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    **Please leave comments and critiques**

    To clarify this: Content in the following stories can potentially go up to mature level (due to gore and coarse language), but not all of it. Each story I will post here will have a warning message above them if they contain some unpleasant descriptions, so don't read if you're not into that kind of violence. This is all for entertainment purposes only and it is not aimed to be offensive.

    You may provide constructive criticism in here, but please do not go as far as downright insulting the stories. I do not tolerate the unwanted and rude commentaries. If you have a problem with these stories, either don't read or speak to me privately. I will post one story each day so that any reader here can progress sparingly. Please enjoy the writings of mine and those of other collaborators.


    Written By: Shadowwolf
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    Why... why would most creatures of this realm rely on violence to resolve the world's problems? From what I had seen, something sinister should befall the world... I feared it, the ultimate destruction of the land. I dreaded that day... the ultimate demise of sentient life. The end is nigh.

    And there I was, a world cleared of the presence of humans but torn apart by the madness of the local Pokémon; a region that was previously tranquil, but had plunged into devastation. From across the lands, Pokémon had been mysteriously undergoing a transformation. This strange new turn in evolution seemed to be caused by an ominous force known as Shadow Energy. This strange phenomenon gave rise to Shadow Alakazam, who commanded an entire swarm of Shadow Pokémon in which his goal was to assimilate the world into darkness. He was once a wise and peaceful psi, but no more. Of all the characters I came across, why was it him who transformed? Could it be a hidden personal ambition? To make things worse, a legion of proud Dragon Pokémon, calling themselves the Blackclaw Dragoons, opposed his rule but they would not do so for benevolent reasons. Their desires were to seize ALL territory and control the residents to do their bidding. Why had these creatures been insisting on unwanted carnage, when there was already so much grief?

    Those who survived and escaped the darkness were the Peacekeepers. As a response to the upcoming war, they formed an army of valiant Pokémon who were willing to give their lives to protect their homelands and families. The Sol Council controlled the decisions of the Peacekeepers... however, they blamed me; for it was I who represented misfortune and disaster to all; for I was an Absol, unloved by all and scorned from battle. I was dubbed as the Oracle of Disaster, the Dark Angel of the Apocalypse. I wished to fight for the sake of ending the conflict, but they saw me as bad luck to their cause. And so, I had been wandering across the unknown, searching for a niche in this ashen world. No longer should I rely on the aid of others for my own goals.

    Each day grew darker. The forces of nature were brought into a chaotic state, due to the rise of Shadow Pokémon and so the weather became another powerful enemy. Somewhere in this land, a storm was tearing away the flesh of the innocent. Rain shot down like blades, the winds ripped away the earth, the thunder's force was tremendous enough to even make the electric Pokémon shudder in fright. Close by, a blizzard should have struck. I had pitied the foolish souls that dared to venture through it, for none should escape the retribution of the dark ones. And likewise, I had pitied the Dragoons martyring themselves against the Shadow Pokémon in the name of their so-called pride. Destructive and weak-minded they were, in the sense that they were wasting the natural resources they burned, and suffocating their own race. Why should it end like this, because someone had the audacity to imbalance the natural state?

    The way to salvation is sealed away. The sun's light had failed its duty to repel the darkness, moonlight vanished in the fog of war; the seas raged, their wrath unbound... the balance of Order and Chaos was faltering... something was amiss. There was another force causing this, there must be. I must destroy it... I must find it... I must... kill it... unveil yourself, demon! I must find it... even if my own end was nigh.
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    That was really good. I personally love stories told through a Pokémon's eyes, even if it could be for just a chapter or prologue. There were no mistakes that I could spot, and it really makes the read entertaining. The prologue also has a very nice flow and pacing. It's too early to make a decision about the characters or the plot, but so far, it seems pretty good.

    Keep it up.

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    To be fair, this has been pre-written. Well, technically, this is a re-write of the original prologue I had written over three years ago... which didn't sound as good. Yep, it's that old. So the prologue is good, huh? Excellent, I want it to catch people's attention. And thanks for the comments.

    I want to make another note. Many of the following stories after the prologue are quite old and not re-written... so some of them may not be as good. As long as you can follow what's going on, I'm sure they will suffice for now. Personally, I tend to use a lot of "script dialogue" to make conversations simple and don't require to be superseded by the word "said" all the time...

    I'll post the followup story later tonight. I just want a bit of time to pass.
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    Default Re: Stray

    I like the opening. It sets up the stage perfectly for a dark, gritty post-apoc world.

    On a side note, is this "PMD-like"?
    What are the Legendaries really like? Find out in The Life of the Legendaries

    Humans and pokémon no longer live in harmony. Hear their tales in The Poké Wars Chronicles: Tales From A World At War

    Cynthia once had it all: powerful pokémon, fame and hordes of adoring fans. But Ho-oh's campaign tears her life asunder. Now to survive this deadly new world, she must do the one thing that she never wanted: kill. Follow her trials through a world at war in Poké Wars: Downfall of a Champion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakon View Post
    I like the opening. It sets up the stage perfectly for a dark, gritty post-apoc world.

    On a side note, is this "PMD-like"?
    To some extent regarding taking the role of a Pokémon... but not even close as of now. No mystery dungeon has been mentioned in the whole story so far. I was thinking of perhaps making a post based on the Mystery Dungeon games as some sort of tribute... but I have no ideas on how to implement this just yet. For one, I'm going to have to explain where a mystery dungeon came from besides the reason "it just randomly appeared".

    So, here's the official "first story". This is a rewrite of the original, and to be honest... there aren't many significant changes besides more details added in, more sophisticated vocabulary and a slightly edited battle scene.
    ==================================================================================================== ==
    Chapter 1 - Awakening

    Current Narrator: Absol
    Written By: Shadowwolf
    Time: A gray morning
    Location: Unknown fields, near the border of a desolate forest
    **WARNING: Strong language and gore
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    Another quiet morning... why am I not surprised? I scoffed to myself. The self-induced sarcasm amused me. Why would I be surprised, knowing that this miserable world was stuck in the eye of peril for quite a while? Before me, the decrepit woods lied silently in their former glory; there was no sound except for the ones made by brown gnarled leaves blowing away. I gazed at the blackened morning sky, the sun's beauty corrupted by diabolical storm clouds. A bolt of lightning penetrated the darkness with a mild flash, followed by a tremendous explosion of thunder. Through the heavy wind, I listened carefully to my surroundings. Sadly, the woods offered me no assurance of life; no shrieks of terror in response to the thunder, no muttering in angst, not a single peep. True to my intuition, there was no one here and what was left here would die away completely soon.

    'Twas a typical overgrown forest with leaves and vines blocking my path, or at least that might have been what an older timer would say. Walking through this place somehow made me feel nostalgic, but I couldn't honestly say why. I had once lived a sheltered life at a village under Peacekeeper jurisdiction and I had no memory prior to that, and then I spent the rest of my few living years in the wild. Every ally I had known eventually came to betray me, some of them turning to the very creatures I hated to this day: the Shadow Pokémon. I spent my time now pursuing a particularly powerful Shadow, a mage known as Shadow Alakazam. I felt that his existence in this world was the main reason I lived this way now, for it was he who had fed the war paranoia by sending his legions of mindless and abominable monsters to ravage homes. Not only would I do the world a favor by defeating him, vengeance would be mine. This forest shouldn't even be so much a reminder to me, and yet this deep yearning inside me seemed to grow in size.

