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    This is my newest drama/romance fics, Whisper in the wind. right now im planning to make one called Today, Tomorrow and Always but that might come out next year.

    Anyway please enjoy. ^_^


    Whisper in the wind
    (A Advance,Poke,Pearl,Contest chapter fic)

    Chapter one

    I hear the whisper of the wind. I look at the grass and see them blow with the wind as they bend to the direction to where the wind blows. Like follow the leader. As the wind blows in different directions I see the grass changing as well. Now they look like they are dancing to the wind. Like a happy couple. I look at the sky. It has this clear blue look that it looks like it perfect. Perfect in every way. It looks even more perfect with its companion the white fluffy clouds. Everything seems to be a perfect mood. Except me.

    My name is May Maple and I’m 15 years old and I’m here in Johto competing for ribbons to enter into the Johto grand festival. It has been a year since I got here. It has been two years since I started this dream of mine. This goal of becoming the best Pokémon coordinator the world has ever met. Here I am sitting on a hill not far from the poke center. Sitting on the lush green grass who doesn’t mind me sitting on them.
    It might be even a year since I last saw you but life isn’t the same. I always told myself I wish I got away from you. But now I’m regretting it. Sometimes I wished we had the same goals but I’m not really into battles like my father. Another cold afternoon breeze blows and my brown hair flutters around. I brush my brown hair away from my face and look towards the sky.

    What I am going about to do is tell you something. Listen carefully because I am only going to tell you guys once. I’m going to tell you a story. My story.


    “Well this is really it hey?” my little brother asked me
    “Yeah it is” I replied trying not to shed a tear
    “Sis I’m really going to miss you” my brother replied as he done an unexpected hug
    “I’m going to miss you too” I replied as a knelt down to hug my brother

    I couldn’t believe it. This was really it. First saying goodbye to my friends and now my family. I felt sadness overcome me. I tried not to shed a tear but they just ran down my face without telling them to. I stopped hugging my brother and wiped my tears away as fast as I could.

    “Sis were you crying?”
    “No” I denied

    Soon I could hear my parent’s footstep getting louder and louder. I got up and wiped my eyes just in case there were more tears that would come. I got my bag and put it over my shoulder. When my parents came out they saw me happy as ever. Well that was what they thought. I couldn’t believe that this was the real thing. I was leaving my family and my friends for my journey in life. I was actually heading to Johto on my own. Without anyone but my rivals. What made me sad was that the person who changed my life completely wasn’t here by me side. To save my from my pain of losing and the one to celebrate when I have won. This took a lot of getting use to then I expected. I did my last wave and ran to the port. Hoping that I wasn’t late for my trip.

    When I got there I flashed my ticket to the ticket person and with one nod she let me in. before I knew I knew the boat’s horn blew. I was outside as I saw my own hometown shrink before my eyes. Soon it was gone completely and all my eyes could see was the beautiful light blue sea change into a relaxing glowing orange.

    “Wow it’s so beautiful” I told myself

    Then out of nowhere my Bulbasaur came out of her poke ball. I was shocked to find Bulbasaur out of her poke ball. Normally Skitty was the one that jumps out of her poke ball for no complete reason.

    “What are you doing out of your poke ball?” I asked my grass type Pokémon
    “Bulbasaur!” she replied with a smile
    “I don’t know how you can be so happy know that we are both by ourselves” I said to my Pokémon as I looked back at the glowing orange sea
    “Bulba bula saur!” my Pokémon replied like she was trying to make my expression happy like she was but it didn’t seem to help
    “I know that you are trying to help Bulbasaur but I’m not in the mood” I replied with a sigh “I just can’t believe this is really it. I’m finally going to be on my own. Without Ash by my side” I said as a looked back at me Pokémon “I’m so use for Ash to be by my side but know his gone”
    “Bulbasaur” my starter grass Pokémon said in a sad tone of voice
    “Now come on. Get back into your Pokeball” I said as I got my Pokeball from my belt where I store my Pokémon

    I got out my Pokeball and returned Bulbasaur back into her Pokeball. A red beam came out from the ball and aimed at Bulbasaur the red light covered Bulbasaur and turned her red before the red light returning back into the Pokeball with Bulbasaur this time. When that was done I put Bulbasaur back into my belt and walked back into my room. When I got my room I slipped of my shoes and untied the knot on my bandana and threw it on the floor. I even pulled of my socks and threw them where my shoes were. Then I fell onto the bed facing the white ceiling.

    “So this is really it huh?” I told myself as I got sat up from the bed “I wonder what I should do when I get there” I asked myself
    I lay back onto the bed lying on my back. Looking at the ceiling. It might only be a few hours since I last saw you but it feels like years since I saw your face.

