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Thread: Unova Arc Pt1: The Unova Affair (Ch.26: Old Habits Die Hard)

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    Default Unova Arc Pt1: The Unova Affair (Ch.26: Old Habits Die Hard)

    Okay, this is my first fic, yadda yadda yadda but AS OF APRIL 12 2011, THIS FIC HAS BEEN RATED MATURE, because of Chapters 16 and 21, which are pretty gory and really gory respectively...okay, my editing is over.
    After trying to write a manga with my friend (and failing), I thought this forum would be a nice place to let off some steam. With many Pokemon-related ideas popping into my head (most of them associated with legendaries) I finally settled with the recent tale of the two brothers who created the Unova/Isshu region. It's set around fifteen years before the events of Pokemon Platinum.
    Also, being new to the Bulbaforums (or whatever its called), I'm bound to get a few things wrong, so if I do just sing out. Also, criticism please. I like lots, positive or negative. Of course I enjoy a few compliments here and there but I also find negative criticism interesting and, commonly, helpful.
    Note: I don't actually own any characters (including the Pokemon) that should appear in this fanfic that have also appeared in the games, anime, manga etc. (characters like Nurse Joy, Cynthia, Blue/Gary, Reshiram and Zekrom) Everyone else is my creation. If you read a chapter, a review would be greatly appreciated and will be answered. Oh, and also, if anyone wants a preview of the next chapter, just PM me and I'll send you a piece.

    WARNING: My writing is rated MATURE because of: Graphic violence, blood/gore, scenes that make even me feel sick, conflict and, beware all you younger readers who really shouldn't be reading this, there is the occasional swear, though moe frequently in later chapters. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Table of Contents
    Ch.1: Truth and Ideals
    Ch.2: The Unova Brothers
    Ch.3: What Goes Around
    Ch.4: The Psychic Girls
    Ch.5: Evolution Theories
    Ch.6: The Detective Investigates
    Ch.7: The Hallowed Tower
    Ch.8: Loyal Lives
    Ch.9: Intersecting Dreams
    Ch.10: Blood Poison
    Ch.11: Blighted
    Ch.12: Dark Horizons
    Ch.13: Blaziken
    Ch.14: Under The Moon
    Ch.15: Ghetsis' Victory
    Ch.16: Project Spectrum
    Ch.17: Aeon
    Ch.18: On The Run
    Ch.19: Warfare
    Ch.20: The Siege of Pewter City
    Ch.21: Blood Stone
    Ch.22: Into The Mountain
    Ch.23: The Spear Pillar
    Ch.24: Objection!
    Ch.25: Illusions
    Ch.26: Old Habits Die Hard


    The world...
    The world of my family...
    My sons and daughters...
    So many new opportunities...
    Opportunities for life...
    Life that will achieve so much...
    Little can stand between humans and Pokemon. Their connection is eternal. A cataclysm could not break the eternal bond between humans and Pokemon. No one and nothing will come between humans and Pokemon. Else they shall have me to atone to.

    'Steady, Infernape...'

    'Gyarados, Aqua Tail!' Was the cry from the smaller of the two trainers.

    Chris knew he was at a huge disadvantage. The victor between a raging Gyarados and an Infernape, however agile, Gyarados would always come out on top. As the enormous Atrocious Pokemon slithered through the air, Infernape made no attempt to hide its anticipation. Gyarados's tail began writhing, readying itself for the strike that would surely bring down Infernape.

    'Infernape, U-Turn!' Chris ordered, speaking rapidly in order to avoid the attack coming in.

    Infernape leapt nimbly, avoiding the sweeping blow of water that Gyarados's tail sent. Using its whole body, the Flame Pokemon rammed itself into Gyarados. The larger of the two didn't seem to be damaged much by the blow but was certainly enraged.

    Infernape, leaping away from Gyarados, was absorbed by the Pokeball in which it had resided for so long. The imprint of the Pokemon remained for a moment before disappearing along with its owner.

    'Come on, Weezing!'

    A small crowd had gathered around the battle taking place, along the main street of Jubilife City. A TV crew from the nearby Jubilife TV Centre had appeared to monitor the battle and a smartly-dressed woman holding a microphone commented on the events of the battle with exaggerated gestures and an extremely irritating voice that dominated all the others.

    Blocking out all distractions, Chris focused on the battle taking place against his younger brother. The situation was almost perfect: Gyarados, being a Pokemon focused greatly on physical strength and brute force, was almost sure to attack Weezing with a physical move. Weezing was almost specifically designed to take physical hits, and Thunderbolt would prove especially helpful with this particular Pokemon...

    'Gyarados, use Thrash!'

    Gyarados let itself loose and unleashed unbelievable power, throwing its entire body at Weezing while using its lengthy body to smack its opponent at every possible opportunity. Weezing was thrown through the air, spinning like a top.

    While it was an amazingly powerful attack, Weezing held on with a quiet moan. 'Weezing, Thunderbolt!'

    A sudden flash of bright light sent a slender bolt of electricity from the heavens, striking Gyarados with considerable power. It let out a vicious, heart-rending screech before dropping to the ground with a mighty crash, its expression blank.

    Chris had won, surely his brother's final Pokemon would be taken down with ease...

    'Go, Skarmory!'

    Uh oh. A Steel-type taking on a Poison-type? Weezing's days were numbered, and that was clear.

    A metal bird emerged onto the battlefield, its wings glinting in the noon sunlight. Its amber eyes gleamed with anticipation as it hungered for battle.

    'Skarmory, use Steel Wing!' Chris's sibling exclaimed with glee. Skarmory lunged at Weezing, extending one of its wings, revealing pointed feathers. Then, just as it was inches from colliding with Weezing, it curved sharply upwards, slicing Chris's Pokemon on the way with its sword-like wing.

    Weezing groaned. 'Wheeeeeeze....'

    With little other choice, Chris decided to make the close-to-fainting Weezing of use. 'Weezing, use Will-O-Wisp!'

    Weezing creaked its jaw open wide, from which a small cluster of purple flames drifted lazily out. They picked up speed as they approached Skarmory, and travelled straight through the steel bird. It moaned: in the places where the flames had passed, a painful burn now rested.

    Chris's opponent, now angered, cried out, 'Skarmory, Steel Wing!' Again, Skarmory charged and sliced, but with a little hesitation and the attack itself was sloppy and off-centre. But Weezing was taken down none the less and groaned, falling like a deflating balloon onto the ground.

    As Weezing returned to its Pokeball to rest from its explosive battle, Chris's most loyal Pokemon returned to the battle.

    'Come on Infernape!'

    Infernape's pure speed and strength would surely be more than a match for Skarmory, assuming that no Flying-type moves were used. But then again, his brother was not so naive.

    But Infernape struck first, as it always did. 'Infernape, use Flamethrower!'

    Infernape's body began hotting up and turned red. From its gaping jaw a jet of flame shot forward, scorching Skarmory with excellent power. As the move struck Skarmory, which was now struggling to rise, Infernape flinched as a portion of its energy was absorbed by the Life Orb it held.

    Skarmory gave up and collapsed to the ground, defeated. A round of applause ran through the audience as Chris's brother withdrew his final Pokemon. The siblings approached each other and shook hands as was natural.

    Chris couldn't help smiling from beneath his hat. Dark, chocolate-coloured hair was swept to one side of his face, keeping it well out of his intense green eyes. He was tall, especially for his age. His hand emerged from the sleeve of a beige trench coat, shaking his brother's smaller hand. His hat was a slightly lighter shade compared to his hair, and was a gift from his father, a PI who had worked with the Cerulean police. Chris had a tendency to speak very little when outside of battle. Even when he did say something, he said so quietly and, almost, mysteriously. He liked it that way, but forced himself to shout over the chaos of battle.

    His younger brother, Darren, was nearly half his elder brother's height. Big, blue eyes were embedded in his face and a mouth that always twisted into a rude face was also present. Unlike his brother, Darren wore no hat and had short, greasy black hair. He had little care for his own appearance, wearing whatever he could find first in his bag. He adored strong Pokemon, with no care for bulky Pokemon or fast Pokemon. He just wanted his team to be strong, then he believed he could win. He had a reputation for his tantrums when he loses.

    After the crowd had dispersed, Darren and Chris entered a Pokemon Centre, and after Chris had greeted Nurse Joy and given her his Pokemon to be healed, his younger sibling began his tantrum.