    I inspected the area, expecting at least one creature to be around. In a grand forest such as this, I would have hoped to see one insect... The other thing I noticed something awry here was that I had yet to even see a body, but this rotting scent was fixed. When I turned to walk over to an empty path, I noticed something on the road. It was a sickly green object shaped like a crescent moon. By then, I realized this odor was being emitted from this thing. It held a rather thick but flaky texture, there were holes on the sides as if they designated where eyes were supposed to be, there were claw marks around it peeling off part of the skin and there was a big gaping hole in the middle. It was a Metapod. The hole held some thick, sludge-like fluids inside, suggesting to me that someone had plucked the poor thing off clear from its shell... and not too long ago too. I scratched the surface of it with my claws, finding that it was as hard as stone. "You must have been desperate to live," I whispered into thin air. "No one was here to move you to someplace safe and you were at the mercy of the one who did this to you... Sleep now." Feeling uncomfortable and disgusted, I left it behind and continued my serene walk across the forest.

    The trees seemed to be getting darker with the leaves curling up more acutely as I traveled. I suspected that it was only a matter of time before everything, including the trees here, would dissolve away. What does it matter anyway? I thought to myself. It is inevitable for this place to be annihilated by disaster. Even the Blackclaw Dragoons don't give two flying shits about it and will just burn down this place for fun. After a disturbing trek, I finally found an exit to this place. I followed where dim rays of the sun were shining and came across another dead field. The grass itself was a sludge-like brown color and emanated a disgusting scent. Ugh... this place REEKS of death. I scanned the empty fields of brown plain, hoping to find some directive. Suddenly, I heard a moan from a distance. I walked over to the source and spotted an injured Pokémon: round body covered in vanilla-colored fur, sets of two hands and two feet, and a snout on its face that seemed to be out of place. A Mankey. I advanced in closely.

    Absol: "Speak to me. What did this to you?"

    I seemed to have startled him, judging by his light gasp.

    Mankey: "R-run... away..."

    He gestured his hand as if he didn't want me to come any closer. At a short inspection, I noticed that his open, bloody wounds were emitting some light dark fog.

    Mankey: "T-they... came... neighbors... ran..."
    Absol: "Who came? The Shadow Pokémon?"

    The fallen primate struggled to nod his head.

    Mankey: "Y-yes... but you must go... now!"
    Absol: "I'm afraid I cannot do that. I'm not leaving you here to become one of them. I'm taking you elsewhere myself."
    Mankey: "But... my h-h-home..."

    He started to sob lightly but I paid little mind to it.

    Absol: "Your home is destroyed. Get up."
    Mankey: "No..."
    Absol: "Get up or I will end your pain here."
    Mankey: "No...! Leave me alone!"
    Absol: "Not unless you let go of your worry. There is no one here besides the two of us, but I can guarantee you that moving away from here will save your life."
    Mankey: "It's too late... leave me... go... before... AGH!"

    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    Black smoke suddenly shot out of his wounds. A black aura devoured the warrior and raged like an inferno. Mankey's cries were agonizing to the ears and traumatizing to the heart. The area seemed to distort around me. In the depths of my mind, I could hear a child's scream synchronizing with his and then I found myself screaming as well. Damn it, make it stop... When the screaming did stop, he stood up and glared at me. His wounds just vanished and left behind visible scars. The creature cackled madly and grunted dully.

    Mankey: "G-go... away!

    He zipped towards me and smashed his open hand against my ribs. I yelped out, but soon he prepared another Karate Chop with his other hand. I backed away quickly to dodge it, resulting in the Mankey sinking into a tantrum. Another innocent life consumed by the tainted darkness, I thought. He had his chance. I'll end his misery. I watched carefully as he circled me with his hands seemingly to be grasping nothing but air.

    Mankey: "Y-you... must DIE!"

    He swiped at me again, this time with his claws, but I blocked the attack with my horn. He flinched and screamed like a lunatic, holding out his bleeding hand. He roared at me, seething in pain.

    Mankey: "I WILL KILL YOU!"
    Absol: "Heh. You're making a big mistake, friend. I fought your kind countless times and frankly, I'm not impressed. A Shadow will not take my life easily. The corrupt darkness can only do so much to a demon like me. Sorry, but I say you have overstayed your welcome in this world."
    Mankey: "T-tough t-talk... w-weakling..."

    He shook his hand and splattered blood all over the ground.

    Absol: "Hahaha... look at you. You can barely form a sentence. You've lost your mind."
    Mankey: "Grah... GRAH!"
    Absol: "I had enough of this. I live to see another day to see this war through, and today you are destined to be among the innocent casualties."

    As his body was flinching erratically, I took the opportunity to attack. I slashed at his belly area, leaving a deep gash behind, and backed away quickly in anticipation of a counterattack. He just took the attack head on, and laughed insanely.

    Absol: "What the hell is so damn funny?"
    Mankey: "Hehehe... hahaha! T-that is a lur... lame excusssse of an at-tah-hah-ack!"

    He trembled violently with a crazed look in his eyes, all bloodshot and twitchy. I was getting annoyed. Fine. That's enough screwing around.

    Absol: "Not good enough for you, huh? You asked for it. Swords Dance."

    I circled my neck around and concentrated stored energy into my horn, which began to expel a faint glow. A burning sensation reached through my head, and just like that I felt ready to deliver the finishing blow.

    Mankey: "O-oh-ho-ho no you d-don't!"

    He crossed his arms together and took speed towards me, babbling incoherently. I grinded my teeth and gave an assuring grin to my target. Then, I moved back as he diverged his arms in a cross-like pattern, hitting nothing but air.

    Absol: "Begone!!!"

    I showed him no mercy. I rammed straight into him and delivered a Megahorn attack, a clean hit straight through the gut. "Urgh..." He groaned and shook violently, his body feeling stiffer. I held my breath, suppressing the thought of letting him live... but I knew I couldn't. I then pulled the blade out from his body. He collapsed to the ground as his black blood poured out from the hole in his stomach...

    Mankey: "AGGGGHH!!! OWAAAGH!!!"

    Mankey's body flailed about as his dark aura grew in size. Slowly, his fingers turned into gray ash and flickered off his body. Slowly, his whole body was changing into pale gray and waned. His screams died out into a faint echo as the dark aura reached its climax, the ashes scattering about followed by a sound of an air rush. Finally, there was nothing but blood stains on the grass... the only proof of his existence. Farewell.

    It was a pitiful moment. I should be rejoicing to be doing such a favor to cleanse the world, but the Mankey simply looked too young to face such an end. Many like him didn't deserve such a fate. The victims of this "Shadow Energy"... they were bound to madness and evil. When defeated as a Shadow Pokémon, they would reach the end of their existence. Their own darkness would tear away at their carcasses, leaving dust flowing in the wind. Such a cruel demise, but it was all necessary. Fairness, in general, had abandoned this dying world. Why should we live to suffer in this forsaken land, where violence was the answer?

