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    Cool Viva la Grim

    Viva la Grim features pranks and tricks performed by professionals
    under the supervision of professionals to ensure the safety of people and Pokémon alike.
    In addition, Nick98, the creator of the series, must insist that no one try
    to recreate or re-enact these pranks or activities in real life.

    This is Grimsley!
    He's an Unova Elite Four member!
    He also likes to shake things up a bit!
    Gonna mess with his colleague Sidney of the Hoenn Elite Four until he loses his mind!


    Episode 1
    1 Destroyed Camper

    The sun is rising, and a new day is starting.
    "Ahh, yes, hello world!" says Grimsley, out from the bed.
    In another room, a girl is waking up.
    "Mmm, yes, this is a dawn of a new day!" says the girl. Her name's Karen, and she's part of the Johto Elite Four.
    In yet another room, Sidney wakes up and says: "Hah yeah, nice day arriving!".
    Sometime later...

    Grimsley, Karen and Sidney meet each other at the kitchen to eat their breakfast.
    "Hi, Sidney and Karen!", says Grimsley, still a bit drowsy.
    "Hello, Grimsley and Sidney!", says Karen, giving a kiss at Grimsley.
    "Hi.", says Sidney all sprightly.
    "What are your plans for today? I have to go to casino.", asks Grimsley to Sidney.
    "Ahh, nothing special. But tomorrow i will go camping near Mahogany Town in Johto.
    I will prepare my camper this afternoon.", answers Sidney.
    "I will instead go to the masseur. I have a rendezvous with him today.", says Karen.
    "I hope he gives you a nice massage, Karen.", says Grimsley to Karen with hopeful voice.
    "No need to worry. I have paid over a million Pokédollars for him. He's one high quality masseur.", says Karen to Grimsley.
    "Meh. I will put my clothes on.", says Sidney, after eating breakfast.
    Sidney walks away, but Grimsley and Karen look kinda suspicious...
    At night...

    Grimsley and Karen are in the house's courtyard, where Sidney's camper is parked.
    "You know what we have to do, right?", asks Karen.
    "I know it, I know it.", answers Grimsley.
    Grimsley sends out his Bisharp, while Karen sends out her Houndoom.
    The two order Bisharp and Houndoom to destroy Sidney's van.
    After a quarter-hour of work, Sidney's camper is completely destroyed in some parts (Bisharp's work) and burned in other (Houndoom's work), only ripped apart metal sheets remain.
    "This shall make Sidney mad like a Dragon-type Pokémon!", says Grimsley, self-satisfied.
    "I definitely wanna see his reaction tomorrow!", says Karen to Grimsley.
    The following day...

    Sidney goes to the courtyard, but after seeing his destroyed camper, he is shocked.
    Grimsley says: "What's the matter, Sidney?".
    Karen says pitiful: "I see it, Sidney... Your caravan is destroyed...".
    Sidney says suspicious: "Were you two to destroy it?".
    Grimsley tries to forgive him: "No, it was the work of a Spiritomb, a truly mischievous Pokémon from Sinnoh.".
    Sidney says obnoxiously: "Yes, as if I'd believe it.".
    Karen says: "Yeah, Grimsley's not lying. I know Spiritomb, it's one powerful Ghost/Dark Pokémon.".
    Sidney was becoming angry, more and more...
    Until shows up a wooden bat and yells: "YOU BLOCKHEADS!!! YOU DESTROYED MY CAMPER! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!!!!".
    Sidney starts chasing after the scared Grimsley and Karen around all the neighborhood.
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