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The calm before the storm.

Arceus knows why that’s my favorite phrase. Maybe it’s because there’s a meaning behind those words, like a life lesson. In a way, it reminds me of Mew. Everyone knows that behind its cute looks, there’s a powerful god. A god that is relaxed one moment and enraged the next; unleashing its unmatchable powers of Psychic and mental force on those who had the audacity to face it.

The calm before the storm.

Maybe it’s because it has my name in it; Storm. Funny how well it suits my misty and mesmerizing appearance. My thick hair looks like soft, silver clouds that cascade down to my rounded shoulders. Because of a freak accident, my left eye was liquid blue like some glitter gel while my side-sweeping bangs covered half of my normal, translucent silver eye that literally looked like a piece of Lugia’s lustrous feather. Okay, so maybe I admit my silver hair goes good with my perfect, curved tan figure, and maybe I’m happy that I was gifted with such beauty. But, my looks are like a shield from what lies beneath; anger. I, too, can be tranquil and then a wild fire the next second. Like Mew, like a god, like a Storm.

The calm before the storm.

Okay, okay, so maybe I do know why that phrase sticks onto me like a Remoraid to a Mantyke. Wherever I go, I can hear the phrase over and over again in my head like an annoying song lyric. I can feel it chill my blood to the heart like a heavy hindrance on my chest; like a Remoraid. But I’m the Mantyke, and I’m forced to carry this burden wherever my unexplainable mind takes me. It’s in my shallow breathing as I sleep, and it’s there when I can feel the sun baking my skin into the perfect caramel color. While I eat whatever food the earth can supply me, and most importantly, it’s even there in my nightmares. Now that I think this, maybe a Mantyke’s life is a lot harder since they have those suction-cup Remoraid. I wonder if those peaceful Pokemon ever burst out with fury and frustration like a heavy cloud unleashes icy sheets of frigid rain.

The calm before the storm.

Those were the last five words my Father ever told me before he left; before he died. His final sentence, his last six syllables. I could see my own horrified reflection in his milky gold eyes as he used the last of his rancid breath to tell me that phrase. I hated that. I hated how I couldn’t figure out why he bothered to use the last of his strength to tell me what I’ve been telling him for sixteen years. Why couldn’t he say I love you, or don’t ever lose faith in your soul? I guess what I really wanted to hear was, “Go and find my killers, show no mercy.” But, now I know Father did say that. When he said the calm before the storm, he meant that I was the Storm and that I used to be calm. But that was before he was murdered in his cottage. That was before he died on my sixteenth birthday. Before Lulu caught a life-threatening disease that only one in ten Lucario get. Before I discovered my “mother” actually murdered my real parents and pretended like she birthed me.

The calm before the storm.

Now I know what I must do. I have to leave my comfy life in the cottage in the woods in the mountain-bordered village. I have to be the storm and unleash my fury; not contain it. Like a Charizard, I have a flame burning with me, powered by my emotions and mind. My fire turns into a large blaze as I feed it my violent plans for vengeance. Only the satisfaction of executing my father’s killers will be enough to tame my fire. Successful revenge is the only water that could put me out. So what if he’s not my real father? I still loved him as if he was, and I know he felt the same about me. Like a blazing inferno, I must unleash my built-up resentment and darkness before I disappear, before I have another freak accident that leads to fatality.

The calm before the storm.

I am enraged. I am unleashed.

I am Storm.

Chapter One: The New “Girl”

“So, didja see the new chic in town?”

Kolin ran his rough hand through his navy hair thoughtfully, “Huh, what new chic?” he asked rather dumbly.

His brother rolled his blue eyes irately, “Come on, bro, snap outta it or you’ll never get a girl!” he punched Kolin’s bare, muscled arm.

“Alright, chill, man, I’m still tired!” he grumbled as he scanned the village square, “So where she at, Marn?”

Glad to have his attention, Marn closed his eyes and leaned against the picket fence, “Don’t worry, Koli, you’ll know her when you see her,” he replied coolly.

“Thanks a lot, man. Oh look, Mar, it’s Jaska.”

There was a loud crack as his brother leaped over the old, thigh-high fence and landed soundly on his back. Kolin laughed as Marn slowly stood up and massaged his injury angrily. But, to their surprise, a pretty, green-haired girl came waltzing towards them with her Emolga clinching to her shoulder importantly. She paused besides Kolin and put her fisted-hands on her cocked-hips as she stared disapprovingly at Marn.

