Hey guys! This right here is a fic that I originally wrote when I was 13 and laid it off for a bit. Well now, 7 years later, I decided to rewrite this bad boy! A lot has changed from the original but I am completely satisfied with it so far. Go ahead and check out Chapter One! Tell me what you think. Enjoy :D

Chapter One: Unrequited Love

11 years ago

A little girl, about the age of 6, began running as fast as she could. Tears were filling up her eyes and she just had to get away to her favorite spot in Yuban Park, the Crossing Bridge. She threw her tiny body to the ground and began crying more.

"Daddy can't be gone! No I won't believe it!"

She huddled up against the concrete arches, sobbing uncontrollably. Her mother had just received news that her father had died in a fatal car accident while on a business trip. Whenever she was feeling upset, she would come to the Crossing Bridge and her father would come find her here. But this time he was nowhere to be found.

Nearby was a little boy, about a year older, who overheard her crying. He kind of knew who she was since they went to the same school. He walked up to her and knelt down to her face. "You're Ami Tsukino right?" he asked.

Ami looked up to see Kilin Hiroshima standing right before her. She wiped her tears as she nodded her head. "Why are you crying?" he asked as he lend out a hand to help her up.

She took his hand and whispered "My daddy…he's gone…mama says he got really hurt in an accident and didn't make it…" Tears once again filled her eyes as she pictured her smiling father in her head. Ami held her hands to her face to cover her eyes. "But daddy can't be gone! Daddy said he would always be with me no matter what!"

She then felt the embrace of Kilin, comforting her as best as he could. "He may not be here physically, but he will always be with you in your heart." He whispered in her ear as she slightly blushed at the sound of his calm voice. "You won't ever be lonely Ami, I'll be here for you no matter what…from now on I'll be your friend." He assured her.

The sound of her beating heart echoed through her body and soul. She felt something for him that she never felt before

Present Day

Ami woke up to the sound of dishes clashing. It was obviously her mother making breakfast. She groaned and turned over to look at the time. 7 am. She refused to get out of bed, but her body was doing it anyway. She walked over to her bathroom and took one glance at herself in the mirror. "Another day…" she sighed and began her daily routine. Hanging on the back door, was her uniform for school, a white short sleeved collared shirt, a navy blue sweater vest, a light blue and navy plaid skirt, and a tie with the same pattern as the skirt. Carefully, she put it on her slim body, making sure it didn't get wrinkled. After brushing her teeth, she brushed down her long light brown hair. She then reached for a small necklace that was on the counter that was in the shape of a bow and arrow. It was the necklace her father gave to her when she was a child.

Ami was now a senior at Yuban High. This was the year she had been waiting for since she was a freshman. This year was going to be different. She finally became captain of the archery team, and all the underclassmen looked up to her as a role model. She had good grades, and most of the top universities where looking at her. The only thing that she wanted to change was her love life. This was the year that she was going to confess and tell Kilin Hiroshima that she is in love with him.

"Ami! Sweetie you up?" yelled her mother from downstairs. She turned to look at her reflection one more time, feeling a sense of satisfaction. "Yeah, I'm coming downstairs!" Ami responded back. She hurried for the door, and quickly made her way downstairs. "Mom, why do you insist on always checking if I'm up? I mean I'm 17, I'm not a baby anymore."

Her mother turned around to face her. Her hair was as long as her daughter's, except hers was a shade darker. She kept it pulled out of her face with a headband, showing off her beautiful face and complexion. A simple dress hung to her body, with an apron tied around her as well. She smiled at the sight of her daughter. "Oh sweetie, you know that I'm just not ready for the day you graduate. Shoot, I know I'll be crying on that day." A small smile crept on her face. "And also the day you and Kilin decide to get married."

Ami's stomach turned upside down just by sound of his name. Her cheeks begin to turn a bright red. "Mom!" she retorted back, still a bit embarrassed. Her mother couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "Well you like this guy, why wouldn't he like you as well? Any guy would be lucky to date my little princess", a huge smile on her face now. Ami shook her head at her mother and sighed, "We're just friends okay mom" she replied back. "But you guys have been friends since you were kids, you guys are meant to be…" Ami's mom continued to blab about the possibility of the two being a couple. The doorbell interrupted her and Ami took this as an opportunity to escape.

