AN: Takes place after Ash's Adventure in Sinnoh and is at the Pallet town Harbor.

Early Morning
June 3rd
Waters Fifty miles from Pallet Town,Kanto

"This is Captain Richards to all crew, remain at action stations until properly relieved or we re-enter charted waters." came a monotone voice from over the intercom. A man in his room simply shook his head and stared at a picture of a girl: red-haired and in her mid-thirties with pale skin and blue eyes. She was in a yellow dress and smiling while holding a small child, a daughter. The man sighed and grabbed several things: The photo ( a smaller one), His helmet for his uniform and his two pokéballs containing his best companions on the ship:A Ninetales and a Raichu.
" Don't worry Mira, I'll be back for you and Allie."The man said as another male opened the metal door to his room.
"Morins, come on. We're on duty."
"Saldras, for the last time, call me Shaun."
"Fine. Shaun. Whatever. come on."
"Wait, Sal," the pair exited the room and began the scale the inside of the ship towards the desk of the ship, a metal monstrosity called the TNV Explorer. It was a kilometer long ship with more food and supplies inside to support a third-world country for a generation. That's because the explorer in an exploration vessel. It was sent into uncharted waters to discover new lands and increase the living space for the Nation of Terrasi, a small nation fifty-three nautical miles from hoenn and with all the pokemon of Kanto and Hoenn.
Shaun and Saldras approached the table where a person, the captain, stood next to a map, most of it a black color symbolizing undiscovered waters. Shaun knew that map and knew immediately: It was gonna be a long day.


Ash waved back at Dawn as he exited the Sinnoh region and left his new friend. Brock stood next to him, but knew that he and Ash would be separating soon enough, as he was going to study to be a pokemon breeder. Ash sighed and backed away from the railing and collapsed in his bedroom as soon as he arrived. He remained asleep until he reached the harbor.

Or so he hoped...

Good? Bad? Hopeless? What do you think?