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    Default A Tale of Alegria (One Shot)

    Ash and co. and the Brocklings


    "A Tale of Alegria"

    "Brock?" a brown haired girl asks as she strolls into a bed room, where an older boy with similar features to her is reading a book.

    "Hm?" the boy asks as he marks his place in the spy adventure he is reading.

    "I have a problem about the school's culture festival, and thought you could help." the girl explains as she joins her brother on the bed. "See, each class has been assigned a country from around the world, and we have to research that country--its culture, its food, its folklore, and so on. Our class is doing Mexico--so we thought you could portray your mariachi dancer persona, dance, and sing some Spanish songs, and maybe narrate the play we're doing."

    "I'd be happy to play Señor Alegria, my dear Terra." Brock smiles. "I'll even add Paradaisu in as an encore if the play goes over well."

    "Well, my teacher knows about the character, but has never actually seen you perform in character." Terra continues. "So I want to make a demo tape of what you might do in character."

    "Okay, let me get into costume while you find the video camera." Brock assures his sister as he climbs off the bed.

    Some minutes later...

    "Señor Alegria audition tape, take 1!" Terra calls before readying the camera. A black haired boy presses "PLAY" on a CD player and covers his ears--Brock's playful screams have been known to be loud.

    A triumphant G chord fills the room before Brock, now in full Paradaisu attire, dances out to the Mexican Hat Dance with a loud yet playful high pitched "AH-ah-HAH!", startling a black haired girl.

    "What in the world...?" the girl asks as Brock continues cavorting around the room all the while.

    "Terra asked Brock to portray his Paradaisu persona for the culture festival, Dawn." the boy explains, wincing every time Brock does a triumphant war cry or playful scream.

    "Ash, I'm surprised he hasn't lost his voice from all that screaming." Dawn muses as Brock strikes a playful pose on the final chord of the song.

    "It takes practice to do this kind of scream." Brock assures his housemates before unleashing a high pitched siren like scream.

    "Ole!" an older man with slightly graying brown hair smiles in agreement as he passes by the room.

    Terra, meanwhile, is giggling at the recorded performance. "You did great!"

    "You won't even need a mic!" Ash agrees."You'd be heard clear across the school." Brock just smiles and takes a bow as a yellow mouse creature applauds.

    "Pi-yi-yi-yiiiii-ka!" the mouse creature screeches, as if trying to mimic Brock's playful screaming.

    "As for our play..." Terra gives Brock a script. "This is the basic script, but in keeping with your persona, you can improvise if you want.

    "Do you have a role in this play?" Brock asks, still in character.

    "Yes--I play Iris, an enchanted bird with a secret." Terra replies. "You to get to have fun helping my friends narrate the story."

    "With all that screaming, I actually want to see this!" Ash laughs. Dawn smiles too--this play she has to see!

    A few weeks later...

    "And now, representing Mexico, Miss Yamada's class gets some help from a special guest in telling the tale of 'Diego and the Cornn Thief'. an emcee at the main stage announces to the applause of the audience.

    "Here we go, Brock's debut!" Dawn smiles.

    Some Mexican music begins and Brock's familiar playful scream is heard offstage as he leads a crowd of three boys and three girls in Mexican attire, all playing various instruments, onto the stage. "Hola, todos!" Brock calls to the crowd in character.

    "That means 'Hi, everybody!' one of the girls translates, making some people laugh.

    "Como estan todos hoy?" Brock asks in Spanish.

    "That means 'How is everybody today?'" the girl translates, making the audience cheer.

    "Ay, chica, I can speak English too, you know." Brock retorts before addressing the crowd. "Such a fine crowd! I am a traveling cuentista known only as Señor Alegria to all I meet--because my tales of Mexico bring laughter and smiles to all that come to listen. Today, I came with my little grupo..." he smiles, gesturing to the group of children. "to tell you a new tale I learned from a passing Starly one day."

    "We call it..." a boy interjects.

