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Thread: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto: 7/10

    This is what started it all. Even though this saga had some clear flaws, I still found its tendency towards slapstick humor and general upbeat entertainment to be endearing. As someone as mentioned, this series almost felt like it wasn't really taking itself seriously, which I think is what made it so enjoyable when I was a young child watching it so many years ago. From Ash's childish, impulsive personality, Misty's hotheadedness, and Brock's flirtatious escapades, I really got the sense that the show was more than just monsters fighting each other. It was a show that the whole family could enjoy. The Kanto saga is probably one of my favorite sagas to this day, and periodically, I'll re-watch some of the episodes from this saga and still find the jokes funny. Some of the jokes that I didn't quite get when I was younger, I understand them now and find them absolutely hilarious.

    The reason why I gave this saga a "7" and not higher is because while it did have plenty of good points in my eyes, a few negative aspects of the series cannot be overlooked. At times, the series would contradict itself about what type affects what, like when Pikachu was able to use an Electric attack Blaine's Rhydon. The Kanto saga isn't the only series that is guilty of this, though. Another con of this saga is the way Ash would earn a few of his badges, like when Ash got the Marsh Badge from Sabrina just because he made her laugh. I mean, yeah, I'm glad that Ash taught her to not be such a damn stick-in-the-mud, but that's not at all worthy of a badge, in my opinion. There's other reasons, but I don't feel like talking about them, so I won't.

    Orange Islands: 6.5/10

    This series was interesting, since it actually made the writers think outside the box a little. The way that Ash got his badges in this saga was pretty neat and different. While not my favorite saga by any means, I'm trying not to base my score on my neutrality towards this saga. The Orange Islands series did have its cool points, such as the episodes where Ash challenges the gym leaders, the episode where they go to that island where all of the pink Pokemon are, as well as that episode where Tracey captures Scyther. I also liked the episode where they meet Lorelei, even though the dub gave her that ugly name instead because of lip flap issues, apparently.

    A huge reason why I marked this series down is because while the whole tropical islands setting allowed for some interesting episodes, it seemed to have lost that humor that existed in the Kanto saga. The comedy was one of the reasons why I really enjoyed Kanto, but I didn't really get that from the OI saga. I also thought Brock's reason for leaving the group was lame, although I guess it is somewhat in character for him to do something so drastic and sudden.

    Johto: Bad/10

    Just watch the series and you'll see how crap it was, LOL. I did enjoy the Whirl Cup, though. The movies during the saga were okay as well.

    ...Yep, that's about it.

    Hoenn: 7.5/10

    Hoenn was a pretty good saga. It gave something for the female lead to do, and I liked the four-person group aspect. In my opinion, having four characters instead of three gave the saga a more well-rounded feel. I don't know what it is about just three characters, but it always felt like Ash, Misty, and Brock/Tracey could have used a fourth person to add more to the dynamic of the group. I'm not sure if the anime will ever have a four-person group again, although I would welcome the idea with open arms if they wanted to try it again. I felt that it really worked well for this saga. Some people may have thought Max as annoying, but I don't really think he was that bad. At least the writers gave him some episodes focused on him that showed his interest and knowledge about Pokemon, rather than him just following around without a real purpose. Also, May's rivals definitely deserve a shout out for being particularly fabulous (Harley moreso).

    Now, for the negatives. First strike against this saga is that Ash had no actual rival except for at the Hoenn League. I'm actually not too fussed about this, though, since May's rivals more than made up for the lack of a rival on Ash's side, I think. The second strike (which I wasn't going to bother with, but I'm going to anyway because I can't really think of anything else at the moment) is Ash's God-awful dub voice during the Battle Frontier. I'm sorry, but it was just not that good. His VA has improved a bunch since then, though, but I haven't watched the dub since the beginning of the Best Wishes series, so it's not a big deal to me now. I can't think of a third strike right now. :|

    Sinnoh: 6/10

    (I'm getting tired of typing, so I'm gonna make these last two shorter) I liked Sinnoh overall, although I felt that it sort of dragged on towards the end. I know Sinnoh is a big region, but at the end of the saga, I was ready for it to end. -_- I also wasn't really the biggest fan of Dawn, although she is certainly not nearly bad as someone else... Anyways, the writing for this saga was really good. The best of the series, in fact. It wasn't a very funny saga like Kanto was, but I have to admit that the writers really stepped it up in this series. Good job, writers!!!

