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    Default Story of Missingon

    No, the title is not a typo. It is actually Missingon, not Missingno. You will see why when I tell the story.

    Chapter One

    I was alone. That is all I remember of the first days of my life. Loneliness. It was dark, and very cramped. Then, I saw light. The first thing I saw in that light was a laboratory. Then I heard voices.
    "Is this one all set to go?"
    "Not yet. We still have some tests to run."
    "Well how long is that going to take? These things are in very high demand."
    "A few weeks. Until then, we'll keep it in the environment."
    "As soon as it's done, ship it out."
    "Yes, sir."
    Environment? What environment? More importantly, how do I know what they were saying? Before I could think of answers, someone picked me up, and started carrying me. I got a good look at the rom then. It was filled with test tubes, computers, and a lot of other medical equipment. I had a feeling something wasn't right about this place.
    Before I knew it, I was in a room filled with strange creatures with blocky bodies. The room was a bright green in color, and it was big. Very big. And for some reason, everyone was staring at me. Next to me, there was a mirror. I got to see what it was about me that was so strange. I looked, and there it was, clear as day.
    Then I heard foosteps. Everyone seemed afraid of the sound, and they all hid. Then someone said, "Is this the one?" and he picked me up.
    "That's it."
    They led me off to another room. This one had a wide variety of creatures, but they all had the same basic appearance. Some were basic looking, some were smooth, and some were floating. One of the floating ones came over and said, "Welcome!"
    "Welcome?" I said. "To where?"
    "To the BETA Lounge!"
    "This is the place were the first of a type of Porygon, that's what we are, are kept. Those over there are the Betagons, the very first Porygons, those blocky ones you saw in the other room were regular Porygon, those smooth walking ones are Porygon2, and the type I am is Porygon-Z."
    "Then what am I? Where are the other types like me?"
    "You are the first. I believe the scientists called you 'Porygon4'."
    "What is this place?"
    "It's a factory and warehouse for Porygon, located in the Sevii Islands. Once they're done testing you, they'll send you to Kanto to be sold. They've decided not to keep any Betas of your type, and they're instead selling you for even more money. In the meantime, you'd best be getting some rest. It's going to be a lot of work tomorrow...


    Next time: Porygon4's differences are revealed in the testing stage! DOn't miss it!
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    Default Re: Story of Missingon

    This is looking very good so far. Very few typos, all I can reccommend is that you press Enter twice so that it looks like this.

    (( "Is this one all set to go?"

    "Not yet. We still have some tests to run." ))

    Also, I just wanted to point out a better way you can do this one sentence.

    You: Then someone said, "Is this the one?" and he picked me up.

    Me: Then someone picked me up and asked, "Is this the one?"

    Just thought I'd point that out. Otherwise, looks very interesting, and I look forward to Chapter 2. :D
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