episodes
    5. Hikari/Dawn: 201 episodes
    6. Haruka/May: 197 episodes
    7. Masato/Max: 192 episodes
    8. Iris: 142 episodes
    9. Dent/Cilan: 139 episodes
    10. Citron/Clemont: 78 episodes
    11. Eureka/Bonnie: 78 episodes
    12. Serena: 78 episodes
    13. Kenji/Tracey: 44 episodes

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    Default Re: Ash Ketchum Pigture

    First time I found out about brock and dawn's german names. I know benny and lilia(sp?) are iris and cilan's.

    and to the OP, looks like the reason why he may be sour because piplup is making a funny face, i guess.


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