    “How am I going to move on if I only see your face everywhere I look?” I told myself

    I had no choice but to forget about him. I knew it was going to be hard but I had no choice. If I wanted to become a great Pokémon coordinator I had to do this. I stood up and walked to my bag which was on top of the table in my room. I started to unpack my things. I was nearly done when I came across something important to me. It was the ribbon I won with Ash back in Kanto.

    The ribbon was old and a bit crinkled and the gold medal as the center piece had lost its shined and had a few scratches on it. It was looking very dull. It might look old but it felt brand new. I remember I use to look at my face when I brush my hair. Now when I think about it. Does Ash still have his? My face replied with a bitter expression as a returned the ribbon back into my bag. I got into by Pj’s and went into bed.


    I woke up with the chattering of the Wingulls outside my porthole. Also the cold breeze woke me up even more. As I poked me head out of the porthole I smelled the fresh morning air floating in the air. I put my head back inside and realized that I have must reached Johto now. I got out of my Pj’s and dressed into my new clothes my mother gave me. I was wearing my new green bandana with an orange dress with white pockets also with a black collar. A had my green waist bag staying on my waist. Everything was new. My looks, my dream, my Pokémon and a new fresh mind.

    As I took a step down the stairs I couldn’t help but to notice my rivals were already here before me. I saw Drew. He was my number one rival out of all. He had light green hair. He also had long black sleeves and a purple vest to join. He had blue pants with black shoes. When he saw me he just greeted me with a simply flick of his hair. Then there was Harley. He was another rival of mine. He had long purple hair and he was in Caturn designed clothes. His greeting wasn’t a flick of his hair but a greeting of running towards me with his arms right open.

    “May! My old friend! I’m glad to see you again” Harley greeted. He sound plastic by his acting
    “Nice to see you again” I replied with a pretend smile
    “How was the trip? Your boyfriend here was all worried about you” Harley said as he broke up the hug
    “BOYFRIEND!” I replied in shock with a high tone of voice. I could feel myself blush
    “Wait he isn’t your boyfriend?” Harley asked me
    “NO!” I replied back with the same tone of voice I used earlier
    “Than what about Ash? Was he your boyfriend?”
    “Just shut up Harley” Drew said as he came up to me with his arms crossed “me and Ash are not May’s boyfriend. Anyway who would like a girl like May?” Drew said as he flicked his hair
    “I so hate you Drew!” I yelled at him
    “Whatever” Drew replied back at me as he walked away from Harley and me

    I just watched him walk away into the distance. Soon I stomped back to the poke center in anger. Drew always got on my nerves.


    It was soon nightfall at my first day in Johto. I was at the balcony watching the stars come as some shown brightly than others. I saw the full moon shine at its brightness. It glowed in the dark night sky. I remember a few days ago I was saying good bye to Ash and Brock and only a few hours ago I just said good bye to my family. Beautifly was resting on my head as I watched the night sky. I always did this with my friends but know I’m all on my own. Me and my Pokémon here alone for a very long time.

    “So what should we do tomorrow Beautifly?” I asked my flying bug Pokémon
    “Beautifly!” It replied with a happy expression
    “That sounds good. Let’s do that!” I said to my Pokémon with a smile

    I might not understand the Pokémon language but what Beautifly said sound nice.

    “So what about going to the shops around here” I suggested
    “Beautifly!” She replied with a happy reaction as she flapped her wings in happiness

    I haven’t smiled since I got here but Beautifly changed all that. She made me smile once again. With my Pokémon here maybe it wouldn’t be as hard to adjust as I expected.
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    Chapter two

    It was the next day in Johto. I rubbed my eyes a few times. I looked at my balcony and saw the curtains dancing with the wind. The doors were banging with each other as the wind and the curtains dance with each other. I took of my sheets on me and walked over to the balcony and was about to close the door when I something caught my eye. It was the gold sandy beach with the endless light blue sea just touching the end of the beach. I completely forgot about shutting the balcony doors and ran to my wardrobe looking for my swim suit while at the same time throwing my other clothes on the floor. When I got my swimsuit I ran out of my room and straight to the beach. My blood and veins ran with excitement. It was a while since I went to the beach but this time I was all on my own. Sad it may seem but I forgot all about that and when I got to the beach I release all of my Pokemon to have a great day at the beach.