    'You cheated.' He declared.

    'How did I cheat?' Chris sighed, turned to his brother, leaning on the counter behind which Nurse Joy was treating his Pokemon.

    'You switched Pokemon right after using a move. That's against the rules.' He looked valiantly up to his elder brother as if challenging him to a fistfight.

    Chris placed a hand on his temple in annoyance. 'I told you before, U-Turn is when the Pokemon uses the move then goes back to the Trainer. That's the point of the move.'

    'Well...Well...You...You healed your Pokemon when I wasn't looking!' Darren argued, searching for some kind of excuse. 'You might say "no, no I didn't because you aren't very smart, Darren!", but I know, and I'm going to keep a big eye on you from now on!' Darren finished with a satisfied grin.

    'Fine, Darren...' Chris resisted the temptation to plant his fist in the centre of his sibling's smug little face. He took back his Pokemon from Nurse Joy, thanking her as he did and stood back, telling Darren to give Joy his Pokemon. Darren approached the counter and stood high on his toes, reaching up to the counter, placing his Pokeballs in front of the Nurse one by one.

    After a moment, Darren received his Pokemon, fully healed. Nurse Joy bobbed up and down for a second before wishing us well.

    Our dad had died when our mother was pregnant with Darren. There was a five year difference between us: I am seventeen and he is twelve. I had no idea how he had died, and Professor Oak and our mother refused to tell us how. They always shifted the conversation uneasily every time one of us mentioned it. We used to live in Pallet Town until I was seven, when our mother disappeared one day and we were abandoned. Packing up our things, Darren and I left Pallet Town and began travelling. Darren refused to accept that either of our parents were dead and still remains adamant. We lived for ten years with Pokemon, bonding with them and, when we had learnt how to, caught our favourites and taught ourselves to battle. After a while, we had defeated every gym in Kanto but I refused to take on the Pokemon League and managed to prevent Darren from charging headlong into it. After winning money from Trainers across the globe, we raised enough cash to be able to look after ourselves (though I was the one who did all the responsible work). Both of us dreamed up our own goals in life. Darren wants to discover new regions and new Pokemon so that he can catch the strongest Pokemon in the world. I just want to know if there are any undiscovered regions, places no one has ever been, Pokemon no one has ever seen. I want the truth, and he wants the ideals. Truth and Ideals.

    * * *

    Thanks, and please rate and comment!!!
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Hm, there were moments of brilliance, but I feel like the whole "dad died" thing was thrown in completly out of no where. Seriously though, I can tell you've got a steady story planned out.

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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    I've got two reasons for the "dad died" section.
    1) You'll have picked up the fact that these two create Unova, yes? I had originally planned the two to have parents but I changed my mind after deciding that their surname is Unova (which I annoyingly forgot to add in that first chapter, must edit that) and I thought having a middle-aged couple named after a region would be a bit...lame. Meaning that it wouldn't really work so I had to have them leave the picture at some point. I just decided it to be before the story even begins.
    2) The parents going sort of adds to Darren's character, I think. It also creates a side-plot, since I'm sure you've seen main characters wondering how their parents died and all that, it happens in the first Harry Potter, among others. And besides, if you've ever lost a family member you'll know how sudden it is, so being "thrown in completely out of nowhere" I think works. But hey, who am I to judge? Just trying to shed some light on the works. Anyway, glad you liked some of it and any more advice would be greatly appreciated.
    If no one else has got anything else to say I'll carry straight on with Ch.2.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    It's great to have you aboard, Metagross!

    I agree. I am sure you will find that this, the Writer's Workshop, is a great place for people who wish to blend their loves of Pokemon and writing.

    You story is obviously well-thought out and that bodes well for it. I think the battle in the beginning was exciting and well-described. I agree with Cabaret that the dying dad part was a little sudden, but overall I think it's interesting.

    Have fun here! Again, glad to have you here.

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Thanks, and I think now that two people agree on the suddenness of an event being too much I'll definitely keep it in mind as I continue with this next chapter.


    Pokemon like myself...
    The first Pokemon, yet also the last...
    The Omega...
    And the Alpha...
    The Alpha Pokemon...
    I am the Alpha Pokemon...
    But I am also the Omega...

    'Move over, Darren!' Chris exclaimed in annoyance.

    'You move over!' His brother shot back vigorously.

    They now sat upon the back of Chris's Dragonite as it glided silently through the sky--or, at least, it would have been silent should Chris alone have sat there. Sinnoh passed far below: forests, plains and towns of all kinds were visible. In the far-off distance, the Pokemon League was barely visible through the Route 223 haze. Darren had once admitted defeat after arguing for countless months with his brother about challenging the League, but then began claiming he would challenge it when he was older. It was natural for Darren to be determined to gain some upside in any debate or conflict.

    'Alright, Darren!' Chris shouted to his brother over the wind blasting in his face. 'We're going to stop at Celestic Town and restock, then we're going to Johto, okay?!'

    Darren gave Chris a quizzical look. 'Stop at Selly Stick and reflock?'

    Chris sighed through gritted teeth and ignored his brother's comment. Darren was probably having a go, as usual.

    Dragonite barely heard Chris as he yelled down its ear. 'Stop down there!!'

    Dragonite alighted on the grass, a small whump marking the end of the flight. Celestic Town was a place that had always intrigued Chris. In the past he had spent hours staring at the rough painting inside the Celestic Town Ruins, inspecting the three deities and the circle in the middle with deep interest. There was also a small resident girl who adored the ruins. She would visit every day and sit, staring with a blank expression at the painting.

    As they leaped off Dragonite, Chris turned to his sibling and said, 'Go visit the shaman.' When Darren gave him a large, expectant grin, he nodded. 'You can show her your Pokemon.'

    'Yes!' Darren muttered to himself before sprinting away, into the large house at the highest point in the village.

    Chris withdrew Dragonite and descended into the basin in the center of the village. Absentmindedly he strode around the well that stood, guarding the underground watery depths. He took a moment to examine the paintings of two large, dragon-like creatures before entering the ruin itself.

    It wasn't much of a ruin, because there was nothing that had been ruined. It was a simple cave running beneath the Celestic shaman's house. A small pit sat in the center, before a mysterious painting that had been drawn using very basic equipment--such as ground rocks and a blowing straw--that attracted Chris a great deal.

    Three very different shapes were arranged in a triangle around a red orb that appeared to be letting off a sort of aura.

    Chris stood in front of it, arms folded, inspecting every inch of the painting. He didn't know what he was searching for, a small hitch in one of the shapes that would give away what on earth it was, maybe. Anything that would depict a form of message or story.

    He heard tiny, echoing footsteps at the back of his mind. He felt a small shape approach from him from behind and a pair of tiny hands pull on his sleeve in a wish for attention.

    'Excuse me Mister Christian sir,' A high-pitched, childish voice said from behind him.

    'Cynthia,' Chris looking down at the girl tugging his sleeve with a grin.

    Cynthia was very short for her age. She was seven and looked about the age of a four year old. Flowing blonde hair that reached her ankles and went over her shoulder rested upon her head. She wore two hair bobbles on either side of her head, resembling the "aura dreadlocks" on a Lucario. Large, diamond-like eyes glinted up at Chris above a tiny mouth and nose. Her clothes were unusually dark for her age but she was certainly a charming girl, if a little shy.

    She remained silent and continued to stare at the the painting, as did Chris. After a while, he asked, 'Was there anything?'

    Cynthia shook her head with a brief Mm. She had wrapped her Pichu-sized arms around his nearest hand as she continued to inspect the painting.

    It had been three hours before Chris heard Darren's screeching voice from aboveground, spoiling the atmosphere completely.

    'Chri-iiiiis!' He yelled at the top of his voice.

    Chris sighed, resisting the burning desire to shout back at Darren to go away. 'Bye, Cynthia.' He murmured and left. His hand slipped easily out of her arms, as she appeared to be in some kind of trance as she stood before the painting.

    Chris squinted as a powerful ray of golden sunlight burst into his vision. Objects within the environment soon became discernible and he could see within a matter of seconds. Darren stood before him, holding a bulging, rattling bag full of goods.

    'I bought everything we need!' He declared with pride in his voice. 'And the shaman thought my Pokemon were excellent!'

    Chris raised an eyebrow and remained silent.

    'Well?' Darren said, as if expecting something. 'Let's go then!'

