Nobody ever seems to write shipping one shots anymore these days, so I figured I might as well write one myself. It's a bit short, I know, but it was a spur of the moment idea, and I feel like there's only so long I could keep this particular story going before it got stale. Hope you enjoy.


An Advanceshipping One Shot

I gaze up at the night sky, staring into the stars above. I attempt to count them, without success. I look at the reflections of our past, wondering what it must have been like, when these stars first shone. The stars seem to symbolize something for me, but I can’t seem to place what it might be. I look over at Pikachu, my trusted friend and ally, and wonder if the feeling I have is about him. I think back to the countless battles we’ve had, the countless experiences we’ve shared. Perhaps that could be it.

No, I think to myself, shaking my head. There are many things I’ve enjoyed about my experiences with my friend that I’d do anything for, but it doesn’t seem to fit with my vision of the stars. I think back to the countless friends I’ve had come and go, some in and out of my life. Few have stayed. I know this cannot be the reason why I think the way I do.

I think more specifically. Specific friends. Brock, Dawn, Misty, Iris… No, there is nothing there. I have shared meaningful moments with all of them, moments I wouldn’t trade back for anything. But it can’t be the reason why I feel the way I do about these stars, whatever it is they symbolize. I don’t understand it, this feeling I have in my stomach, this pulsating I have in my heart and head. I’ve felt it only once before, in moments of true serenity and happiness. Moments where I felt like all the world’s issues and problems would slide off my back like water in a stream. Only in times where I felt like I was riding a Lapras across the open ocean, calm waters, blue skies, and the warmth of the sun on my skin. No, there has only been one person who I have experienced these feelings with.

May, I think to myself. I remember the times we had together, the times I have longed to see her again, not knowing what to say when we speak, yet somehow having all of our conversations come naturally to each other. It puzzles me, yet I know in my mind that the stars symbolize the uncountable number of things that I love about her. The way her chestnut hair would radiate in the sunlight, how soft her skin was whenever she would touch me, how deeply brown her eyes were, and how I could just get lost in her gaze. How she could convince me with the simplest of statements, how my blood would boil in fear that I would say something wrong rather than anger.

I look over to my side, where my bag lays, drooping off the table with Pikachu on top of it. I gently slide it out from under him, stroking his head as he softly coos during his sleep. I unzip the bag and pull out a sacred remnant, a hopeful memory in the vision of a Contest Ribbon. I hold my half of the ribbon, our ribbon, in my hand, and my mind is filled with hopeful thoughts of the future, of being able to see her sweet face again and being able to get lost in her wonderful gaze for all eternity. Today is a new day, I think to myself. One filled with hope, and a promise of love, laughter, and liberty of all the horrific things of this world, so long as I have Heaven’s most beautiful angel on my mind.