This is NOT a Star Trek crossover- but this is heavily based on it. This story is set in the year 2077.

In 2020, Humanity and Pokemon discovered aliens. After the first contact, a friendly humanoid species shared the galactic technology with Humans, and soon Earth became an major planet in the Galactic Federation of Planets. However, just across the Galactic Space-Way connecting the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy, an new kind of evil has taken over the galaxy...


My name is Jake Oak. One month ago I was very happy working on the U.S.S. Stargazer, the lead ship of the capital fleet of the Galactic Federation of Planets. I mean- straight to the main ship! But now, I am not just happy. I am very happy! I am the lead pilot of the giant starship. I come from Earth, but my companions on the bridge have really different homeworlds. Except for Dawn Cyrus, who comes from Earth like me. She is the main link connecting us to the Galactic Main Command. But by far, Captain Aaron Kripkee is the most interesting one of us.

Aaron is from the terraformed world of Mars. Born there, raised there. However, some series of strange events in the GFP Academy lead to his straight promotion to Captain. Did I mention the ship is currently at warp? Yes, but our destination is... strange. Dawn and Aaron just gave me the coordinates, and ordered me to warp. No one bosses each other around. I think something important is happening.

"Captpwn', Aw am gettwng some dwstuwbance fwom Vulcanws." Lucas Romaf said in his weird accent. For some reason, he pronounces 'R's and 'I's with 'W's. Even weirder, he is our ship manager. He keeps track of everything.

"What kind of disturbance?" Aaron asked, peeking over a report of Vulcanis.

"Well sir, I think some sort of distress call." Dawn said.

"Gah, must be the 'Day'." Aaron sighed. "Why did they even set up an colony on a planet THAT close to a pair of binary stars?!"

"Orders?" I asked.

"Go off route, set destination to GB-1 Vulcanis." Aaron said. "Dawn, please translate the distress call to English." Aaron said and sent the report to the Space Port- Earth. I followed his ordered and tilted the route to two.

"Three minutes to Vulcanis, sir." I said.

Dawn returned from her station and ran right to Aaron. "Captain, you gotta look at this." She said and gave the translation to Aaron. "What do you think it means?"

Aaron studied the paper for a few seconds. I didn't turn to my station, I was rather interested about the distress call. "STOP! It's a trap!" He yelled. I turned around as Vulcanis came into view and the ship went off warp. My eyes went wide as a fleet of strange ships started firing at us.

Note- I know, short. But the chapters will be longer.