    Chris was about to follow his brother when he was stopped. A boy--or a man, Chris couldn't tell--had stepped in front of him. He was dressed casually: baggy, camouflage jeans and a black leather jacket. Unkempt, light blonde hair rested above cold blue eyes. There was a certain atmosphere about him that made Chris want to straighten.

    Glancing at the man's side, Chris saw a belt of six Pokeballs. He turned his gaze back to the icy blue eyes and reached for his own Pokemon.

    Taking hold of the first one that his grasp found, Chris outstretched his arm and murmured, 'Come on then.'

    *Feel free to skip this battle. It's painfully long, and anyway, you don't need to know how this guy battles, just who he is.*

    Wordlessly, they separated from each other and each sent out a different Pokemon: Chris sending out Lucario and his opponent sending Tauros into battle.

    The battle began instantaneously, with Lucario's supreme speed allowing it to move first.

    'Lucario, Aura Sphere!' Chris exclaimed, a hopeful feeling welling up inside him. He was determined not to lose against a stranger, especially since this one acted to be rather powerful and well-rounded. Defeating him would leave Chris with reasonable satisfaction.

    A large ball of bright blue light exploded from Lucario's outstretched hand, striking Tauros with a great amount of force. The Pokemon fell backwards, landing on its back and began spinning around in the grass in an attempt to rise.

    'Lucario, again!'

    'Tauros, dodge it!' Was the unexpected reply to Lucario's attack. How could it possible dodge an Aura Sphere? Chris thought to himself. That Trainer must be mad or just not very experienced.

    Then, to Chris's utter shock, Tauros rolled from being completely upside-down to being back on its feet, Aura Sphere shooting harmlessly through the space where Tauros was a second ago.

    However, and the Trainer obviously didn't expect this, the Aura Sphere turned a full one hundred and eighty degrees, coming straight back at Tauros. Anticipating the moment when the sphere would hit, Chris used this short burst of adrenaline to calculate the rest of the battle. The Trainer had six Pokemon: if Chris was lucky (and he usually was) then he'd be able to take out the next Pokemon with Lucario after suffering a few moves but not fainting. Then the match would be his; with the team he had with him at the moment, victory would almost be assured. Ludicolo had to placed in the PC boxes to make room for Dragonite, but it wasn't built for combat. This would be an easy battle.

    Tauros was blown away from behind, landing with a thumpand remaining motionless.

    Tauros was withdrawn and instantly a huge, hulking grey shape emerged. Four log-sized arms rippling with muscles, a duck-billed face and burning, dangerously wild eyes only spoke one word: Machamp.

    That wasn't good. That wasn't good at all. Chris could see it clutching an enormous Iron Ball in one fist, and it appeared to be weighing it down. That would aid Lucario's speed for the moment, but the Machamp probably knew Fling. Then it would be as quick as lightning.

    'Lucario, Aura Sphere!' Chris ordered for the second time. Machamp stumbled backwards as the orb struck it, but it clearly wasn't enough.

    'Use Fling, Machamp!'

    Just as Chris had expected: the Machamp gladly obeyed, throwing the Iron Ball like a shotput. It hurtled through the air, striking Lucario on the head with a sickening thud. Lucario collapsed to the ground, clutching its pulsating wound. The relief Machamp was experiencing would not only restore its speed but it would also become a lot faster than usual. The effect would wear off in time but for now, the greater issue was Machamp's next order:

    'Machamp, use Dynamic Punch!'

    Machamp leaped into the sky, and as it descended it readied a punch that would end Lucario's role in the battle.

    The attack seemed amazing; impossible even. Lucario writhed on the ground even after Machamp's boulder-like fist had made contact. It seemed to be taking more punches from all around before ceasing to wriggle on the ground and lay still.

    Lucario returned to its sanctuary Pokeball and Metagross exploded out onto the battlefield, hungering for a fight. Metagross's sheer power was unrivaled, not counting the ridiculous strength of Rampardos, the traditional "glass cannon". A head-on blow from the Iron Leg Pokemon would surely bring down the injured Machamp.

    But first, it was time to deal out some hurt to the other team members of Chris's opponent. 'Metagross, Stealth Rock!' Metagross let out a roar and as it did so, tiny, barely visible fragments of rock and stone arranged themselves in a floating wall in front of the opposing Pokemon.

    'Machamp, Dynamic Punch!'

    'Dodge it!'

    Metagross easily sidestepped the punch thrown by the bulky Pokemon and came in with its own attack. 'Metagross, Meteor Mash!' Metagross's leg came down with the force of a meteor (hence the name) and Machamp lay motionless on the ground.

    The opponent's next move was feasible but risky. Arcanine was sent out, but it took some serious damage from the pointed rocks. The Pokemon was impaled by hundreds of the tiny fragments, wincing as it burst through the wall of rocks.

    'Arcanine, Flare Blitz!'

    'Metagross, damn it! Eat your berry!' He was determined not to lose his most valued Pokemon. Metagross devoured its Occa Berry with amazing speed and as Arcanine rammed itself into Metagross, it appeared to take less pain than would be normal. Arcanine cried out as it threw its entire body at Metagross, a Pokemon with sharp points all over its body.

    'Right, my turn.' Chris murmured. 'Metagross, use Earthquake!'

    The ground shook with incredible force, throwing Arcanine off its feet and into the nearby cliff-face. It moaned and fainted on the spot.

    Next out was the enormous shape of Rhyperior. It's cannon-like arms were already raring to go and its armour-like rocks seemed unusually thick for its species. The floating rocks simply glanced off its hide, doing practically no damage at all. Rhyperior gave its opponent a grin of malicious confidence.

    'Rhyperior, use Thunder Fang!'

    The enormous Pokemon leaped with glee at Metagross, its jaw opening wide, revealing sparks of electricity. It was like it was drooling lightning. It bit down with a huge amount of force, Metagross letting out a metallic cry of pain as the electrified jaw sank into its leg.

    Even as Rhyperior withdrew with a satisfied expression, Metagross began twitching uncontrollably. It seemed to be struggling to move its limbs: paralysis. Damn. So that's what an electric move was about.

    Chris's nerves increased tenfold as a small crowd began to gather, the spectators even being people from outside the village. They were arranged in sort of arena-like shape around the battle, like a pair of dueling gladiators in a coliseum.

    The Trainer was obviously toying with the weakened Metagross, but then took the battle to the right level of seriousness. Being a Ground-type Rhyperior was bound to know the move Chris feared above all others...

    'Rhyperior, use Earthquake!'

    A sudden, insane thought burst into his head and, without another option, used it to his advantage. As Metagross began to lose its footing, he shouted with little knowledge of what he was doing, 'Metagross, Explosion, now!!'

    Metagross, clearly panicked, obeyed and combusted. It was as sudden as lightning on a clear day: one moment Metagross was there and then, it a cloud of red and orange it lay, defeated, its fainted body being thrown around by the Earthquake.

    The wave of fire smacked into Rhyperior like a brick wall. Though it shouldn't have done much considering the typing, Rhyperior fell flat on its back in horror and fainted with a loud, reverberating moan.

    Then the Trainer sent out Tyranitar, again taking little damage from th pointed stones. It was one of Chris's favourites, despite its horrible weakness to Fighting-types. That made him wonder...

    'Come on, Infernape!' He cried, some of the old nerves gone.

    Infernape emerged and, sizing up its opponent, couldn't decide whether to be terrified or confident. If its lightning speed acted as normal, it would be the latter.

    'Infernape, Close Combat!'

    Infernape charged headlong at Tyranitar, flailing all of its limbs, using its famous unique martial arts.

    But just as Tyranitar was to be ended, a horrifying order came from his opponent:

    'Tyranitar, Rock Slide!'

    Tyranitar grew an extra skin of solid rocks and slammed itself into Infernape. It cried out in pain and fell back, clearly nearing its end.

    With little other alternative other than luck, Chris ordered with anxiety, 'Again, Infernape!'

    Wasting little time, the Flame Pokemon rose and obliterated Tyranitar with a barrage of fists and limbs.

    It was the end for Tyranitar, but also for Infernape. The Life Orb absorbed the rest of its stamina and both Pokemon collapsed to the ground.

    The battle might just turn tides if it carries on like this, Chris told himself. He only had Weezing, Snorlax and Dragonite left. All his powerful Pokemon had been defeated in an all-out rage, and Dragonite would probably be defeated similarly, the possibility remained that the Trainer was keeping his best till last: a Dragon-type Pokemon.

