Welcome to my story The Two Brothers. This is a story about two brothers, Jack and Jesse, who have been bitter rivals since they were born. Both of them strive to figure out what Team Galatic's plan is. Little do they know, Team Galatic is fighting their own war against a new team, known as Team Shadow.

So...here we GO =D


Jack's eyes slowly opened up, staring at the blank ceiling. Today was his birthday, he was turning fourteen. Jumping out of his bed, he threw on shoes and a shirt and checked his computer for any mail. Nope, nothing. Shrugging, rushed downstairs, almost tripping the way down. His brother was already down there, chuckling at the clumsy mistake Jack made. In return, Jack shot a hateful glare, which made his brother shut up.

Jesse has been up for two hours now, as he told their mom proudly. His mom, went around to cook breakfast for the two boys. Jesse was a year younger, twenty-two months to be excat. He didn't like to let Jack forget that.

After shoveling down his food, Jack went back upstairs to grab his backpack. Putting various items in it, like food, water, and pokeballs, Jack whistled for his Turtwig, who poked his from under Jack's sheets. "Turtwig!" He called out happily. "Comon Turtwig, were finally leaving today" Jack told him. Turtwig just yawned at that idea.

Walking more slowly down the stairs, Jack saw his brother Jesse, and his pokemon Totadile. Jack's father, who was a sailor, gave Jesse that pokemon when he was younger. Jesse was leaving with Jack for awhile. "Alright boys, be safe now" their mother told them. "We will mom" Jack responded, and Turtwig yawned. "Tota! DILE" Totadile exclaimed and started to rush around, before Jesse returned him to his pokemon. "Yea mom, we'll be fine" Jesse said also. ANd withthat, their mother kissed them both on the forehead and shooed them out the door.