What's your chosen implement/word processor for writing fanfiction?

For me, it's Word Pad (yes, on Win98) every time- I just like its simplicity, since it lacks a million different toolbars. Just a big, wideopen white space waiting for me to type in. Like actually writing, only a lot more convenient, and I don't end up judging my writing before it's even done (a big problem when I handwrite). I used to use a spiral notebook, but that ended up being problematic- I would leave it in my locker, the cat would puke on it, et cetera. Not that I don't use them anymore altogether- I still am writing a big fat chapter fic in one, but that's because I started it in one, and if I have an idea at school, I may jot down a quote or the basic idea, but rarely do I write the whole story, unless I'm REALLY bored.
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