    With no other choice, Chris cried nervously, 'Weezing!'

    Then out came Pidgeot. That was perfect. It was battered horribly by the floating stones and came into the battle injured. A quick Thunderbolt would bring the battle closer to the end.

    'Pidgeot, use Return!'

    Pidgeot, channeling its emotions for its Trainer, slammed itself into Weezing, and though the Pokemon clearly had strong feelings for its Trainer, it wasn't enough to take down the wall-like Weezing.

    'Weezing, Thunderbolt!'

    A powerful beam of lightning descended from above, striking Pidgeot with devastating power. Pidgeot cried out and fell, defeated.

    The skies began to darken as the final Pokemon emerged. It wasn't a Dragon-type; in fact, it posed little threat at all. A palm tree-like body, three coconuts with faces and two bulky legs: Exeggutor.

    'Exeggutor, use Psychic!'

    Ah. That wasn't spectacular. The air between the two Pokemon tensed for a moment and then it disappeared. As it did Weezing let out a colossal roar of pain. Both Trainers were amazed that it didn't faint. Usually, a move that powerful would have taken down Weezing, who was built for sponging up physical attacks, not special ones.

    'Weezing, use Sludge Bomb!'

    He had considered Will-O-Wisp, but decided a more powerful move would have more sense. A large, bubbling sphere of purple gunk was flung at Exeggutor, striking it hard. It stumbled back, clearly taking a fair amount of damage.

    It was over for Weezing though, and Chris let it go down with another Psychic.

    Then it was finally Dragonite's turn. It would just take a single Outrage to end the battle.

    'Dragonite, use Outrage!' Chris cried.

    Dragonite set alight with a yellow fire, the same hue as its scales, and charged at Exeggutor using up all of its stamina.

    'Dodge it, Exeggutor!'

    Damn! That could turn the tables. If that Exeggutor made itself faster, then it would be down to Snorlax...

    'Now Exeggutor! Trick Room!'

    Fake, translucent walls appeared all around the arena, and inside, Dragonite slowed to a painful speed. It was barely moving at all.

    'Exeggutor, Leaf Storm!!' The Trainer exploded.

    A barrage of bullet-like leaves threw themselves at Dragonite and, while not hugely damaging, Dragonite was impaled by each and every one of them.

    Self-consciously, Dragonite threw itself at Exeggutor (in slow motion, of course) and the Trainer had become overconfident, cocky even, and must have forgotten to tell his Pokemon to evade the attack.

    Dragonite made contact with its opponent, throwing it across the Trick Room, and its body flew through the walls, shattering them exactly as if they were glass.

    The battle was over, but the adrenaline was still pumping.

    Everyone remained quiet, and Chris noticed he was hyperventilating. His throat ached from shouting his orders, though all those feelings were dominated by the growing knowledge that he had won.

    It had been an amazingly close battle. A short round of applause sounded before the spectators reverted to being residents and travellers.

    His opponent withdrew his final Pokemon and approached him with a grin. Chris couldn't help smiling back and his adrenaline seemed to force him not to drop the smile.

    'That was incredible!' He exclaimed. 'I've never seen anything like it! You must have bonded with your Pokemon a lot.'

    'Well, ten years is a long time.' Chris answered with a half-modest tone.

    He glanced over his opponent's shoulder and noticed Darren boasting to passers by about his Pokemon. The shaman's positive compliments had sent his mood soaring.

    'You were extremely good.' He held out a hand for Chris to shake. 'I'm Ghetsis, Ghetsis Harmonia.'

    Chris shook it, resuming his ordinary, quiet tone. 'Ignore my brother, Darren.' He nodded towards his sibling. Ghetsis glanced behind him at the small boy jumping around shouting something about Skarmory and grinned in amusement. 'I'm Christian Unova.'

    * * *

    That took a long time. Sorry if the battle was too long...I got carried away. Ch.3 should be posted sometime this evening... Comments are welcome between no and then!
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Right, hopefully this one will be an average length. No weird battles with people from future generations... I think.


    Humans have changed the world...
    My world...
    Humans have changed my world so much...
    They belief it is for the better...
    But I am becoming weak...
    It is returning...
    And the other is breaking out...
    The Renegade Pokemon...
    And the Bipolar Pokemon...

    Chris could barely see. Rain was hammering his face, making it painful to open either one of his emerald eyes. Tangy sea salt was being thrown into his mouth from below and deafening thunder clapped all around him. To top it off, he had a cold, too.

    The darkened skies that had made an ominous entrance during his battle with Ghetsis had thickened to the south-east and a ravenous storm had brewed. The sea and sky had become ravenous animals, warring with each other in a battle of the elements. Chris, Dragonite and Darren were just caught in the crossfire. Blinding lightning exploded all around them, the Sinnoh-Johto ocean rocked around with horrible force, and the wind threatened to knock one of them down to be consumed by the waves below. It was a horrible prospect but possible none the less.

    For a second, in the far off distance, a colossal fork of lightning flashed and, in the moment it was there, a tiny shadow was silhouetted against the light. The silhouette disappeared with the lightning, but Chris had the terrified gut feeling that nothing good would come out of this.

    He turned his attention back to staying on Dragonite as the rain battered the Dragon Pokemon in huge onslaughts, and it was struggling to remain airborne, let alone continuing the journey.

    Another flash of lightning, and the same silhouette was visible, except this time it was much, much closer. Three more consecutive lightning flashes, and Chris couldn't tell what it was until it was right on top of him.

    A terrible screech sounded as the aerial predator collided with Dragonite in a mad, raging fury of wings. There were two pairs of wings: two blue and orange; Dragonite's wings. The other two were grey and black, and while it could have been any Pokemon, the solidity of the collision lead Chris's suspicions to a horrible subject...

    Darren cried out in a mixture of fear and anger as Dragonite wrestled with its opponent, all the while diving through the sky, ever closer to the watery depths.

    Any sense of gravity Chris once possessed were all wiped, and up became down and left became right. The sea became the sky and the sky became the sea. One moment he was crashing skywards, the next moment the sea was racing to greet him.

    An ear-piercing screech rang throughout the area, though it wasn't as horrifying as the opponent's. It was more calming but also rousing.

    Then, quick as lightning, a trail of blue and red sparks soared past, knocking the Pokemon free of Dragonite. Chris saw it for a fractional moment: an Aerodactyl hurtling through the air towards the ocean where it was sure to meet its doom.

    Then, the collapsing Dragonite and its two passengers were taken and pulled away from their certain deaths, just as they were seconds from the ocean. Dragonite was being towed by nothing, instead being bathed in pure white light, red and blue sparks falling along with the beam of light every so often.

    Chris squinted into the beam, searching for the source. He first believed to be a break in the clouds, but then he made out a small shape, white and red colours visible...

    ...Until the white light enveloped his entire vision and Chris drifted into a calm, untroubled sleep.

    * * *

    He heard noises, soft noises in the far distance...
    A little light filtering through the gaps between his eyelids...
    Painful numbness in his limbs gradually drained away and he was able to move again. His mind began to identify more things by touch alone. He appeared to be lying on a bed of some sort, a pillow resting on his head. His hat was gone.

    Forcing his eyes open, Chris stared for a moment into the light directly above him. It wasn't like the somewhat magical beam from the storm, no; it was just a regular light in a creamy ceiling.

    He glanced to his right and saw his hat lying neatly on a small bedside table beneath a lamp. Reaching for the hat, he sat up and inspected the location.

    It was very simple: a single bed (where he lay) and a comfortable area in the centre of the room. There were two leather sofas opposite each other, and between the two was an envy-green sewn carpet with an image of a Roserade in the middle. On the far wall, past the sofas, a large, flat-screen TV was mounted on the wall. On the right wall, a scarlet wooden door stood sentinel. In the corner of the room was a teak desk upon which sat a computer, and Chris felt as if it was staring at him with no emotion. It made him feel uncomfortable and he shifted uneasily where he sat.

    On the sofas sat Darren opposite an odd girl. Bright red hair tied in a bun sat upon her head, and two bright blue eyes were buried like sapphires on a pale rock. Her skin was a peachy colour, with huge rosy cheeks underneath her eyes. Her clothes were very simple: a pair of dungarees above a white and red T-shirt. The T-shirt reminded Chris vaguely, it couldn't be...he was being ridiculous. Of course he was.

