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    Arrow The Wizard of Azumanga Daioh

    Anime: Azumanga Daioh (no duh)
    Type: One-Shot
    Rating: PG-13
    Written: Script form (or my version of a script)

    I've actually written a lot more stories in the past and most of them are Pokemon, but this is my first and one and only fic I've ever done for Azumanga Daioh, so I figured I would put this up first.

    For those who don't know about Azumagna Daioh, here's all the info you will need.

    I wrote this story about three months ago and only put it up on my live journal community, so I figured to share this one here. It's about Tomo Takino telling her version of the famous classic, The Wizard of Oz. Azumanga style of course! Enjoy!

    The Wizard of Azumanga Daioh

    Yukari: Class, settle down! (Still chattering) Class... (Still chattering) SHUT UP YOU MORONS! (Silence) Thank you! We will continue our presentations today. Now who wants to do the honors of going first today? (Chiyo raises her hand) Anyone? (Chiyo waves her hands) Hmm...Oh, I know! TOMO!
    Tomo: Who me?
    Yukari: Yes you Tomo!
    Tomo: But...I didn’t even raise my hand.
    Yomi: You better do what she says Tomo.
    Kagura: Did you even finish your story?
    Tomo: (Evil giggle) I sure did.
    Yomi: You better not have copied off from Chiyo-chan’s paper again.
    Tomo: Ye of little faith Yomi! I finished my project and I guarantee you that I’m going to pass!
    Yomi: I’d like to see that happen.
    Yukari: (Singsong) Oh Tomo! (Angrily) Get up here while we’re still young!

    Tomo: Okay then! My story!
    Yukari: What’s it called?
    Tomo: The story? (Yukari nods) Oh right...Well it’s called...FANTASY LAND!
    Yomi: (Sarcastic) Very original!
    Tomo: Okay, starts out like this! CHIYO-CHAN!
    Chiyo: Huh?
    Tomo: It starts off at her house! (Osaka raises her hand)
    Osaka: Am I in this story?
    Tomo: Um...yes, yes you are! (Osaka smiles and claps) We were just finishing up a big study session at her house. (At Chiyo-chan’s house)

    Kagura: (Yawns) I don’t get this problem at all.
    Chiyo: Oh that one’s easy! See...
    Kagura: Oh...
    Tomo: Hmm...Uh-huh... (Yomi covers her paper) Yomi...could you move your fat arm so I can see what you got for question 3?
    Yomi: No...I think it’ll stay right here. (Osaka turns to the window)
    Osaka: It’s raining.
    Yomi: That’s odd. The forecast didn’t say anything about a rainstorm today. (Dog barking) Huh?
    Sakaki: Isn’t that...
    Chiyo: AH! Where’s Mr. Tadakichi?
    Yomi: Don’t tell me he’s still outside!
    Tomo: Oh...I knew I forgot to do something. (Flashback to a couple of hours ago)

    Chiyo: Welcome everyone! You guys can sit at the table and I’ll get the snacks ready.
    Osaka: Ooh...the heated table! (Rushes over) Mmm...Nice and cozy! (Tadakichi barking)
    Sakaki: Oh...
    Kagura: What’s up with Mr. Tadakichi?
    Chiyo: Could one of you guys take him outside? He needs to go to the bathroom!
    Tomo: I’ll handle it! (Outside) There you are! Now go out and do your business like a good dog!
    Osaka: Yummy, cake!
    Kagura: Cut me a big slice!
    Sakaki: Me too!
    Tomo: CAKE?! (She runs in) SAVE SOME FOR ME! (End of flashback) We forgot about him.
    Yomi: YOU forgot about him! You’re the one who left him outside when you were supposed to be at the door waiting for him after he was done! (Chiyo runs outside)

    Chiyo: (Shouting) Mr. Tadakichi! Mr. Tadakichi! Where are you? (She starts running) Mr. Tadakichi! (Barking) Ah! There you are! Come on, we have to get back inside before you get blown away!
    Tomo: (Voice over) Just then, A TYPHOON HIT! BOOM! Chiyo-chan and Mr. Tadakichi are swept away in the typhoon! Round and round the two of them went, and then SPLAT! (Back in the classroom)
    Chiyo: SPLAT?! (Whimpers)
    Tomo: Yup, splat! (Chiyo starts crying) Hey relax, it’s only a story! Going back to it! You and Tadakichi woke up and found yourself in a strange place! (Back in the story)

