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    Default A Soul Eater Fan Fiction

    Let me just say that I wrote this out of complete and total boredom so it might stink... It's just a simple story and I don't own any of the characters... Well besides putting myself and a random weapon thingy... Also I don't know much about the anime so don't yell at me please.This story is about Kaylea(me) enter the school with her partner, Midnight, who is a long sword and her friend Brooke. Brooke's partner is Sebastian who forms into a gun. I won't tell you much more so you'll have to read the rest so enjoy the show! I'm also going to put this... I am not going to write what the already cast looks like so look them up... ;p

    Chapter 1

    Kaylea was waiting for her friends at the front of the gate, her arms crossed. "Hurry up, guys!" Brooke came running up, panting, with Midnight and Sebastian right behind her. "We didn't want anyone stealing our rides," Midnight says, pushing his bangs out of his face. Midnight had long black hair for a guy, deep blue eyes, and looks that made girls drool on him. Brooke was taller than Kaylea by a few feet, had long brownish black hair, brown eyes, and rather cute, even if she wears black almost everyday. Sebastian wore glasses, had long green hair, green eyes, and was lean, but in a cute way. Kaylea was the plain Jane girl, brown short hair, brown eyes, and a tomboy. "Lets not stand here and chat. We're going to be late," Sebastian says, in his quiet way. As they headed that way, Black Star ran past them, came back and says, "Hey, look what this star found! A couple of new guys! I'm Black Star, the biggest star out there! See you around!" With that he ran off. Brooke sweatdrops and says, "Well, that was odd... Lets go in to see what else will pop out at us." They entered the school at last and saw that it was huge on the inside. Teens were everywhere, trying to hurry to their class. "Oh, crap! We're so going to get lost in here," Kaylea exclaims, already seeing herself getting lost and never being found. "Only you would, sis," Midnight says, patting her on the head. Then Sid walks up to them and tells them, "I'm Sid, your first class teacher. I'll show you to your classroom this one time then you're on your own." Then he was walking away with the group following him.
    When they got to the room all the other students were there. "Okay, class, these are the new kids! Kaylea Omega, Midnight Omega, Brooke Battlefield, and Sebastian Firebird. Be good to them or else you'll end up bloody," Sid announced to the whole class. "Now find a seat and wait 'til the bell rings for class," he says, leaving the room. Kaylea sweatdrops and looks around, putting her hands in her pocket. Brooke grabs her arm and pulls her towards four empty seats. They all sit down and sigh at the same time. "Hi, new people. I'm Maka and this is my weapon Soul. Pleasure to meet you," Maka says, in front
    of their desk. Soul grunts, heading to his seat. "Pleasure is ours. I'm Brooke, the black haired one is Midnight, the glasses is Sebastian, and the tomboy is Kaylea," Brooke introduces them. "Yo," the others say together. Maka grabs Death the Kid, Tsubaki, and tells Liz and Patty to come over. "The lady is Tsubaki, the boy is Death the Kid, the small girl is Patty, and the tall girl is Liz. Death the Kid is Death-san's son," she says, pointing at each one. "No way! We totally couldn't tell by the
    name..." Kaylea says in her lazy way. Midnight punches her lightly on the arm. Kid chuckles and says, "Aren't you a little viper? I wonder how you are in a fight." "I can hold my own pretty well, Kiddo-kun," she says, yawning. Patty burst out laughing all of a sudden. "Wh-what the heck? What is it this time, Patty," Kid asks. "She called you what I calls you!" "Uh, it's 'call' not 'calls' Patty-san," Sebastian says, trying not to insult her. "Oh, right! Thank you, Sebby-kun!" Kaylea sweatdrops and looks away, thinking how she could ditch this place. Midnight lightly elbows her and shakes his head. She shrugs and lays her head on the desk. The bell starts ringing and Sid comes in. "Okay today we're gonna-" Sid begins and class starts.