    She gave him a large, friendly smile as he dismounted the bed and moved to sit next to Darren. The sofa sank down as he sat on it; a very comfortable feeling indeed.

    Chris placed my hat upon his head, but as he did the girl's smile dropped. 'Please don't wear that hat indoors. It's not very polite,' Even though she was probably scolding him she spoke with in a friendly manner.

    'I always wear my hat. It used to be our dad's.' Chris replied firmly.

    'If you must...' The girl resumed her large smile. 'I'm Saffron. Darren has already told me all about you.'

    'Did he now?' Chris murmured through gritted teeth, giving his brother a warning look. He turned his attention back to Saffron and inquired, 'Saffron what?'

    She looked taken aback, a remained silent for a moment before stuttering, 'Saffron, uh, S-Sister.'

    'And could you tell me, Saffron Sister, where we are?' Chris still didn't trust her entirely.

    'You're in Olivine City. I live here, to be exact.' Saffron answered, the old smile returning.

    She looks harmless... Chris thought to himself. Perhaps one more question...

    'Are you a Trainer of any kind?'

    This caught her out. Saffron gave him a horrified look and exclaimed, 'No! I'm certainly not! I would never become a Trainer, and I hate anyone who is!'

    This sudden burst of anger surprised both Unova brothers. Chris began to wonder if it was safe using his Pokemon around her. But, then again, Darren had apparently explained a lot...

    The eruption began to cool, and Saffron yet again resumed her original pose. 'You were trying to get to Johto, weren't you?'

    'Yes, but, how did you find us?'

    Darren cut in. 'We were washed up on the beach and she saved us!'

    Chris remained silent, studying Saffron with interest. He wanted to learn more about her, find out the truth. Of course, there would be nothing to discover if this really was her: generous and loving unless you were to poke one of her hotspots. He couldn't doubt that any more than he already did.

    Chris turned to his brother and explained, 'Darren, we're going to Kanto. We'll take the S.S. Aqua from here to Vermillion City, then we're going to Cerulean.'

    'Why?' He moaned.

    'Because we need to find out how Dad died. It's what we set out to do in the first place.'

    'He's not dead.' Darren said firmly, folding his arms and giving his brother an adamant look.

    Chris sighed. 'Look, let's just go to Cerulean City and get things done, okay?'

    Darren paused for a second and then sunk into the sofa. 'Fine...'

    Saffron, who had been observing the conversation with intrigue, suggested, 'I could come?'

    'Yes!' Darren exclaimed.

    Chris was about to disagree; to say no, but his brother's enthusiasm might be the only way to get him to Cerulean City.

    'It would help me a lot. I've been meaning to go to Cerulean city and check up on my friends who live there. Please, just for me? Pleeeeeease?' Saffron tilted her head and fluttered her eyelashes, giving Chris an awkward gut feeling.

    'Yeah, pleeeeease? Darren said.

    Chris sighed. 'Fine. But get whatever you want packed up today; we're leaving tomorrow.'

    * * *

    Sorry its so short. I didn't have enough time for the whole thing. Ch.4 is coming tomorrow afternoon, so please someone criticise my writing by then? might edit the rest of this chapter in if I get enough time today.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    I didn't read everything, but what I read was awesome! Only complaint: 2nd Chapter battle was WAY too long.

    My Acheivements
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    Johto: 8
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Yeah, I suppose you could say I got a bit too trigger-happy, Pokemon style. Chapter 4 coming around 4PM, GMT time.
    Quick Quiz: Can you guess who Saffron is? I think its blindingly obvious, personally...but I wrote it, so I know.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Ghetsis as a punk. Now there's an idea. I agree with everything everyone here has said. The dad dying thing was out of nowhere, the second chapter battle was a bit too long, and this is a good story.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Okay, all criticism absorbed and hopefully I'll keep it all in mind as Ch.4 comes in a moment. Sorry it's so late...
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Yeah, punk Ghetsis was entirely random, and I'm don't know if you're referring to it as a good thing (I think you're just pointing it out, yes?). I originally planned it to be Blue before I realised that this is set two years before Blue was even born. No one's said anything about the italicised writing at the start... It's obvious who it is, yeah? Gave it away in Ch.2.


    My creations...
    My successes...
    And my failures...
    How humankind has bonded with my creations...
    And fought against them...
    And humankind imagines me, the Alpha Pokemon, to be perfect...
    A perfect being...
    Does such a thing exist?

    Saffron, being unfailingly optimistic (unless someone were to mention Trainers around her), leaped up from where she had sat and bolted through a door which Chris hadn't noticed initially. It was right beside the computer, enveloped by shade.

    It had barely been five minutes before she returned with a small bag slung around her neck.

    Though he was immensely surprised at her devotion to their trip, Chris let none of it show.

    Throughout the rest of the day, Chris found a solitary (ish) corner of a sofa and sit there, going over his battle with Ghetsis several times, scanning it for faults. It was probably the absence of Ludicolo: if the Pokemon had been there, Rhyperior and Tyranitar would have fallen like rocks (quite literally).

    Darren was ceaselessly bragging to Saffron, boasting about the amount of times he had defeated his elder brother (which was, of course, entirely false) and how sophisticated his team was. He wasn't being untrue; he was just exaggerating things, which was, then again, lying.

    As Chris fiddled with Metagross's Pokeball, inside which it was still resting from its ordeal with Rhyperior and the Explosion, he couldn't help but feel a pair of shining, aqua blue eyes bore into the side of his head with a mixture of anxiety and sympathy. Saffron seemed unable to resist glancing at him from time to time, and Chris found her interest distracting as he pulled his hat over his eyes, muttering different ideas and strategies to himself.

    The day passed as it always did and Unova Brothers left Saffron's house with her at their side.

    The early morning sea haze had settles on the waves, preventing any vision out on the sea. It was even difficult to make out the S.S.Aqua as it plunged through the waves and into the dock. Gentle breezes ran through the city as the day dived deeper into morning. The sky was a fiery hue as the passengers from Vermillion City all squeezed their way out. Most of them were chattering inaudibly into Pokegears in one hand and searching through a briefcase with the other. There were few people who looked vaguely like Trainers: one person emerged from the ship with a Glameow at their heels, another with a Wartortle perched on their shoulder, and the one of the people emerging from the ship was none other than Professor Samuel Oak.

    'Christian!' He exclaimed with delight as the trio approached. 'What luck to meet you here!'

    'Actually, Professor, we were on our way to Kanto, so we really can't stay for long.' Chris replied, though he was glad to see a familiar face, besides his brother's, which always seemed to have a tongue poking out of it.

    'Oh, that's fine. I was on my way to visit Professor Elm, he tells me he's had an amazing new discovery in his evolution research.' Oak answered, with his familiar, approachable grin.

    Darren jumped at the prospect of Professor Elm of New Bark Town. The last time they had met him, he had given Darren a Totodile, in spite of the fact that Darren wasn't from Johto.

    'What's he found?' Darren piped up with curiosity.

    'He tells me,' Oak said with a matter-of-fact tone, looking between the Unova Brothers with excitement brewing in his eyes. 'That he has found a way to have legendary Pokemon evolve.'

    Chris remained silent. Of course, all the Professors around the world had agreed that legendary Pokemon couldn't evolve and everyone had believed them. They were, after all, the ones who told them the truth. But the prospect of legendary Pokemon evolving in more powerful forms...

    Science is science. Chris told himself, disregarding the subject. It'll never stop until it finds a way to stop itself.

    Oak, glancing at his wristwatch, gasped and exclaimed, 'Goodness, is that the time? I've been here too long, I'm afraid. Must dash!' He ran as fast as his aged legs would allow to the edge of the pier, throwing out his Gyarados onto the lapping ocean waves and climbed onto its back. He stretched his arm high into the sky and waved a goodbye.

    * * *

    They climbed aboard the S.S. Aqua and the day sped by as Chris continued to analyse his team. He couldn't find anything else to do; Darren was attempting to engage Saffron in conversation, who was evidently faking interest and continued to glance at the elder Unova.

    In what felt like minutes they had arrived in Vermillion City and were on the road to Saffron City. After being shut up in a cabin, the openness of Kanto was, literally, a breath of fresh air for Chris. The people and Pokemon were so much more friendly and approachable than in Sinnoh. Any Pokemon, wild or captured, would rarely treat someone with hostility.

