EVERYONE: The Truth about Lost Silver.
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Thread: The Truth about Lost Silver.

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    Default The Truth about Lost Silver.

    They say that some hacker created this treacherous thing to creep people out, but there is more than just that. Way more. Now people that ship Red probably won't believe this, but the truth is what I speak. If you want, you may stop here, but if you do, I will remind you that you are in grave danger.

    Red was a good guy up until Pokemon Red and Blue versions became fonominal. He loved that fame. Loved it. He was willing to do anything to protect that fame, so no one else may take it from him. And when he heard that Gold, Silver, and Lyra where taking his place, well, he was no more the person he was. No shade of the good guy remained. He wasn't going to take no for an answer.

    Now let me tell you about Silver, Lyra, and Gold. We will start with Lyra. She was the first female character in the series, and Red didn't mind that. She was rather… Quiet. I can't tell you much about her. She was such a quiet girl… She never really talked. She only talked when someone asked her a question, and if that question had direct relation to her work. She never, ever, ever, talked about anything else. Her life was completely privete.

    Silver was quiet too, but he did talk. Even though he could be a total dushbag at times, all in all, he was a nice guy. He actually was smart too. He didn't show all of his smarts, but he could exbibet them when he needed it. He was older then Lyra, but not by far.

    Now, Gold was the complete opposite of Lyra. He talked. A lot. Pretty much everyone in the company knew Gold, and liked him. He was rather young too, about eighteen or nineteen. But the things that I'm about to tell you next, he didn't deserve.

    As I said earlier, Red loved his fame. He was willing to protect that fame at all costs. Soon after Nintendo hired Silver, Gold, and Lyra, Red started creating this chip that could turn any person into data, and also a unique Lost Silver game. He stalked after Gold for months, he knew where Gold lived, his phone number, his address, everything. One night he snuck into Gold's house when he was sleeping, injected his prototype chip, and left. Gold had no clue that Red was doing anything to him. And for Red, everything was going according to plan.

    After Nintendo created a prototype for Pokemon Gold and Silver, they wanted Gold to test it out. Red found this as the perfect time to strike, and before Gold went into a room to test it, he switched the regular Silver game with his Lost Silver game, and when Gold went to play it, the worst thing happened.

    As soon as the game loaded, Gold was sucked right into the game. He now looked horrible inside the game, he was halfly decapitated, with his arms and eyes missing. Well, he could still see, and it wasn't exactly like his eyes were missing… It's hard to explain. I wish I could show you a picture, but I can't. Anyway, Gold was traped in a cold wasteland of Mt. Silver. He was always cold. Always lonely. Always sad. Always wanted revenge.

    Red's plan was almost complete. And to finish the last of it, he simplely walked in the room, put Gold's newfound prison in his pocket, and walked right out. Gold was no longer a problem. Red would have his glory at last. Or would he?

    Red's plan backfired a little bit. A couple of days after that, Nintendo fired him. Not because they knew of the plan, because Nintendo didn't need him anymore. However, Red didn't care that he got fired, at least he stoped Gold in getting, or experiencing any of that fame, right?

    Lets go back a bit, you know the chip that Red created? Even though it worked it's perpose, at least for Red anyway, the chip did have one major flaw: It didn't allow complete control over the person. Even though Gold was controlled when anyone played the Lost Silver game, Gold could still think freely and walk freely when the game was off. He tried to think of ways to get out, but all of them failed.

    Silver told me this story. He witnessed about half of it, and the other half was what he thought. Silver first witnessed Red's plan in action when Red switched the games. Silver's second witness was when Red went to get his Lost Silver game. The third witness, which wasn't really part of Red's plan, was when Red got fired.
    Silver knew he could say anything at first because he knew that if he said anything, Red would end up killing him. Silver quit the day after Red quit. He started covering his tracks to protect himself. Bank accounts, credit cards, magazines, everything! He had them all erased. He wrote down the things he saw, what he thought, everything about Red's plan that he knew about. He locked them away in a safe, and had the safe put into the wall behind the bed that he slept in. He retrieved a Lost Silver game, a safe one, and tried to decode it to find a way to save Gold. He's still trying to decode everything out of the game to this day. Trying to still find a solution. Still trying to find the key.

    Wether or not you chose to believe this story, it is up to you. Now, I must go. I have different truths to tell, but that is for another day. I hope you use your newfound information to protect yourself from Red, and try to help Silver save Gold.

    I'm a full time Pokemon Breeder! But please visit, I really do appreciate the help.

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    Default Re: The Truth about Lost Silver.


    Aside from the spelling errors, I'm not sure what this story is actually about. There's not a definite plot here, and it doesn't have much correlation. I'm just thinking that it needs that little bit of "oomph" to get it going. You're on the right track, but just a few adjustments will make the story even better. It's not bad at all. ^^

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    Default Re: The Truth about Lost Silver.

    How dare you write such fake things about me?

    Yeah, I can't really see what this story is about, however, I guess it's ok.

    One thing I can definitely tell you, check your spelling. It can be annoying for the reader.

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    Default Re: The Truth about Lost Silver.

    Not bad. I didn't even notice the spelling errors. Does that make me sound dumb?


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