[Ok This is the last chapter of the first part of Creams story but it has a very important role to play for the choice determines if they start out on a new adventure or remain where they are with sadness in their hearts over the opportunity that they threw away]


A rumor of chance…

Dear journal,
It has been nearly a year since I had my life ruined and set out to fix it… My name is Cream I’m 8 years old and I’m an Eevee girl with snow white like fur… I have a large family of no true relatives by blood but all 76 of them I can call my family… But I do have one family member by blood. My Step-mother Grace a Gardevoir had gotten pregnant with my father a Dark Wolf Hybrid named Avon he was once a person of nothing but evil but love with Grace was able to change him and together she gave birth to my new baby brother… His name is Dusk Twilight Shadow he has Silver and Black fur, his right eye is a crimson red, and his left eye is a sapphire blue. He looks so much like both my father Avon and my step-father Nova… I miss them so much, we all miss them, and we all believe that they did disappear forever until one day we received a mysterious letter that that had a note and a sealed envelope… On the note it read…
“To the family of the Nova house… I am a mysterious source with some news you’ll like… Both of your fathers Nova and Avon are alive and training together. Within the sealed envelope I’ve included the exact location they are found… But it will only open if you select to open it.”
On the note in the letter was indeed a sealed envelope that will only open if I check the yes box or will remain sealed if I select no… I don’t know if I can really trust this but it is the only lead we have to finding my fathers and everyone else would love to have Nova back… But then there is the thought that the whole thing is a trap… ‘My birthday is next month so having a chance to have both my father’s there on my birthday would be the best present I could ask for… But I’m not sure.’ I want to say yes and check the yes box but I just don’t know… Since I can’t seem to decide on my answer I’ll just leave the envelope here as a place holder in you journal… See you on my next entry.

Cream Light Shadow.

*The letter sticks out of her journal just enough to show the two check boxes one says Yes and the other says No and there is a pen nearby*

Mysterious voice of fate: If a house full of seventy-seven people cannot decide on choosing yes or no then maybe a little outside help can decide if a child will have the chance to find both her father’s again.

*The pen ends up in your hand and you can help to decide the fate of the wish… “I’d like to find my father’s so they can be at my birthday…” Creams wish is up to you and your decision to either help it come true or keep it as a sad memory. All you have to do it either check Yes or No*

[ ] Yes
[ ] No