    At the end of school, Kaylea is walking down the hall by herself. The others were going to hang with Maka and Soul to learn how to find their way around the school. "Hey, Kaylea-san," Kid says from behind her. She turns around and says, "Hey, Kiddo-kun... What's up?" "Nothing, where are your friends?" "Hangin' with Maka and Soul... I'm looking for a way outta here... But I seem to be lost..." "Oh, you could follow me. If you want to," he says, holding out his hand. Kaylea hesitates, shrugs and takes his hand. Kid leads her threw the maze of a school. When they got outside, no vehicles were left, not even
    Midnight or Sebastian's motorcycles. Liz and Patty were waiting at the gate. "Hey, Kaylea-chan. Your friends said they're
    going to Maka's place to eat. They also said don't get angry, have fun with Kid, Patty, and me," Liz says, grinning. "They left me?! Again?!" Kaylea shouts, an anger mark showing. "Again," the three asks together. "Nevermind. I'd hate to ask but could I hang with you guys until they call me whenever?" Kid says, "Sure. Would you like to come to our place?" "That'd be great.. How will we get there?" Kid flips out a flying skateboard and asks, "Are you afraid of flying?" "No, I'm afraid of falling..." Kid laughs and Liz and Patty transform. "Just wrap your arms around my waist and you won't fall," he says, stepping on it. She gulps and steps on, hurridly wrapping her arms around him. Then went flying off towards his mansion.
    When they got there, Kaylea was panting from the speed. "You alright?" Kid asks gently, unwrapping her arms
    from him. Patty and Liz went back to their human forms and ran inside. "Y-yeah, just need to get used to it..." she mumbles,
    trying to get her breathe back. "So, there'll be a next time?" Kid asks, smiling down at her. Kaylea blushes and brushes her
    one side of her hair behind her ear. His eyebrows twitch and he brushes the other side behind her ear and lets out a breathe.
    "Sorry, I have symmetriphobia which makes me go weird when something isn't balanced.." Kaylea was blushing and stutters,
    "It's okay, no one's perfect." "N-not that you don't look cute it's just-" "Kiddo-kun! Stop putting your foot in your mouth!"
    Patty shouts, running over and dragging them into the mansion. Kaylea's jaw fell all the way to the ground when she saw it
    looked bigger inside. "Liz is making shrimp and other foods! Shrimpy," Patty yells, running into the kitchen. Kid follows her
    to the kitchen and Kaylea snaps her mouth shut, following them.
    In the kitchen, Liz was making fried shrimp and french fries in hot grease and drinking a beer. "Hey! Kay-chan,
    would you like a beer?" Liz asks, taking a swig of her beer. "No, I don't. I'm not old enough..." Kaylea says, a little embarassed
    for sounding like a goodie two shoes. "No worries, Kay-chan! Nobody else drinks here either! Onee-chan is the only one
    because she is the irresponsible one," Patty says, rubbing her cheek on Kaylea's shoulder like a cat. Kid chuckles deeply from
    his throat. "Yeah, yeah. I'm the bad one, Patty's the slightly dim one, and Kid's the weird one. One big happy family." Kaylea
    giggles and smiles softly. "Onee-chan, is food done?" "Oh, yeah... Here you go!" Liz says, putting a tray of food on the table.
    Kid's eyebrow twitches and he glares at the flung about tray. "Uh oh, Onee-chan! Kiddo-kun's gonna throw a fit! Lets use
    our new secret weapon! Kay-chan," Patty shouts, pushing Kaylea towards Kid, making her lose her balance. She thought she
    would hit the ground but arms went around her waist. Looking up, she was inches away from his face. Pulling back, she
    mumbles an apoligy. Kid helps her back into her seat and smiles sweetly. Liz and Patty were eating the food and watching as
    if it were a movie. "Hey! Don't eat it all with out me," Kaylea cries, grabbing a handful and starts munching on a french fry.
    The twins laugh and grin at her. All through the afternoon they talked about the most random things. "No, a puppy is cuter
    than a kitty," Patty yells. Liz yells back, "No way! Kitten's are way cuter than puppies!" Kid and Kaylea were watching the
    arguement like a tennis match. "How long do these arguements last?" she whispers to him. "Oh, it depends on how serious
    they are on the subject. I think this one will last at least five more min.," he whispers back to her. Then her phone starts
