My name is Umbreone. I’m part of the Eevee family. I’m a Dark type. My ability is Synchronize, which passes on states problems my foes give me in battle straight back at them. It was early in the morning I was in Vermilion City.

There were a few people loading crates on to a small ship. I noticed that one of the creates was still open. I was always looking for adventure one way or another. When the people weren’t looking in the direction of the open crate, I ran over, jumping right in. I used my nose to slide the top of the create shut.

The top of the create had a small hole in it, therefore, I didn’t have to worry about not begging able to breathe. The inside of the create was still pretty dark though, which made the golden rings on my body glow even brighter than they would in the light. When I felt the ship come to a stop, I pushed the top of the create open with my nose. Jumping out of the crate I looked out one of the windows. It was dark outside.

I was in another city I had never been to before. I jumped through the glass window, witch made a loud shattering sound as I jumped through it. I decide to ask someone if they could give me a tour of the city. I continued exploring the city until I came to a wall. The unusual thing about this wall was that I was able to walk right through it. The walls hidden passage leads me to a garden.

The concrete under my feet felt a little cold. There was a swing not making the slightest movement. There was a small pool of water; there were no pokemon at it though. The trees were a pretty good size from the ones I was used to seeing. The thing that caught really my attention in this guardian was a small red dragon. The dragon was known as a Latias.

She had three claws on each had, a short tail, stubby feet, ears that curved slightly, long red wings, a blue triangle shape on her chest. She had a blue jewel tied around her neck. One thing I had heard about Latias’s was that they were usually in a happy and playful mood most of the time. Not this one though. This one was lying on the grass, crying her eyes out.

I walked up to her slowly and quietly, so, I wouldn’t startle her “What’s wrong.” I asked her softly.

After about a minute she managed to look at me tears were streaming down her face “I miss my brother.” She said.

“Maybe talking about it would help take your mind off of it.” I suggested. She was floating in the air again. She wiped her tears away with her arm. Taking a deep breath she gave a nod and began to tell me what happed to her and her brother how they met Ash, her brothers capture, how she found Ash and met Brock and Misty, how they were attacked by prehistoric pokemon while trying to find were Latios had been taken, how the Soul Dew had died while Latios energy was being absorbed by the DMA, how she and Latios fused to make a white ball of light to stop a tsunami from completely destroying all of Altomare and how her brother had used up all his energy to save the city becoming the new guardian of Altomare. She began to cheer up a little.

Talking about the tragedy of her brother with someone that was a total stranger to her had helped her feel better.

“Altomare doesn’t get many wild pokemon around her would you like a tour of the city Umbreon?” She asked.

“Yes please.” I replied so she gave me a tour of the city while she talked about her happiest moments in her life that she had had with her brother before the tragedy happened. I told her the happiest moments in my life that I had had with my friends and family. We talked about stuff like this for hours on end and I would have to say that this was one of the best days of my life; I had helped a Latias cheer up form a tragedy that had happened to her not to long ago.