Somoa Academy (Yes another school story :D)

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Thread: Somoa Academy (Yes another school story :D)

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    Smile Somoa Academy (Yes another school story :D)

    Ok! So this fanfiction is about the Dex Holders "going" to an academy Here what it looks like.

    -The small blue regtangles are really nice cabins
    -5 people belong in each cabin.
    -The red flags are resturants
    -The purple bursts are sport/battle areas
    -The orange shiny shape is a library/art area
    -The green retangle with the blue i in it is a welcome/info area
    -The blue water drop is the beach
    -The red smiley face is the pool
    - The school itself is 5 mins away :3
    -Lastly the orange moon is the Opening gates

    It is just a fun fanfiction I'm writing, of course it is hard working with characters from the BW series, it is always changing :/
    Here's part of chapter one, I usually draw not's my first fic, please help with ideas, grammar help, and please don't criticize the story line! And other characters are coming in later

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