Prologue and Chapter 1, Turbo is a yellow devil chao, and Serraph is a purple angel chao, they lvie in the jungles of Tahnre, a world of pokemon similar to Orre, but with chao instead of humans. They each brought a pokemon. Turbo brought Solrock and Serraph broguht Seviper, they went to their favorite diner "BILLY'S" and they both ordered double cheese burgers, andthey ehard on the news that the evil team Plasma, is stealing pokemon fom trainers and turning them into Necro pokemon, (similar to Cipher, Snagem, and shadow pokemon in Orre, but stronger and more easily purified. Turbo and Serraph saw a suspicious NiGHTS chao, who was attacking everyone with a necro Phanpy, They challenged him to a battle, Turbo sent out Solrock and Serraph sent out Seviper, and the NiGHTS chao sent out Shuppet and Ledyba, Seviper bit Ledyba fainting it and Solrock confused Shuppet, fainting it, then out came the Necro phanpy, Turbo and Serraph grabbed a pokeball and threw it at Phanpy, which INSTANTLY purified and evolved into Donphan, but Turbo and Serraph were arguing abotu who got to use it, and elft