She wasted no time to hesitate and ran to the door. She flung the door open to see a girl standing there in the same school uniform as her. Her hair was about shoulder length and was an auburn color. Her eyes were a pretty light brown shade that twinkled a bit in the sunlight. It was Ami's best friend, Lena Ichikawa. She saw Ami's face and giggled a bit. "Did I happen to come at one of those awkward 'Kilin' conversations?" She asked with a hand on her hip. Still a bit flustered, Ami quickly replied "Yes you did, but you're my life saver Lena". Ami hurried to grab her bag and quickly closed the door while yelling "Bye Mom! Lena's here!"

Their walk to school was like any other day for them. They talked about their classes and how their practices have been going. Lena played volleyball and just like Ami, she was this year's captain as well. Then they got on the subject on guys. Lena couldn't help it when she asked Ami, "So tell me…how come you haven't told Kilin you have feelings for him?" Shocked a bit at her best friend's question, she blushes and replies "I don't know, I guess because we've been good friends for a while. I don't want to ruin that. It's too risky to tell him." Lena shook her head at Ami's response. "I understand but keep in mind, this is senior year, and Kilin has a lot of girls crushing on him. You should really tell him before someone else does" What Lena said really hit her; she thought to herself maybe she should tell Kilin her feelings, but then she thought how? She quickly wanted to change the subject so she then said, "Enough about me, what about you and Caleb?"

"I like him, you know that." Lena responded back. "But…" Ami quickly cut her off and exclaimed, "But you guys should be together! You two would make such a great couple!" A friendly smile was now on Lena's face. Underneath her smile though, was sadness. Like Ami, Lena too has a crush on Kilin. She's kept it a secret for a while now, and to cover it up she claims that she likes Caleb Takahashi, Kilin's best friend. The only reason she has been living this lie was because of Ami. If she would tell her, their friendship would maybe end.

The two finally arrived to the gates of Yuban High. As they enter a group of freshman girls pass by. "Good morning Miss Ami!" they acknowledged her. A small giggle crept from Ami's mouth, followed by a warm smile. "Morning girls." Lena turned her head a bit to look at her best friend, "Those grade nine girls really look up to you." Ami nodded her head in response, "Yeah, I remember when that was us." The two begin to laugh of the memories they had from that year.

Suddenly the freshman girls all begin to swoon over the guy passing by them. He was tall, and had a nice structure to him. His hair was a dark brown color and it ended right on the bottom of his ears. His eyes were a mesmerizing shade of gray. He wore his school uniform with his blazer unbuttoned; his uniform shirt was pressed neatly with his tie, as well as his uniform slacks. Over his shoulder was a gym bag. Ami began to blush a bit at his sight. It was Kilin Hiroshima. He smiled at the freshman girls, then took notice of her and made his way over.

Ami's knees began to become weak; her stomach was filled with butterflies. She was a nervous wreck. Lena, more cool and collected, kept calm but underneath she too was nervous. He was finally there in front of the two, a smile on his face. "Good Morning Tsukino, Ichikawa." Lena took no time to reply back, "Hey Kilin." There was a bit of silence after that. Ami couldn't come up with the words to say. She was just too shy. Lena noticed, and gently bumped her with her elbow. "G-g-good mor-ning Hiroshima." She sank her head a bit, why was it so hard for her to say that?

"Oh Lena before I forget, Caleb wanted me to tell you to meet him in room 2-B. Said it was very important." Kilin informed Lena. She rolled her eyes and then began walking away. "Guess I better go then, I'll see you guys later." As she is walking away she looks back at the two. Her heart sank a bit. She thought to herself, "Why do I still have these feelings for you? Even though I know I could never get them in return. Why must I continue to hurt myself?"

