5 insteresting questions about Episode N
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Thread: 5 insteresting questions about Episode N

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    Default 5 insteresting questions about Episode N

    I just though about 5 interesting questions about the new arc Episode N

    1. Will we see the Rocket VS Plasma 2-Parter? (I thought this would be a VERY interesting question, especially now that I have seen the Episode N opening.)
    2. What role does Charizard play?
    3. Will Team Rocket work will Looker (despite being evil people)?
    4. Will Ash be allied with Zekrom or Reshirm? (Okay, there was already mention of this, but still an interesting question)
    5. Will N reveal himself as the former leader of Team Plasma?

    Here's my opinion:
    1. Most likely yes (time in which it takes place may change from its original air date, like the fishing competition.)
    2. He may just be returning to Ash's team.
    3. I don't know if they have, but they may anyways.
    4. I'd say more of Zekrom considering the first episode of BW.
    5. Most likely not

    By the way, I just realized that M14 is officially non-canon do to the Episode N arc.

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    Default Re: 5 insteresting questions about Episode N

    Seeing as most of these can be discussed in pre-existing threads, I'll lock the thread for the time being.


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