    Chiyo: Wow! Look at this place! I don’t think we’re in Tokyo anymore Mr. Tadakichi. I wonder where everybody is. (Shouting) HELLO! Is anybody here? This place looks deserted. HELLO!
    Osaka: Welcome stranger!
    Chiyo: Ah! Miss Osaka!
    Osaka: Welcome stranger!
    Chiyo: Um...Miss Osaka, it’s me!
    Osaka: Welcome stranger!
    Chiyo: Not stranger. It’s me Chiyo!
    Osaka: Welcome Stranger Chiyo! Welcome to our humble village!

    Chiyo: It’s beautiful. But where are all the people?
    Osaka: Gone!
    Chiyo: Why are they gone?
    Osaka: Because of that! (Points to the sky)
    Chiyo: I don’t see anything. (A woman's evil cackle) Huh? What is that?
    Osaka: The witch! (A witch lands on the ground) The wicked witch of these parts! Yukari...
    Chiyo: Yukari...Wicked?
    Yukari: (Evil cackle) What do we have here? A young girl and a mutt! (Tadakichi barks)
    Osaka: Meet Stranger Chiyo and Mutt!
    Yukari: Well my pretty, I can be a fair witch. You can join me and my minions...Or I can banish you to the other side of the world. Like the rest of the poor pathetic souls who used to live here. (Chiyo whimpers) So what will it be my pretty!

    Nyamo: ENOUGH YUKARI! (A pink bubble floats over and pops)
    Osaka: Ooh, it’s the good witch, Nyamo!
    Yukari: What the hell are you doing here Nyamo? This doesn’t concern you!
    Nyamo: It concerns me if you’re up to no good and you’re always up to no good. (Walks over to Chiyo) Don’t worry, she won’t touch you as long as I’m here protecting you.
    Yukari: (Growls) Fine then! But once she lets her guard down, I will return and she will be my personal minion. I’ll get you my pretty, AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO! (She flies away)
    Chiyo: Miss Yukari is a witch?
    Nyamo: I’m afraid so. She craves power and takes advantage of the small and weak.
    Osaka: And you’re a prime suspect, being short and all!
    Chiyo: Can you stop her, Nyamo?
    Nyamo: I’m afraid not. Yukari and I are equally matched in power. She knows all my moves and I know all of hers. Plus, all the townspeople she banished are in her castle and she put up a protective barrier so that I can’t enter.

    Chiyo: So why is Miss Osaka not captured?
    Nyamo: There were some folk Yukari decided not to take to her castle. She let Osaka stay in this town by herself.
    Osaka: I’m the mayor of this fine town!
    Nyamo: (Sighs) As you can see, there really is no hope of freeing the other townspeople. Would you help us young lady?
    Chiyo: Sure.
    Nyamo: Oh thank you very much! Now in order to defeat Yukari, you must first visit the all powerful Wizard. He knows all and will tell you how beat Yukari.
    Chiyo: The Wizard...Where is he?
    Nyamo: He will be in the Emerald castle just on the other side of this mountain. It’s a simple path. Just follow the emerald road! Good luck to you! (She gets in the bubble and flies away)

    Chiyo: Ready to go Mr. Tadakichi? (Tadakichi barks) What about you Miss Osaka? Do you want to come?
    Osaka: No thank you. I have to keep an eye on things here. I’m the mayor of this great place!
    Chiyo: Okay, well you do that. Let’s go Mr. Tadakichi. (They walk away)
    Osaka: Good luck Stranger Chiyo! (A little later on the road)
    Chiyo: Just follow the emerald road...Oh boy...I didn’t realize how far we have to go.
    Tomo: Ahoy!
    Chiyo: Huh? Miss Tomo?
    Tomo: Who are you?
    Chiyo: I’m Chiyo-chan! But Tomo, why are you just standing there?
    Tomo: Are you blind? I’m standing here because I’m a Scarecrow. I, what are those big ugly black things that fly?
    Chiyo: Crows?
    Tomo: No, that’s not it! But yeah I’m called a scarecrow! That’s why I’m up here...Well that and I can’t seem to get down from up here. (Chiyo walks over)

