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    Default Tears In The Rain (advanceshipping oneshot)

    Rain was pouring hard in Petalburgh forest. All the wild pokemon were snug in their beds. The forest was empty all except for one brunette girl who was crying her eyes out. "He left me....for another and didn't even tell me!" the girl whispered and began crying harder. Her name was May and her ex boyfriend Drew left her for another girl without even telling May. "And I don't think I'll ever tell him how I feel I'll never tell Ash I love him" May whispered again. Then she remembered something.

    "Help!" May screamed as she was drowning. A current caught her at the beach she and her friends were playing at and she was cast far off shore.

    "Who's screaming?" Max asked Ash. Ash looked through his binoculars and saw his friend drowning.

    "It's May!!" Ash shouted and dropped his binoculars.

    "Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted. (Oh no!) Ash then ran into the water doing the butterfly stroke out into the ocean nearly being pounded by the waves.

    "Ash"! May screamed and began sinking because she ran out of energy treading water. Ash then dove into the salty blue ocean to rescue his friend. May could see a blurry vision of her secret crush and then blacked out.

    Ash swam back to shore carrying an unconsious May in his arms.

    "Is she okay?" Max asked.

    "Yeah maybe we should take to the pokemon center" Ash told Max.

    "Okay" Max said and walked along with Ash back to Slateport City. It was at night when May finally woke up.

    "Am I dead yet?" May asked herself. She heard someone snoring at the side of her bed. A Pikachu was also sleeping next to her, and Ash was laying down near May as if he was waiting all day for her to wake up as the memory faded away.

    "I chose Drew over someone who actually cares about me.....now I'll never see him again!!" May screamed. She began crying as thunder and lightning flashed and crashed. "He's probaly asking Misty out on a date by now maybe he already has another girl and I'll be single!" May whispered.

    "Hey Norman is May home?" Ash asked the gym leader as he returned his Charizard.

    "No she went off to forest good luck finding her it's a real storm out there" Norman told Ash.

    "Oh no!" Ash shouted and ran to the forest with Pikachu to find his girl.

    May was still crying as Ash showed up. May couldn't see him through the rain and tears blinding her blue eyes. "I miss you Ash....please come back" May whispered.

    "May" Ash whispered as he looked at her. He then pulled out an umbrella in his backpack, opened it up and walked over to her, Pikachu right by his heals.

    "Pikachu" Pikachu said to May. (You okay?) May opened one eye and petted Pikachu, she noticed the rain was still falling but it wasn't hitting her. May looked up and saw Ash looking down upon her.

    "Ash?" May asked.

    "May?" Ash asked. May jumped up and hugged Ash as if she hadn't seen him in years. "May! May! Your making it hard for me to breathe!" Ash choked. Pikachu was laughing hard as it's trainer's reaction.

    "Ash I missed you! I don't ever want you to leave me again!" May replied with happiness.

    "Why?" Ash tried to ask. May let go of Ash after he asked.

    "Because...I..I..secretly...secretly" May started to say.

    "Secretly what?" Ash asked.

    ".love you" May whispered. The rain stopped immediatly after she said those three words.

    "Well that's a little akward" Ash responded.

    "Why?" May asked.

    "Because I love you too" Ash said and smiled. Pikachu smiled in agreement.

    "Your not lying are you?" May asked.

    "Does this prove I'm lying to you?" Ash asked May and pulled a little black box out of his pocket.

    "What is that?" May asked. Ash opened the box and inside was two pairs of blue earings.

    "I meant to give them to you earlier but you weren't home" Adh replied sheepishly.

    "Oh" May responded.

    "I picked them out because they match your eyes" Ash told her. May smiled aqt the compliement.

    "Oh..I have a present for you too" May said simply.

    "What's that?" Ash asked. May kissed him passionately immediatly after he asked and they were holding each other close.

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    Default Re: Tears In The Rain (advanceshipping oneshot)

    That's cute! Are there two oneshots here, cause if you split it at the word single and "hey norman" it's two. I just couldn't tell because it looks like one.

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    Default Re: Tears In The Rain (advanceshipping oneshot)

    Awesome its people like you who make advance shipping look good xD
    I am Rambo.

    So far so good with this team :)

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    Default Re: Tears In The Rain (advanceshipping oneshot)

    Your grammar could be better, but nice plot overall.

    And you know it's good when a POKESHIPPER praises your ADVANCESHIPPING fic.

    BTW< love the title.


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