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There's going to be a surprise at the end of the story involving Hugh's mom.




It was a bright and sunny day in Aspertia City. The weather was perfect for sports. Nate, Hugh, and Rosa were out playing a game of baseball. Nate was wearing a black baseball uniform. Hugh was wearing a white baseball T-shirt, red sweatpants, and a red baseball cap. Rosa was wearing a light blue tank top and light green sweatpants. They were playing with a few other kids. Nate and Hugh were on one team, while Rosa's was on the other.

After the batter struck the ball, Nate, who was on third base, reached out to catch it. He managed to catch the ball. Hugh looked at Nate and congratulated him.

"Nice catch, Nate!" said Hugh. "And you told me that you didn't like sports!"

"I don't," said Nate, "but I'm willing to play with you. After all, you are my friend."

"Oh, whatever," said Hugh. "Let's just play!"

Nate and Hugh went back to playing the game. Unfortunately, they lost the game, which was a close match.

Later, we see Nate, Hugh, and Rosa entering Hugh's house. They greeted Hugh's parents, Joel and Heather Campbell. Joel was a tall man of thirty-seven, with black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Heather was a tall woman, aged thirty-three. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was wearing a pink shirt and white capris.

"Hi, kids," said Heather. "How was the game?"

"It was good," said Hugh. "I'm glad you asked."

"If you kids want something," said Joel, "I'm going to order lunch. Anyone up for pizza?"

"That sounds excellent!" said Rosa.

"I'd like my pizza with broccoli," said Nate.

"And I want mine with olives," said Rosa.

"Sure thing," said Joel.

"Can me and Rosa go upstairs and play with Jenna?" asked Nate. Jenna was Hugh's little sister.

"Sure," said Heather.

Nate and Rosa went upstairs to Jenna's room. They saw Jenna playing in her room. Jenna was an eight-year-old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She had barrettes in her hair, and they looked like pink flowers. She was wearing a green dress. Jenna was really into dolls - she had tons of them.

"Hi, guys!" said Jenna.

"Hi," said Rosa. She looked at Jenna. "I like your barrettes. have the same ones, but in a different color! Mine are orange."

"How are you doing?" asked Nate.

"I'm fine," said Jenna. "Want to play dolls with me?"

"Sure thing," said Rosa.

Nate and Rosa got down on the floor. Nate took a plush doll out of his messenger bag. It was a doll of his character in the Pokestar movie Mystery Doors of the Magical Land. The doll was a prince with brown hair, a blue jacket, and white pants. He had a crown on his head.

"I have my doll," said Nate.

"I didn't bring any dolls," said Rosa.

"You can borrow one of my Monster High dolls," said Jenna, who was holding a Barbie.

"Thanks," said Rosa. "I have one of them myself."

Nate, Rosa, and Jenna played with their dolls.

Meanwhile, Hugh, Joel, and Heather were talking. Joel had just gotten off the phone with the pizza parlor.

"The pizzas should be here in 30 minutes or less," said Joel.

"Good," said Hugh. "And thanks for ordering garlic knots too."

"No problem," said Joel.

Hugh had an idea.

"Can I go out with Chili and Cress to Virbank tomorrow?" asked Hugh. "Roxie invited me to a recording session. She's teaching Cress how to play the guitar."

"I'm sorry," said Heather, "but you can't. Your grandparents are coming to visit tomorrow. They'll be here for a couple of days."

"Okay," said Hugh. "I'm sure Grandpa Jack and Grandma Rebecca will be glad to see me."

"It's not my parents," said Joel. "It's your mother's parents. You haven't seen Grim and Gram in a while."

Hugh facepalmed in disgust.

"Oh, no," he said. "Oh no, no, no, no!"

"Hugh," said Heather. Then she felt some pain in her stomach. "Ugh."

"Are you okay, Mom?" asked Hugh.

"Yes, dear," said Heather. "Thank you."

When the pizzas came over, Hugh, Nate, and Rosa began to eat it. They enjoyed the pizza. Nate and Rosa noticed that Hugh looked a little bummed out.

"What's wrong, Hugh?" asked Rosa.

"The worst thing is happening," said Hugh.

