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Thread: Somewhere Only We Know (SuBuWriMo)

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    Default Somewhere Only We Know (SuBuWriMo)

    A month ago, me and my dearest boyfriend of almost two years broke up. Probably the worst day of my life (so far). I don't feel bad about it, and I'm trying to move on with my life. This story is just a dedication to the two years of laughter, tears, and everything else that I will never forget. (I may forget, my memories pretty bad LOL. Hopefully I won't though. I mean, why would I forget something as awesome as this?)

    Anyway, a couple things I want to say before we get on with the story...

    Remember my Taking Chances story I wrote ages ago? Guess what, the idea of anthropomorphic Pokemon as humans is back! That's right; that means the whole world is now a bunch of Pokemon who walk upright, wear clothes/jewelery, live in houses, drive cars, work, and do everything else humans do is back in business.

    Note that some of the stuff in the fan-fiction isn't entirely true. I just wanted to make it so it sounded like an actual story, lol.

    I will make some character lists to show people who everyone in my life is in this story as well as their personalities, history, appearance, etc in the Author's Atlas soon.

    This fan-fiction is for the SuBuWriMo contest going on in the Writer's Workshop. I am shooting for a Bronze or Silver rank for this story.

    All "Chapters" will be parts much like in my Time for Change fan-fiction. There will be three altogether and I will try to update them once a day! I want to make sure I get this finished before the end of June.

    Rated teen for some language ;)

    And last but not least... The disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of it's characters. This story is based off of real-life characters and happenings while using Pokemon characters as a fun, detailed look on the insane world called my mind. Pokemon is a copyright of Nintendo, Game Freak, and Satoshi Tajiri (as well as the other employees for the Pokemon Company). Story and idea is copyrighted to me and me only. All people who claim this as their own story are not me, and are posers pretending to be me. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!

    Now, let's get on with the story!

    Somewhere Only We Know
    Prologue: Remembering
    Part 1: Hello, Friend
    Part 2: The Roller Coaster Ride
    Part 3: Shattered
    Epilogue: Somewhere Only We Know

    Words so far: 1,915
    Rank so far: Bronze Rank

    Prologue: Remembering

    I heard an alarm clock from somewhere. An annoying one. One that woke me up from my dream.

    This was not the usual alarm clock that people would have, as in, it was not the normal, blaring, annoying, beeping that came from a digital clock, or the ring of an actual alarm clock. You know the ones with the bells? I always forget what they're called...

    No, this was not the normal clock that everyone knew and surely loved. Actually, it was my pet Chatot, wolf whistling and repeating his name in that squeaky, Chatot voice I grew to somewhat stand.

    But in this case, I was pissed off and annoyed.

    “Shut up, Ringo! I'm trying to sleep...” I said loudly, but not too loud.

    Yes I named my bird Ringo after the drummer for The Beatles. My dad had actually came up with it first, and I adopted it from him. I love him a lot, but he's annoying at times... Such as right now.

    “Starlight, get up! You have a lot of schoolwork to do today!” I heard my mom shout from the kitchen. My door was open so I heard her clearly, plus the kitchen is open and not to far from my room.

    With a groan I sat up at looked at my digital clock which was placed on my dresser at the foot of my bed which was cozily tucked in the far right corner of my room.

    I yawned and stretched my arms over my head. I scratched my head once, my fingernails getting caught in the dirty blond rat's nest called my hair. Guess I had a lot of brushing to do.

    Just as I pulled the light, grass green bed comforter off my body, I heard another shout from my mom,

    “Starlight, what did I say? I said get up! Now get the fuck out of bed!”

    I sighed, “Coming, mother!”

    She seemed to be in a bad mood today. But she was always in a bad mood, so no surprise there. I checked the clock and it read 11 o'clock A.M, the time I usually wake up at everyday, even on the weekends.

    You may notice how late I wake up. Thing is, I have trouble falling asleep as I have a lot going on my mind. I don't take pills for it, never did. But those things won't help. Not a lot of pills actually work for me, or any kind of medication for that matter; whether it be liquids, tablets, you name it. Guess they're not as affective on some people, or maybe they did do something and I just didn't notice it. Whatever, my body is strange.

    I swung my feet over the edge of the bed, stretched my feet and toes a little then dropped them down on the bamboo flooring in my room. It was a little cold, and as I stood fully up on the floor, I could feel clumps of dirt and other small debris prick the bottom of my feet. My floor is pretty dirty I have to admit. My mom mops and sweeps the floor to no end, but it seems to get dirtier and dirtier no matter how hard she cleans. I knew I should have told her to get those Swiffer things.

    Ignoring the dirt that stuck and fell off my feet as I walked out of my room and into the hallway that divided my room from my older sister's and our bathroom.

    I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I looked in the mirror to see how bad my hair really was.

    It was pretty tangled. There was this whole, messy clump of hair on the side of my head, making it look like I had some sort of hair growth there, if there even is such a thing.

    Other than the hair, my fur was also the other thing I looked at. I was a Ninetales, one of the Pokemon that are said to live for a thousand years. Though I highly doubt it, as I've heard of Ninetales' dying at a hundred or so.