Now it was only Kilin and Ami. Her head was still a bit down, trying to hide her blushing face. "So…Ami I was wondering…" he began and quickly she lifted her head up to look him in the eyes. "Yes…" she said a bit shyly. "If you're not doing anything after school, I wanted to see if maybe you wanted to hang out a bit. I know lately we haven't gotten the chance because of practice." Her eyes lit up. Finally she could have some alone time with Kilin, nobody else just her and him. She didn't think another second and quickly responded back with "Yeah that would be great!" The two begin to smile a bit before Kilin then clears his throat. "Okay then, it's pretty much set. Meet me here by the gates after practice." She chuckles a bit. "Sure, can't wait." Her cheeks now a slight pink color. The school bell rang and the two started making their way into the building.

Meanwhile, on the other side of school, Lena walks down the halls, searching for the room where she is supposed to be in. "Where could he be?" she thought. This was a side of the school she had never been on, and wondered why Caleb wanted to meet her. She approached a door that had a sign above it that read "CLASS 2-B". This was the place, a empty classroom. As she reached for the door, her hand began to shake. What could Caleb tell her that was so important? Finally she got the courage to open the door. There leaning up against a desk was a guy the same height as Kilin and with the same structure. His hair was a bit shorter than Kilin's and was a light brown color similar to Ami's. His eyes were a nice chocolate color that complemented well with him. He also wore his school uniform with his blazer open, but his uniform shirt un-tucked, while his tie remained close to his collar. Caleb's face lit up at the sight of Lena.

"Hey Lena, I've been waiting for you. Took you long enough." He teased. She slowly walks into the room. "What did you want to talk about? Kilin said it was so important. So important that you send me to the other side of school just to tell me." She teased back. "Why don't you come here and I'll tell you." He motioned her to come closer. She then stands in front of him, a couple of inches away. They are now face to face. "Okay, I'm here." She was a bit annoyed since Caleb didn't just get to the point. He looks down for a bit, playing with his thumbs then jerks up to look her straight in the face. A serious look was now on his face.

"The reason why I wanted to talk to you was…" Immediately he pulls her closer to him. Their bodies pressed together, Lena blushes a bit from shock. She had never been this close to a guy. His arms are wrapped around her waist. "I have gotten to know you for the past couple of years and well I really like you. I'm to the point to where I can't hide it anymore. From what I hear, you like me too so what I'm trying to say is…Lena…" he pauses a bit, trying to keep cool. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Completely shocked, Lena is speechless. She can't believe he asked her this. She made up the lie of her liking Caleb because she thought he didn't like her. But here he was, asking her to be his girlfriend. She couldn't think of what to tell him.

"Caleb, I…I…" she began but he could tell she was freaked out a bit. He hurried to interrupt her. "Don't worry, I'm not expecting an answer right here and now. I'll give you some time since we're late for class as it is." He pointed to the clock, class started 30 minutes ago. "But Lena…" He looked down at her. Still a bit nervous, she looked down and answered "Yeah?" He then gently pulled her face up to look her in the eyes. Slowly he pulls her face closer and softly presses his lips to hers. Totally stunned, Lena stands there for a bit. Her eyes wide open. Her body froze. Out of impulse, she wraps her arms around him, closes her eyes and returns the kiss.

Several hours later, the bell rang for practices to be over. Ami rushes from her archery practice and hurried to change back into her school uniform. Walking as fast as she could, she made it to the school gates in time before Kilin did. Pacing back and forth she began thinking about what Lena said earlier. "Maybe Lena is right, maybe I should tell Kilin how I feel about him." Lost in thought, she didn't see Kilin making his way to her. All of the underclassmen look as he approaches her. "Did I keep you waiting" he whispered into her ear. A bit startled, Ami jumps up and turns to see Kilin there with that lovable smile on his face. "You didn't" she replied back, making sure she didn't get nervous. She couldn't help but notice people staring at them. "Were you ready?" she flashes a sweet smile on her face. Being silly as he always was with her, he begins to act proper. "Shall we go mademoiselle?" Ami couldn't help but chuckle then nodded her head. "We shall, my good sir." They take one more look at the group of girls and both waved and in unison say "Bye girls!"

