The story of Zoe: A meerkat born in London Zoo in 2009

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Thread: The story of Zoe: A meerkat born in London Zoo in 2009

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    Default The story of Zoe: A meerkat born in London Zoo in 2009

    This is a not-true story about a young baby meerkat that was born in London Zoo in 2009 but quickly gets tired of life in the zoo two days after the three weeks she first emerges and with help from her mother (She's the dominant female, but she was also tired of zoo like) and her oldest sister (She just wanted to be with mommy) as well as her twin sister, escapes into the outside world. Soon, the meerkats are living in the city of London.

    But when her sister Holly gets way too excited, she wanders too far from the group and gets captured by some scientists who want to use her in a experiment. Can she be rescued in time or will the sister become mutated?

    Main characters:

    Zoe: The young 3-week and 2-day old meerkat who's the star of this story. She's the one who causes almost all of the events of this story as well.

    Flower: Don't mistake her for the Flower from Meerkat Manor: this is a different one. She's also tired of zoo life so she decides to help her most recently-born daughter escape into the city. Flower is also responsible for being the narrator of the story.

    Mayflower: The one who helps take care of Flower's pups. She always has bright ideas.

    Holly: The one who is stolen in this story. It's up to the others to save her.

    Dill and Dan: The two bad guys who steal Holly just to perform an experiment on her. Can they be stopped in time?

    Tornado: Alright, alright, I know it's weird. But before you can ask "Why is a tornado a main character? That type of disaster doesn't occur/happen in the UK," I have something to tell you: NOT THAT KIND OF A TORNADO YOU LAZY FUNNEL-HEADS!!! I'm talking about this kind of a Tornado:

    Now you may be wondering this: "Why is a steam train a main character?" Well, before I answer that, I'm gonna make some stuff clear about this train:

    60163 Tornado is a London and North Eastern Railway Peppercorn A1 pacific steam locomotive. But she's not an original: her construction actually started in 1994 and the locomotive was completed on August 1st 2008. So she's the most modern-type engine today even though she was descended from a class that went extinct during the 1960's. So it actually makes sense that she's in this story because she was steaming at that time. For more information, go here:

    LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Or, since wikipedia doesn't always tell the truth, you can go here:

    The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust

    Now to answer the question: the steam train actually plays a really important part in this story: Flower, Mayflower, and Zoe take a ride on it in order to outrun the car that Holly is being carried in. And they get the rare chance to ride in the cab of the locomotive. But other than the need of picking up coal and water, there's a downside to riding a steam train; if water runs out or the injector pipes somehow get blocked, then the fire has to be dropped in order to prevent an explosion.

    And that event actually does happen: right before they reach York, the engine runs out of water and the fire has to be dropped, much to the disappointment of the two meerkats because now the car gets ahead. It later happens again on the way to Newcastle but this time, the injector pipes somehow get blocked and stop working. When the injectors finally start working again, they head over to the nearest water tower and to everyone's surprise, there were fish inside the tender tank!!!

    Ok, that's it for now; I can't give out anymore spoilers. But I can tell you one thing: although it's not related to or isn't Thomas the Tank Engine, Tornado does speak in this story. Tornado is portrayed as a girl, like I always do to 4472 Flying Scotsman in my own stuff with talking trains, because when I first watched 4472, that's what she was referred to.

    Well, why don't you tell me what you think. And then I'll put up the first chapter WHENEVER I WANT TO PUT IT UP!!!

    P.S. However much I spoiled, I actually meant to spoil alot other than the ending.

    P.P.S. Is this the right section?

    EDIT: By the way, here's where I got the "Lazy Funnel-Heads" joke from:
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