“What goes on? Playing on that fence again-” Jaska paused to exchange suspiciously looks at her Emolga, “- or talkin’ about the new girl, hmm? What do you think, Lan?”

Marn struggled to prevent his cheeks from blushing, “Huh, ya mean that chic with the old lady hair?” he scoffed with mock disgust, “Please, babe, she got nothin’ on you.”

A cross between amusement and annoyance crossed both Jaska and her Pokemon as they searched Marn’s lying face. Kolin knew his brother needed back up, but he was at lost for words. As if reading his mind, she glared her mint-frost eyes at him that seem to say, “Don’t even think about it!”. So he didn’t.

“Jas, babe, please, you know that even if Elesa herself asked me out, I’d turn her down in a heartbeat!” Marn begged rather pathetically.

Kolin thought he imagined the faint smile that appeared on Jaska’s pale face. She seemed to inch closer to the fence, but she kept her hands firmly on her hips.

Marn immediately noticed the change and let a mischievous smile spread across his peach face as he leaned closer to the fence.

“Perhaps….your stamp of approval might be just what I need?”

Emolga and Kolin both sighed grudgingly at the same time; they knew what Marn really meant. Knowing what was coming, Kolin jut out his shoulder as Lan glided on it and turned her back on the couple disgustingly. Suppressing a laugh, he began to wander away awkwardly as he tried to put as much distance between himself and the kissing couple.

“Well, Lan, maybe I should stay single, for your sake,” Kolin joked as he headed towards the farmer’s markets, “Then you’d have nobody to take you away from their make out session.”

Tiny sparks pinched his cheek as the Pokemon growled softly, and Kolin laughed even louder. Suddenly, Lan’s growl sounded more threatening and ragged, and the teenager thought it was aimed at him. But, he followed the Emolga’s line of sight and found himself staring at a girl leaning against a Pecha and Oran Berry stand with a paper in her hands.

No, she’s not just any girl. Kolin thought suspiciously as the girl ambled towards him.

She seemed like a normal beautiful girl with her chocolate-black curls matching the color of her eyebrows that reminded Kolin of the thin but sharp wings of a Tailow. A rich, caramel texture was her skin, which helped make her clear, liquid blue eyes standout. As she stopped in front of him, she dug her black-gloved hands into her jean short’s pockets and only withdrew her right hand with a crinkled piece of paper.

“Hey, Bobo, ya seen these people before?” she asked in a voice as icy as her glare.

Lan gave another malicious growl but with even more hatred, and Kolin couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. With a knife sheathed in the hilt around her waist and the bag of arrows and a bow strapped across her slender back, the girl looked like she was capable of serious and even fatal damage. As if she wasn’t threatening enough, a large Lucario came stalking out of the shadows cast by the a food stand, and Kolin tried not to flinch at what he saw.

The Lucario looked pretty normal; except for the long lashes and pale, blood-shot eyes that were crusted with green mucus. She definitely wasn’t a healthy Pokemon, but her ripped muscles and dominant demeanor were enough to prove she could take you down.

Kolin suddenly felt a sharp blow against his ribs.

“Hey, stupid, answer the damn question!” snarled the girl as she thrust the paper closer.

The boy wasn’t sure how to react but Lan did. Her sparks looked like yellow veins as they jolted towards the girl. Before Kolin could stop the angry Pokemon, Lan’s attacked stopped and she squealed with pain and fell into his arms. His eyes widened by the nasty fresh scar across her chest, Kolin looked with shock at the bloody horn on the Lucario’s palm.

“That thing has shitty reflexes,” the girl said with a snort as she shoved the paper back into her pocket and unsheathed her dagger, “A creature like that shouldn’t live.”

No time to summon his own Pokemon, Kolin twisted away from her and used his side as a protective shield for Lan, but there was no need to.

Thrusting her knife back into the leather hilt, the girl’s sapphire necklace jingled as she gave a harsh but slightly hearty laugh.

“Stupid boy, instead of risking your life, you should’ve saved both of yours by dodging to the right and then jab my side at the same time to make me fall,” she said as if it was completely obvious, and she narrowed her eyes seriously, “Didn’t you ever learn to fight, Bobo?”

Kolin’s voice was as dry as his humor.


“Too bad,” she remarked in a truly sad voice, “Could do you and that electric air mat some good. Well,-”she paused as she turned around, “thanks for nothin’. See ya, Bobo.”

