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    Default World of Spirits

    §1: World of Spirits
    §2: The Young and the Old

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    Default §1: World of Spirits

    Ever since she was born, Alma Spirit was able to see Ghost Pokémon that no one else seemed to acknowledge. She would walk through the streets, and see a Gengar sneaking onto someone’s shadow, a Lampent disguised as a lamp, watching the people passing by, a Misdreavus sleeping in the shadow of a building, and recently, a Dusknoir.

    That specific Dusknoir had been following her for a few months, always quiet, and passing through everything that got between him and Alma. All the other Ghost Pokémon hid their faces as the Dusknoir passed by, some even fleeing through a door or a window.

    Being an 11-year-old, a Dusknoir following her constantly would have worried her, but Alma was used to seeing these Ghosts, and none of them ever caused her any harm; all they seemed to care about is playing tricks, being mischievous, and frightening people whenever they could, either by dropping something next to them, or blowing lightly into their ear.

    Alma held her mother’s hand, and kept looking at the Dusknoir; he was obviously aware of Alma’s stare, as he was staring back with his one red eye that stuck out amongst his mostly dark colouring. He floated slowly behind her, always keeping the same distance, and no matter how many twists and turns Alma was taken into, no matter how many shopping stalls her mother bought cheap jewelry from, and no matter how much she quickened or slowed her pace, the Dusknoir was always behind them. He would pass through the corners of building they had to turn, stare from a close distance while Alma’s mother talked to a salesperson, and float behind them constanstly.

    That particular day wasn’t different.

    ‘Alright, honey, time to go home,’ said Nina, Alma’s mother, as the sun began to set, holding some shopping bags, while Alma held the lighter ones. ‘Everything is going to close soon.’

    Alma signaled for the Dusknoir to follow them, as she had grown quite fond of what she thought of as their protector, and followed her mother. The sound of Nina’s heels became more apparent as the pair left the busy street, and entered the suburban area of Solaceon Town.

    The house Alma lived in was fairly small, fitting in perfectly with the other houses in the neighborhood. Nina flung the door open, and placed all her shopping bags on the square table, locking the door behind her. Alma placed the bags she had been carrying on the floor next to the table, and rushed to the window.

    Dusknoir was outside the house, as he always was. Alma waved at the Pokémon, and he gave a nod back.

    ‘What are you waving at?’ said Nina as she brought her face closer to the window.

    ‘Nothing,’ said Alma. ‘I’m going to bed now. Good night!’

    ‘Good night, dear.’

    With a bounce, Alma ran to the stairs, and climbed to the other floor of the house, which only held three rooms. Nina’s room was to the far end of the corridor, and on the other side, right by the stairs, was a bathroom that the family shared. In the middle of the corridor was a single door, marked with a dent and some marks, which led to Alma’s room, the room she shared with her sister.

    ‘Oh, great, you’re back,’ said Carmen as Alma entered the room. ‘Did you get me anything?’

    ‘No,’ said Alma. ‘Nothing for you.’

    Carmen gave a grunt, and rolled over in her bed. Her phone was in her hand, and she was pressing at the buttons, occasionally giving a slight laugh. By then, the sun had disappeared beneath the horizon, and the only lights that lit the street were those coming from the windows. Alma had grabbed a book from her shelf, and started reading about old fairytales, while Carmen kept on tapping at her phone.

    ‘You were using that since before we left,’ said Alma. ‘Just put it down.’

    ‘Shut up, Alma,’ said Carmen. ‘Go back to your book.’

    ‘I will. At least my entertainment is educating.’

    ‘And my entertainment is entertaining.’

    Alma let out a grunt, and went back to reading her book. She knew that Dusknoir would be right outside the house, probably looking into the room’s window, as he always was. With a spring, she shut the book in her hands, and rushed to the window. True to her thoughts, Dusknoir was at the spot where he had been waiting since they returned to the house, and he was looking directly at Alma.

    She waved at him, and hopped back onto her bed. She slid under the covers, and dragged the book into bed with her, wanting to read more, but knowing full well that she was too tired to do so. A few moments of calm passed by, and Alma remained under the sheets, with the fairytale book clutched in her hands, while Carmen let out the slight laugh every now and then, and just as Alma began to fall asleep, the door to the room flung open.

    ‘Good night, Alma,’ called Nina into the room. ‘Good night, Carmen; turn that phone off.’

    ‘Good night, mum,’ said Alma weakly. ‘See you tomorrow.’

    And the door was shut again. Alma recognised the sound of her sister’s phone being slid into a drawer between the beds, and she remained still, falling slowly asleep.