    In moments they were surrounded by the towering buildings of Saffron City, the giant of Kanto. The streets were so diverse and intricate, full of bustling people of all shapes.

    The building that dominated all others by a country mile was the Silph Cooperation Office Blocks. The gargantuan, shining silver building appeared to be taunting the other buildings at its feet, and reaching for the sky, seemed to be challenging the heavens themselves.

    Then, after losing their way multiple times (Saffron insisted they ask directions, but Chris firmly disagreed), the exit was found and the familiar odour of Cerulean City began wafting towards them. But, instead of calming him like it normally did, a horrible feeling welled up in his gut as violent shouts steadily reached his ears.

    It was, truly, a terror among terrors.

    Smoke was clouding the noon sun, and darkness had fallen upon the city. There was a mixture of blazing inferno and gushing water on the north side, near the Cerulean Cave. The golden bridge connecting the city with the northern cape had set alight and the blaze was ravenously consuming the rest of the bridge. A squad of Blastoise were pelting the fire with bursts of water from their shell-mounted cannons, but in vain. The inferno continued to eat away the bridge, a crowd of terrified people at a distance on the far side. The source of the catastrophe seemed to be emitting from the small portion of land directly before the entrance to Cerulean Cave.

    A cautious approach revealed the source. A tall, pale Pokemon stood with anger burning in its eyes. It had arms like a human but three-fingered hands and legs shaped like a goat. A lengthy purple tail stretched out behind it, though it was constantly changing length in an impossible manner. The Pokemon was throwing psychic attacks in all directions, the Blastoise constantly being thrown backwards as they were rammed by incredibly powerful mental energy. It let out an inhuman, heart-stopping screech and its rage seemed to intensify.

    Saffron let out a horrified gasp and breathed, 'It's Mewtwo.'

    'It's what?' Chris turned to her violently.

    She flinched before repeating: 'Mewtwo, that's what it is. It's angry, very angry. It wants to destroy the city.'

    It was obvious, but the statement aroused Chris's suspicions. 'How can you tell?'

    She remained quiet, staring on in terror at Mewtwo, even though she had obviously heard the question and appeared to be searching for an answer.

    Chris gave up. 'Darren, Gyarados.' The Atrocious Pokemon emerged with a roar and Chris let the freshened Metagross enter the scene.

    'Now, approach slowly--' Chris began, but Darren had charged in, as usual.

    'Gyarados! Aqua Tail!' Darren shouted over the havoc.

    Gyarados leaped into the air and dived rapidly downwards towards Mewtwo. As it did, its tail began to let off flecks of water in preparation for its attack.

    The tail came down, but when it was inches from Mewtwo's body, time slowed. It actually, genuinely began to slow down. It was impossible and unnatural, but the source appeared to be, as predicted, Mewtwo. It thrust out its hand and Gyarados was struck with amazing force and time returned to pace.

    The Atrocious Pokemon crashed down beside Darren, who jumped as his fainted Pokemon arrived.

    Chris knew any Psychic-type moves wouldn't be very smart on a Metagross. That was obvious. So, without second thought, he cried, 'Metagross, Meteor Mash!'

    Metagross folded in its legs and hovered towards the Pokemon gone insane and dropped itself onto the cliff face so that a small river separated it and Mewtwo. With a metallic cry, it readied its right foreleg and pushed off, determined to bring its opponent down--

    A powerful blast of red and orange stopped Metagross in its tracks. Mewtwo had sent a deadly Flamethrower at the airborne Iron Leg Pokemon, Fire-type moves being one its worst fears. Metagross collapsed in mid-jump and crashed into the watery depths.

    'Metagross!' Chris yelled and sprinted to the verge of the cliff, where the city ended. He searched desperately, but the hazy waters yielded nothing. Desperately, he stared up at Mewtwo, and Mewtwo stared back. Its eyes were blood red and full of rage. Then his vision sped towards Mewtwo and he saw what it saw--

    Chris fainted on the spot.

    Should he have fell forwards he would have joined Metagross in the riverbed, but he collapsed onto his back, his legs hanging over the edge of the cliff.

    He could see everything that Mewtwo could see. His thoughts and its thoughts blended into one, alien mixture. Their emotions slammed into each other and Chris, even though he could no longer feel his body, felt pain in his mind or, more accurately, Mewtwo's mind. There was so much pain, so much torment in its life. It hadn't been born, it had been created by accident. It broke away from its creators and began terrorising the region before settling like a hermit in the depths of Cerulean Cave, where it didn't have to watch any more suffering. It stayed there for years and years, everything else was blurred and hazed.

    Then a voice entered. It was soothing, calming, despite the fact it sounded like a five year old girl. I sounded like a kind of singing, the lyrics were inaudible but the melody seemed to calm the raging mind of Mewtwo. Chris felt drowsy listening to it, and could sense Mewtwo falling to the same temptation.

    Another voice came in, but this time it cancelled out any feelings the original voice had caused. Even though it was slightly distorted, as if another voice was speaking on top of it, the voice definitely belonged to Saffron. And this time, it was speaking English.

    Stop! Why are you doing this? What have these people ever done to you? She said with desperation.

    Chris heard a warning growl come from Mewtwo and tried to say something, but the words only echoed around his mind: Don't! You're making it worse!

    Chris? Are you in there? Saffron asked with amazement. The singing voice had disappeared completely.

    Mewtwo yelped and Chris felt a horrible stinging in his side. You're making Mewtwo worse! Stop it! He demanded.

    The singing returned, but more gentle than it had been previously, like a lullaby.

    Caitlin! Saffron exclaimed. What are you doing? It's far too dangerous!
    Saffron, be quiet and listen! Chris cried in frustration. Saffron obeyed and he felt himself drifting into an irresistible sleep as the singing proceeded.

    Then, steadily, Chris's own being returned and he travelled further from Mewtwo. He felt his own certainty come back, instead of the horrified turmoil in Mewtwo's mind. He felt his arms and legs again, and then awoke.

    Chris leaped away from the cliff face and turned his head frantically, and after identifying he was still in the same place, saw Mewtwo. It had collapsed where it once was. Both its eyes were open but blank. It wasn't moving at all. It hadn't died, Chris knew that much. It was in some kind of paralysed state; otherwise he would have been killed when the singing was heard.

    Turning his head, in the far distance he noticed something of an alarming manner. There was a small girl, barely six years old, murmuring to herself, her eyes closed. It was strange: her mouthing seemed to be exactly the same as the singing in Mewtwo's mind. She was very short indeed, around Cynthia's height. Wavy, flowing chestnut hair stretched down her back and shoulders and she wore two hair bobbles, again similarly to Cynthia, excluding that these were pure white. She must have been psychic. Chris felt a horrible sting of sympathy for her. He wouldn't have liked to live with the burden of psychic power.

    Then he was reminded of Saffron. How could she have...? Her presence hadn't felt like a human one, in fact; it felt more like a Pokemon's...

    He wiped all of that the foreground of his mind and moved it to the back for later use. His biggest concern was Metagross.

    It lay, soaking, a safe distance from the chaos. A fair number of men were watching over it, and they must have somehow fished it out. It's expression was blank, and even though a splash of water was no problem for the Iron Leg Pokemon, it may well have drowned.

    Rushing to its side, someone reported to him Metagross's state. 'It's not in any danger. It just had a shock. It should wake up after a good few hours rest.'

    Feeling a tsunami of relief, Chris absorbed Metagross back into its Pokeball and strode away, ready to turn of Saffron.

    As he approached, she noticed him and a relieved expression passed over her face for a moment before she realised that Chris was not in a good mood, at all.

    'How could he communicate like that?' He breathed, still recovering from the shock of being possessed by Mewtwo.

    She remained silent for a moment before answering, 'W-what?'

    'You spoke. With your mind, when I was inside Mewtwo. Don't deny it. It was you.' Chris was adamant, and not in the mood for being treated as if he was three.

    'I...I did?' Saffron said with false surprise.

    Chris gave up in anger, letting out a grunt and turned away from her. Finding Darren among the now calming havoc, he said, 'Let's help put out that fire. Then we can talk.'

    * * *

    Damn, that took longer than I expected. Again, apologies for the lateness. Hope you enjoy reading the chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Man, how do you people write such amazingly descriptive fictions about Pokemon? Metacross, I've got to hand it to you and your masterful utilization of verbiage.

