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    Well, Wings is my newest fic. I took a lot of time perfecting every character, all backstories, the entirety of the plot, and of course, every character's respective dream. After all the work I put into the planning and even the first chapter, I really hope it ends up being successful. But you probably dont want to read too much more of this, so I'll go ahead and present the does chapter. I give you Wings. -Lifestream


    A small Pokemon sat alone in a field off the bank of a swiftly flowing river, humming softly to himself. The flame on the end of his tail wavered in the slight breeze, raised slightly to avoid setting the short, soft grass ablaze. He yawned drowsily as the sun warmed his light orange face. He inclined his head to watch puffs of cloud drift lazily across the faraway sky. In the distance, a patch of grey was smudged on the blue of the sky,
    indicating a storm, though it was too far away for thunder to be heard.

    "Cecil!" an old voice called across the green field.

    The Charmander rose to his feet and stretched his short arms and tail out before replying, "Coming, Tenga!" The Charmander --Cecil-- set off at a brisk jog across the grass, tail waving behind him. He headed toward a large, hollowed out tree and ducked inside through the entrance hole.

    A black crow with a white breast and red wings and tail waited inside. It's yellow bill shifted slightly as it smiled. "A storm's heading in our direction. I think it's best that you stay inside until it's passed." he rasped, his elderly voice gentle.

    "But Tenga," Cecil protested with dismay, "it's so far away! It's not like it'll be hear in the next hour!"

    Tenga sighed. "Storms move faster than you think." he said. "It will be here by nightfall at the latest.

    "Nightfall." Cecil grumbled. "It's still early! I promise I will come back before it gets too bad!"

    But the Honchcrow shook his feathered head. "I'm supposed to be taking care of you, aren't I? I'm sure the wheather will brighten up in a day or so."

    "It is bright out." Cecil pointed out, frustrated.

    Tenga chuckled. "Oh, lighten up!" he urged. "I'm not all that boring, am I?"

    At this Cecil laughed. "No, you're alright." For a moment he stared hard at the dirt floor in thought. "Tell a story! That'll help pass the time a little." he suggested.

    Tenga nodded his agreement. "Requests?"

    "Um...oh, tell the one about the dragons again!" Cecil decided.

    "Oh Cecil, you've heard this one countless times."

    "Come on, please?" he begged.

    Tenga shook his head, amused. "Alright then, the dragons it is." He cleared his throUat before he began.

    "Many centuries ago, there lived two brothers. The brothers were known as the heroes of the land as thu were the friends of the greatest, most powerful dragon of all existence. The brothers, using the power of the dragon, ended the wars between the people's of the land and brought them together, creating what is today known as Unova.

    "Unova was a peaceful region for a long time, until the heroes began to argue over what they each sought on life. Over time, their bickering grew into a terrible conflict. The olde brother sought truth, while the younger brother sought ideals.

    "The dragon, who couldn't be loyal to both brothers and was unable to side with a single one, split its body into two pieces. The mighty black dragon was. Known as Zekrom and sided with the younger brother while the great white dragon sided with the older brother.

    "The brothers and their respective dragons began to fight against each other. However, because Zekrom and Reshiram were both of equal strength, neither could achieve victory and the heroes decided there was no right side and made peace with each other.

    "Unova was brought back to its peaceful state for a long time. Cities and towns were built around the land. The first Unova League was built atop a high mountain where trainers and their partner Pokemon could challenge the strongest trainers. The brothers, having settled their scores, ruled Unova with their dragons.

    "But the sons of the heroes began to argue with one another over truths and ideals, continuing their fathers' temorary anger. Furious with each other, they sent the dragons into battle again. But because their strength was too great and the young heroes had no thoughts thoughts on keeping the land safe, the dragons destroyed Unova with thunder and flame.

    "The dragons, after many years of the pointless conflict, looked down upon the ravaged land and decided that neither hero was worthy of siding with and both fell into a deep slumber, never to awaken.

    "Rhe people and Pokemon of the land all worked together to rebuild Unova and, after hard work, effort, and la long time, Unova was restored to what it is today."
    Tenga shifted his wings into a more comfortable position.

    "Tenga," Cecil asked, "what if the dragons, Zekrom and Reshiram, we're awakened?"

    Tenga shook his head. "They'd never wake up on their own."he rasped. "No. They lie dormant somewhere in the world, and even if disaster were to strike Unova, I highly doubt they would rise."

    Cecil hesitated. "What if...what if someone were to summon them? Do you think they'd awaken to him?"

    "I don't think anyone would be foolish enough to call a creature of that power back to existence." Tenga assured him. "And if someone did get the idea to do so, the dragons would never rise to him."

    But Cecil was still uncertain. "What if the person was the new hero? You know, the one who was meant to rule Unova?"

    "Quesions, questions." Tenga sighed with amusement. "I myself believe that there should be no one ruler of Unova because that persons decision benefits the entire region, which could lead to something as awful as the conflict between the young heroes and their dragons. Besides," he added, "I'm sure no one will try and bring the dragons back to Unova, so don't worry about that too much." Tenga winked, a trademark Cecil over about him. The gesture always assured him that everything would be alright and he need'nt worry about any misfortune.

    "You sure?"



    The wind was rising outside, shaking the tree with a howl. Thunder growled viciously, droning out all other sound. It was almost pitch dark; Cecil could only see the outlines of large objects. A blade of lightning cut through the black clouds, lighting up the hollow for a moment so Cecil could see the anxious face of Tenga peering out of the entrance hole.

    Rain began to fall, beginning as a soft pattering against the grass the coming down in thick, heavy sheets. What a storm it was! Lightning tore at the inky sky with glistening claws, followed by a deafening crack of thunder as though the world itself was crying out in pain. Rain hissed as spar on the surface of the quickly flowing river. Wind screamed through the branches of the trees.

    Cecil huddled against a wooden wall, shivering as the wind blew icy rain into his face. Noticing his discomfort, Tenga raised a large black wing to shield him from the large droplets of water.

    "Thank you," Cecil murmured, but his voice was easily lost as a web of lightning decorated the sky and thunder roared again.

    Tenga leaned toward Cecil. "Cecil," he said softly into his ear, barely audible over the howling wind, "I'm going to make sure everyone's alright."

    Fear crackled up inside of Cecil. "You mean I'll b-be here a-alone?" he shook.

    Tenga nodded. "I'll be back before you know it. Just stay inside and don't go looking for me. You'll be alright."

    Cecil struggled with the idea of being alone in the hollow while the storm raged just outside. At last he managed to control his panic. "A-a-alright." he forced past his dry tongue. "Hurry b-back though."

    "You'll be alright. I promise." Tenga repeated. He turned away and poke his head through the entrance hole. He took a step out of the tree onto the slick grass. The black crow's head rotated to look at Cecil, who shook with terror, and gave him a wink. As he spread his raven-and-red wings to take off, Cecil's violent trembling slowly began to settle.
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