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    Default Sleeping With Sorora (13)

    This is a fic that I (supposedly) typed up entirely on my phone. It's about a trainer named Julian whose Yamask, named Sorora, evolves into a Cofagrigus.


    As Julian set up his tent for the night, his Pokémon were playing in the field next to him.

    The sun was already very low in the sky, and it had been a very long day for them - they had spent all day training.

    Julian called his Pokémon back to him, and all of them entered the tent except his Yamask, Sorora.

    Besides battling, he had uses for all of them. His Yamask, Sorora, made for a good blindfold when he went to sleep - he chronically had some trouble falling asleep, and Sorora covered his eyes with her arms, the mask resting on his shoulder as she snoozed peacefully with him. Something about her just made him all calm inside.

    Julian slept outside to keep guard over his Pokémon, who all slept in the tent. He didn't like keeping them in Pokéballs all the time, especially when it was time to sleep. He preferred that his Pokémon get as much fresh air as they could.

    Tonight, however, Sorora seemed restless. She was jumping all over the place, still full of energy. Julian asked her, "Hey, what's the matter? You're really bouncing off the walls today."

    Suddenly, she started glowing. As Julian watched, the mask on Sorora's bottom grew, forming into a more blocklike shape. Two hands grew into four, and they moved to the back of Sorora's new body. When it was all done, Sorora was now a full-sized coffin. "A Cofagrigus", said Julian, somewhat awed.

    He turned around to see the rest of his Pokémon outside of the tent, watching as well. "Well," said Julian, "I suppose I'll have to do without my trusty blindfold now... I mean, I can't have this guy covering my eyes - his arms would be stretched out all night."

    By now, the sky was dark, and the moon, full and bright, had appeared in the night sky. Julian decided to try holding the night out - after all, he was a Pokémon Trainer. He couldn't be by such a small obstacle. He slipped into his sleeping bag, wishing the rest of his team a good-night.

    But no matter how he tossed and turned, Julian couldn't get to sleep. Meanwhile, Sorora simply lay there, watching him intently because they couldn't sleep in that configuration tonight. She, too, missed cuddling with Julian's eyes. Then, Sorora had an idea.

    She floated over to the sleepless Julian, and proceeded to open the coffin portion of her body. Inside was a padded interior, perfect for storing a human being. This would also be the perfect time to practise that other skill of hers...

    Julian got up from his bed, asking Sorora what the matter was. Sorora quickly grabbed him with two of her four hands. Julian stood still while Sorora skillfully used her four hands to remove his clothes. He certainly hoped Sorora knew what she was doing, and that nobody else was around to watch. Then, bandages were conjured out of nowhere, and Sorora used her hands to wrap these around Julian as well. When it came time to wrap Julian's feet, Sorora picked him up with two hands, and wrapped his feet with the other two. Soon, Julian's entire body was covered head to toe with dark grey bandages, like a mummy. Surprisingly, he was not suffocating to death by the bandages - they were keeping him warm, but were somehow very breathable.

    Then, Sorora opened herself up again, and Julian knew that he was supposed to climb in. He gingerly stepped into Sorora's interior, trying to be careful not to hurt the Cofagrigus. In fact, Sorora was doing whatever the Cofagrigus equivalent of giggling was, as it tickled quite a bit. Once he was in completely, Sorora shut herself again. Julian found himself enclosed in a dark, tight space - and yet he wasn't afraid at all, because he knew that his trusty blindfold was doing her job. They both quickly fell asleep, as Julian's Pokémon watched in perplexity. Then, they treaded off back into the tent, trying to get the image out of their minds.
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    Default Re: Sleeping With Sorora (13)

    Lol, I kinda expected that to happen, but I'm impressed that you "supposedly" wrote this nice short story on your phone.


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    Default Re: Sleeping With Sorora (13)

    Zekurom, you're back!

    I am impressed that anyone could write such a good and detailed story on his phone!

    Coming Soon...


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