    Chiyo: Oh...Your feet and arms are tied to this pole. Here, let me untie you! (She unties her and Tomo falls on top of her)
    Tomo: Wow, it’s been so long since I moved my legs. It feels good!
    Chiyo: Glad you’re up!
    Tomo: Where are you heading stranger?
    Chiyo: To the Wizard!
    Tomo: AH! You don’t mean the Wizard in that big Emerald castle?
    Chiyo: That’s the one!
    Tomo: Perfect! I want to come with you! You see, that evil witch Yukari put me under a spell. She removed my brain and turned me into a Scarecrow.
    Chiyo: She removed your brain? Oh I get it! Yukari figured that if you don’t have a brain, you wouldn’t try to take her down!
    Tomo: Huh?
    Chiyo: You see it’s...never mind! Come with me and I’ll help you get your brain back.
    Tomo: Thank you stranger!
    Chiyo: You can just call me Chiyo! (A little later on the road)

    Tomo: This road is long. It must go on for a million miles.
    Chiyo: I don’t think it’s possible for it to go on for a million miles, Tomo. (Tadakichi whimpers) What’s the matter Mr. Tadakichi? (He runs off) Mr. Tadakichi! Wait for me! (He sniffs around) Wait for me!
    Tomo: Follow that beast! (He stops)
    Chiyo: What’d you stop for? Oh...It’s a robot!
    Tomo: Is it alive? (She kicks it) I guess not! (The robot kicks Tomo) AH!
    Yomi: I was powering down, you idiot!

    Chiyo: Miss Yomi?
    Yomi:’d you know my name?
    Chiyo: Why are you a robot?
    Yomi: (Sighs) That evil witch Yukari! Because of her, she took away my heart and turned me into a robot.
    Chiyo: Oh...She took away your heart so that you would stop caring about defeating the witch.
    Yomi: Very good.
    Tomo: Although to be fair Chiyo-chan, Yomi never had a heart to begin with! (Yomi hits her)
    Chiyo: We’re going to see the Wizard and he can help us defeat the witch.
    Yomi: Are you sure you’re up for the challenge against Yukari?
    Chiyo: She hasn’t taken anything from me.
    Tomo: What else have you got to do? Let's go Yomi! (Meanwhile in a castle)

    Yukari: Curses! I knew I couldn’t trust that little one with the pigtails. But no matter! She won’t be all high and mighty once she enters the creepy forest. (In the deep forest)
    Chiyo: This forest looks scary!
    Tomo: I don’t know about that. This forest has food to keep us satisfied. Look what I found.
    Yomi: Idiot! Those are poisonous mushrooms. (Tomo drops them) I didn’t think you could be any stupider than before...
    Tomo: Hello! No brain here! Yukari took it! (Growling) What was that? (Chiyo whimpers)
    Chiyo: Maybe we should get out of here! (Growling continues) Oh no... (A gray kitty walks out of the bushes) Oh...Hey, it’s a cat! (Meowing) Oh, it’s so cute! (It hisses and opens his mouth) AHHHHH!

    Tomo: Look out Chiyo-chan! (The cat turns around and growls into the bushes) What’s going on? (A bigger cat jumps out)
    Chiyo: (Gasp) THAT'S MISS SAKAKI!
    Sakaki: Please...don’t hurt them. (The cat growls at her)
    Yomi: Wow, she’s awfully brave! (Sakaki runs away from the cat)
    All: Huh?
    Sakaki: Come with me...if you want to live! (They run in a different direction)
    Tomo: Oh man, I hate cats!
    Chiyo: What are you doing here Miss Sakaki?
    Sakaki: I live here...In the woods.
    Tomo: But you were bigger than that cat. Why did you run away from it?
    Sakaki: I...was afraid.