    "'Diego and the Cornn Thief'!" the children chorus over a 'Ta-da!' stinger and playful scream from Brock as the curtain opens on a set of a Mexican hacienda before the lights go down again, save for spotlights on Brock and the small chorus.

    "You see, many, many years ago in Mexico, where the mountains are taller than anyone else..." Brock interjects, making a form in the air for emphasis. "And the skies are bluer than anything else..."

    "And the sun is hotter than anywhere else..." a boy interjects as he fans himself, to some laughter.

    "Yes, that too." Brock continues while wiping feigned sweat from his brow without missing a beat. "There was once a rich farmer."

    Another 'Ta-da!' stinger plays as a boy portraying a Mexican farmer walks on the stage and waves to the crowd. "Let's call him Señor Vargas, okay?" Brock tells the crowd. "As I said before, our friend Señor Vargas was muy rico."

    "Very rich." the first girl translates.

    "He had a fine herd of Tauros..." Brock continues as he nearly dances around the stage naming each item as it is revealed to the audience. "A strong adobe house, a grove filled with Berry trees, but most importantly, a field filled with Cornn Berries." A 'Ta-da!" stinger plays as the lights come up on the corn field section of the set, to some applause. "Why, he had Cornn for tacos..." he muses, tossing some prop tacos into the audience. "Cornn for tortillas...tamales...tostadas...enchiladas..." He tosses props of each food into the audience as he names them. "Ay! I am getting hungry just telling you about it!" he adds. "Did I mention Señor Vargas was rico?" The audience laughs and cheers. "But I am straying from the story...Señor Vargas also had three sons...the eldest was named Juan..."

    Yet another 'Ta-da!' stinger plays as the lights come up on a boy clad in Mexican attire, lying in a hammock, "asleep". "Que perezoso, that Juan..." Brock muses. He then unleashes a loud scream, but the boy doesn't budge. "Juan could even sleep through my gritos!" he comments, making laughter waft through the crowd. "Next, there was the middle son, who was named Pedro."

    There is a brief pause as the audience waits for a sound effect."Ta da!" Ash and Dawn chorus, to some laughter.

    "I only told the sound man to wait to see if you all were paying attention." Brock deadpans, trying his hardest not to laugh and break character himself. The audience laughs and applauds before Brock repeats his line. "Next, there was the middle son, who was named Pedro."

    The 'Ta-da!' stinger plays on cue as another boy in Mexican attire appears, this one stroking his hair and an elaborate fake mustache. "Pedro was strong, handsome, and a little vain." Brock narrates. "But he was pretty popular with the chicas!" Dawn's laughter is the loudest at this joke, as she and Ash know the irony Brock has with girls. "And finally, there was the youngest son, who was named Diego."

    The 'Ta-da!' stinger plays a third time as a boy clad in slightly less elaborate Mexican attire walks onstage and waves to the crowd. "Unlike his brothers, Diego was wise beyond his years, and was very kind to all he met." Brock narrates as he walks over to stage right to examine the action onstage. "One day, Señor Vargas came to the Cornn field and examined his crop--the first row was beautiful and yellow, as Cornn should be."

    "Ah!" the boy playing Señor Vargas agrees as he "examines" a prop Cornn plant.

    "The second row was also beautiful and yellow, as Cornn should be." Brock narrates.

    "Ah ah!" the boy playing Señor Vargas agrees as he examines another prop Cornn plant.

    "But the third row had no beautiful and yellow kernels--it had somehow been picked clean!" Brock narrates as the boy playing Señor Vargas balks at some prop dead Cornn plants.

    "Oh no, someone has taken the Cornn!" the boy playing Señor Vargas panics as Brock's and the chorus' spotlights blink off, prompting the boys playing the sons to dash to his side. "Listen, my sons..."

    "We hear you, Papa..." the boys playing the sons reply.

    "Someone has stolen the Cornn from the field--one of you must catch the thief!" the boy playing Señor Vargas explains. "The one that does will personally receive a million pesos."

