This is a fan fic I've already finished writing, I've decided to start putting chapters up. Before Chapter One begins though, let me just mention a few things...

Pokemon and people can talk with and understand each other in this fic.
Pokemon have access to human technology.
Technology is more advanced than what we have in real life.

Normally, legendary Pokemon don't have genders, but for this story assume that:

Mesprit is Female
Azelf is Male
Uxie is Female
Arceus is Male
Giratina is Male

Okay, that's done with. On with the show...

Chapter One: Beginning of an End

Grovyle spun its arms and images flashed onto the clear glass screen.

“Hopefully this one will prove less resistant” Grovyle muttered.

He glanced down through the window into the room below. A tiny Pokemon lay unconscious on a table, the human named Dave hurried around it, checking the machinery in the room.

“Grovyle; we’re ready now.” Loudred told him.

Dave nodded in the room below and gave a thumbs up.

“Well let’s see what’s in that head” Grovyle muttered.

He slid his arms along the screen and the image responded. The first picture was pulled to the side and a new one replaced it.

“This one’s got nothing different” Loudred growled. “Azelf had all the same information in its head; the only difference is that we sometimes see Lake Verity.”

Grovyle shook his head, and zoomed in on a tiny image that had been hidden inside another one.

“Look there, in the lake’s reflection.” He whispered. “That’s Uxie!”

In the room below, Mesprit suddenly shuddered. It was still unconscious, but it began to thrash on the table. Dave threw his arms over it to keep it steady, and the body of Mesprit went limp.

“No!” Grovyle cursed under his breath. “I almost had it!”

The images on the screen began to blend together, Loudred took in a sharp breath and glanced at Grovyle.

“No, it’s not me doing it.” The Grass Pokemon whispered.

The colours on the screen formed two white almond shapes, two glowing yellow circles lit up inside them and darted around…

Mesprit was watching them!

Grovyle slowly raised its arm, the gauntlet that normally controlled the screen began to crackle, and the glass itself began to bulge forwards!

Two thin strands of glass shot out at the bottom and formed Mesprit’s tail; it still glowed with the blue of the Lake Verity image that had been on that spot on the screen.

“That’s impossible” Grovyle whispered.

Then the gauntlet began to smoke, Grovyle shouted out in pain and threw it off of his arm. But it didn’t fall to the floor, instead it spun in the air and floated onto the glass hand of Mesprit.

“Grovyle, what is your purpose?” Mesprit’s voice echoed through the room.

“You don’t seem like yourself.”

Grovyle gulped, “We need to find Uxie” he said.

“It’s for the good of all Pokemon and people!”

Mesprit blinked.

“People? I’ve never heard you even speak a word of humans before. Yet I can’t deny my eyes, you work with them now…”

The glass Mesprit placed its hand on Grovyle’s forehead.

“But your emotions are mixed… You’re scared and unsure. You want help…”

“Grovyle…” Loudred muttered, “You shouldn’t let it touch you. It may not be the real thing but it still has power.”

“Right.” Mesprit nodded, “And it’s time to use that power!”

Suddenly every screen in the room lit up bright pink. Grovyle’s eyes did the same.

“Now it’s up to you” Mesprit whispered.

The giant screen that Mesprit had used to form its glass self shattered and Grovyle fell to its knees.

“What…?” Grovyle struggled to its feet.

“Grovyle” Loudred said, “I’m sorry. You really are the only friend I’ve ever had, so I won’t try to stop you. But the ghosts are coming.”

Grovyle shook his head. His vision was coming back into focus. Loudred had its hand on the alarm button.

“Run Grovyle” Loudred whispered.

“Wha?” Grovyle looked back and forth between Loudred and the button, he still didn’t quite understand what was happening.

Loudred took in a deep breath and shadows formed on the walls. The ghosts were about to arrive.