    It was a quite night, and the only sound Alma could hear was Carmen’s slight breathing. Alma couldn’t fall asleep, even though she was too tired to open her eyes, and even though her entire body was aching from the trip that she had insisted on taking, despite her mother’s protests. Her hands tried to open a page of the book, but she gave up as soon as she had started; she was too tired.

    Alma remained motionless, hearing nothing but the breathing of her sister that was slowly being overtaken by the wind. She breathed heavily, and turned over, still trying to fall asleep. The book fell into the gap between the bed and the wall, and remained stuck above the ground, the tips of Alma’s fingers still on it.

    The winds were slowly getting louder, and it became harder to fall asleep. Alma forced her eyes open, and greeted the sight of the ceiling that was so much more pleasant that the complete darkness that was there whenever she blinked. As the winds got louder, the window started rattling, and a small stream of air got in through the small, broken piece of wood, flying directly to Alma’s beds.

    The sheets caught air, and started flowing back, revealing her face. Alma tried to pull them up, but her arms gave up yet again, and remained on the bed, holding the sheet in place.

    The wind changed direction, and Alma felt it going up from her hands, towards her neck, and to her ear. It blew louder than ever, and Alma finally found her strength; she turned and tossed, pulled up the covers, and tightened them around her body, but the wind still howled in her ear, repeating the same short pattern as if it was broken.

    The howls grew to a low grunting, almost as if someone’s exhaling was magnified. The pattern grew more distinct, and as much as Alma tried to cover her ears, she heard the words.

    ‘Come to me.’

    All noises in the room stopped. Alma remained in her bed, hands over her ears, and the cover pulled up to the top of her head; even Carmen’s breathing seemed to have stopped. Alma kicked away the cover, and jumped to Carmen’s side, slightly relieved that Carmen’s chest was still rising and falling steadily, but frightened by what she had glimpsed. She stepped back slowly, and approached the window, which held a sight that was extremely unnerving.

    Seeing all the Ghost Pokémon huddled outside her house would have been comforting, but all Alma could see was Dusknoir, still staring at the window, and directly into Alma’s eyes.

    He was closer to the door than he had ever been.

    Alma raced to assumptions, from the Dusknoir trying to attack them, to him protecting them from something else. It could have been just wind, or maybe Carmen was playing a prank. Whatever it was, Dusknoir seemed more worried than anyone else. His arms moved, and pointed at the door; either Dusknoir was concerned about something, or this was going to be the day the in which the Spirit family die.

    Whatever it was, Alma trusted the Dusknoir enough to run downstairs, her feet stomping every wooden step, and across the floor to the door. She unlocked it, and opened it.

    Dusknoir waited outside the door, closer to Alma than ever. Both of his arms rose, as if to welcome Alma into a hug, but then his body started opening. The yellow line across his midsection straightened as it split his entire body. To Alma, it was looking into an endless void, a darkness that was too similar to the one she had always experienced whenever her eyes closed.

    Dusknoir edged forwards, and Alma felt the slight intake of breeze that intensified gradually, and before realising it, her feet were off the ground, and she was hurled into the void. She landed on a very soft surface, and from the opening, she could see the front door of her house, still open, as the Dusknoir slowly closed around her.

    It was darkness once more, the air rushed and wailed inside the Dusknoir, it heated up all around Alma, and then stopped, as quickly as it had started. A high-pitched ringing lingered in Alma’s ear, but it disappeared when the line became evident once more, and the Dusknoir’s body opened.

    The world outside was different. There was no floor, sky, or walls; to Alma, it seemed like they were in a grey cloud, too dark for anything to be visible. Alma lay on the soft surface she was on, too scared to step out of the Dusknoir, and possibly fall to her death. She let out a whimper, and Dusknoir relaxed.

    ‘You are still alive,’ said the deep voice that Alma had heard in her room. ‘I was worried I had killed you.’

    The voice came from all around Alma, from the walls that made up Dusknoir’s inner body, and its echo lingered for as long as the young girl kept on whimpering.

    ‘You can step out; you will not die.’

    ‘W-Who are you?’ Alma finally found her voice. ‘A-Are you the D-Dusknoir?’

    ‘Yes, I am,’ said Dusknoir. ‘My name is Thanatus.’

    ‘Where are we?’ said Alma, trying her hardest to sound courageous. ‘Are we in the sky?’

    ‘No,’ said Thanatus. ‘We are in my world.’

    Alma let one of her feet out of the Dusknoir, and it immediately his the same soft surface she had been laying on. She remained still for a few seconds, making sure that the ground won’t give away and let her fall, before pulling herself out of the Dusknoir’s body.

    ‘Welcome to the World of Spirits, Alma.’


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