    playing Linkin Park's 'Bleed it Out.' Kaylea flips it open and says, "Are you going to come pick me up now?... Thanks, jerks, I
    have ask for a favor again!... You guys always do this to me," she flips it shut and asks, "Hate to ask but... Could you give me a
    ride to my house?" "Yes, yes, yes! I wanna see Kay-chan's house! Say yes, Kiddo-kun," Patty shouts, grabbing his arm. He
    chuckles and says, "I have to now, or you might kill me." She squeals and Liz and her transform into guns. Kid and Kaylea
    walk outside, he brings his skateboard out and says, "Tell me how to get there." Kaylea tells him the directions and gets on,
    wrapping her arms and his waist. Then they were off to her house.
    Arriving at her house, Patty and Liz look at the house in awe. "It has a homey feeling around it..." Patty says, while
    Liz just nods. The house was a pretty decent sized house and it was surrounded by trees. Midnight walks out and says, in a
    formal tone, "Welcome to our noble home. Will the ladies come inside with the other ladies?" "Shut up, jerk. Or else I won't
    do the cooking and then you'll be screwed," Kaylea says, walking past him and hitting him with the door. When they were
    inside, they saw that the house was neat and tidy, but not girly either. "Kaykay-chan! I see you found a ride, huh?"
    Sebastian says, petting her head. Brooke tackled hugs her and cries out, "I'm sorry, Kaylea-chan! I forgot about you for a
    moment and then it was to late to get you! I'm so sorry! I'll pay more attention to you!" Kaylea tries to get out of her bear
    hug but couldn't get out and asks, "Can somebody save me from her? I think I'm going to die of extreme hugging!" Patty and
    Liz start hugging her as well. "I'm going to suffacate! I don't wanna die yet! I-I'm closterphobic!" Then Black Star suddenly
    appeared and started hugging as well. "Please! I'm begging you," she shouts frantically, trying to get out. Midnight hurridly
    brakes the group and tries to soothe her. Kid was watching her as she was trying to breathe steadily. Kaylea says, shakily,
    "I'll be in my room... I'm sorry for this..." She then leaves the room and went down the hall to her room. "You can't blame her
    it's hard on her here... Bad history, don't ask," Midnight says, then bows his head and leaves the room. "Why doesn't she like
    people hugging her," Patty asks, looking hurt. "No, Patty, it's just she can't stand small places and being in the middle of the
    circle was making her panic, badly," Sebastian explains, in a patient tone. "Like Kiddo-kun, but she won't go nuts, in a way
    she can't breathe," Liz says, too. Kid has an anger mark and growls, "Not everyone is perfect." Tsubaki sweatdrops and gets
    out of her chair. "We have to leave. It was nice meeting you. Lets go Black Star." "Same with Soul and I. Pleasure getting to
    meet you," Maka says, getting out of the house with Tsubaki. Patty and Liz were looking around the living room. Soul walks
    up to Brooke and says, "Thanks for having us over. Sorry for all the trouble today. When Maka gets mad it's best not to get
    in her line of fire. I'll see you around, right?" "Oh, yes! You'll see me around a lot! I-I mean you'll see me a lot because we go
    to the same school and all," she stammers, blushing slightly. He chuckles and leaves, waving once. "Guess we should go, too.
    Lets go Patty and Liz," Kid states. Liz autimatically transforms while Patty says good-bye to Sebastian. "See you, Seb-kun.
    Can you get Kaylea to come over again?" "I'll see what I can do. Be good, Patty-chan." She transforms and they leave for
    their home.

    Well that's it for this chapter. I couldn't think of anything else to do for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you
    have any ideas on how I could improve I'll gladly take the advice. Not saying I'll use it since I'm horrible at remembering stuff.
    See you in chapter 2!!! =3 Also I'm going to edit this later so just read it like this for now...

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    Default Re: A Soul Eater Fan Fiction

    Make a chapter 2 Kay-Chan I wuved It especially the parts with you and Kid :P No seriously it was great


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