    All this thinking made me feel nauseous. The fiery pain on my ribs burned freshly, so I settled myself into a lying position. I slowly rolled over to the other side of my body, waiting for the storm to begin. The sun was finally obscured and rain poured down in light drops. Even the rain felt as if it was lifeless, so chilling. Another morning of the search ended... another life ended... another day of my life became drenched in darkness. I couldn't take anymore for today. I stared at the lifeless plains, which quickly began to form small puddles. I was at a loss; would staying alive at this point eventually bear fruit? I could only hope that there was no other monster out there to finish me while I was at rest. As I lied there, the migraine settled in and my vision grew weaker. A sudden darkness blinded me... blurring my sight, supported by the heavy rain... the field started to distort... The last thing I remembered... a loud thunder sounded, and the world faded away... at that moment I was dead to the world.
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    Hmm, I'm not getting as much criticism as I'm expecting. Does this topic's rating prohibit certain users from visiting it? Or maybe it's because this topic gets smothered under a sea of topics? What do you think?
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    Hmm... I guess I'll keep trying. I wish I could merge my own posts though.
    ==================================================================================================== ==

    Current Narrator: Abra
    Written By: Luiaard
    Time: Noon
    Location: Psi Village

    I was born one week ago. I hardly came to meet this world, because I was already burdened with a mission. The Elder had a vision of me, for I was the one who would stop this all, bring peace back to the world. Yes, I was "the Chosen." Dialga himself arrived in a vision of the Elder, giving him this news... or so they had said. I had believed he was just an old fool, taking away my freedom, only because of a stupid dream.

    Since my birth they'd been trying to train me, reach into my hidden powers, but I laughed at their attempts. I just teleported away once they found me, and I was much faster than they were. I would rather spend time exploring this whole new world; there was just so much beauty in it, which no one seemed to realize. They just lived their lives, blind to the overwhelming beauty, covering their eyes because the light of the sunlight was too harsh for them. And they're supposed to be the smartest Pokémon of all. I often asked them why we even participated in this war. The Peacekeepers didn't want us, they're biased as they believed this dark plague had begun at our kind. So why should we still help those fools? Let them rot in their own stupidity.

    Today, yet another day. I found something interesting yesterday, which I wanted to study. I'd been woken up again to continue my training, but screw them. I just teleported. This thing I found yesterday was a tree. Others would laugh at me for finding a tree so interesting, but they were blind to this beauty. Unlike the other trees in this forest, this one seemed special. It looked special, it felt special. Like I had a connection to it, he's talking to me, describing things that he had learned in all the thousands of years that he'd been here. No words or telepathic communication, no, he spoke with true words: emotions. Another day of enjoying the beauty of this world. The feelings of beauty and perfection brought me into a state of trance. I sat here all day, in meditation, enjoying the life that I'd been gifted by our dear Arceus.

    Hours passed in this deep meditation. I was one with the world, one with life itself, until my trance was violently broken by a huge roar that startled me. My heart was bouncing quickly, as I focused my senses to discover where the sound came from. I could hear wings, growls, and an explosive burst of flames, coming from... the village! My eyes instantly went wide open. I teleported to a platform on the big cliff above our village, from here I could see what was going on. I saw flames, a big Light Screen covering our village, and Psybeams targeted on two flying creatures: a Salamence and an Aerodactyl, sent by the Blackclaw Dragoons, to rampage our village.

    I saw several Kadabra defending our village. One part focused on holding up the Light Screen, successfully stopping the incoming Hyper Beams, Fire Blasts and Dragonbreaths; the other part tried to bring the two rampaging dragons down with Psybeams. But all the attacks missed, the two dragons had become too fast using their Agility. If only we had some stronger Pokémon in our village, but the only real powerful one seemed to be our Elder Alakazam. Thinking of him, I tried to spot him somewhere in this chaos of attacks. I spotted him, but what was he doing? He just sat there, in a deep meditation, doing absolutely nothing! I told you he's a fool!

    I was now looking at the two dragons again, trying to see if any Psybeam could hit them. But they stopped their beams and attacks... what are they up to? Suddenly, they turned in a full-speed dive, an orange/purple glowing surrounding them. They broke right through the Light Screen and made a full Giga Impact on two of the defending Kadabras. That's our weak spot. They're always saying the mind's stronger than the body; and well, see the result. With the two main defending Kadabras down and the others out of their focus because of the sudden attack, the Light Screen fell. What now?

    I looked at the Elder, seeing what he was doing. Still in meditation, but now something was happening. His whole body had a purple aura surrounding it. This was not only noticed by me, but apparently the Salamence had seen it too and took the opportunity now the Light Screen was down: He charged a heavy Hyper Beam and fired it at the Elder. A huge explosion erupted, smoke and dust everywhere. Yet the Elder seemed to have not even moved, and his body was glowing in the same blinding light as the Hyper Beam that hit him. The light seemed to focus to the front, firing back a Hyper Beam twice the size of the first. Mirror Coat. I'd heard of this move. Salamence, still recharging from his last attack, got fully hit by the beam and crashed down on the earth. Aerodactyl, being distracted by this sudden turn of action, got hit by a Psybeam. There was no chance of winning left for the two dragons. The devastated Aerodactyl flew to the Salamence, grabbed his neck and tail with both claws, and fled. Victory!

    I decided to teleport back to the village, now that it's safe again. The wounded were being healed, the damage to the village recovered. The Elder called me. I must follow him inside his house. I seemed to be not the only one he called. Next to me were my training masters; one of the most powerful Kadabra in this village, and two other Kadabra which I had known to be very strong.

    Elder: "This cannot continue this way. The time for training and preparing is over, we must act now! I summoned you all here to finish this for once and for all. You two!"

    He pointed at the other two Kadabra.

    Elder: "You are the strongest attacker, and you the strongest defender of our village. You will find out the lair of the Blackclaw Dragoons and stop this madness. And you, you will do what Dialga has foretold you to do. Your master shall guide you in the journey to meet our once great leader, who has fallen to the will of the Shadows. You are the only one able to defeat him. Now go."

    And here, this day, started my journey. For some this would be the only light in the darkness, but for me this was the beginning of my end. I would never be able to come out of this alive, and the world would have fallen anyway. I was the Chosen? No, absolutely not. False hope, that's what I was.
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    Current Narrator: Eevee
    Written By: Akina
    Time: A cold afternoon
    Location: A snow-covered field

    I trudged on slowly, almost buried under the harsh blizzards. I knew it was here somewhere, the stone that would let me evolve. I couldn't protect myself from the world as an Eevee. The black clouds loomed overhead, dropping the darn chill upon me. As far as the eye could see, there were only blankets of snow slowly piling up. I sighed, my breath felt so warm... I knew I shouldn't have strayed so far from the mountains where I could easily make shelter. I was too hasty, and now I were to die for it. I began to dig in the snow, slowly creating a tiny burrow. My paws felt numb and frozen as I dug, but there were fates much worse. I had to survive, I had to evolve, all for the sake of vengeance. The wind howled above me and I shivered as another gale of cold was sent my way.

    Eventually my little 'bed' was complete. I slowly moved myself in, being careful to not accidentally cave in; no, I could not simply allow that to happen. Painfully slow, I worked myself in, holding my breath. I exhaled, I made it with no misfortunes. I curled up inside shivering.

