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    (Takes place during the Johto Saga)

    After his victory in Goldenrod City, Ash and his friends are still traveling through the Johto region. But soon enough, Ash accidentally gets separated from Misty and Brock. After wandering around for a bit, Ash and Pikachu eventually come across a wild Pokemon, a Persian. Ash has seen Persian before, but this one was somehow different, for one thing, while other Persian are only slightly bigger than Meowth, this one was about the size of a Jaguar. What’s more when in stretched and yawned, the sound it made was similar to that of a lion. Even its teeth and claws were longer than a normal Persian.

    Regardless, Ash naturally felt the urge to try and capture it. He first sent Pikachu in with a thunderbolt attack, but while the Persian did feel it, he merely shook it off like it was nothing. Ash had Pikachu use another electric attack, but this time, the Persian simply raises its front right paw and deflects it with the greatest of ease. Both Ash and Pikachu are shocked by this, but before they could make another move, the Persian makes its move. In a flash, the Normal-Type Pokemon uses its Scratch attack and Pikachu is brought down in that very instant.

    While Ash was shocked by this awesome display of power, he was not fully discouraged. One by one, Ash pits all of his Pokemon against this Persian and one-by-one it bests all of them. But even more surprising was that it did so with the use of a variety of other attacks; Electric, Water, Fire, even Psychic type attacks. When it was all over, the Persian took its leave. But before it did, it looked back, looked Ash in the face and then, actually spoke. But not like TR’s Meowth, more like an actually human (similar to Mewtwo or Lugia) and it said “All-and-all, not a back display, but next time you try to battle me, you might want to try a different approach than just coming at me. Until then, ta ta”

    With that, the Persian ran off into the forest and Ash was left alone with Pikachu and his other defeated Pokemon. Misty and Brock eventually find him and naturally ask what happened. When he explained, they were quite perplexed “A Persian who can do all that, and talk too?” it was all a bit hard to believe, but the proof was right in front of them. But that was the least of their problems, right now they had to get to a Pokemon center pronto.

    But unbeknownst them, Team Rocket was listening in on their conversation and naturally, they want to acquire this extraordinary Persian. But naturally, Meowth is against it, but, also naturally, Jessie and James disregard his objections.

    After Ash and co. make it to the nearest Pokemon Center, his Pokemon are immediately treated and are soon well again. After that, the main thing on Ash’s mind is finding that Persian and getting a rematch. Though Misty and Brock advice against it, Ash states that he can’t take a defeat like this lying down. After that, Ash and co. return to the forest and begin searching for their opponent. Speaking of whom, the talking Persian was at nearby stream, getting a drink, when all of a sudden, he is greeted by Team Rocket who somehow manage to trap him in their most recent mech.

    Pikachu witnessed TR make of with Persian and since Ash wasn’t there at the time, it calls down Noctowl and tells it go get him while Pikachu follows TR. Meanwhile, TR call Giovanni and inform him of their catch. But while Giovanni is interested in such an unusual Pokemon, he changes his tone when this talking Persian openly insults him. After Giovanni hangs up in anger, Jessie and James aren’t sure what to do with Persian now. Later that night, Pikachu finds TR’s hideout and finds Persian in a cage. It approaches Persian and as it frees him, it informs him that he’s here to help. Naturally Persian is a bit reluctant, feeling the only reason Pikachu wants to help is so Ash can battle him. But Pikachu assures him that it is here to help, it then inquires why he would make such an assumption.

    Persian claims that that’s the only thing trainers ever want to do, battle him. That that’s all they wanted him for. Persian has apparently been with many trainers from Johto and beyond. But somehow, be it by abandonment, trading or just by being stolen, he ends up on his own. Pikachu feels sympathy, but that is short-lived when TR shows up. They prepare to try and capture Pikachu, when all of a sudden, Ash and Co. arrive. And with the help of Chikorita, Poliwhirl and Geodude, TR is pushed back. But TR momentarily gains the upper hand when Arbok hits Chikorita with Poison sting and when Victreebel vine-whips Poliwhirl. Pikachu pleads for Persian to help them and Persian smile and obliges. With the use of Persian’s Shadow-ball and Thunder-punch, TR is once again sent “Blasting Off”. With that matter dealt with, Pikachu thanks Persian for his help; as do Ash and the others. Persian then looks at Ash and says “So, ready for a rematch?” With that, Ash smiles and the next morning, Ash and Persian once again face off.

    This time, Ash tries again with Cyndaquill and Persian attacks with an ice beam. After much dodging and blasts of fire and ice, Cyndaquill gains the upper hand with Swift and finishes the battle with Flamethrower. Defeated Persian gets up and expects to be hit with a Pokeball. But instead, Ash thanks Persian for a good battle and he and his friends take their leave. As the group of young trainers were on their way, they look back and see that the talking Persian is following them. He states that, if they would have him, he would like to join them (keeping in mind that he remains a wild Pokemon and belongs to no one). Ash and Pikachu are okay with it, as are Misty and Brock, and with that Persian is welcomed into the group and joins them on their journey through Johto.

    NOTE: Any other stories I write will have Persian as a member of the cast.

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    okay why couldn't this just be another chapter in 'Ash's secret history'?


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