    Out came Beautifly, Munchlax, Blaziken, Bulbasaur, Wartortal and Glaceon. When they got out a smile didn’t take long to grow on their faces. My Glaceon and Wartortal ran right into the water as fast as they can. Beautifly and Bulbasaur were making a sandcastle while Munchlax was looking for shells to eat. And my Blaziken just lay under a shady tree. I was in my red two piece with cute little pink ribbons on the side. I was reading my book about a love story. I wasn’t really into love but it was the only thing I wanted to do. I felt lazy on nice spring days like this. Where the spring sun just stayed at the right temperate for me and my Pokemon to have a great time. I wasn’t like Drew or Harley that train their pokemon 24/7. I was different. I mostly let my Pokemon have fun as well of training. Ash taught me this. I got up and took off my shades and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Drew looking at me.

    “Drew what are you doing here?” I asked in confusion
    “I think I’m asking the same question to you” Drew replied with his arms on his hips
    “I’m taking a break” I replied as I put my shades back on and continued to read my book
    “But you just got here” Drew told me as he walked towards and and sit next to me

    Drew peeked over to have a seek peek at my book. When I saw this I shut the book flat and put in my bag.

    “What were you reading back then?” Drew asked me
    “None of your business” I replied
    “Was it a romance novel?” Drew asked me once more
    “Yes it was now can you stop asking these questions?” I asked once more
    “Okay I will leave” Drew said as he got up and flicked his hair

    Then Harley came at bad timing. He had a smile on his face.

    “Looks like the lovebirds are finally having some time alone”

    Drew and I blushed. I got up straight away from my pink heart designed towel and took off my shades.

    “Drew isn’t my boyfriend Harley!” I called out
    “Poor Ash, he might be heartbroken” Harley teased as he walked away from the beach and head back to the poke center

    As he walked back I looked at him with glaring eyes with anger. When he was completely gone I sat down on my beach towel and put back my shades and pull out my book I was reading until Drew came along.

    “I better be going” Drew said
    “Yeah see you later” I said without looking at him as I was too busy reading my book

    I heard Drew’s footsteps walking away from the beach. I was actually was liking this book. Somehow it was relating to me. There were three girls fighting for one boy who was so dense that it was too late to tell the girl he liked that he liked her. It was a sad love story but I wasn’t really into love yet. I still had a dream to fulfill first. Love can come later on. Then I felt something tugging on my legs. When I put down my book and took off me shades I found Bulbasaur tugging my leg using vine whip.

    “Bulbasaur what are you doing?” I asked my grass type pokemon
    “Bulba bula saur” she replied as she kept tugging my leg like it wanted to show me something

    I got up and followed my Bulbasaur’s directions. Soon I ended up at the sandcastle she and Beautifly made. It was mainly a hill of sand with sea shells as decoration. It wasn’t perfect but they did work hard and was a good job after all.

    “Very nice sand castle” I told Bulbasaur as I patted her on the head softly
    “Bulba” she replied with a smile
    “I’m going back to read my book now okay?”
    “Beautifly” my bug flying pokemon replied as she nodded at me

    I walked back and rest on my pink heart designed beach towel with the book on my stomach with my black shades on. I was looking at the sky. I wished it went on forever but it didn’t. Soon the sun decided to set slowly. But during that time I had a great time. I played with my Pokemon in the water and said how nice Bulbasaur’s and Beautifly’s sand castle was. As the sun set behind the hills of Johto I was thinking of someone. It was my best friend Ash. Ever since I left him he was the only one in my mind. Well he was with me for a long time. Maybe I’ll forget about him soon. Anyway I bet we will visit each other soon. Soon the glowing red sun was gone before our eyes and I returned my Pokemon into their pokeballs and I pack up my things into my bag. Before I left I walked up to the end of the beach. I felt the sea just touching my toes. I put my right hand on my heart.

    “Ash where could be? Where could my best friend be?” Were the words that ran though my mind. I didn’t know that one person can have so much affection a person. Soon I stopped looking at the sea and got my bag and head back to the pokemon center.

    A few weeks pasted and everything was going fine. I had just won my third contest ribbon and my Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur. I was so happy. Now my contest will be easier to win. But after these past weeks I had no contact what so ever with Ash. Sometimes I think he had forgotten about me. Where was he? What region was he in? Too many questions to answer right now. I was celebrating at the time with my friends (for now) Soledad, Drew and Harley. We were having a feast. There was so much food I didn’t know where to start. Soon I decided were to start and star to dig in.

    After hours of eating I was all full. I looked at the table and saw Munchlax was still eating. I sweat dropped and thought to myself how a Pokemon can eat so much. I got Munchlax’s Pokeball and returned him back into his Pokeball and gave my pokemon to nurse joy for the night. I said goodnight to my friends and went upstairs. I couldn’t sleep that night, I didn’t know why. I got up and got onto the balcony and looked to the sky. I remember doing this when I first got here in Johto. How long do I have to stay here? Drew and Harley and even Soledad were used to travel by themselves but I was different. I had friends by my side. Even these past weeks they never left my mind. I was about to go the bed when I heard the whisper of the wind. I looked back and stand out in the cold balcony.


