The Sinnoh Saga: The Journey of Lucas
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    Default The Sinnoh Saga: The Journey of Lucas

    the 7th fanfic I have written though this one is the fourth one I have published. Three of the fanfics never saw the light of day and were never published so there may be some confusion.

    First: this story takes place five years after the events of Avatar: Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

    Lucas was adopted by Arceus and Star

    Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Bauderlaire were rescued and adopted by Arceus as well. Link and the Pokemon Champion Cynthia are now married. Also two Arceus came to the current universe from a dying one and now live with Arceus.

    Note: For those of you who are wondering about were Lucas, Comet, and Meteor came from, please read my Avatar: Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

    So without further ado, let the story begin. Enjoy.


    Chapter one: Lucas' 10th birthday

    Today is a special day in the Hall of Origin, because today is Lucas' birthday!

    Lucas was already waking up knowing its his birthday which he never celebrated when he lived in the alternate timeline. Arceus and Star came and greeted Lucas saying, "Happy birthday Lucas. Today is also the day that you will get your first pokemon," Star is Arceus' mate. She is cream colored with gray underside, blue eyes, and a silver crosswheel. She stands a 9 feet 6 inches. But Star noticed that Lucas was not as excited and said, "Lucas dear, whats wrong? Its a special day for you."

    Lucas answered with a few tears in his eyes, "I never had a birthday celebration in that alternate time because there It was only another year suffering at the hands of Team Galactic..*sniff* Our birthdays are never celebrated and instead we're beaten and made to work more than usual.." He then began crying.

    Star nuzzles Lucas as she tells him reassuringly, "There, there, Lucas, it will be alright. We'll do whatever it takes to make your birthday celebration extra-special!"

    "How are we going to do that." Lucas asked colming down.

    "We'll set up a birthday party for you, and we'll invite everyone!", gleed Arceus.

    Arceus, Star, and Lucas went to where the messenger pokemon are and wrote invitations to everyone. The ones invited included all of the legendaries, gym leaders of Sinnoh and elite four, Link, Cynthia, Barry, Dawn, Professor Rowan, and others.

    While the invited guests are on their way, the legendaries are setting up the party, complete with cake, presents, and decorations, party games too!

    After decorating the Hall of Origin, the invited guests have finally made it to the Spear Pillar.

    "Arceus, they have arrived at the Spear Pillar", said Star

    "Right", said Arceus as he activates the glowing staircase to the Hall of Origin.

    Cynthia said to everyone, "Alright lets go." Then everyone ascended the stairs to the entrance to the Hall of Origin whose doors opened revealing Arceus and his fellow legendaries.

    "Welcome to the Hall of Origin", said Arceus, "The party's just about to start!"

    Everyone came in and gathered at the meeting room with the legendaries to hear what Arceus has to say before the party starts.

    "Just so you know, back in that alternate reality where Lucas was from, they didn't celebrate birthdays, but that's all about to change, because we're going to make sure Lucas enjoys his birthday party!", proclaimed Arceus.

    "Alright, so what should we do first? Lucas what would you like to do first at this party?" Cynthia asked.

    "Let's have that birthday cake, huh?", asks Lucas.

    "Alright, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, could you get the birthday cake for us?" Arceus asked. "Yes, right away." the lake trio replied in unison. Then minutes later, they came with the largest birthday cake anyone has seen. On it wrote, "Happy birthday Lucas." and had a picture of all the legendaries on top.

    Lucas was awestruck, and quite touched, too!

    "Wow thank you." Lucas said with joy.

    "You're welcome, child.", said Star.

    Everyone then sang happy birthday and then it was time for opening presents which Lucas was suprised since he never got any presents from the reality he came from.

    Among the presents is a pokeball, but this pokeball is different from the standard model.

    "Wow, I never seen a pokeball let alone one like this. I wonder what pokemon is in this pokeball. And what kind is? And who is this from." Lucas asked curiously.

    "This special pokeball is designed especially for you, and the pokemon in it is a shiny Eevee", explained Star.

    Lucas opened the pokeball and out came a small a silvery colored fox like pokemon with white fur around her neck and the tip of her fluffy tail. The Eevee jumped on Lucas' shoulders and nuzzled him affectionately. Lucas said with gratitude, "Thank you so much! I never had a pokemon of my own my entire life. Thank you." Lucas shedded a few tears of happiness and joy.

    "You're welcome, Lucas", smiled Star

    "Aw, look at it, she likes you", gushed Violet

    "How do you know it's a she?", asks Lucas curiously.

    "Well she is smaller than other Eevee that are male. It seems what I read about Eevee that the male is larger than the female." Violet answered. Pro. Rowan asked, "Well since Lucas will start his journey soon since he just turned ten, He may need some companions to travel with him. Also" and looked towards Violet and her brother Klaus, and continued, "You two could also go with Lucas and get your starter pokemon at my lab at Sandgem Town." then continued by asking Star, "Star, who do you think should go with Lucas on his journey along with Violet and Klaus? Any legendary pokemon you suggest come with him?"

    "I think Alpha, Comet, and Meteor should come. I bet they'd be eager to see the world, aren't you?", said Star

    "Yup!", replied Alpha. Alpha has cream colored fur with a gray underside, and blue eyes like her mother.

    Comet is the youngest sibling and is black with a white underside and muzzle, golden eyes and a small horn on her forehead.

    Meteor is the middle sibling and is the spitting image of his father, except that his white fur is darker and has blure eyes like his mother.

    "How about Eva and I come with them too?", asks Klaus.

    "Of course you can." Star replied.

    Then the party went on until nightime and it was time for bed. Lucas and his adoptive siblings could not wait until their journey starts the next day.


    End of chapter
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    Default Re: The Sinnoh Saga: The Journey of Lucas

    How come me and Alpha haven't updated this story?
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