    Tomo: Afraid of that thing? Come on!
    Chiyo: I was bigger than it as well but it scared me too Miss Sakaki! OH! Did the witch do that to you? Did she take your nerves and turn you into a cat?
    Sakaki: Well...yeah.
    Yomi: Very smart Chiyo-chan!
    Chiyo: We’re going to see the Wizard! He’s going to help us beat Yukari the witch!
    Tomo: YAY! We’re going to see the Lizard!
    Yomi: That’s Wizard!
    Tomo: That’s what I said. Lizard! L-Y-Z-R-D!
    Yomi: You need that brain now more than ever!
    Chiyo: Oh...but Miss Sakaki took us away from our path. I don’t know where we are now.
    Sakaki: I think...I know where the path is. I can take you there.
    Chiyo: Thanks Miss Sakaki! (Sakaki blushes) Let’s get going! (Singing) We’re off to see the Wizard! We’re off to see the Wizard! (Back at the kingdom)

    Yukari: Stupid cat! I thought for sure it would have been able to stop them in their tracks. No matter. I’ll bide my time! (Evil cackle) They won’t get to the emerald castle once I get through with them. (A little later out of the woods)
    Tomo: Oh thank goodness, we’re out of those woods!
    Yomi: That must be the castle... (Sighs) What’s the use? (Chiyo gasps) All of our friends and family members were doomed from the start. We should just give up and go home.
    Tomo: What do you expect, she has no heart!
    Sakaki: (Looks up)’s raining!
    All: Huh?
    Chiyo: Hold on, this doesn’t look like regular rain. (Back at the kingdom)

    Yukari: (Evil cackle) Fools! They don’t realize that this is my own special Sake rain! If one drop of it lands on their tongues, the fools will be too helpless to stop me. (Back near the woods)
    Tomo: I feel weird. (Stares at Yomi)
    Yomi: Huh? (Blushes at Tomo) Tomo...I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said before. You are a great person...a wonderful person. How I love you! (Back in the present) KNOCK IT OFF!
    Tomo: Hey, it’s in the story! Now as I was saying... (Back in the story)
    Yomi: You’re the greatest ever!
    Tomo: Oh Yomi!
    Yomi: Oh Tomo! (They stare at each other)
    Chiyo: It must be the rain that’s causing you guys to act like this! Come on Miss Sakaki, we have to get them out of here! (Sakaki stares at Chiyo) Mi...Miss Sakaki?
    Sakaki: Pretty...I...want to pet you!
    Chiyo: Huh? Miss Sakaki? (Sakaki grabs and embraces Chiyo tight) Miss Sakaki, I can’t breathe! HELP! (A pink bubble floats and pops)

    Nyamo: I should have known! (Waves her wand) Time to turn this wine back into water!
    All: Huh?
    Tomo: Hey Yomi...this is the first time I’m noticing, but your robot head is really fat. (She hits her)
    Yomi: Idiot!
    Sakaki: What...happened?
    Chiyo: Miss...Sa-ka-ki...please...let go...of me! (She lets go of her grasp)
    Sakaki: Oh...sorry Chiyo-chan!

    Nyamo: That was a close one!
    Chiyo: Thank you good witch, Nyamo!
    Nyamo: That Yukari is a tricky witch. You better watch out! That was a trick by Yukari turning the rain water into Sake wine. One drop in your mouth makes you intoxicated.
    Chiyo: That explains why you three were acting so strange.
    Nyamo: Well be careful next time. You’re lucky I was here to help you guys. Farewell. (Leaves in the bubble)
    Tomo: (Voice over) ...And so, Chiyo-chan, the dumb but beautiful scarecrow, the fat robot, and the scaredy-cat made their way to the Emerald castle. (Back to the present)
    Osaka: Is that the end of the story?
    Tomo: Nope. TIME FOR A BREAK!

