“Those fools… to believe that a Pokemon is responsible for all of this. That it was a Pokemon which created the universe… a Pokemon that created the Earth and the five regions. I look around and all I see is the unintelligible ignorance that sweeps the spirits of these lost souls. I almost pity them.

I, along with most of you I’m sure, grew up listening to the Ideology that recognizes a Pokemon, Arceus, to be the creator of all things. I refuse to surrender myself to such an erroneous claim. They worship their false prophet Arceus, but I refuse to accept that a Pokemon is responsible for my existence. Even putting Arceus aside, they call other Pokemon deities, and others ‘legendary’!

I will not believe in such nonsense! It is not a Pokemon that is responsible for my life, nor shall one be responsible for my death! I will change the ideas and beliefs of these poor souls by showing them the truth!

March with me now brothers and sisters! We shall make our way to the Spear Pillar where I will make Arceus bow before MY presence! I hold in my hand the God Stone (The man raises the stone above his head and reveals it to the crowd). Never again will a Pokemon be revered as anything more that what it really is… a Pokemon.

Once I have Arceus under my control, I will give the order to all trainers spanning the five regions. “Release your Pokemon!”.

Trainers will stare into the eyes of their once great deity as they release their Pokemon. Their ignorance will be replaced by truth… MY truth!

Following the Unova incident... Never again shall I lay my trust with such a lost soul... such as N. I should have taken the Dragon for myself and lead Team Plasma to glory! I will not make the same mistake twice... We shall rule over this world!

March with me brothers and sisters! To the Spear Pillar we will change the world. I will change the world!”