    Unova: >_>/10 (4/10)

    The saga started off alright. I was neutral towards Iris in the beginning, but fell in love with Cilan's character fairly quickly. Cilan is so fun, and it's always nice to see what new sommelier technique he'll debut next. As the saga progressed, I only got more and more fed up with the writing for Iris, Ash, and Trip. Iris for getting rewarded for doing nothing, Ash for being a half-wit again, and Trip for being obnoxious and irrelevant. I don't know why the writers made Trip be some badass trainer, even though he is supposed to be a rookie. Fail. The writers for this series would really need to get it together if they want to win me over for this one. At this point in the game, though, I doubt that'll be possible. Cilan really should have been introduced either in Sinnoh or in a future saga where they actually don't suck at writing. Cilan really should stay for the next saga, so that he can get a chance to possibly be in a well-written series.

    Sorry if there are typos in this, but I can't be fucked to look over this post after how effing long it took to write it.

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto: 9
    Everything was perfect, because I love the humorous and silly side of Pokemon. The characters were fun, the colors were bright (I like the hand-drawn style), and those episodes are still my favorites. The only thing I didn't like was some battles that weren't serious enough, specifically the league battles. I also didn't like how Ash never fought Giovanni for the badge.

    Orange Islands: 7
    Am I the only one who liked the Orange Islands? I liked the tropical spin and Ash vs. Drake was one of my favorite battles as a kid.

    Johto: 5
    The fillers. Johto should have been one of my favorites, since I love the region and the Pokemon. But too many fillers just killed it. I would always be disappointed when I missed a gym battle episode since thats all I wanted to see. Without Misty and Brock having anything to do (they only participated in a few events), I thought the show grew bland. Ash's team could have been handled better; Misty should have had Totodile and Brock could have had Cyndaquil or even Chikorita. But I really liked the Johto league, Ash vs. Gary was great. Which reminds me, not enough Gary!

    Hoenn: 7
    Hoenn was really fun. Ash needed a rival, but his team was more interesting and his battles were better. I loved May and her stupidity and her contests. I know technically Dawn was a better coordinator, but I actually liked May's more battle-like style, since I like battles more than contests anyway. May's rivals absolutely made some of the episodes, they were all great. Max sucked, but Brock was actually kind of cool with new Pokemon.

    Battle Frontier: 4
    Would have been a 1 if it weren't for the epicness that was the Kanto Grand Festival and the hilariousness of the Noodle Shop episode. Voice change killed me.

    Sinnoh: 5
    Up through the Hearthome Tag Battle, this would be like an 8. But after that I thought the show really tanked, at least for me. Dawn started to bother me and I couldn't stand Piplup. Dawn's rivals were also a bit dull in my opinion, and besides Cyndaquil, I didn't like her Pokemon. Actually, I didn't like most of the Pokemon in the Sinnoh series, which made it hard for me to keep watching. Ash and Brock grew very stale and their voices bothered me. Paul was awesome though and Ash vs. Paul rocked.

    Best Wishes: 1
    I've tried and tried, but I just can't watch the show anymore. I hate Iris. Ash is more plain than Wonderbread. Everyone says Cilan makes the show but I don't see his appeal. The rivals don't interest me either, nor do the Pokemon. I guess I'm just over it :/

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto = 9/10
    Orange = 5/10
    Johto = 7/10
    Hoenn = 5/10
    BF = 7/10
    Sinnoh = 8/10
    Isshu = 2/10
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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto = 10
    OI = 3
    Johto = 1
    Hoenn = 9
    BF = 7
    Sinnoh = ZERO!!!
    Unova = 7
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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    1. KANTO- 7.5/10- This series had the best chemistry between the main characters. Brock, Misty and Ash made fun of each other and as someone said, they weren't taking it too seriously. Plus i loved pretty much all of ash's pokemon. His orignals are still my favourites. There were tons of intersting episodes like bulbasaur's mysterious garden, magmar vs charizard episode, the evee evolution episode etc

    The biggest problem, for me, was how ash lost to ritchie. It just wasn't a fair battle with charizard refusing to fight. Plus i hated the releases of primeape and pidgeot. So that brings it down for me despite the outstanding chemistry between the main characters. We also didn't see enough of gary.