    There is was again. Someone was calling my name. It sound like Ash for a minute but it slowly faded into Drew’s voice. I looked down and saw Drew waving to me. Why was Drew waving at me and why did I hear Ash’s voice back then? I was confused with what I just heard. I stopped thinking about these things and looked back at Drew.

    “Drew what are you doing down there?” I called out into the night
    “Have you seen Roserade? His gone missing!” He called back at me
    “Maybe his gone for a walk!” I called back trying not to wake anyone else in the poke center
    “Oh thanks and by the way a friend of yours just called!” Drew called back at me

    A friend? Who could that be I ran out of my room and head downstairs to nurse joy. When I was there I was looking for nurse joy when a pokemon contest poster caught my eyes. It was a poster for the Wallace Cup. I was interested so I kept reading. It said that the ribbon could be used anywhere. Anywhere! Now I was really excited. I just didn’t want the beautiful aqua blue ribbon but I could go visit my friends. I didn’t know what region they were but I’ll find out.

    “May Maple?” a woman with red hair called
    “Yes nurse joy?” I replied politely
    “Your friend is on the phone”

    I really wanted to know who this friend was. Maybe it was just my parents who normally call my once every two months. There were overdue for a call anyway. I got the phone from nurse’s joys hands and brought it near my ear.

    “Hello?” I asked

    For a few seconds there was no reply to my greeting. I waited until a familiar voice came into my ear. I couldn’t believe it. It was him. My best friend who hadn’t called me since I got here in Johto.

    “Hey May!” Ash greeted
    “Ash is that really you?” I said in surprised
    “Yeah this is me” Ash replied
    “Wow. I can’t believe it. You actually called me” I said. I was still in a surprise state
    “Well if you don’t want me to call I’ll end this call” Ash joked
    “Please don’t Ash. We haven’t talked to each other for a long time” I said praying that he didn’t end the call yet
    “Well that is true” My best friend replied
    “So anyway why did you call?” I asked
    “Just to say hello and ask how you are going”
    “Say hello? You should have done that back since I got here” I said in anger “I haven’t received a single letter from you or any kind of communication”
    “You mean you haven’t received my letter yet?” Ash asked “I was pretty sure I asked Dawn to mail it for me” Ash asked himself
    “Dawn? Mailing a letter? Look Ash you really have to update me about how’s your life right now” I told him
    “Well I’m in Sinnoh right now and Dawn is a new friend of mine and I few weeks ago I asked her to mail a letter to you. I guess that didn’t got to you. I was waiting for you reply but you never responded. So I decided not to write to you or anything or even yet call you” Ash explained
    “So what you are saying that you were angry at me because you thought I received your letter and I never wrote back but the real thing is that I never got the letter and I was angry at you because I thought you completely forgotten about me” I explained to Ash
    “May I can’t forget a friend like you. Without you I maybe had never entered a single contest. Anyway how’s your life?” Ash asked me
    “Well it’s okay here. I just won my third contest ribbon” I told Ash in excitement “And I might come visit you guys later on this week to enter in the Wallace Cup” I continued
    “Really that’s great!” Ash replied in excitement

    Then I heard someone calling out Ash’s name. It sounded like a girl’s voice in the background by my hearing. She sounded curious that Ash was up this late.

    “What are you doing up this late Ash?” A girl asked my best friend
    “Nothing” Ash lied “I’ll be with with you guys in five minutes”
    “Alright then” The girl replied. Those were the last words she said before her voice fading away from the phone. Soon Ash joined back to our conversation
    “So you’re coming here later this week?” Ash asked
    “Yes I am Ash”
    “Well I better go tell the others. See you here in a few days!” Ash told me
    “See you” I smiled

    I was about to end the call when Ash was able to squeeze in a few more words.

    “Hey May?”
    “What is it?”
    “Can’t wait to see you again”

    For some weird reason I couldn’t help but to smile and answer Ash back.

    “Can’t wait to see you again too” I said with a smile still on my face

    Soon after I ended the call and ran back into my room. When I got there I screamed in my pillow. I didn’t know why. Maybe I was happy to see my friends again. Maybe I was happy to see Ash again. I don’t know. I’m having mix emotions in me right now. After screaming into my pillow for about five minutes I took the pillow away from my face and put in gently back on my bed and walked to my bag. I was searching for something special. Soon I reached to the bottom of my bag and pulled out my ribbon I won with Ash. I walked to the balcony and let it shined in the moonlight’s glory. I haven’t done this in a while or seen the ribbon shine so much.

    “I can’t wait to see… my best friend once again” I told myself with a smile

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