    (Sings the interlude)

    Yukari: Alright Miss Takino, this story of yours better be going somewhere.
    Tomo: The best is yet to come, Miss Yukari! They arrive at the front steps of the castle... (In front of the castle)
    Chiyo: It’s so big! (Knock on the door)
    Sakaki: Maybe nobody’s here.
    Tomo: Or maybe they’re all in back. (A peephole opens)
    Man: Yes? How can I help you?
    Chiyo: Hi, we’re here to see the Wizard.
    Man: Hold on...let me take a good look at you. (Shuts the peephole)
    All: Huh? (He opens the door) AH! (Gong sound)
    Chiyo: MR. KIMURA?!?!?!

    Kimura: YOU’RE ALL GIRLS! HURRAY! (They jump) Oh...but wait...A scarecrow, a robot, a female cat...and a little girl with a dog? (Closes the door and opens the peephole) I’m sorry but the Wizard is not here. Please go away. (Shuts the peephole)
    Chiyo: Huh? PLEASE LET US IN! We have to see the Wizard or we can’t defeat the evil witch! Please Mr. Kimura! Please let us see the Wizard!
    Kimura: No. Now go away and come back when you’re five years older.
    Tomo: What a pain!
    Yomi: Without the Wizard, we can’t go back to our original forms. (The door opens)
    Kimura: You would go back to looking like...girls? Human girls?
    All: Um...
    Kimura: Come on in ladies! Kagura here will show you the way to see the Wizard. She’s a very pretty girl...don’t you think?

    Kagura: Get away from me! Come with me ladies!
    Chiyo: So...what is this Wizard like?
    Kagura: He’s all knowing and all powerful. If you need to know something, he’s the one you go to. (In front of a door) I’ll leave you guys to talk to the Wizard. I shall return to my duties. (Back in the present) HOLD ON TOMO! This is all you wrote for me in your story?
    Tomo: Hey, I couldn’t find you a good role so I just threw you somewhere.
    Kagura: Stupid!
    Tomo: Who are you calling stupid, you idiot!
    Kagura: Bonehead!
    Tomo: Knucklehead!
    Yukari: Tomo, back to your story! (Back in the castle)

    Chiyo: Time to see him.
    Sakaki: I’m...scared.
    Chiyo: Don’t be. Wizard’s are usually nice! (Knock on the door)
    Wizard: WHO DARES TO DISTURB ME?! (They all whimper)
    Chiyo: Excuse me, Mr. Wizard...we wanted to ask you something. (The door opens)
    Wizard: COME FORWARD!
    Tomo: It’s a giant talking head! (Sakaki shakes)
    Yomi: Go, go on Chiyo-chan, ask him!
    Chiyo: Please...sir...We just wanted to ask you how we can defeat Yukari the witch!
    Wizard: To defeat Yukari the will need to know her weakness.
    Chiyo: But...what is her weakness?
    Tomo: Please Mr. Lizard!
    Yomi: Don’t insult him Tomo! (Tadakichi walks towards a curtain)
    Chiyo: What are you doing, Mr. Tadakichi? (He pulls on the curtain)
    Tomo: THE WIZARD IS A STUFFED ANIMAL! It's a Green Dog!
    Yomi: That's Yellow and it's a cat!

    Wizard: Don’t pay attention to the talking stuffed animal behind the curtain!
    Chiyo: You’re the Wizard?
    Wizard: Yes, it is true. I am not the great man you thought I was. Found out by a mere child and her pooch! (Tadakichi barks)
    Yomi: So can you tell us?
    Tomo: What’s Yukari’s secret? How do we defeat her?
    Wizard: Alas, I do not know. All I know is that she has a weakness. Everyone has a weakness and that will be enough to destroy her. However, I don’t know what hers is. I’m sorry...But coming here was a waste of time. (A woman's evil cackle)
    Tomo: IT’S YUKARI! (Yukari lands)

    Yukari: There you are my bumbling messes! Well I am impressed that you four were able to make it all the way to the emerald castle. Well bravo! Even though I take away your brain, your heart, and your courage, you’ve all managed to come here.
    Tomo: We won’t let you get away with this Yukari! We’ll defeat you one way or...
    Yukari: WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO 2 + 2?
    Tomo: 2 + 2? Um...let me think! (Yukari grabs Chiyo)
    Yukari: So long losers! (They fly away)
    Chiyo: HELP ME! HELP ME!
    Tomo: Oh no! Chiyo is gone! Chiyo is gone!
    Yomi: It’s useless, what’s the use?
    Sakaki: Oh no.