    It was still cold, but at least I was safe, for now. I felt my breath upon my paws, so warm, I would soon lose this warmth within me when I obtain what I want. I sleepily shut my eyes, then quickly jerked awake. I couldn't fall asleep now, I needed to make sure I would survive this snowstorm. I forced my eyes open, but slowly they began to close again. I couldn't take the chance, I could take no chances. There was no such thing as luck, there was only misery. As hard as I tried to keep awake, I finally dozed off, left vulnerable to the cruel world; a world which had nothing for me. It was doomed from the very beginning.

    I dreamed of a time of sunshine. The air was warm and lively with the cries of kits, and the glorious smells of food and the lush green forest surrounding us. My paradise was taken away from me. Faintly, I could see everyone's faces again. My tear froze against my face as the blizzard raged on. No joy in this world could ever last, pain and suffering were eternal.
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    Spellbinding. I love the descriptiveness and the profound feelings the characters have. The stage is set for an amazing post-apocalyptic story. Great job, keep it up ^.^

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    Current Narrator: Absol
    Written By: Shadowwolf
    Time: ???
    Location: ???

    This next story I wrote a while back is a bit messy, so please excuse the "script text".
    **WARNING: Strong language and gore
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    A beautiful forest shined radiantly within the mountainous terrain. Flocks of bird Pokémon soared freely in the sea-colored sky, unbound of the evils of the earth. The sea calmly washed ashore of the endless strips of sand. The herds of Slowpoke made their way to the beach, doing their daily routine to fish for food by dipping their tail into the bay. The forest was teeming with grass and bug Pokémon. The local Vileplume bathed in the sunlight as did many other leaf-covered neighbors. The psychics meditated in the deepest and most tranquil areas, away from the sunlight. A herd of Ponyta galloped across the great plains outside of the forest. The young infant Pokémon hatched out of their uniquely-patterned vessels and the more mature ones had gone hunting with their parents to learn the basics of survival. Everything was perfect. Nothing had corrupted Mother Nature. The terrain: rich with wildlife, no signs of death. Fresh fruit literally flowed down the rivers, delivering food to the local Pokémon. Everyone was friendly, greeting each other as if they were lifelong friends. More impressively, even the largest and fearsome Pokémon: Tyranitar, Salamence, Gyarados, Rhyperior... they were so awfully calm. Such a peculiar place... could this be... paradise? No words could describe how gorgeous this world was.
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    The sky, in an instant, suddenly turned black. Soon, an atmosphere of madness took place. This dream world immediately shattered like ice; the Pokémon wildly attacked each other and fought to the death. The most violent ones that had survived later developed an ominous dark aura around their bodies. Rain started to pick up at a rapid pace and the combination of the presence of powerful gales fabricated a mighty hurricane. The trees were torn from the earth, the rivers flooded the barren grounds, lightning shot down towards the ground, the once-fresh grass was set ablaze... it had become an absolute hell. A cry pierced the air...

    "Dad! Dad!" A small quadrupedal creature with white fur, black face and a black scythe-shaped horn tried to escape the chaos. "Dad!!!!" Out of nowhere, another Absol appeared before him in the ruins. "Dad?", the little Absol timidly asked. The larger Absol resembled a demon. His eyes glowed red, an aura surrounded his body, and he took an attacking stance and pointed his scythe at the young Absol. "NO!!! PLEASE!! DAD!! DAAAAAD!!!!!!" These words… they echoed in my head…
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    I woke up gasping for air, finding myself in an empty grayish field. Recovering from the traumatic occurrence, I sighed to myself and uttered...

    Absol: "Only another nightmare..."

    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    Strangely enough, it still felt like I was still in the nightmare. The sky was dark as usual, the wind blew with an eerie sound, the land remained lifeless. I didn't know how long I was out. As horrific as the dream was, it was the happiest dream I had after so long. This one dream's ending was not much different to where I was now. This world was indeed a nightmare after another. But this sudden display of paradise... what did it signify? I stood up and limped across the wind-blown plains. I could still feel my injuries from my previous engagement with the Shadow Mankey. What place must I be at now? Only fate could tell. I must follow my instincts and wipe out any Shadow Pokémon I could find. But wait... what's that in the sky?

    A most unusual scene in the gray... an Aerodactyl carrying a Salamence? But from the looks of it, the two had been confronted in a vigorous battle. On a slightly closer inspection, there were great burn marks around their bodies. The Aerodactyl's wing seemed to had staggered as it had trouble flying. The Aerodactyl shrieked and it came crashing down towards the earth. I made a quick reaction and proceeded to evade. A sickening thud followed and shook the ground. The two monsters were gasping for air.

    Absol: "Hmph, Blackclaws..."

    I observed them as their heads turned towards me.

    Aerodactyl: "Hahaha... I will never have expected something like you to appear here..."
    Salamence: "Bad luck itssself sshows itsss faccccccccceeee..."

    A rather unnecessary remark just before they were at death's forest... The Salamence's jaws were flooding with blood, making it spew out the warm red liquid with each hiss.

    Absol: "And I will never have expected to see two injured Dragoons limping out of nowhere. Tell me, what has given you those injuries?"
    Aerodactyl: "HAHAHA!!! We have devastated... *chokes*... the psi village. Their defenses have been broken down."
    Salamence: "They got ussss good... but our brethren will avenge usssss!"

    They engaged in gloating and weak laughter.

    Absol: "Hmph, such impudent creatures. A foolish way to die."
    Aerodactyl: "The Blackclaws shall have dominion over this world..."
    Salamence: "You will never ssee peacce again..."

    Suddenly, the Aerodactyl stopped moving. The crash must have shattered its bones. However, its comrade still held its gaze onto me.

    Salamence: "You sshall die with the resst of usss!!!"

    I knew what was coming...

    *Absol dives away from the blast*
    *Salamence shoots its Hyper Beam*

    A loud explosion erupted and headed straight towards the old forest I was previously in. In a second, it was set ablaze as I would have expected to see coming. When the thundering echo seceded, I took notice of the Salamence. Its neck was limp and blood continued to flow from its mouth, though more steadily. It was over for the both of them. Lovely. Something ugly to look at after having a grotesque nightmare. Just brilliant! Hopefully, this day would end fast. But it wouldn't… A snowflake dropped from the sky and I watched it touch the ground and melt away. Another floated down and melted as soon as it touched the barren ground. A snowstorm was coming. I could see it… and it would be rough…

    Looks like there would not be more Dragoons coming too soon. In my journeys, I discovered that the mysterious lifeforce known as Shadow Energy could affect the atmosphere, altering the weather patterns. The Dragoons couldn't stand the cold due to being cold-blooded creatures themselves. This reason was part of their agenda to destroy Shadow Pokémon, but why did these power-obsessed fanatics went as far as wiping out homes of other Pokémon? I couldn't say for sure but it was nothing to worry about for now. My goal was simply to wipe out Shadow Pokémon, whether once good or evil.

