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    This was orignally posted on the Pokemon Elite 2000 boards. I'll add the plot later!
    Note: I'm REALLY sorry about that "Sirius" fanfic. Sometimes, stuff just blows off my mind. You know, I'm a REALLY
    busy person.

    By ArceusMew Chapter 1: Marinor Hollows 1\14\09

    Somewhere in Wood Valley, a grove of trees known as the Marinor Hollows, a young Barn Owl named Solena flew across the dark and dense woods, scanning for voles, mice, and shrews. In one talon was a hunting spear, the other one held nothing. She was like ghost, her wings were silent, and she was almost pure white and black. Solena didn't notice a bird right in front of her………
    "Solena?" "Kyle?"
    Kyle was a Peregrine Falcon, his face seemed to resemble a bandit's and under his brown plumage was a small injury. A belt embraced his waist, with a sword thrust into it. "Err, didn't expect you. By the way, it's daytime, aren't you supposed to be asleep?", Kyle asked, his talons drumming the air. "Yeah, but the yearner arranged a program to see what owls act during the day other than sleeping." The yearner was the leader of the community, he\she thought of laws and arranged meetings and events for the hollow town. Also, the yearner lived in a large willow tree, there was a huge hole in the middle and small ones were windows. Towers, which resembled castles, were made out of bricks and supported the old tree. Inside were round rooms with small tables and perches. Paintings hung on the walls.
    Solena and Kyle chatted for a while, then a small Tawny Owl interrupted, "Read the paper! Important newsflash!", he piped. Solena took the paper and read it. "Lord Mactalon attacks a local village. He sends Lady Denjavarr and Lord Marteso to kill the residents over there." They were both wide-eyed.

    Denjavarr was exhausted. Her weapons were covered in blood and feathers and fur. "Matreso, have you recived his Lordship's report.?" "Yep. It's a reward, in fact!" Marteso spoke with low, Slugurian (or German or Russian on Earth) accent. He was a Barn Owl, just like his mate and wife, Denjavarr. He wore clothes with red and a splash of gray edged it. Meanwhile, Denjavarr had no accent and she wore a collar, which was made out of velvet. Fine strips of silk, which resembled flags, hung from it. "Oh really? Let's see.", she said when she rose from her bed with excitement. They both glided quite gracefully, like swans. They flew through the cobblestone halls, stuffed bodies of their poor victims stared at them, their faces seemed lonely and empty through the glass. The fortress smelled strongly of death, the smell of a assassin's stronghold, the smell of blood. The couple stopped at a large, brown door, Denjavarr used the knocker, it made a loud sound that echoed through the castle, it was loud as a shot of a gun. "Enter.", thundered a voice. It was Mactalon, the most cruelest, bloodthirsty, brutal Snowy Owl since that evil lizard Ruganaes.

    "My God, the world is truly wild. I mean, do those assassin has better things to do than murdering for no reason at all?", Solena sighed. Kyle nodded in agreement. "Idiots, such idiots." As they spoke, a crowd of Middle-ranked assassins flew silently toward the two birds. A Mute swan named Celentine spotted them, "Assassins! You two, watch out!" Her wing were raised in the air. One wing held a sword, just in case they confronted her. Surprised, Solena and Kyle quickly turned their heads to see them. The assassins brandished their talons at them, they shone devilishly.
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    Chapter 2: Lord Mactalon

    Denjavarr opened the door, inside was a Snowy Owl perched on a honerch, a royal perch. The room's walls had weapons hung, there were spears, armor, swords, and many more. Paintings of famous assassins seemed to snarl at them. A huge rug had designs of swirls, and the room's color was simply gray. The couple bowed down in respect to Mactalon, "Your Lordship, we have come to receive our reward." Mactalon
    replied with a slight hiss in his voice, "Well! I suppose you came here for you awards,
    yes?" "Yes, your Lordship." "Well, your reward is 200,000 kerors." Marteso and Denjavarr were wide-eyed. "The total is 400,000 kerors, since you two received 200,000, so 2 multiplied by 2 is 4." The 2 owls muttered, "Yes!"

    Solena cursed silently then pointed her spear at the incoming attackers. Kyle took out the sword from his belt, which was a samurai. Down on the ground, Celentine watched the 2 birds trying to fight them off, "Look's like they need help." A young, gray cygnet popped out from her back. "Well, Poovi, what do you think?" Poovi nodded in agreement, "Yep!" Poovi held on his sister's neck as she took off, it felt rough at first, them it turned smooth. They were in the sky now.
    Solena stabbed a Pigeon on the neck, killing him in an instant. Kyle swiped his sword across a Screech Owl's wing. He screamed in pain then slashed Kyle's belly. Luckily, this was only a flesh wound. Solena spotted Celentine and Poovi flying toward them, "Kyle! Celentine and Poovi! They're coming to help us!" Kyle sighed in relief, "Good!"
    The melee was on. Solena pounced on a Spotted Owl, she used a tactic known
    as "The Assassin's Embrace". Solena sank her beak in the owl's throat, the talons were stabbed in his stomach. The victim tried to struggle out, but Solena put one wing on
    his back. He screamed in pain and frustration, blood spilled from his mouth and stomach felt like it was on fire. His heart stopped beating and he died in an instant.
    Solena dropped the bloody carcass, blood and stomach acid flew out like ribbons as he fell. The sight was so eerie and disgusting, she felt like coughing out a pellet. Mean-
    while, Celentine, Kyle, and Poovi were fighting an eagle. He was a Golden, too, in his
    talons was a pike, he swung it at the three. Kyle suddenly flew up, "Kyle, what are you DOING?", Celentine asked loudly. He aimed his sword at the eagle, then a did a truly amazing dive, his kind were known for their great speed-it could go up to 140 MPH!
    Then, he hit the eagle in the head. The leader, who was a Snowy Owl gave up on
    this fight, "Everycreature, retreat, RETREAT!" The fight was now over.

    "So you failed?" "Yes, your lordship. But can we have another chance?"
    Mactalon replied with a chuckle, "Of course not! You shall be beheaded!" Then a Barn Owl with a sycthe glided. He had a black robe with a hood, in fact, he seemed to resemble Death! "Kill him, Mastiasqo, cut of his head!" Mastiasqo pinned the poor
    owl to the head perch, he held the struggling bird. "Well, for a Middle-ranked assassin,
    you deserve to be a beginner.", Mactalon said coldly, Those were the last words he
    heard on this planet.

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    Chapter 3: The Lullaby

    Somewhere in the valley, a murder was taking place.
    An assassin named Lady Kiriuso was singing a soft, peaceful lullaby to an owl.
    But this owl wasn't listening to this song. He was screaming. He was dying.
    Kiriuso was kind-in a bloody way, each time she killed her victims, she would sing a
    lullaby. This is what it sounded like:
    "Go to sleep, little owl.
    Feel the sun, little owl.
    It is nigh.
    It is nigh.
    Sleep soft, little owl.
    Dream well, little owl.
    When it is night, the time flies.
    It is time.
    It is time."
    Her voice sounded mournful and emotional. When she sang the final lyrics, the victim was already dead. She then flew out of the hollow, leaving the carcass behind, covered in blood. A cold breeze howled during the night.


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