    Now, normally a Ninetales' fur would be a light, tanish brown color with red tail tips (although I don't think the red tail tips count in this case as all Pokemon tails started to get docked in the late 1800's). Me? I had this weird, light, kind of silvery gray color with a light purple iridescence to it. Pretty I had to admit, but there was one downside. I sparkled in the sun whenever I went outside. I was like one of those Twilight vampires that sparkled in the sunlight like some kind of freak. Was I a vampire like them? Of course not. Those were fictional as all mythological beasts are. I was just some mutant, a freak of nature if you would call it. Though it was pretty to look at, people at school made fun of me for it which was why my parents dropped me out of it and I was home schooled. I plan on going back next year though, and I am hoping they won't be as nasty as before, but I highly doubt it. My parents had also pulled me out of public school because of what I did to the people who bullied me. Those who tormented and provoked me would happily receive a fist to the face or kick to the crotch and a trip to the nurse's office. I was suspended and had gotten lots of detentions for my behavior.

    But I couldn't help it. I was mad and frustrated at them. And besides, they deserved it. No one has the right to pick on somebody just because they're “different” from the “normal person”. Whoever the hell this “normal person” is, I would like to give him a punch to the face for starting that normal person shit.

    Never mind that, the past is the past.

    Funny. I remember hearing someone say that to me. Someone I held very dear to my heart for the longest time. But... He was gone now, I had no right to remember him and the shit he did to me. I swore I'd never speak of him again. Well, at least about our relationship.

    Yes, I had a boyfriend who is now called my ex. We were a cute couple, many people admitted. I agreed, we were a cute couple. I thought he and I were perfect for each other and, just like in those fantasy movies, there's love at first sight which is what I could have sworn I felt with him. He was my dashing knight in shining armor, and I was his damsel in distress, preparing to be eaten by a fierce fire-breathing dragon. He saved me from it bravely, like all knights do. And I got to ride with him on the back of his trusty steed, and we rode off in the sunset, forever in love.

    Cut the crap.

    It was never true. At all. He lied. He was a lying bastard who I hate. I don't even know why I still talk to him.

    But maybe... It's because there is a part of me that still holds onto him, as if he is still there. But he told me that he had moved on and it was time that I should too. This side of myself has said no, while my other half has said yes.

    I want to move on. But that's hard because there's that one side of me that is still saying no. It will always say no. I had been with him for over two years. My heart had grown used to him being there, and now that he was gone it would take a while for it to cope with the loneliness and realize that he's gone from my life. He isn't coming back, there is no way he ever can. Maybe I can hope for some miracle, but would that help any? Probably not.

    I just had to deal with it. Every teenager out there has probably gone through a rough and tough break-up. Healing of the heart takes time; mentally and physically.

    My hands had found themselves covering my face as I thought of him. When would I ever stop thinking about him though?

    It was then when I remembered out once called anniversary was in a month. July 4th was the day when he had announced he loved me. It was nothing more than a regular day now (besides the fireworks for the 4th of July).

    Thinking about the anniversary was the worst I could do. On the anniversary, we would always look back on what our most cherished memories were... How we met... And the day we said we loved each other.

    I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I remembered everything. Flashbacks were whipping in front of me, I could see them clearly...

    I reached for the doorknob and locked the door. Slowly, I shuffled over to the toilet, one hand still over my face. I pulled the lid down and sat on the toilet. It was the least I could do.

    Tears slid down my face and my shoulders racked as I sobbed for what seemed like forever. I wished things were different, and we were still together. At that moment I wished there was a time machine where I could go back in time and tell him how much I meant to him and that he would promise to never leave me. I hadn't been a good girlfriend to be honest. I didn't say “I love you” all the time. In fact, I said it rarely. He must of considered me more of a friend than a lover for doing so. But was it really my fault? I don't know. And I may never know.

    The tears stained and moistened by cheeks, hands, and legs as they fell on my pajama bottoms. I could feel the wetness through the cotton of the clothes. It was warm at first, but got colder.

    An idea popped in my mind just then.

    “What if I go back in time myself? I mean, I can't make a time machine, but my brain can remember, right?” I mumbled aloud to myself.

    Alright, you guys must think I'm silly for saying that, but it was the truth. I could easily remember everything me and my boyfriend did together. And it was time to do just that.

    “This will be the last time...” I whispered quietly, “This will be the last time that I think of him. After this, he will be wiped from my mind. A clean slate.”

    Though I had to admit, this would probably be harder than it seemed. But I will try hard. These memories should satisfy me for a long time. Maybe one day I will meet him again and will have forgotten all about these wild two years.

    But, I thought to myself, maybe I will keep some of those memories in my heart until the day I die.

    With a sigh, I began to think back to when we first met and what had happened. I quickly began to daydream about that day.

    Let us rewind back to 2009...

    Tell me what you think and if I should improve anything! Thanks for reading and viewing. ;)

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    Default Re: Somewhere Only We Know (SuBuWriMo)

    I liked this story alot. I think it had alot of emotion. It was sad but well written and I really enjoyed it.

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    Default Re: Somewhere Only We Know (SuBuWriMo)

    Thanks ^^ There's more to come. Hopefully I can make the ending just as emotional as the beginning.


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