After leaving the school grounds, the two were instantly lost in conversation with another. Whenever they were around another it was never a dull conversation. It had always been that way since they were kids. Ami was successful in hiding how nervous she was. Whenever it was just the two of them, she always felt more comfortable. She finally took noticed of the scenery and knew exactly where they were. "We're at Yuban Park!" she gasped a bit. She hadn't been here in a couple of years. Once she started high school, she became more focused on archery. Kilin scratched the back of his head and chuckled, "Yeah, it's the place where we first met." Ami couldn't help but be amazed that he remembered that day.

The two continued to walk through the park until the came across the Crossing Bridge. "Oh!" Ami exclaimed walking up to the center of the bridge. She turns to Kilin and smiles, "Remember when we would play pretend? It would always be right here." A soft breeze comes by and gently sweeps Ami's hair up. Kilin took the moment to admire her beauty. How peaceful she looked. He eyes never left sight of her. As the breeze died down, Ami turned to lean up against the bridge. "Sometimes I miss those days." She tilted her head up towards the clear blue sky. Kilin takes a spot right next to her. She places her hand on the concrete, Kilin did as well. Before you know it, his hand was on top of hers.

Her body froze in place. Her heart began beating fast. Ami turned to look at Kilin, as he did the same. They looked into each other's eyes, not saying a single word. She began to blush a bit, turning a bit red. Kilin was blushing as well. The two stood there and enjoyed the moment a little bit more. Ami looked at him once more and started to become nervous, so nervous that she quickly pulled her hand away. "I'm sorry Hiroshima!" Kilin held his hand behind his head and a small sigh could be heard. "It's okay Tsukino I should be the one sorry. I didn't see your hand there."

Ami could feel her heart sinking. She knew that she ruined the moment. She sighed a bit. That could have been her chance to finally tell Kilin her feelings. She hated that she got nervous. She wished she could be more collected like Lena. She remembered what Lena said that morning. "You should really tell him before someone else does." The words kept running through her mind. Her fists clenched a bit. She looked at Kilin, this time she was going to tell him. "Kilin…" she began. A little confused on how serious she looked, Kilin replied "Yeah?" Her heart once again began beating fast. But she wouldn't let that affect her. She needed to tell him. This could be her only chance.

"I-I-I-…" was all she could get out. Her words were all fumbled up. She tried and tried but nothing. She felt defeated. Before she could continue, an unknown voice could be heard. "Well, well, well, you two haven't changed one bit." Kilin and Ami turn to see a girl their age standing before them. She wore a black and white bustier type shirt that had frilly edges to it, along with red pleated skirt that had a few studded details to it. Around her neck was a dog tag necklace. Her hair was a jet black, had choppy layers, and ended right in the middle of her back. Her eyes were the best feature on her. They were a crimson color that no one had ever seen. She had a sweet look on her face. Kilin and Ami had no idea who this person was. "Excuse me, do we know you?" Kilin asked politely. The girl giggled a bit. "Of course you do silly, don't you guys remember me?" The two both shook their head no.

The mysterious girl let out another giggle. "Do I really look that different? It's me, Cassie Miyagi." Ami's eyes widened when she heard her name. "This can't be" she thought. Kilin smiled at Cassie and said, "Oh! I remember now. We all went to middle school together." Ami couldn't stop looking at Cassie. These two didn't have a good history back together. In middle school, the two girls were always competing against each other. Whether it was sports, their studies, or for Kilin's attention.

"Wow, you look really different." Ami said while examining her. Cassie used to wear glasses, and layered clothing. Cassie couldn't help but let out yet another laugh. "Well I traded my glasses in for contacts, and my hoodies for cashmere." She smartly remarked back. Ami scolded at her remark. Cassie went on to explain how her family was always moving, since her father was in the military. She also spoke about how they decided to move back and let Cassie finish her last year of school at Yuban High. Ami wasn't too thrilled about it. Fifteen minutes later, Cassie looked down at her cell phone for the time. "Oh, look at the time. I have to be on my way. I'm trying on school uniforms for tomorrow." A bit of a smirk was on her face. "I'll see you two tomorrow. Bye Kilin." She winked at him, then faced Ami with that same smirk. "Goodbye Ami."

She walked away with that smirk on her face, as a small mumble could be heard as well. "Don't think that I haven't forgotten the past. I will have Kilin... time will tell."