    Tomo: Wait, we can use her bark-bark!
    Yomi: It’s called a dog, Tomo!
    Tomo: Yeah, Mr. Tada-keepy!
    Yomi: That’s Tadakichi!
    Tomo: Come on girl!
    Yomi: It’s a boy!
    Tomo: Track down Chiyo-chan! (Tadakichi barks and runs off) FOLLOW THAT CAT!
    Yomi: IT’S A DOG! (Back at Yukari’s castle)

    Yukari: Well my pretty...You’ve been very deceitful to me. But you have one final chance to pick your fate. Now, are you going to be one of my minions...or are you going to suffer the same fate as that pitiful town? (Chiyo whimpers) Well then? (Angrily) I’M WAITING! TELL ME YOUR ANSWER NOW!
    Chiyo: I’ll never join up with you! (Kicks Yukari in the shin and runs)
    Yukari: YOU LITTLE BRAT! But she won’t get away from my flying monkey! (Whistles)
    Kaorin: You whistled my Lord?
    Kaorin: Yes Lord Yukari! (Flies after Chiyo) You won’t get away from me! (Outside the castle)

    Sakaki: It looks so...scary!
    Yomi: Chiyo-chan is probably dead like the rest of the townspeople. There’s no hope.
    Tomo: Not with that attitude! (Tadakichi barks) What is it girl?
    Yomi: I keep telling you it’s a boy!
    Sakaki: I don’t think we should go in!
    Tomo: I say we should! Chiyo-chan is in there and we have to save her! (She kicks the door down) WE’RE COMING CHIYO-CHAN! (Chiyo runs)
    Sakaki: There she goes!
    Kaorin: I’VE GOT YOU NOW! (Gasp) ...Sakaki? (Thinking) I swore I would meet up with her one day. Once the evil witch Yukari was defeated, I would return to her. (Stops)
    Chiyo: Save me! She’s trying to kill me!
    Kaorin: Kill you? (Nervous laugh) No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong! I would never harm anybody who are friends with Sakaki.

    Tomo: Oh yeah, Kaorin! I wondered what happened to you after Yukari came and kidnapped all the villagers.
    Kaorin: As you can see, she turned me into a monkey that could fly.
    Tomo: A monkey...that
    Yomi: Don’t short-circuit your brain Tomo.
    Kaorin: She took pity on me and made me into her personal pet.
    Tomo: Then maybe you can help us Kaorin! We’re going to take down the evil witch Yukari and get everything back to normal.
    Kaorin: (Gasp) Do you think you can do it?
    Tomo: Anything’s possible with Chiyo-chan here!
    Sakaki: You have to help us Kaorin! (She blushes)
    Kaorin: I’ll do it!

    Yukari: TRAITOR! (They all turn around) So Kaorin, it looks as though you’ve turned your back on me. I knew this was going to happen. I should have banished you away just like I did with the rest of those idiotic townspeople!
    Chiyo: You back away, you evil witch!
    Yukari: You all are going to pay for intruding in my castle!
    Tomo: Take this evil witch! (Throws a bucket of water on her)
    Yukari: (Screams) YOU FOOL! I’M MELTING!
    Chiyo: You did it Tomo! You defeated the witch?
    Tomo: I did what now? (Yukari melts)
    Yomi: Wow, all this time her weakness was regular water. Where did you get the bucket of water?
    Tomo: Right by that mop!
    Kaorin: Quick thinking! (A pink bubble floats in and pops)

    Tomo: It’s Nyamo the good witch!
    Nyamo: What the hell am I stepping in?
    Chiyo: You’re stepping in Miss Yukari.
    Nyamo: I just bought these shoes! Hmm...Yup, she’s dead. Okay, time to undo the damage that’s been done by her. But how were you able to defeat her.
    Chiyo: Tomo poured a bucket of water on her and Yukari melted.
    Nyamo: Water was her weakness? I guess that explains why she would only drink anything with alcohol in it. Well now that Yukari is defeated, I may return everything back to the way it once was. (Waves her wand) With the wave of my wand, all the prisoners will be free and everything will be what it used to be! (Yomi, Sakaki, Tomo, and Kaorin glow)

