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    Default Tohjo Falls

    -First off I do not own Pokemon or Pokemon Special/Adventures manga(which this is based off of).
    -This is rated about PG 13 due to some later shipping scenes.
    -This is also on the Pokecommunity Forums so if you see it there it is mine I did not steal it.
    -This is in no way related to any other Pokemon Special/Adventures fanfics.
    -Like the actual manga this will be diveded into volumes and chapters.

    Here we go!

    Chapter 1
    VS. Beedrill

    A young, blonde haired girl swiftly glided through the vast forest of Viridian. Her long ponytail gently flowed behind her in the wind. Her yellow dress, split at the sides, had no wrinkle, no tear, perfect, it was just perfect. Her black sleeves of her turtleneck extended out the sides and her violet pants out the bottom. Her matching violet boots stayed on tightly. Her brown belt, holding five poke balls, stayed on tight, not to drop a single ball. Everything about her was perfect, just perfect.

    Coming up behind the girl was her trusted female, electric mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. Chuchu, Pikachu was just like her master, fragile, beautiful, powerful, yet perfect. The pink, Viridian Flower held tight to Chuchu's yellow and black ear.

    Yellow, the girl, dodged every bush, every branch, and every mud puddle. It was obvious that she had came through here before and knew exactly where she was going, a predetermined location in the center of the forest. This location was the best spot, the tree parted in a perfect way leaving a beam of light reflecting off a majestic stream and Yellow's beautiful amarillo eyes. A large tree stood in the middle of the spot with the words Red + Yellow carved into it with a heart around it. The tree, as big as it was provided plenty of shade, but didn't block the sun from the large marble sundial.

    Upon arriving on this place Yellow stopped to look around, no one was there. She gently strolled over to the large tree to sit down and rest. Chuchu had just caught up with her seeming a bit disappointed that no one else was there accept for her trainer.

    A half an hour passed and still no one showed up. Yellow began to panic wondering if he would show up. Yellow began to pace back and fourth. Where is he? She thought to herself. Why isn't he here yet? I told him one o'clock. Yellow checked the sundial. One thirty, he's late. Knowing that she was overreacting Yellow calmed herself. Red will get here, just give him time. I've known Red for seven years when I was nine and he was eleven. I know he'll be here; every time he says he'll do something he does it. Maybe he's getting me flowers or he might have gotten in a battle. Red loves battles, he'll stop anything to battle.

    A few minutes later Yellow began to feel something strange, something was wrong, the forest knew it too. It wasn't about Red it was something wrong with this region of Kanto, and possibly the neighboring region of Johto. A normal person couldn't tell this, but Yellow wasn't normal. Yellow, also known as Amarillo de Basque, Was born in the Viridian Forest, Basque. Every ten years a child was born there, but Yellow only knew two beside from herself. Lance was the champion of the elite four and Giovanni was the ex leader of Team Rocket. Yellow and the other two had special powers; they could heal and read the minds of Pokemon.

    Suddenly Yellow heard a familiar voice calling, "Yellow!" Yellow glanced around until she saw Chuchu looking up; she looked up to see Red flying on his Aerodactyl, Aero. Before she knew it Red was on the ground face to face with Red. His black spiky hair was a bit messy. Somehow his red cap stayed on tight. His red vest was a bit wrinkly, but so were his blue jeans and most of his clothes.

    "We need to get back to Professor Oak's lab," Red began, "Something is going on."

    "I thought so," She started, "I sensed it."

    At that very moment a flurry of the twin needle Pokemon, Beedrill darted out of the forest.

    "The Pokemon must sense it too." Yellow began before being interrupted by Red.

    "Yeah and their not so happy run, I mean fly!" He grabbed Yellow and sat her up on top of Aero. Chuchu agily hopped up next to her trainer. Red jumped on to Aero's back too and said, "Let's go Aero fly!" The gray Pokemon flapped it's wings and took off. Aero, as fast as he was, wasn't fast enough the Beedrill were catching up.

    "Obviously we're not going to out run 'em!" Red exclaimed. Red reached for Pika, his Pikachu's, poke ball, but he stopped when he heard Yellow.

    "Freesk go," Yellow declared as she threw her butterfly Pokemon, Butterfree's poke ball. In a flash of white light the Butterfree appeared. Yellow jumped off of Aero only to be caught Freesk. Yellow the pulled an expandable and retractable fishing rod that was held by her belt. The rod opened up revealing a poke ball on the end of the string. "Chuchu you know what to do!" Chuchu jumped off into the poke ball.

