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    Default Venus' Star (nonPokemon), humour, or my sense of the word.

    It is the 6th year of the New Age century, and contact has been made in the town of Momo, Japan (yes, not a real town, I know). Venus Milla, a teenage girl, has found the ultimate......friend. Star Himeko, a fellow teenage girl who's hyperness is that of a monkey, and appetite of a whale, will take Venus on many crazy adventures involving mecha's, romance, parodies, nerd jokes, and various other thinly disguised jokes a plot devices. This is Venus' Star, a slice of like comedy that will make you laugh, cry, and think deeply.
    Star 1: Enter The New Girl? Best Friend Forever?

    Venus Milla sat on the warm pavement of her driveway as she watched a brown truck slowly park in the driveway of the house on the left of her. Her long brown hair flowed in the wind, as her red shirt and jeans shone in the sun. The house was a normal two story house, bright yellow with blue window shutters and a bright red roof. The lawn of the house, which was bright green with a small walkway of stones leading from the door to the street, had a sign on it. A fairly muscular bald man walked out, wearing a brown and tattered shirt and pants, and slowly pulled the sign from the ground and placed it in the van, which had the words “Momo Movers”, on the side in bright purple over an emblem of a peach. Venus thought to herself, must be some new neighbors, hopefully they have someone my age, and she then sighed heavily as a older girl made her way out of a blue car that pulled behind the van. The whole neighborhood was filled with older people, so she never had anyone her own age to hang out with. The older women who emerged, was wearing a bright yellow dress and had short blue hair and looked about 25, much to Venus’ chagrin. The lonely girl then looked over as another skinny and pretty girl got out of the car, wearing a pink shirt and a little green skirt and a rather odd hairstyle. She had medium red hair, but the back was braided into five spikes that pointed out in a star shape giving her quite a spectacular appearance. Venus guessed this girl was about her age, so she happily decided to walk over and greet her.

    “Hello, you must be the new neighbors here!” Venus said as she approached the smiling girl, who then slowly turned around and looked at her.

    “Oh hi!” she said rather loudly as she ran right up to Venus, “my name is Star Himeko, and I ever so hope we can be friends!” Venus was rather taken aback by this odd display of kindness, but slowly regained her cool as she scooted slightly back some.

    “Um, okay. My name is Venus Milla, and I’m 15! How old are you?” she asked politely as Star stared at the girl’s chest.

    “You’re kinda small, I’m 15 as well and I’m much bigger” She said as Venus noticed they were the same height, but then looked at Star and stared quietly. Star was quite developed for a 15 year old, which Venus was somewhat jealous of.

    “Ha-ha! Anyway, would you like to come to my house and have a snack or something?” she asked as Star began to jump up and down excitedly, holding her stomach tight as she let loose a big smile.

    “Oh yes ever so much, I haven’t had anything to eat for ever so long, let me just check with my older sis.” She politely asked as she quickly skipped over to where the woman wearing yellow was, who Venus assumed was her older sister. Star then happily began to talk to her sister, and rebounded back to where Venus was, and grabbed her by the arm.

    “Let’s go fast, best friend!” Star said rather frankly as her and Venus walked into the house. Venus’s house looked about the same as Star’s on the outside, and was rather normal on the inside. The entrance hall had a carpet, some stairs leading up to the next floor, a room on the right with a computer, and on the left a dining room. Straight ahead was a tiled floor with a round table, some cabinets, and a big refrigerator. Star took a seat at the table as Venus opened the top door of the refrigerator, and pulled out a large container of vanilla ice cream.

    “How many scoops do you want?” Venus asked as she pulled a metal ice cream scooper from a jar behind her as Star happily smiled.

    “I’ll take the whole thing!” Star said as she grabbed the container and opened the lid and stuck her hands in it and began to stuff herself with the frozen treat.

    “Star, that container is industrial size, you can’t eat all that!” she said as she ran over, stopping in her tracks as she noticed Star had consumed half of it already and was still frantically eating it.

    “I can eat all this, don’t worry!” she giggled as she continued to eat, until the whole container was empty, in which Star relaxed in her chair as she patted her bulging stomach.

    “You…ate all of it, in less then a minute?!” Venus said stunned as Star stood up, and her stomach slowly began to return to normal size.

    “That? That was oh so little amount of food, that’s usually what I eat for breakfast!” Star said happily as she strolled in the room nearby, a nice room with comfy orange couches, and laid down as she reached for the nearby remote and flicked on the TV. What is with this girl, Venus thought as she threw away the empty container, she comes in and eats a whole thing of ice cream, and then goes on her merry way without throwing up or anything!

    “Hey, Venus, you ever so have to come in here! Sailor Moon is on!” Star said loudly as Venus walked in angrily and began to yell at Star.

    “What are you doing? You can’t just barge into rooms and stuff!” Venus said as she walked over to Star, who appeared to have gone to sleep.

    “Did you say something, I think I may of dosed off.” She said as she yawned and opened her eyes, in which Venus got even madder.

    “What’s up with you?” she asked as Star stood up and giggled to herself.

    “Well, I didn’t mean to be rude, it’s just I really really like you, your so my new best friend forever!” she said as she leaned in close to Venus, who blushed a bit before shaking her head.

    “Okay, okay, sorry for yelling. Why don’t we go to the mall, it’s only a mile or so away?”