He was about to unleash his own pokemon to give her a piece of his furious mind, but the girl looked back over her shoulder with a daring look in her ice-clear eyes.

“Oh, interesting fact: I kill people, not Pokemon.”

She said it so casually as if commenting on the weather. The Lucario rolled her sickly eyes as if she’d heard this a million times; she probably had.

All Kolin could do was watch as they both sank into the shadows where he thought they belonged.


The calm before the storm.

I can hear the forest wind hiss it at me as I ghost from shadow to shadow. Damp, rich soil hushes the fall of my bare feet as I swerve and bend my body along with the layout of the grove as I travel. Like a Noctowl’s silent wings, I steal through the twilight like a hungry predator; taking in every detail, from the smallest up-turned pebble to the thinnest bent blade of grass, with both my good and bad eyes. Was that the shadow of a Pokemon lurking around those Pecha bushes? Yes, but it’s merely a small Ursaring that probably just evolved, but the old scars proves his wisdom. I glare into his golden eyes only to see respect shine back at me, and I simply nod back with my own respect. He has nothing against me nor I against him, and we are so alike. As tranquil and solemn as the Ursaring is, he can explode with unexplainable rage any second.

The calm before the storm.

The constant ragged breathing of Lulu is slowly starting to taunt my patience like an Aipom teasing a Persian from the safety of its tree. I understand her disease is causing every breath she takes such hard labor, but it could give away our position. However, even if her breathing was still, her rancid smell of sickness would surely grab the attention of carnivorous Pokemon lurking nearby. Lulu left a ghastly scent like a Weezing leaving a trail of noxious gas in its wake. Poison…gas…perhaps that’s how I should torture my Father’s murderers. Though I didn’t witness his own, I’m sure Father’s death was anything but quick and painless.

The calm before the storm.

Breathing; now that I mention it, I can hear more breathing, and it’s not Lulu’s. It sounds too powerful, too hungry to be hers. Pretending not to notice, I tried to detect the location and discovered it was coming from any shadows we walked by. A sixth sense told Lulu and I to look to my right, so I did just in time to seek a pair of scarlet slits appear and disappear like a lighting strike. Gengar; I know those eyes and malicious breathing anywhere. We knew it wouldn’t attack while we were awake. It was waiting for us to go to sleep so that it could eat our dreams and nightmares and eventually our souls. Unfortunately for the Gengar, it would have none.

The calm before the storm.

Dreams? Nightmares? Who needs them? It’s just a figment of your imagination as your mind tests you to see if you can differentiate between reality and fantasy. I knew all about that, for I had once been a victim of stupid dreams. Dreams of being a princess, a famous singer, or a Pokemon breeder; all but the last dream aren’t possible. I tried breeding once. Wasn’t a very clean job, so I then realized my dreams were fake. Nightmares were all lies and fears, too, and a soul - ha! - a soul is just a myth to make you think that you are truly special deep down. Sorry, but it’s nothing but bones, organs, and arteries in there. Emotions are real. Pain is real. I am real. Dreams, nightmares, and souls are not.

The calm before the storm.

I am tired, but only physically, not mentally. As I rest my head on a clump of soft moss besides my Lucario, I try to seek the sky behind the canopy of damp leaves. It’s easy for Lulu to fall asleep with her disease to blame, and it’s my exhausted body that takes me down with her. No dreams, no nightmares, all I see is pitch-black darkness; where my soul would be if I had one. Not even ten seconds after I drift off do I feel a light burden on my chest; Gengar. I suppress a wicked smile. I could almost picture the frustrated look on the ghost Pokemon’s face as it tries to eat my nonexistent soul and sleepy thoughts. Faster then I intended, I unsheath my Dark Dagger from my hilt and jerk forward along with the weapon as I drive it into the Gengar.

The calm before the storm.

That’s the perfect way to describe the Gengar’s view at my actions. How could a girl with a dying Pokemon be sleeping peacefully one moment and killing it the next? As I propel the dagger in deeper, I watch as its face flashes between pain and surprise as it screeches crazily. Lulu’s crusted eyes shot straight open, she glanced at the stabbed Gengar, rolls her eyes, and went back to sleep. That’s my girl; she doesn’t give a damn about anyone else but me. Instead of finishing off the Pokemon, I bring my emotionless face closer to the Gengar’s twisted one as I hiss out my compromise: Show me every single “dream”, every single “nightmare”, every single "soul" stole, and I’ll guarantee you eternal life.

The calm before the storm.

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