(100% by Glory Blaze)

"There he is," whispered one of the knights, pointing to a gold and white figure. The team Commander peered around the boulder he was hiding behind and gave the signal to attack. He vaulted over the rock and drew his Electroblade, pressing the flat edge against the soldier's neck. A blue spark of electricity ran down the blade, shocking the target and sending him into convulsions before he could react. The other three Knights ran to the uncouncious Soldier of Light and began trussing him up. The commander stood to the side and pushed a button on his helmet's head set, radioing in to base.

"Commander Raulen, reporting in. We've got the Soilder in custody, heading back to base.

"Good job, Raulen. We'll have to see about getting you promoted when you return."

"Yes sir, Genral, thank you very much sir." Raulen whirled around to face his small squad.

"We're heading home!" This brought up a great cheer from the men. who'd been away from the Sanctum for over a week and were getting tired of MREs. "Let's head back to port."

* * *

Raulen leapt over the edge of the ship onto the sand of the beach. He made a visor out of his hand and peered into the steamy jungle.

"You! Cyere! You're with me!" A young Knight leapt onto the beach and snapped a salute.

"Sir, yes sir!" he belted out.

"Right. We're looking for fruit and game to restock the ship. You head along the shore for coconuts while I go into the jungle and see if I can find us some meat." Cyere ran off toward a cluster of palm trees while Raulen headed into the shade of the trees. He almost immediately found tracks in the moist, sandy dirt. He bent down to examine them.

"Clawed. A single sharp point on each leg. Very heavy. Reptilian or insectoid. Giant centipede if I'm lucky. Everybody loves centipede meat, and there's usually leftovers." He began following the tracks into the forest. It became dark and gloomy as trees blotted out the sun. The thick, humid air was getting hard to breathe, and the chirping of what seemed like hundreds of birds he couldn't see was beginning to drive Raulen crazy. Suddenly he heard a rustling sound to his left. He spun around and whipped out his Bowie knife, his favorite weapon. The rustling came again, this time to his right. Then again. And again. The sound was coming from all around him when the floor beneath his feet gave way. He barely caught a glimpse of the huge insect's spiked carapace and gnashing teeth before it rocketed out of it's burrow. He felt a sharp pain in his left wrist as a spike sliced into it. The last thing he saw was the beast's open maw. Then everything went black...

GB: Hey guys, it's
Glory Blaze. This is my IRL friend Anopa's first written work and I'm co-authoring it with him. It's about "Aranthor, an original world with some nfluences from World of
Warcraft, LEGO BIONICLE, and League of Legends. I'll be posting a guide to this world in the AA soon, but for now, just enjoy the epic(Which is what we call written works on BIONICLE forums)