    2. Orange Islands- 8.5/10- Short but very well done. Tracy was a nice addition, and the concept of pokemon watcher/sketching was innovative. The gym battles were different too, which was very refreshing to see. Charizard finally started listening to ash and ash won his first important competition. Overall, there were very few flaws with the whole saga.

    3. Johto- 8/10- I loved the whirl cup and ash finally defeating Gary. Plus we were introduced to all these fantastic new pokemon. Ash, Misty and Brock continued their fantastic chemisty which IMO no group since has matched.

    However the problem with johto was how ash's new pokemon (except bayleef) were handled. Charizard, Squirtle and Bulbasaur should have stayed with Oak and that would have allowed the devolopment of Cyndaquil and Tododile. There were also a number of boring fillers.

    4. Hoenn- 8/10- The biggest positive of this series was ash taking a fresh start and really showing how much he had grown as a trainer. To take a completely new team and still finish in the top 8 was nothing short of remarkable. The final gym battle vs Juan is arguably the best gym battle in any saga. And while i no longer care for contests,i initially liked them

    The biggest problem with the whole saga was that ash had no rival until he ran into Morrison and Tyson. Team rocket also became less threatning and quite franky, boring.

    5. Battle Frontier- 9/10- This was a fantastic opportunity to bring back ash's old pokemon and showcase their strengths vs powerful trainers. The Charizard vs Articuno battle and the final Ash vs Brandon battle were outrageously good

    My only complaint would be of not using pokemon which had been ignored- Kingler for example.

    6. DP- 9/10- Paul is ash's best rival so far, and creating a character like him was one of the most brilliant ideas in the anime. The battles were nothing short of fantastic.

    However this group had the worst chemistry of any group so far. Brock and Dawn simply did not seem like friends. This was when contests started to get boring.
    And the way Ash exited rhe league was pathetic. How exactly is he supposed to beat someone with so many legendary pokemon?

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto-9.5 / 10
    OI - 9.3 / 10
    Johto - 10 / 10. What? I grew up with it.
    Chronicles - 9.3 - 9.8 / 10
    The rest - 3.5 - 7.5 / 10

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto: 8/10
    Orange Islands: 6.5/10
    Johto: 7/10
    Hoenn: 9/10
    Battle Frontier: 7/10
    Sinnoh: 8/10
    Unova: 3/10
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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto: 7/10
    Johto: 6.5/10
    Hoenn: 8/10
    Sinnoh: 6/10
    Unova: 7/10

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto - 6/10
    Johto - 4/10
    Hoenn - 5/10
    Sinnoh - 7/10
    Unova (up to date) 11/10

    I been watching Pokemon since Kanto (seen every episode to date).

    Kanto had lots of episodes I did enjoy watching, they were really entertaining. Its what got me into Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon didn't get much air time, only bad guys had it, they only made quick cameo appearances. The Orange Islands filler had some good battles, first two gyms were different from the typical battles.

    Johto had too many fillers. Whirl Cup was probably the only exciting parts of Johto.

    Hoenn, really enjoyed the contest, and some of the battles. I loved watching May's Skitty in the contests.

    Sinnoh, again the contest were the greatest parts, and Jessie was finally winning contest. I really hated Paul's attitude. I also loved watching Zoey's final battle with Dawn.