    Hmm... what's this lifeforce I was sensing? I felt a familiar demonic energy but a hollowed soul. It was almost as if… it was beckoning for me to come. Unusual but it was not too far away from here. I knew where to go next: move north and find the source of this. This could be a Shadow Pokémon but this character did not have the emotionless atmosphere as one. No, it had emotions though not happy ones. The snow on the ground thickened and I marched across the plains. It would be only a matter of time before I could not find any shelter within the mist.
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    Current Narrator: Abra
    Written By: Luiaard
    Time: Cloudy evening
    Location: Area close to the Psi Village
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    Master Kadabra: “First of all, I need to train you. Our kind is not the sort to travel, so I need to teach you a move that is pretty rare under us.”
    Abra: “Why can’t we just teleport?”
    Master Kadabra: “You can only teleport to places you know. I’ve never been to the place where Shadow Alakazam now resides, I only know the direction: follow death. The colder and darker it gets, the closer we are.”
    Abra: “So with which move are we gonna travel then?”
    Master Kadabra: “Agility. The same move as the two attackers on our village have used. If you have seen that, you should know how fast this move can make you.

    "I’ve learned this move from our Elder himself. He has studied many uncommon moves, he knows several moves that hardly any other of our kind knows. The Mirror Coat he has used to take down that Salamence for instance, there are hardly any other Alakazam that know that move as it is very hard for us to learn. The move uses a different power than our focus of mind is used to. You have to think in a very abstract way to use it.

    "Luckily, Agility is a move close to our kind of focus, so it’s not really hard to learn. We really only teach it for travels like these. In our village it will hardly be of any use, and our kind is already very fast from itself.”

    He sat down on the soft ground, in this quiet place. We were some miles out of the village already, and teleported here to be able to learn this move in silence before our real voyage begins.

    Master Kadabra: “Now sit down, relax all your muscles and your mind.”

    I sat down, and tried to bring myself in meditation.

    Master Kadabra: “You only seem to know Teleport. It is an instinctive move for our kind, as it has always been our best way to survive.

    But now you have to learn our secret to using psychic attacks, the thing I’ve tried to teach you all this week, but you have always been absent.”
    Abra: “I think I’m ready.”
    Master Kadabra: “The big secret to our power, to our manipulation to the world, is that the world exists partly in your mind. Everybody looks at the world in a different perspective, everybody is able to change the world with his or her influence. This can be done by actions, and even words can cause reactions strong enough to alter the world in a revolutionary way.

    "And so are thoughts. In your still young life, you may have already experienced things you may have wanted to do, but haven't dared to. When you still have tried it, yet hesitation and fear advise you not to, you will most probably fail. Fear is nature’s invention to warn us for approaching danger. It’s an instinct. But when you have mastered your mind like our kind does, you don’t need fear anymore to warn you.

    "So now let go all your fear, all the instinctive borders caging your mind, and know that this world can be set to your desires. Focus!”

    I was traveling... this world I’d never been to. This part of my mind had always been unknown. I had known it. The world was mine. I was nature, the earth, this whole universe.

    Master Kadabra: “Now know that your body is lighter, light as a feather. Hypnotize yourself to use it to your advantage. You are light as a feather, strong as a Machamp, fast as lightning. Become one with the wind.”

    I felt it through my whole body. I knew it, I was the wind, I was unstoppable. I opened my eyes, still deep in trance. I felt the wind blowing through the trees... And I knew I was faster.

    I psychically jumped up and followed the leaves blown by the wind. I dodged all trees easily, while moving through the forest like lightning through the sky. And I returned.

    Master Kadabra: “Good. Guess the wandering off at our previous trainings has still been rewarding. I will have thought it will take longer, but I see you have mastered your meditation skills very well already.”
    Abra: “So are we now ready to travel?”
    Master Kadabra: “Yes.”

    We both jumped up and just as we were moving to the path I heard something.

    Abra: “Wait…”

    The supersonic sound came closer, moving through the forest.

    Master Kadabra: “Scout.”

    Kadabra’s eyes turned blue. I saw a Vibrava coming through the bushes, flying towards the village. But suddenly he seemed to hit an invisible wall and crashed to the ground. Kadabra chuckled. The Vibrava flew up, angered by this disruption.

    Master Kadabra: “You see his wings? They are much longer than normal. These are special Blackclaw scouts, small enough to go unnoticed. But I guess this scout has an unlucky day.”
    Abra: “Haha. Okay, let’s finish him off.”
    Master Kadabra: “Consider it part of your training: The honor is all yours.”

    Kadabra surrounded himself in a big bubble, comfortably watching how I would go through this fight.

    Vibrava: “You shink thiz iz funneh? I’ll kill bofh uf you foh thiz!”
    Master Kadabra: “Show me what you’ve learned.”

    I started to focus, concentrating myself on self-esteem. I know I can easily outrun you. My body felt light, strong, fast to maneuver. Vibrava suddenly vanished. The fool. As if I couldn’t read a mind as simple as his. I knew he was using a Faint Attack. Vibrava appeared behind me. I already predicted this. He tried to hit me in the back, but I used Teleport, appeared right behind him, and used his own trick against him. I laughed as he fell down to the ground. It only made him more angry.

    Vibrava: “Yez, very funneh, wie’ll zee whu will laufh nah!”

    He started to flap his wings amazingly fast, then an ultrasonic sound wave penetrated my ears. I couldn’t stand the sound, make it stop! … where was I? I got hit in the back by a very painful blow and fell to the ground.

    Vibrava: “I told ya!”

    Why was he attacking me? Wait… right, the scout. I must defeat him! I tried to focus again, but it’s hard. The supersonic sound kept ringing in my head, even when it’s already gone. Be one with the world, this world's mine. I know I'm stronger than you, I thought to myself. But trying to gain my focus again, I got hit another time. Where did he come from? No, I couldn’t take this. This was my mind, I should be able to control it. I would no longer hear this sound!

    Vibrava appeared from my left side, but this time I was prepared. I teleported quickly when he tried to smash me. I was now right in front of him, six feet distance between us, and I looked him right into the eyes. You’re pathetic, you’re miserable, did you really think you can defeat me? I was one with nature, one with the earth, I had all the power to my side. I felt it. I felt the cold, the winter approaching, while the unprepared trees hadn’t even shed their leaves. Darkness was coming.

    Vibrava vanished again. So predictable… I felt the cold throughout my whole body, one with the earth, one with nature. One with cold. My hands seemed to be freezing, and as I opened my eyes I saw snowflakes falling rapidly. Like driven by the wind, they gathered around my hands. But I already knew that. I was fully prepared. Vibrava appeared again, from right behind, trying to be clever with his overused trick. Do not think you can outsmart me, I thought to myself. I turned around rapidly, as fast as the Agility allowed me to, and before he could even prepare his impact on me, I punched him right in the middle of his thin body. He crashed to a tree, and fell on the ground. No movement, he was frozen solid.

    Master Kadabra: “You please me with the results. You know how to control your mind effectively and you even surprise me with that Ice Punch. If there’s one thing Vibrava’s can’t stand, it is cold. Not many of our kind know that move, it’s more a thing for fighting types. But judging by the fighting lust I've just witnessed, it won’t surprise me if you have Hitmonchan’s blood running through your veins. Well done.”
    Abra: “Hmpf. Are we now ready to go?”
    Master Kadabra: “Ah yes, you’re right, we must hurry. Focus yourself, and let’s go north quickly to make an end to this plague. The darkness is already here."