    Chiyo: Oh...
    Nyamo: Yes, they’re finally going to go back to their old bodies.
    Tomo: It’s my old body again! Oh I’m not covered in hay! YIPEE!
    Yomi: I’m not stuck in a tin can anymore!
    Tomo: Nope, you’re back to your old body covered in fat! (Yomi hits her) Oh it feels good to be hit by Yomi’s old body again!
    Sakaki: I’m...back to my old self again!
    Kaorin: Me too!
    Nyamo: All is back to normal, and we have you all to thank.
    Tomo: IT’S TIME TO PARTY! (Later at the emerald castle)

    Yomi: Three cheers for Chiyo-chan! Hip-hip!
    All: Hooray!
    Yomi: Hip-hip!
    All: Hooray!
    Yomi: Hip-hip!
    Kimura: HOORAY! (The girls scream)
    Osaka: Tell me again how you defeated the evil witch Yukari!
    Tomo: Certainly Osaka. So there we were, in the middle of Yukari’s castle. She surrounds us. Sakaki and Yomi were frightened and Chiyo-chan was hiding behind her dog! That’s when I came up with that wonderful idea! I saw a bucket on the ground and so I filled it up with water and poured it on the evil witch!
    Osaka: Ooh. (She claps)
    Tomo: Let me show you! (Fills a bucket with water) Here we go! (Throws it on Chiyo and she falls down)
    Yomi: Chiyo-chan! Are you okay? Chiyo-chan! (Distorted voice) Chiyo-chan! (Back at the house)

    Kagura: Chiyo-chan! Chiyo-chan!
    Tomo: Do you want me to pour some more water on her?
    Yomi: No you idiot! She’s already soaked as it is!
    Sakaki: I think she’s waking up!
    Osaka: Chiyo-chan? (She opens her eyes)
    Chiyo: Oh, wow. Where am I? (Tadakichi licks her face) Mr. Tadakichi!
    Osaka: You were out cold!
    Tomo: We thought you were a goner!
    Chiyo: Huh?
    Osaka: You see, when you were trying to get Mr. Tadakichi, the wind picked you up and slammed you into a tree.
    Chiyo: I don’t remember that part! I had a crazy dream...And you were in it Tomo. And so was Miss Sakaki and Miss Yomi...and all of you guys! Yukari and Nyamo were witches and...
    Osaka: Sounds like you had a day-mare! A nightmare...but in the day!’s dusk now! Should we call it a dusk-mare? (Back to the present)

    Tomo: And so, Chiyo-chan was just happy to be home with all of her friends and Mr. Tadakichi. The end! (Clapping)
    Yukari: Well Tomo, I am impressed.
    Tomo: Really Miss Yukari?
    Yukari: Mm-hmm! In fact, I’ve already given you your grade for this assignment. (After class)
    Tomo: I GOT A D?!
    Yomi: It’s your own fault for ripping off a classic movie.
    Kagura: Actually, Miss Yukari says that she liked the story...but took off major points for making her an evil witch and making Nyamo a good witch.

    Chiyo: Well I liked your story.
    Tomo: Thanks Chiyo-chan!
    Kagura: Yeah, it was really cute.
    Sakaki: I liked it.
    Osaka: It was funny.
    Yomi: Alright, I’ll admit it. It was good Tomo…even for you.
    Tomo: Now was that so hard Yomi? (Yomi growls) And it just so happens, I got a D and that’s still passing. (Yomi sighs) Hey, maybe next time I can write about Chiyo-chan fighting a big squid! Or maybe Osaka will…
    Kagura: Do you think it’s a good idea for her mind to expand like that?
    Yomi: (Sighs) …She’s got an active imagination…
    Chiyo: That’s our Tomo! (Tomo giggles)


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    Default Re: The Wizard of Azumanga Daioh

    Wow. As a rabid Daioh fan, all I can say is ...impressive.
    Good job, this was really funny.
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