    Red looked back flabbergasted that Yellow was taking over. "Yellow, the Beedrill!" Red exclaimed fearing for Yellow.

    Yellow waited until she got near to the Beedrill then she commanded Freesk. "Freesk, up now!" Yellow was now above the Beedrill. Freesk flied at the same pace as they did keeping up. Yellow lowered the poke ball and commanded Chuchu. "Chuchu, now!" The poke ball came open in a flash of white light Chuchu came out and fell on top of the leading Beedrill in the middle. "Now!" Yellow exclaimed. Chuchu shocked the whole group of Beedrill with a massive thunderbolt attack. The whole group frazzled and weak turned around and flew back into the woods. Yellow and Freesk flew a little lower to have Chuchu hop on. "Good job you two as they made it to the ground near Viridian City. She laid her hands on both of their heads and an almost magical glowing power happened and the two Pokemon seemed happy and content as could be and were returned to their poke balls.

    Red and Aero landed on the ground next to Yellow. "Yellow," Red began, "Never do that again."

    End of first chapter
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    Default Chapter Two!

    Volume 1
    Chapter 2
    VS Raticate

    “So are the others there already?” Yellow questioned Red as they gently rode on Aero on their way to Pallet Town.

    “Yeah Green, Blue, and Silver.” Red started. “I was there but came out to get you.”

    “So that’s why you were so late.”

    “Yeah I lost track of time.”

    Wait a second Yellow. She thought to herself. Red said Silver was their. Yellow then remembered that Silver was now living in Kanto with his father ever since the incident at the Sevii Islands. He was a Pokedex holder too. Yellow just recently got a Pokedex a few years ago, it wasn’t new but it meant a lot, because it used to be Red’s.

    A few minutes later they had arrived in the quant Town of Pallet. At the edge of the town was a small red bricked laboratory, Professor Oak’s laboratory to be exact. Aero landed on the ground and Red recalled him, then the two of them entered the lab.

    Upon entering Yellow noticed something, something wasn’t the same. When she was with the others it was normally joyful but in the lab at the moment it was sullen and strict. This must be really bad. Yellow began to think, but this was no time to think she needed to hear what was happening.

    Yellow walked over and took a position next to Blue. Blue was wearing a red skirt, blue shirt, and a white and red hat. Her long flowing brown hair was fine, as usual. Next to her was Silver, he was wearing his normal outfit, black jacket, tan pants, and black boots. His long red hair went passed his shoulders but not ling enough to make him look feminine. Glaring at Silver to the right of him was Green. Green had is black shirt and white pants. Somehow his spiky brown was the same as always. Green had never liked Silver that much ever since Silver had stolen a Pokedex from Professor Oak. He must have been so angry since Silver robbed his grandpa.

    “Okay let’s get this started,” said Oak. “In all the seven regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Almia, Fiore, and Orre something strange has been happening, but the main point of origin seems to be in Johto’s Tohjo Falls and the Viridian Forest. Professor Elm in Johto noticed this so he sent Gold and Crystal to go check it out. That was two days ago and neither of them has yet to come back. They should have been back last night. At the moment I don’t know what is happening since communication is down between all the regions. At the moment Bill and my granddaughter Daisy are working to somehow get communication back again. Without communication I have no idea what is happening, this is when you guys come in. Yellow I want you and Red to travel to Hoenn to get three of the other Pokedex holders. Blue I want you and Green to travel to Sinnoh to get the last three Pokedex holders. When you find them take them to Johto and you will learn what to do from there. Silver I want you to meet up with Professor Elm on Johto and wait for the others to get there. Understood everybody?”

    They all nodded their heads at once.

    Suddenly one of Yellow’s poke balls opened and in a flash of white light her Raticate Ratty appeared. “Is their something wrong Ratty?” Yellow questioned. Ratty nodded his head. Yellow placed her hand on Ratty’s head an after a moment she let off. “I see you’re worried that there might be something wrong with the Viridian Forest.” She said. Ratty shook his head up and down. “Don’t worry we’ll take care of everything.”

    “Let’s go Yellow we all better get moving.” Red said as he motioned to the door.

    “Are you ready Green?” Blue asked.

    “Yup.” Green replied.

    Let’s go Silver. Silver thought to himself since he had the only job that was by himself. This is probably the most boring job. He told himself. I mean All I have to do is go to Johto and wait, I hate waiting.

    As they all began to depart they heard a deep voice and a shadowy figure appeared at the door. “Wait!”

    End of Chapter Two.


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