    And I looked up to the sky. The moon seemed to hide itself, disgusted by the violence to come.
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    Current Narrator: Eevee
    Written By: Akina
    Time: Cloudy evening, closing in to early morning
    Location: Snow-covered forest
    **WARNING: Gore
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    I slowly woke up. Everything seemed so dark after my dream of sunshine. It's strange, I, the one born of ice, the one meant to shun the sun, actually... desired its warmth? No, it must be because I was still an Eevee. I climbed out of my burrow, welcomed by a sudden chill. I shivered. Grey clouds still covered the sky, snow softly falling. Suddenly, I realized how hungry I am. Nothing I could do now, nothing to eat. I tried to ignore the pain in my stomach as I began working my way through the endless valleys of snow.

    How many hours I walked for, I couldn't tell for sure. The whole time the clouds blotted out the sun, only letting enough light through to barely see my way. The vast fields of snow was also discouraging. I was beginning to wonder if I was doomed to walk endlessly on. Suddenly, the snow collapsed under my paws. "Whaaaaaaaaa!" I squealed as I was sent tumbling down the steep hill. Down and down, I tumbled roughly until I slammed directly into a dead tree.

    "Owie...", I murmured to myself, my back incredibly sore from the impact. I looked up and shivered. There were many Pokémon impaled upon the sharp blood drenched branches of this tree. I quickly took my gave off it. That's when I noticed the vast forest that opened up before me. Huge pine trees coated with glistening snow as far as the eye could see, it was quite beautiful, but I had no time for sightseeing. Sniffing the air for any other forms of life, I quickly screwed up my face in disgust. The smell of fresh blood was horrendous. It felt ominous being here, like something terrible could happen at any second. At that, I quickly dashed into the forested unknown.

    I ran far into the forest, anything to get away from that cursed tree. I paused. This was not the smartest thing to do. I quickly checked my surroundings, every tree looked exactly the same... it was distorting. I felt my heart beat faster. Calm down, it's all in your head, I kept telling myself. It was no use, my instincts were telling me something was definitely wrong here. That's when I spotted a lush blue color. I walked up to it.

    Oran berries. Just the sight of them lifted my spirits up. I plucked one from the bush and began chewing, but quickly spat it out. It tasted like metal, like... like blood. I stepped away from the bush. No, this forest was definitely cursed. I gotta get out of here! My emotions took control though. Instinctual fear rising, my heart pounding wildly. I got up and ran as fast as I could.

    "If I keep running straight, logically I have to get out of here eventually," I told myself again and again, running faster and faster. Running away from the emotions, I left out of control. I ran and ran and ran. I could feel a presence watching me, laughing at me, taunting me. I had nothing left to retaliate with, all I could do was what I seemed to be best at. Running. Then I noticed a bitten berry upon the ground, still leaking that horrendous red liquid.

    I felt the blood drain away from my face. I was running around in circles, but how? I kicked the berry away. I sat down. My heart was beating wildly still. My head clouded with ridiculous theories and imaginations, as it was driving my panic over the edge. My breathing was hard and fast. I didn't know what to do. Then, I remembered what I was doing this for. Painfully, I remembered all that the Shadow Pokémon did. Slowly my rage, my sorrow built to a point where fear meant nothing.

    I got up, then froze. Slowly, I stared up to the sky. What I saw drained away my anger, it drained away everything I had but pure, illogical fear. It was a Gengar, a Pokémon that resembled a devil, but this was no ordinary Gengar. Oh no, if it was normal it would be fine. It was a Shadow Gengar, its eyes filled with something you could not describe. But you could swear, you could definitely feel it draining you from everything, except the one thing that would drive you to insanity. Fear...
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    Still waiting for more comments... particularly, a critique.
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    Current Narrator: 3rd person Limited (Dragonair)
    Written By: rhazerat
    Time: Early morning
    Location: A snow-covered area, close to a freezing river
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    With a swift flick of his tail, Dragonair slammed the Magikarp out of the fresh water causing it to land on the river bank. Another pathetic weakling removed out of my way, he thought to himself as he continued to glide swiftly through the murky water. "All these pathetic excuses of Pokémon need to be removed from this world and no one seems to be bothered about them. Only the strongest may survive, weaklings must perish." The water was icy to touch and Dragonair shuddered as he glided through it, seeming more like a bird flying through the sky then swimming through the water.

    He had been following this river's path for a week now and still had yet to even find one single creature along the way anywhere near as powerful as the newborns at the Blackclaw Dragoon lair. The weak must be eradicated so the strong may survive and that is the simple philosophy of life, he thought to himself while eagerly scanning the waters searching for any Pokémon that he could fight and put out of its miserable existence. Only the weak would cause this kind of damage to the environment, only the weak would dare to cause this river to become as filthy as this, only the weak... His thoughts ended swiftly as he felt a sharp bite around his tail. Swiftly flicking around at the sudden pain, he felt a weight on the end. It flicked around as he span wildly, attempting to remove the clinger on; however, its Vicegrip refused to release his tail. The pain flared up inside, causing Dragonair's rage to ignite. Suddenly the hanger on came into view, a Krabby was latched onto Dragonair's tail. With a howl, Dragonair blasted the crab with his Dragon Rage.

    An hour or so later, Dragonair was lying on the grass on the edge of the bank. Small blades of ice were digging into his side due to the grass being frozen solid in this region. His tail, however, felt like it was on fire still.

    I must learn to be more careful, he thought as he lied there, hoping the iciness would cool the burning pain down. "I almost took my own tail off with that Dragon Rage, how am I going to dominate this world when I can barely look after myself." As the pain fades, he slipped back into the water. The grimy water had gone but now frozen lumps blocked his way, and the iciness made every second he spent there agony. "I must grow stronger..."
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    Heh, more "script text" on my part. This is one of the stories I'm planning a major rewrite for. Oh, and I am sure some Final Fantasy fans will find a couple of references here...
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    Current Narrator: Absol
    Written By: Shadowwolf
    Time: A snowy morning
    Location: Unknown fields
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    Absol: "The snow is getting worse..."
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    The clouds grew thick and snow fell in larger drops. The gale's strength incremented and the air's temperature dropped cold. Even worse, the direction of the wind blew towards me, making it harder for me to locate my target. A blizzard was coming. Whatever's out there, it would perish soon if it did not find shelter. For me to be able to sense these things... it's a peculiar habit. Ever since the day my home was devastated, I could sense the emotions of nearby targets (funny… how very little I remembered of home…). I never knew why it was so, but it proved to be a useful ability to me. I could sense the malicious feelings of a powerful Shadow Pokémon, allowing me to track them down from a distance. However, this ability became a curse since it was becoming more and more common to find Shadow Pokémon. And this 'curse' gave me insight to the grave thoughts of those who committed vicious acts in their time. This burden made my life a never-ending nightmare…

    Yet this one peculiar presence bothered me. This was no Shadow Pokémon, or so it seemed. Must it had been a survivor of the war or an apparition? Either way, I had to investigate quickly. It's not like I had any other place to go to. Urgh, this wind chill is killing me, I thought to myself. I needed to find shelter in the next 15 minutes before this blizzard made it all impossible to see anything. I dashed across the blue fields of frost and up ahead, I spotted a snow-covered pine forest a mile away. As I approach the boundaries, my anxiety grows. Wait, what is this... this evil presence... it is... waiting? I stood before the forest, trying to read deeper into this new energy signature. I knew this feeling... this avarice... I sensed... gluttony. So familiar… whatever it was, it seemed to be a predator in pursuit... waiting... poised to attack its weakened prey. Such diabolical intent... and if anything else mattered, there's no inch of happiness in this figure. A distinguishable Shadow Pokémon... Would it be safe to walk in? No matter, I didn't give a damn. I must know what was in there. I rushed through the forest and I found myself in another illusion. It was like... someone was watching me. Suddenly, the scent of the pine vanished and it was replaced with an even more familiar scent...