    "But I don't want any pesos at all, Papa!" the boy playing Diego protests. "Just seeing your Cornn safe is a reward on its own!"

    "But you are merely the youngest, while I am the oldest son!" the boy playing Juan retorts before addressing the boy playing Señor Vargas. "I will go, Papa--next week." he adds with a yawn.

    "But next week there will be no Cornn at all!" the boy playing Señor Vargas protests.

    "Mañana, then..." the boy playing Juan replies as he starts towards the hammock.

    "No, tonight!" the boy playing Señor Vargas yells before shoving a toy bow and some toy arrows into the boy playing Juan's hands.

    "All right, all right, tonight." the boy playing Juan sighs as he trudges offstage.

    Brock and the chorus reappear in their spotlights as the set changes to a desert scene. "And so, Juan set out to catch the thief, just as the sun sank below the mountains." he narrates as the lights go down low to mimic nighttime.

    "It was a lovely night for traveling..." a girl comments.

    In the audience, Dawn watches Juan's encounter with a Lotad with a smile. "Brock's doing wonderful!"

    "I know--his rambling narration is half the fun!" Ash agrees as he stifles laugher at the boy playing Juan chasing a Lotad puppet.

    After watching the boy playing Pedro negotiate with the Lotad a few scenes later, a guitar riff gets Dawn's attention. "It's Terra's scene!" Sure enough, oohs and ahs are heard as Terra, now clad in an elaborate bird-like costume, dances onto the stage.

    "I hear wings..." the boy playing Pedro comments before spotting Terra dancing. "A bird! A lovely bird at that." Terra just proceeds to snatch a prop Cornn stalk. "Oh no you don't!" with that, he fires one of the toy arrows, making gasps waft through the crowd as Terra feigns being injured--but then she feigns laughter and tosses a feather from her costume at the boy playing Pedro before dancing offstage.

    "Terra looks cool in that costume..." Ash agrees.

    "But what could the bird's secret be?" Dawn muses as onstage, Señor Vargas and the other boys berate Pedro.

    "Señor Alegria should tell us the answer." Ash assures Dawn as he turns his attention back to the stage.

    "And so, Diego set out on the third night, which is always the magic night in Mexico." Brock narrates as the boy playing Diego walks across the desert scene. "And just like his brothers, Diego found the Lotad under a rock..."

    Dawn laughs at the conversation between Diego and the Lotad. "They're all doing great."

    "Pity they didn't get a tale with a trumpet in it..." Ash sighs. "I would've loved to help out..." Gasps from the crowd snap him from his conversation as Terra is shrouded in smoke and lights to be revealed in a rainbow Mexican dancer costume--it turns out that Iris is actually a princess turned into a bird, and Diego had broken the spell!

    "And so, with the Lotad's help, Diego and la princesa Iris were married..." Brock concludes the story.

    "But you know how we celebrate a happy ending in Mexico?" a girl asks the crowd. Cheers come up in reply, but Ash and Dawn cover their ears--they know what is coming next.

    "Fiesta!!!" the chorus cheers as they enthusiastically play their instruments over another triumphant cry from Brock. Some mariachi music cuts on and the crowd claps as the cast returns to the stage for a dance and to take bows. The biggest ovation, however, is reserved for Brock as the song concludes.

    Terra finds Ash and Dawn in the crowd as some in the audience begin to depart. "How'd I do?"

    "You did great, Terra..." Dawn replies as she hugs Terra.

    "Although, where did Brock get to?" Terra wonders as a soft guitar melody and waves begin playing over the stage's speakers.

    "Paradaisu in three...two...one..." Ash muses as a samba riff begins and Brock re-appears onstage to the roar of the crowd.

    La-la-la, la la la, it is so wonderful!
    La-la-la, la la la, letters of love and joy!
    La-la-la, and it is, la-la-la,
    And it is...
    Brock sings as he cavorts across the stage.

    Terra just laughs as Brock continues performing "Paradaisu". "I think Señor Alegria needs to return next year for sure!"

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