    “Oh goody, but why walk!” Star asked happily as she ran quickly outside, Venus huffing and puffing as she tried to keep out. When they reached outside, Star took a big breath and then began to scream, “Keri!” as Venus looked around confused and then fell down as a huge burst came from the direction of the moving van, and a motorcycle with a sidecar burst out of it and drove over next to them. The motorcycle was white with pink highlights, and had “Star” on the side.

    “Young mistress, you called?” it said in a fancy female voice as Venus quickly scrambled back on her hands and feet.

    “I did Keri, and I like you to meet my new friend, Venus!” she said in a happy tone as Venus stood up quietly and slowly creeped up.

    “It talks? A talking motorcycle?” she asked as Keri revved her wheels and flashed the lights.

    “Of course I do young lady, I am a HMK-KR03, a specialized motorcycle transport for two built by Himeko company. I come equipped with the latest in stereo, lights, fuel capacity, and a 5 mm Vulcan on both sides of the handlebars.

    “I should’ve mentioned, but my sister and I are extremely wealthy. We moved here as Tokyo was way too loud, this town is much roomier and quieter.” Star explained as Venus nervously sat down in the sidecar, where a seatbelt automatically wrapped gently around her waste. Star then hopped on the rider’s seat, and put on a bright pink helmet that popped out of the back of the bike.

    “So, can you drive this?” Venus asked at the prospect of the hyper girl driving, but Star laughed as the bike began to steadily go forward.

    “I shall take us to the destination of Momo Mall, so don’t worry young lady. I am built for safety!” Keri stated as Venus looked in amazement as the mall came into sight. It looked like a giant pink dome that rose above the trees, and was surrounded by a huge parking lots filled with cars and trucks of all kinds. It was the premiere part of Momo Town, and was known far and wide for it's wide array of stores and shops.

    “So, where did you get rich?” Venus asked as Star looked over, and opened the visor of the helmet so she could speak.

    “Me and my sister inherited all of our parent’s money after they died. Our parents were part of a government development facility, so you probably never heard of Himeko MS, and so basically they made tons of high tech machines like Keri here.”

    “I’m sorry about your parents.” Venus said solemnly as Star looked quietly forwards.

    “We’re here! And in record time!” she said as she jumped off happily, with Venus slowly stepping out as well. Keri parked in a nearby parking place and sat their quietly as Star placed her helmet on Keri.

    “I’ll be waiting” she said as she turned off her lights and apparently went to sleep, or sleep mode.

    “Oh my god, is that you Venus?” said a girl as she walked over wearing a bright red tank top, shorts, and a red hair band with a spike on the top that sat on her long, red hair.

    “Zaku Commander Type?” Star said out loud as three other girl’s appeared behind the red girl, each one looking exactly the same in green versions of the red girl’s clothes, but no hair band.

    “Miss Zena is no Gundam, idiot girl!” they said all in unison as Zena, the red girl, snapped her fingers in which they backed down.

    “Are those your Zaku’s?” Star asked as Venus slowly began to shrink down as the green girls’ eyes flared with rage.

    “Who is this weirdo?” Zena asked as she put her hands on her hips, and thrust her chest out as to show how tough she was.

    “She’s my new neighbor, Star Himeko.” Venus said quietly as Star stepped up in front of Zena and smiled.

    “Hi, I’m guessing your name is Zena? It’s just you reminded me of these robots from a show I love, and all.”

    “Oh, you like those dumb robots, ninja, and pirate shows like that? What a loser, but I guess you fit in with Venus de loser!” Zena said mockingly as she began to laugh to herself. The triplets joined in as well, until Star burst out yelling.

    “What? How can you not like anime and manga or Venus? You girl’s are freaks!” she said as Zena stomped her feet and her face was red as everything she wore.

    “That’s it, you are so gonna get it!” she angrily said as Venus grabbed Star and pulled her away quickly.

    “Let’s get to the mall, hurry!” the girl yelled as they both retreated, as Zena turned on her subordinates.

    “We have better things to do, so we can teach them at school tomorrow!” she said as they walked off to the street.

    “Thanks for sticking up for me back their, Star. You’re very tough and all.” Venus said as the two sat down on a bench inside the mall, worn out from running away. The inside of the mall was as marvelous as the outside, with silver ceiling's and tons of people walking in and out of stores with huge bags of what they had bought that day. It was a wonderful sight, which Venus never got tired of. After all, what girl doesn't like to shop?

    “Well, growing up at my old school I had to be ever so tough. With all those terrorist plots to kidnap me and all!” she said as she smiled happily,

    “That’s cool.” Venus nervously said as Star reached in her pocket and took out some candy bars, and began to eat them quickly.

    “Do you want one?” she asked as she held out one to Venus, who happily nodded and slowly began to eat it.

    “You know you eat a lot?” Venus said as Star looked over and swallowed the chocolate.

    “I’m just ever so hungry a lot, plus my sister says I have an extremely fast metabolism so I can eat a lot and keep in shape!” she explained as Venus then thought back of how fat Star got after eating that ice cream, and how she was skinny again in no time.

    “I guess that’s okay, kinda strange, but okay.” She said nervously as Star quickly jumped up, and ran over to a book store nearby named, “Books a Trillion”. Venus walked followed her quickly and then realized how different Star was, so magical and special.

    She seems like a very good friend, I’m glad she moved here, she thought as she walked in the store and began to look at manga’s with Star, laughing together happily.

    “I’m sure it’s only a matter of time till the mistress and her friend returns!” Keri said to herself as she still was parked after eight hours, the streetlights beginning to come on as the sun went down.
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