    Absol: "Blood..."

    Oh-ho-ho! YES! THE STENCH OF THE BLOOD OF THE FALLEN SOLDIERS LIBERATED BY THE ETERNAL DISCONTENT OF ALL CREATURES!! The everlasting greed followed by its endless stream of belligerence! This sensation made my bones quiver... my legs excited... my heart cold as ice... My blood boiled, the inside of my head felt unstable, my eyes were wide open like pools of blood... the berserker sleeping within me is woke up from its long hibernation... With my heart pumping rapidly, I approached the source of evil. I saw two figures. A fragile-looking Eevee lied in the snow, unconscious, and a great monstrous figure overshadowed it. It was a Gengar, but this was no ordinary one. The dark aura... yes, it reeked of the stuff! The Gengar turned to me and I became horrified from what I had laid my eyes on. I stared and stared into those great blank eyes; eyes of greed... hatred... anger... fear... melancholy... the void... This darkness was so familiar…. It gawked at me with a giant grimace.
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    Shadow Gengar: "Kekekeke! ANOTHER portion of my next meal! Oh, yes, you will definitely do... for dessert..."

    The creature charged at me with a crazed expression. I reacted quickly and ducked underneath the rocketing shadow. From there, I seized the opportunity and grabbed the fallen Eevee. Immediately, I took off and ran until I see a dark aura developing ahead. I stopped and set the Eevee behind the nearby bushes. I shifted into my battle stance and waited for the figure to materialize. Shadow Gengar stood there, cackling.

    Shadow Gengar: "You can't run! This is MY territory! Those who cross my territory will be devoured!"
    Absol: "Hmph. You talk big but you are a weakling. You won't dare take me head on."
    Shadow Gengar: "Hohoho! I beg to differ. I have embraced the shadows and look! It has made me more powerful than you can ever imagine. You should fear me as the superior species."
    Absol: "You wish. It will take more than fear to faze me."
    Shadow Gengar: "Oh? But it will. I can peer into your heart and I can see your memories... you have become the symbol of death to all you meet, haven't you?"
    Absol: "Shut up!"
    Shadow Gengar: "Hahahahaha! You have destroyed the lives of many innocent creatures. Many have fallen before that horn of yours! Oh, yes! That horn will especially taste sweet! How polite of you to drench it in the blood of the innocent! That is how I like my meals..."

    My fury had arisen, a demon took possession of my body. I felt absolute hatred towards the fiend.

    *Absol charges at Shadow Gengar*
    *Shadow Gengar moves aside, cackling wildly*
    Absol: "RAAAAGHHH!!"
    Shadow Gengar: "YES! Let the anger consume what is left of your frail heart! Let your bloodlust be set free!"
    *Absol wildly slashes away at Gengar*
    *Shadow Gengar defends itself using its claws*
    Absol: "BEGONE!"
    *Absol attacks with Megahorn*
    *Shadow Gengar vanishes*

    Huff... huff... did I get him?

    Shadow Gengar: "Eeyahahaha!"
    *A dark wave struck Absol*
    Shadow Gengar: "So that is your father's signature attack! He must be very proud, using it to slay his own allies!"
    Absol: "Why won't you SHUT UP?!!"
    Shadow Gengar: "Tsk tsk tsk. That won't do. That potty mouth of yours will make your flesh quite gamy. Let me be the first to say, welcome to my barbecue!"
    Absol: "Huh?"
    Shadow Gengar: "I shall fry your insides! GO! Shadow Bolt!"
    *A blast of blackened lightning hits Absol*
    Absol: "AHHH!!! Urgh..."

    My body... it wouldn't move...

    Shadow Gengar: "Hahaha, you smell ni-iiice! It's too bad, you should have yielded to the force of Shadows. After all, your past has met the requirements for you to be one."

    My body was too numb to respond. The combination of the shock and the cold left me immobile. My vision was failing me... my wrath could not save me...

    Shadow Gengar: "HA! Now that you have been silenced, I shall revive your memories. I will like to see my prey scream before they die. I shall send you to a nightmare, where you will wander for all eternity!!!"

    Suddenly, I could feel my memories slide right past me. The nightmare I had before was repeating itself. My home, blown away by the great storm... my comrades, clashing each other... my father, transforming into a monster... staring at me... with those glowing sinister eyes... no... no... NOOOOOO!!!!!

    Shadow Gengar: "What's this?!"
    *Absol blasts Shadow Gengar with Shadow Ball*

    I felt... strangely rejuvenated...

    Shadow Gengar: "But... how can this be? You shouldn't be able to move at all!"
    Absol: "These are my memories. I will never forget what your kind has done to my life. I will never forget the face of my father on that day. You will regret hacking into my mind."
    Shadow Gengar: "EEYAAA-HAHAHA!!! Is this a joke?! What can YOU do? You are just an empty shell consumed by vengeance, yet you refuse the shadows. You don't even remember what you have done to toss aside the anguish! Who are you to say that you remember what WE have done? You are WEAK!!! You shall fade into nothingness!"
    Absol: "You forgot that I am born of darkness. Perhaps you are the weak one, putting his dependence on a corrupted form of darkness. You hide in the dark but cannot effectively control it. You fear it. Without that precious Shadow Energy, you have nothing on me."
    Shadow Gengar: "Heh, you're persistent but it will take more than snappy banter to faze me. We shall see who is weak! I am at the top of the food chain now and I shall burn you alive! Shadow FIRE!!!"
    *A burst of blue flames erupted from Shadow Gengar's hands*
    *Absol runs around as the flames pursue him*
    Absol: "Swords Dance!"
    Shadow Gengar: "Run run before you are well done! Hahaha!"

    I felt energy gathering into my horn. I continued to dart around the area, trying to store enough energy for the finishing blow. The snow-covered trees bursted into flames as the cyclone of the violet inferno circled the area. Next thing I know, I felt a sudden surge in my horn. It's ready.

    Shadow Gengar: "You are starting to ANNOY me! Hold still so I can cook you, medium rare!"
    Absol: "Guess again! Shadow Ball!"
    *Shadow Ball hits Gengar and the blue flamethrower is canceled*
    *Shadow Gengar staggers from the attack*
    Absol: "This ends now! MEGAHORN!"
    *The blow pierced through Shadow Gengar's body*
    Shadow Gengar: "ARRRRGHHHH!!!"

    A blood-curdling scream echoed across the bright forest. The fire on the burning trees died out, most likely due to the temperature drop. I glanced at the bush where I set Eevee. Hopefully, it was safe from harm (not in flames, thank the gods). I looked at Gengar and its body was fading away. The creature, however, still had the diabolical grin on its face, laughing.

    Shadow Gengar: "Hee-hee-hee... your effort is futile. I have known you have it in you, killer. This is not over though. Not by a long shot... I foresee a tormenting future for you, a grizzly fate worthy of your being. Your beloved paradise is long gone and you will only find happiness in power."
    Absol: "What do you mean?! What future?"
    Shadow Gengar: "Fufufu... wouldn't you like to know?"