    Unova, my favorite generation so far, from the main story line, and majority of the fillers are my favorite. Not sure how to describe it, as everything about Unova I enjoy. Ash's Oshawott really cracks me up every time I see him, same with Iris' Emolga.
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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Indigo - 7.5
    Orange - 5.5
    Johto - 6
    DP - 9 (cutting 1 for the horrible end to Kenny rivalry)
    BW - 5 (liked up to BW048)

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Well, enough time has passed that my original ratings need to be adjusted. The only exception is that I'm not going to give a preliminary rating for Episode N, although once it is done, I will attempt to return and give a number for the record.

    Kanto: 2 (5 if considered a comedy)
    Orange: 4
    Johto: 3
    Hoenn: 6
    Battle Frontier: 7
    Sinnoh: 8
    Unova League: 2.25 This is what changed. I took off another fraction for having the most abysmal League yet, but there is still the technicality for most of the rest of the saga that it is better than Kanto. The League seriously makes me want to retract that because it is exactly how they used to do things then, only more stupid. This is a final number now that the saga is over.
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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto-8 It would have been 10 had ritchie not existed and charizard showing up more.
    OI-6 the last battle redeemed it.
    Johto-5 Ash vs gary and harrison ajd heracross were awesome.
    Hoenn-6 lukewarm saga. more DEM than the previous 3 combined
    Sinnoh-infinity/10 333333>Piplup.
    BW1-4 too much regression.
    BW2-0 horrific.
    BW2N-8 Just becuase of charizard I added 9 points.

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto- 2/10. I'm sorry but I'm watching Kanto now and looking back it was pretty bad in my view. It was pretty bad when I was young as well. I liked the league, I just didn't like Ritchie.
    OI- 5/10. I liked that Tracey was new and that he came in. I didn't like Misty doing noting in a water based region, I didn't like some of the fillers in an already filler saga, Danny(Pedofile), Cissy(The most forgotten gymleader ever), Rudy(The hottest most hated gymleader ever except in my eyes) and Drake sucked.
    Johto- 6/10- Slighty better but that's because of Ash's battles that got better. Charizard was finally off and gave other pokemon screetime and cute johto pokemon everywhere! I didn't however like that Larvitar couldn't stay and replaced Phanpy or that Gary showed up less in Johto then he did in Kanto.
    Hoenn- 8/10. Much better. Ash's maturity, a new girl with an actual quest and a new boy. Didn't like that Brock was brought back for nothing, mudkip shafted and Team Aqua and Magma being horrible made it bad.
    BF- 9/10. The battles made me almost love this saga. I didn't get why the LG/FR girl didn't show up here though.
    Sinnoh. 9/10. Love most about it. However, there wasn't a new for the extra fillers and it took forever for the eighth badge.
    BW- 3/10. Are you serious?!
    BW2- 2/10. The fuck!?
    BW2N-???. Still watching.

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    Kanto - 9/10
    Orange Islands - 1000000/10
    Johto - 9/10
    Hoenn - Depends on the episode, did not finish.
    BF - See above.
    Sinnoh - See above
    Unova - See above, an 8/10 for the time being.

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    Default Re: From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?

    I haven't seen every episode so this is based on what I've seen.

    OG - 6/10; not bad, has great battles. that charizard annoyed me for a while though.
    AG- 8.5/10; to be honest, the team vs team thing sealed this for me, plus Team Rocket was funny and serious at the same time. But contests weren't all that great.
    DP- 9.5/10; one, is Team Galactic. I reeeaally liked them were the best part. Two the contests were way better here than they were in AG and we got to see other people win instead of just the main girl all the time. Three, the battles were awesome. Especially the sinnoh league where Satoshi got to battle someone who had legendaries. Four, they had the second best Team Rocket. They were the funniest and had the most personality however.
    BW- 4/10; they had awesome battles like the one with Kotesu and Team Rocket had better missions. However this arc seemed very bland as compared to the rest of the arcs. Everything was very rushed and I thought Satoshi's friends were more blah than his previous ones. Thus... Team Rocket.... uggh. Look they have better missions... but they are just so goddamned robotic now. Very emotionless to the point where everytime I see them I want to bang my head against my desk. They had some good moments, I agree and I like their black outfits better, but yeah.

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