    I love how crystal clear the scene descriptions are. I can perfectly envision them without the help of a visual aid. If a narrative is well written, I firmly believe the length does not matter. If the sentences you are writing are high quality, they should be allowed to flow. You just keep doing what your doing regarding the length. I really think people's attention spans are becoming comparable to tiny insects nowadays, mine certainly is at least.

    Metagross, sir, keep up the good work. A nicely written fanfic is always a refreshing read.

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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    I don't know how anyone will react to this, but I'm having a frustrating ordeal. I was with my band just yesterday afternoon, and we were all a bit...well, hyper. So we turned our amps up to overdrive and started blasting Led Zeppelin. Since then we've all had thumping headaches, so basically, the chapters will be coming in slower. On a happier note, thanks a lot for the comment Funky Driver. It really wiped away any early morning blues.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Right, apologies if the quality drops a certain way. This damn headache...I've got a grudge on the drummer now.


    Limitless power...
    No such being can hold limitless power...
    Nothing I have created...
    But the bond between Pokemon and humankind...
    That is another kind of strength...
    Perhaps it could be that...
    A human and a Pokemon combined...
    Creates limitless power...?

    The catastrophic Cerulean City disaster had driven the Unova Brothers and Saffron back to the giant of Kanto. It was late evening when they arrived in Saffron City, and they were wandering deep into the night before they found an elderly couple who took them in for the night. They were extremely caring and worrisome, frequently asking the trio if they wanted any more tea.

    Their house was certainly not one you'd expect to find in such an urban location as Saffron City. A lamp in the corner was throwing a fire-like light all around the room, casting stretching shadows. One wall had been devoured by a bookcase, brimming with thick books. Chris, Darren and Saffron sat around a smooth mahogany table that reflected the lamplight perfectly. On the half of the room opposite the bookcase was a carpeted area, complete with two aged, moth-bitten armchairs stood with a saddening air. Looking at them was like staring into the face of someone who had just returned from a funeral. An ancient, large man sat in one of them, apparently asleep, though Chris could have sworn he saw a tiny flash of light whenever he looked over. The third of the four walls was taken up by paintings and photographs in oval frames. They all seemed to be of a young pair, always with their Pokemon beside them: a Totodile and a Scyther. The one remained wall was blank besides an emotionless door, which led to the front entrance and the stairs.

    Darren yelped as a tiny blue snout latched itself onto the side of the table just next to his hand. A pair of miniature, aqua blue arms flailed around, following a faint scuttling noise.

    Darren hesitated before reaching down and returning with an elderly Totodile. As Darren placed it on the table, it moved with a limp and a hunch, and, turning to face Darren, let out a weak cry of thanks.

    It dragged itself across the table, clearly struggling to lift each foot. It left behind distinct prints where its feet touched the perfect table. When it had finally pulled itself over to where Chris sat (who had been observing it, not sure whether to e amused or concerned), it paused, glancing down at the china cup of tea that Chris hadn't touched. He wasn't at all thirsty.

    Then, with a huge inhale, the Totodile plunged its head into the tea, collapsing on the tabletop, keeping the tea from spilling out with its hands. It drank heavily, taking large, clearly audible gulps. Chris watched with amazement as he had definitely not expected this. The Totodile hadn't even given a sign that it was thirsty, then suddenly had downed an entire cup of tea in seconds. It rolled over so its snout faced the ceiling, and lay spread-eagled in the centre of the table, its large belly deflating and inflating as it panted from its sudden outburst of drinking.

    The woman of the elderly couple entered and gave a scolding tut. She had a larger hunch than the Totodile, and upon her back she wore a basic shawl. Large glasses rested on the end of a lengthy nose and grey, dead hair was tied up in a bun.

    As she approached, she heaved the Totodile onto its feet and placed it on the floor. 'Now, did my Totodile drink all your tea, dear?' She asked Chris after she had finished lecturing the Totodile.

    'No, it just took a drop. I had finished it anyway.' He answered hurriedly. He wasn't in the mood for more tea.

    'Now, don't be silly. When he keels over like that it means he's just had a large drink. Here, I'll get you another.' She rushed off to the corner of the room to boil the kettle.

    Silently, Chris murmured, 'I'm tired.' And left the room without another word to go upstairs and sleep.

    The second floor was dark and morbid. There was a toilet, the couple's bedroom and a spare room. The latter was where they would be sleeping.

    Ignoring the details, desperate to get some sleep, he entered the room and took is coat off, throwing it to a corner of the room. The floor was carpeted and in the far corner there was a tall, sentry-like wardrobe that looked like it could fall at any moment. To Chris's right was a mirror stretching the length of the room. Everything was visible, and Chris inspected himself as he stood before it. He had been wearing a T-shirt underneath his coat and hadn't changed it for days. It reeked of his own sweat. Darren had insisted he hold the bags, in an attempt to show off his strength. He had regretted it but, being Chris's stubborn little brother, continued to heft the bags on their way around the world. He also carried the bags with all the clothes, so with no better alternative, Chris threw his hat to one side and pulled his T-shirt over his head and let it join his coat.

    Three simple yet comfortable beds were placed in the room in a unique, triangle shape. Ignoring anything else, Chris dived into the nearest bed and fell instantly into a soundless sleep.

    * * *

    The sky was black, and the stars were many. He stood upon a behemoth marble pillar of some sort; and far, far beneath, the ocean waves roared and crashed against the base of the pillar. It felt like it would topple at any moment. Before him, upon its own, stout pillar, was an orb. It was split into two different colours. One half was night black, the other was pure white. He reached out, the wind pelting his hand, feeling electricity pulsating through it. He touched the orb and withdrew in shock and stared at the place where his hand had made contact. There was a vicious burn on the skin, creating a scorched section in the centre of his palm.

    Likewise, at the point where he had touched the orb was a ravenous burn, but it didn't fade. Instead, it spread until t whole orb was alight. It didn't seem to affect the orb's physical condition until it began to transform.

    It twisted and pulsated, increasing in size again and again until it was the size of the Silph Co. Office Building in Saffron City. It appeared to be moulding itself into the right shape, growing limbs, constantly changing itself until it stood.

    It was real. It seemed impossible but it was real. A white, fox-like head stood upon a pitch-black, naturally armoured body. It had two pairs of wings, one pair flowing from its claws, the other pair resting on its back. The wings were white and black respectively. Its legs were as thick as a house, and at least three times his height. They seemed to vary in colour: the skin itself was white whereas it appeared to be covered in metal-tough armour (much like its chest), which was black.

    It let out an incredible roar, one of which he had never heard before. Then the pillar shifted, rumbled and the sea, that stretched as far as the horizon, disappeared, making way for land, endless new land, with every tree and rock echoing one name, and he knew it to be the name of the Pokemon that stood before him: Zeshirom. Zeshirom. Zeshirom!

    * * *

    Chris was awoken by a horrified scream.

    His eyes burst open and, though it pained him, he was aware of a light source in the room, one that he thought--or knew, more specifically--hadn't been turned on intentionally.

    'Fire!' Came Saffron's terrified voice. Chris bolted upright, and saw what she meant: the wardrobe had caught alight. Leaping out of his bed, Darren doing the same, Chris felt along his belt in panic. The terror increased when he realised his Pokemon were not with him. He could have sworn they were there when he went to sleep...

    Noticing a Pokeball roll out from underneath his bed, he bolted for it, but so did Darren. They caught it at the same time and wrestled for control.

    'Give, me, my Pokemon!' Darren snarled.

    'It's mine!' Chris shot back. 'Give it to me!'

    'All my Pokemon are gone! Give it to me!'

    Chris let go of the Pokeball in shock, Darren rolling backwards. 'But, that means...' He crouched and stared across the floor. There were several Pokeballs all rolling in different directions. 'Brilliant...' He murmured to himself. 'Darren! Grab the Pokemon!'

    In a frenzy, the Unova Brothers dived for the Pokeballs, collecting what Pokemon they could, with no care for which Brother it belonged to.

    When he had collected six, he glanced up and noticed, with a mixture of horror and shock building in his stomach, Saffron reaching for a bottle of beer to put out the fire.

    'Saffron! No, it's alcohol!' He cried, but she didn't listen. She threw the drink over the blaze and--

    The colossal explosion that followed knocked them all off their feet. The whole room became enveloped in blinding fire and Chris wondered if he was dead.