    I stood there as Shadow Gengar's being was consumed by the dark mist and eventually, the demon vanished from existence or so it seemed.
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    Now one thing remained on my mind: the Eevee. I checked behind the bushes and I was relieved to see that it was still there. It was asleep but shivering violently from the chill. I examined its features and realized that it's a young female. Her paws were covered in small blisters, possibly frostbite when she was traveling here. Her fur was ruffled, standing straight up, possibly a stimulus to warn her body that it was freezing to death. She's in bad condition and she needed warmth right away. I wonder... where did she come from? Why would an Eevee be at a place like this? As far as I was concerned, I sensed no other life force other than hers in this barren world. I must be getting rusty… or maybe it's only us left. This forest was alive enough to shelter others, so indeed it was questionable. No matter though. Still skeptical, I grabbed her using my teeth, placed her on my shoulders, and set out for shelter. The visibility of the air had grown poor and I was worried if this was both of our ends. Out of nowhere, I spotted a small opening underneath a dead tree, protected by an upright flat stone. Excellent, it's perfect for shelter.

    I descended into the hole and placed Eevee down. The ground was barren but at least it was not covered with snow. She was still shivering and apparently she was not having a pleasant sleep. I did what any crazy soul would do. I walked back outside. I tried climbing up the pine trees so I could snatch the large leaves clean off. I gathered several and set them on a pile while covering them with snow so the gusts wouldn't blow them away. My body felt numb, but I needed to get another set of leaves, enough to survive the cold. Struggling to get my body to respond, I backed away from the trees and charged at them at full force. I leaped and slashed off a few more leaves. My task here was done but now I had one more job: carrying the leaves back into the burrow.

    It was a difficult task much to my angst. I dragged the think stack using my thin legs and grasping the stems in my teeth. Snow builded itself up pile by pile on top of the stack and I had to stop every minute to pour it back into the ground. Finally, I gained sight of the hollow and descended back in. I set the leaves beside Eevee, gasping for air. I could see my breath fogging the cold space and my teeth were numb and sore. I immediately set a few of leaves over Eevee. She was still shivering but it seemed I had made it. She settled down a bit and drifted off back to her cold sleep. My task completed, my body collapsed. My body was shaking violently, still feeling… the effects… of Shadow Gengar's lightning attack. My sight's... failing me...
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    I deeply apologize for not keeping this up for a while. This next story should revive it.
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    Current Narrator: Abra
    Written By: Luiaard
    Time: ???
    Location: ???

    Hmm, the beauty. The world as it had never been, endless golden fields in front of me. I'd never seen such beauty. I could see the sun, slowly going down at the end of the horizon, in a pace not visible by my mind. I felt the warmth embracing my body. While enjoying this sun, I suddenly saw a shadow walking left of it. I decided to move there, see what it is. It's hard to see as the sun blocked my sight. Was it a Persian? No. It had some kind of horn on its head and it was much taller. As I came by closer I could finally see it as a whole, the sun not bothering my sight anymore. It's a beautiful creature, almost angelic, with a white fur shining in the sun.

    Absol: "Follow me."

    And the creature ran off, following the sun's warmth. I looked behind me, and the forest that was just there had turned into a giant glacier. No way back.
    ==================================================================================================== ===

    Master Kadabra: "Wake up, young one. We must continue our travel."

    Wait. Where did the field go? Oh. I was just dreaming I guess. Or was it some sort of vision?

    Master Kadabra: "Come on, no time to lose!"

    I jumped up, enlightened my body. I focused again, getting in the right state of mind to travel.

    Abra: "Yes, we can go."

    And we ran off, at top speed. At every pace we made, the sky grew colder, the air got darker, and the smell became worse. The ground was already not visible anymore; it was totally covered with snow. It meant we're getting closer. Until now, the travel hadn't been bad. The cold didn't hurt us, we just focused on a nice warm place, and cold didn't even exist anymore. It became nothing more than just a term to explain the snow lying on the ground.

    Master Kadabra: "A blizzard is coming. I can sense it. Our best bet is to stay out of the plains, the wind will reach deadly velocities there."
    Abra: "There, a forest. We can use that to travel safely through the blizzard."

    And suddenly, I saw that creature again. He's standing in front of the forest, looking inside it and hesitating to go in. In a sudden move, he rushed into the forest, hasty for something it seemed. I looked how he slowly vanished into the darkness of the wood. Kadabra stopped.

    Master Kadabra: "Do you see that?!"
    Abra: "What, the creature?"
    Master Kadabra: "Yes, that Absol. We must take another road."
    Abra: "Why?"
    Master Kadabra: "Absols are a bad sign, it means this road will bring us misfortune."

    I was thinking... I sensed some evil in that forest, something dark and cold; the same feeling as this world that we were steadily running in to. Yet, I hesitated.

    Abra: "We must follow him. I just had a vision of it."
    Master Kadabra: "Ah, young one... you still have lots to learn. NEVER follow an Absol. It always brings bad luck. Seeing as you have had a vision of this, it must have warned you for this to come. Absols are a bad omen. We will certainly get into trouble if we are to go into that forest."
    Abra: "But what about the blizzard?"
    Master Kadabra: "We will travel through the plains, it's our only choice. I will cast a Light Screen around us while we travel."
    Abra: "You can't keep that up forever, your power will drain quickly."
    Master Kadabra: "There is no other choice."

    I was not content with this. No matter how evil that forest felt, I believed we should still follow that Absol. But I would never be able to convince Kadabra of my vision. Though maybe it was better this way. Maybe he's right, he's older than me anyway, much more experienced and wiser. So I must hurry, traveling as fast as I could to not waste his Light Screen.

    Abra: "Very well. Let's move on then."

    And we traveled further, avoiding the forest. The sight was almost gone, I saw only white streams of air violently trying to break into our Light Screen. But we needed no sight. Our feelings could guide us. And so we ran on for an hour, until Kadabra stops. He looked exhausted.

    Master Kadabra: "We must rest now. I cannot maintain this screen if we don't. I will hold it up while resting so the storm cannot harm us. My energy will not be able to restore itself normally, but it's good enough."

    The fool. I closed my eyes and hypnotized myself into a trance.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself
    **Right-click the above link and select "Open in New Tab" to listen to music as you read**

    I was standing on the golden plain again. The Absol was gone, hidden behind the horizon. I looked around me; I looked to the golden grasses, the glacier behind me and back to the sun. The sun was now almost gone, and just like the Absol, fled to the horizon, afraid of the coming darkness. And it turned dark. The sun had left me. I looked around, not even the moon was present to give me any vision in this place. The warmth that had been here vanished. My eyes had no use anymore in this dark place, so I focused my ears to try and hear anything.

    A sudden sound startled me. No, not a sound, it's a song; like the crying of a small creature, begging for its mom. No, more than that. It was everything, every emotion that existed lied in this song. As beautiful as this place was for the eyes, so beautiful it was now for the ears. I almost got the feeling that this much beauty was forbidden for me to listen to, that only Arceus himself was allowed to hear a song like this. Oh, it's so beautiful. The cries of a broken heart, the sorrow of a deceased love. Moments long I kept enjoying this song. It was like nothing I have ever heard, until it suddenly stopped.

    Fright and despair filled my veins: I suddenly realized I would die for this.
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