"What could possibly be so bad?" asked Nate, taking a bite out of his pizza. "We had such a good time today."

"You don't understand," said Hugh. "My grandparents are coming to stay with us."

Nate and Rosa looked at Hugh weirdly.

"I've met your grandparents before," said Nate. "Your grandpa was the one who caught your little sister's Purrloin - the one you tried so hard to get back from Team Plasma. He and your grandma seem to be very nice. If I'm not mistaken, they are skilled Pokemon Trainers themselves."

"Not those grandparents," said Hugh. "My mom's parents are coming. Grim and Gram - I haven't told you about them for a good reason."

"How bad can they be?" asked Rosa.

"My mom's parents are really nice," said Nate.

"You'd be surprised at how 'nice' Leslie and Phyllis are," said Hugh. "My maternal grandfather is a bully. He picks on me a lot. And not friendly teasing, mind you. He called me a presumptuous brat. And Phyllis is a loud harpy. Both of them hate my dad. They're also quite racist and homophobic. They were among the people protesting Elesa's gay rights speech last year. To make things worse, neither of them like kids."

"Then what about you and your sister?" asked Rosa.

"They pretend to be nice to please my mom," said Hugh.

"I don't think they can be that bad," said Nate. "You kind of have a habit of not telling the truth."

"I'm telling you the truth," said Hugh. "Grim and Gram are bad people."

"Well," said Nate, "I'll have to see them to believe them."

"Okay," said Hugh. "I'll invite you to my house tomorrow to meet them."

"What time should I come?" asked Nate.

"You and Rosa can come at 4 PM," said Hugh. "Grim and Gram arrive at noon."


The next day was similar to the previous one. It was bright and sunny. There were also cumulus clouds in the sky. The sounds of Pidove singing filled the air.

Let's focus on Hugh's house. Hugh and his parents and sister are waiting in the living room. Hugh is wearing his usual clothing. Jenna is wearing a pink jumper over a white shirt. Hugh is looking nervous.

Eventually, Hugh heard the sound of pounding on the door.

"That must be Grim and Gram," said Jenna.

"Gulp," said Hugh.

Heather went to the door and opened it. She saw her parents, Leslie and Phyllis Bryant. Leslie was an old, bald man of seventy with deep wrinkles. He was wearing a hunting jacket and pants that were too high. Phyllis was a 65-year-old woman with short grey hair. She wore a purple dress and black shoes. On her head was a leopard-skin pillbox hat. The two had luggage with them. Both had very sour looks on their faces.

"Hello, Mom and Dad," said Heather.

"Whatever, Heather," said Phyllis. She and Leslie barged in. "Where's that wretched husband of yours? He needs to put away our luggage."

Hugh walked over to his grandparents and greeted them.

"Hi, Grim," he said. "Hi, Gram."

"Oh, it's Hugh," said Leslie. He then smelled Hugh's mouth. "Your breath smells awful! When was the last time you brushed?"

"This morning," said Hugh. He knew that Leslie and Phyllis were hygiene freaks.

"Hello, Grim and Gram!" said Jenna. "It's me, Jenna! Do you have any presents for me?"

"Here," said Phyllis. She coldly handed Jenna a bag of oyster crackers - those little hexagon-shaped crackers you eat with soup. "Go crazy."

"Thanks, Gram," said Jenna, "but I'm not a fan of oyster crackers." She then had an idea. "I know! I'll give them to Nate. He loves oyster crackers!" She decided to leave the living room. She went to the kitchen to put away the crackers, and then went back to her bedroom.

Hugh was wondering if Leslie and Phyllis had anything for him.

"Do you have anything for me?" said Leslie.

"Here's something," said Leslie. "A tip. Don't eat junk food. Then your teeth won't have to be drilled."

"MOM!" said Hugh. "Grim is being rude to me."

"Dad," said Heather, "why don't you be a little easy on Hugh?"

Hugh was not having fun. He was afraid to show Nate and Rosa to Leslie and Phyllis. He was especially concerned about Nate, who was quite sensative and could easily get upset. But he knew that the two were curious about his grandparents. Hugh didn't want anyone to be scared by Leslie and Phyllis, but he couldn't stop their fickle meanness. Hugh was definitely in a pickle.