    'SAFFRON!!' He exploded.

    Praying that Darren had collected six Pokemon equally, he wrenched his coat away from the fire and pulled his T-shirt on. Grabbing his hat, he tore through the house and hurtled out onto the street.

    The early sun was rising with tranquility as if nothing was happening which was, of course, false. Darren and Saffron soon joined him, and looked on in terror at the blaze now devouring the house and threatening to spread to the nearby houses.

    Blastoise were gathering and fighting the fire, and this time they proved more of a success as the inferno soon began to back down.

    A large man with a bristling moustache approached them in uniform. 'Are any of you hurt?' He asked with pure seriousness in his eyes. When we shook our heads, he continued, 'Was there anyone else in the building?'

    'There was a Totodile, a Scyther and two old people...' Saffron said meekly.

    Without another word, the man charged off, shouting at the other men who had arrived to help.

    The blaze was quenched, and Totodile and Scyther were rescued. They watched with little emotion as the house where they had once lived, ate and slept was burnt to the ground.

    A sudden, panicked cry of, 'What's that?!' Turned everyone's attention to the roof of a nearby house. A Pokemon unknown to Chris was hissing and snarling at them. It looked like a black fox, with a flowing, crimson mane and pale, stinging blue eyes. Its head possessed some truly menacing features; a pointed snout and ears, and its mane was spiked with black. Its claws were blood red. It seemed to stand with a hunch, despite looking like a fox. It opened its jaw wide and snarled, spittle flying from its mouth.

    Then it just disappeared.

    In a single moment, it went from being there to disappeared completely. Gasps of shock and surprise ran through the crowd as the night turned into morning.

    * * *

    The newly installed cafe in the Silph Co was a nice, attractive addition to the practically lifeless office block. There was a large entrance, located on the first floor, a short way from the reception. A long, scarlet counter stretched along one wall, and a fair way down was a glass cabinet full of croissants and Danish pastries, among other things. Tiny lights were buried in the wooden ceiling, giving it a mixture of feelings. It felt quite old but, at the same time, new and modern. Circular tables were stood all around the cafe, a daffodil in a slender vase in the centre of each of them inside a menu, listing all sorts of delicious breakfasts. At the moment, the only living being there was a large man behind the counter, who was flicking through the channels on a wide HDTV directly above and behind him. There were also three young ones, one of them seeming to be an adult, the other two less so. One boy hid his face with a hat and remained silent. The younger was reading the menu with a longing gape. The girl was glancing anxiously between the two boys, hoping for one of them to react.

    '...and here are the results.' The man paused on a news channel. The reporter was a woman such as the one that had been present at Chris and Darren's battle in Jubilife. 'As you can see, this house was burned down early this morning, and though it was believed no one was hurt, two people who were present at the time of the fire have gone missing.'

    'Chris,' Saffron muttered.

    'It's nothing.' He cut in. 'Just an accident.'

    The TV continued to talk in a serious tone. 'When the fire had stopped, a dark, fox-like Pokemon was seen fleeing the site. It is believed that this odd Pokemon, that has never been seen before, is behind the fire.'

    'Chris, we're on the news.' Saffron whispered.

    Chris looked up from under his hat for the first time. The reporter was sitting at a desk against a light blue background, and next to her was a video of the mysterious Pokemon he had seen when the fire had ceased. Underneath, it said, AMATEUR FOOTAGE.

    'A closer look at the scene this morning has shown an incendiary device planted in the remains of the wardrobe. Two teenagers--one possibly an adult--and a young boy had awoken to find the room on fire. Evidence shows a smashed bottle of alcohol, and it is believed one of them attempted to stop the flame with the liquid, but only succeeding in making it worse.'

    Saffron turned back to the table and hid her face, her cheeks turning bright crimson.

    'Another search showed the burnt corpse of a Dragonite, and belief has come that one or more of the victims was a Trainer.'

    Chris turned his gaze back to the table as he remembered the news that Darren only had five Pokemon. He had nearly punched his younger brother in anger and frustration.

    'Next, we talk to the renowned Pokemon Professor of Johto, Professor Elm!'

    Darren turned his head at the mention of his favourite Professor's name. The screen had been dominated by a camera, which was filming from his lab in New Bark Town. Elm sat on a chair before his computers and equipment that made absolutely no sense at all. He was speaking into a microphone with a matter-of-fact tone.

    'I think that this Pokemon, that you say vanished into thin air at the scene of this tragic accident, may well have been a legendary Pokemon, which I have recently taken a great interest in as of my latest revelation.' He said in his usual, quirky voice.

    'And what would you say was the Pokemon's intentions?' The microphone flew back to a place that was out of the camera's range of vision. It returned to Elm as he continued.

    'Well, my colleague Professor Rowan tells me about a legendary Pokemon Darkrai, who chases people from its territory by putting them into a deep sleep, and inducing their dreams with horrible nightmares. However, research has shown that this Pokemon doesn't intend to harm the trespassers, and I think it is a similar situation here. This Pokemon, I believe, was searching for something or someone, and deduced that the way to get what it wanted was by placing the incendiary device within the building. There are millions of guesses to what its intentions could be, but if this mysterious Pokemon reveals itself a few more times, more evidence will fall into place until we can be certain of what it wants.' Elm finished.

    'You mentioned earlier your latest revelation. What discovery have you made?'

    Elm reached behind him and held out a large, golden stone. It was uneven and eroded, but the golden colour gave it a menacing aura instead of a mystical one.

    'This orb was sent to me by Professor Rowan, and he tells me that it emits the energy of a legendary Pokemon, though it is unsure what Pokemon it is. He says that it is a link to another world, and that with enough energy of the right sort in the right place, the power of this alternate world could be unleashed. Professor Rowan thinks that it would take the presence of three Pokemon connected with the creation of our universe at the highest point on this planet to give the energy a chance to escape and come into our world. So, after that, I began to analyse the orb and found that it covered in a fine dust, like sand, that sticks to the surface of the orb and...'

    Elm's voice disappeared into the distance and Chris let himself drop off for a few minutes before his attention returned and focused on what Elm was saying.

    '...and so, I discovered that by using this combination of inner energy that the Pokemon the orb belongs to possesses and the dust on the surface, we could create a complete change in form, where the Pokemon becomes much more powerful and sophisticated, just like an evolution! I'm still unsure as to whether this applies to just orbs and stones or it the same result could emerge from, say, a flower. But with enough research, everything will fall into place! Science is the answer to everything!'

    The man behind the bar groaned and switched the TV off. It bleeped as the image faded, Elm last word echoing for a moment before disappearing: everything, everything, everything...

    'Now, that was the best science lesson I've had in a while.' Chris said with grin.

    'Legendary Pokemon can't evolve. I mean, they can become more powerful when they hold something, but we--they can't evolve.' Saffron expressed her opinion firmly, in disbelief of the claim Elm had made.

    'Well, evolution really is just changing into a better form, so it sort of works.' Chris said, adamant but with a fascinated smile.

    'Legendary Pokemon just...don't!' Saffron argued as if it was obvious.

    Chris remained silent before Darren asked, completely diluting th atmosphere, 'Do you think he'll give me a legendary Pokemon next time we see him?'

    * * *

    That was a lot of fun writing. I loved writing the dream...that was pretty cool. It's a Metagross special, so enjoy! I won't be able to respond to most of your posts because it's 8PM over here in the UK, but it's, what, 3PM in America? So I'll probably be asleep when a comment or two comes in.
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    Default Re: The Unova Affair

    Well, well, Mr. Metagross. Why am I led to believe you are (or were) an English High Honors student when I read the picturesque and winsome descriptions in your story?

    Your depiction of the old couple's cabin was so delightfully homely (and I mean that word in its second definition-welcoming and cozy)that I wouldn't mind spending a night there. Especially with that senior citizen Totodile and his hilarious tea addiction. Shame such a nice, little shack was burnt down.

    My other favorite part was Chris' foreshadowing(?) nightmare. His dream begins like an elemental poem ("The sky was black and the stars were many") before transforming into a surrealistic horror movie that amplifies with intensity as Zekrom grows to a massive size.

    I like your writing style, as it probably fares very well in Creative Writing classes. The amount of description contained in your story is highly abundant but I feel that it is your true strong point. Cheers!

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