The Weather Makers of the ☈ Mysterious Planet is based on 『ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫』 (The Twin Princesses of the ☆ Mysterious Planet), a concept by BIRTHDAY that inspired an anime series by the same name. If you want to learn more about the concept (and can read Japanese) check out the concept here.

This is rated PG or possibly PG-13 for violence, language, and off color humor.

I can't think of anything more to say without spoiling the story so let's get to it.

The Mysterious Planet is a hollow world where the people live with its shell instead of on its surface. The people of this planet built 7 kingdoms and created a civilization.

The Sunny Kingdom shines on the surface of the hollow shell.

The Flame Kingdom maintains a mild climate.

The Drop Kingdom makes clouds.

The Windmill Kingdom generates the winds.

The Seed Kingdom grows many crops.

The Moon Kingdom governs the night.

And the Jewelry Kingdom enriches our lives.

With each kingdom playing their own role, helping each other, the peace of the planet is maintained. Therefore…

Prologue: The Gathering Storm

Early spring was a happy time for the agrarian Seed Kingdom. Winter could not end soon enough for its people. As soon as the weather became pleasant; everyone would be out and about as much as possible to enjoy it and each others’ company.

However, it also marked the beginning of the Seed Kingdom’s primary mission for the Mysterious Planet. Much of the crops for the planet were grown in its thick, rich soil over its long growing season. From the first peeks of light from the Sun’s Blessing coming out from eclipse to evening twilight, the huge, polygonal fields interspersed between the villages and thick forests were speckled green by the uniforms of the kingdom’s workforce.

The tiny Humans and mole like Molmo who called the Seed Kingdom home were very methodic in preparing the soil for the coming growing season. Without the luxury of beasts of burden or machinery, all work was manual. The men hacked at the soil to break it up after being frozen solid all winter long and the women followed, flinging handfuls of dry, powdered fertilizer over the tilled land.

* * *

It was another brilliant afternoon and the Sun’s Blessing shined brightly overhead of one of the fields near the Mother Tree. The air was still slightly cool to the touch as a gentle but persistent breeze from the north kept the warmth from the Flame Kingdom at bay. The workers barely noticed the coolness of the air as the strenuous work of preparing the field had them all working up a sweat.

The kingdom was in a rush this particular spring. The previous winter had been particularly brutal both in terms of cold and the snow and ice that had fallen. This delayed the frost lifting from the soil and now everyone had to work feverishly to make sure everything was ready in time for planting.

One of the diminutive Humans paused and leaned on the wooden handle of his mud caked pickaxe to catch his breath and cool off slightly. He had long abandoned his coat and hat along with many others and the armpits and chest of his white T-shirt were soaked with sweat. He practically gulped the air as his muscles were beginning to ache and burn from hours of hard labor.

Throughout the field, his colleagues continued to hack at the soil with a few others pausing for a short time. He inhaled deeply through his nostrils to take in the sweet smell indicative of the ground’s fertility. He wiped the sweat from his brow under his smoky gray bangs and lifted his pickaxe to rear it against his shoulder to resume tilling.

The tiny man glanced up and noticed a girl standing on the ridge overlooking the field. He grunted in dissatisfaction as he knew exactly who it was. He dropped his pickaxe and ran across the field towards her.

“Mary,” he called out. “Mary, you have to stop slacking off. The field doesn’t till and fertilize itself.”

The girl with blond bangs sticking out from under her green bandana stared forward and did not seem to notice him calling. He bared his teeth and growled in frustration. When he finally reached her, the tiny Human grabbed her shoulder and spun her around to face him. He huffed a few times to catch his breath before he could speak.

“Mary,” he growled and exhaled at the same time. “Get back to work.”

“I was watching that,” Mary said, pointing the way she had been staring. “What is it?”

The man followed her finger to the north. A wall of gray clouds was slowly lumbering towards them across the otherwise brilliant blue sky. He heaved an exasperated sigh.

“Those are rain clouds moving in from the Water Drop Kingdom,” he snarled. “It’s perfectly normal.”

“I’ve never seen clouds like that,” Mary replied.

“Fortunately for you,” he said sternly. “This means a stoppage of work, but don’t get comfortable. We’ll be out here and back to work at dawn tomorrow.”

He stomped back to the field. Mary paused to watch the clouds approaching. She could not shake a bad feeling about them.

The gray wall stretched to the Line of Obscurity in either direction, curling up with the curvature of the surface like a malevolent grin. Underneath them was dark and foreboding as it slowly consumed the brightness ahead of it. The sight sent a chill down her spine. She had seen clouds moving in from the rainmaking country to their north. However, nothing seemed normal about these clouds.

She tried to put it out of mind. She turned and walked back towards the field where the others were already leaving for their homes. The rain would be gone by tomorrow like it always was and they would be at it once again.

The Weather Makers of the ☈ Mysterious Planet: The Floodgates of Hell