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    Hi everyone! Well, this is my first fan fiction, and I'm hoping you all like it. It's rated teen because it's a story based for teenagers, and it will get a lot more "intense" towards the end of a series. Don't say I didn't warn you! I hope you like it!

    A Sinnoh Journey- Chapter 1

    “Well, you two are late,” A man with white hair, and a short, white beard stared me and my sister down.
    “Sorry,” Tabitha chewed and smacked on her gum, rolling her eyes around in her head.
    “Do you two know why you are here?” He asked, fingers creased on his chin. Stubble of a mustache sat on his chin. I nodded slowly, and I could feel my long dirty blonde hair bouncing on my shoulders. I was here to choose my starter Pokémon, my very first.
    “I’m going first,” Tabitha announced, stepping in front of me, looking up to him. He was tall, maybe too tall. Too tall to look in the eye, anyway, especially for my younger, shorter sister.
    She was confident, more confident then I was, at least. Wow, I felt as if I was the baby now. My older brother Elliott had always made me feel like a baby. Elliott had originally chosen a Turtwig for his starter Pokemon. It was cute, calm, and strong. It was a strong little turtle, and it had blossomed since forever ago, when Elliott first received him. Turtwig was now a cool, collective Torterra, and was one of the most powerful Pokemon I had ever seen.
    “Which do you choose?” The man asked Tabitha, as she picked up a sparkling red and white ball from a briefcase. She clicked the button on the ball, and a spray of blue light danced out of the little sparkling ball.
    An innocent little creature looked around, and spun in small circles. It looked like a tiny, blue penguin, wearing a blue poncho. Two white, round spots sat on it's chest. It's little yellow feet made a pitter-patter sound whenever they clicked against the ground. Slowly, it’s yellow beak opened and out came a clear bubble, sparkling in the sunlight.
    “This one is mine. Come with me, Peck,” Tabitha picked up the penguin and walked away. Was Peck the penguin Pokémon’s name? I guess so, but I’ll never know for sure. She walked into the sun, pure blonde hair swaying in the slight breeze. My sister was already on her journey, while I was just standing, not taking any action whatsoever.
    It was silent for a couple seconds, before a cough interrupted the silence.
    “Is she always like that?” The older man asked, puzzled.
    “Sadly enough, yes,” I replied, with a short, quick sigh. Tabitha would never learn. Unlike me, Abigail, who will.
    “Pick a ball, Abigail,” I bent down, and picked up a ball, like Tabitha’s, and did what she did. The button made a click noise, and out came a ray of shining light.
    “Chim-Chimchar!” I guess I had blinked too long, because this fire monkey was now sitting in front of me. It was much different then Tabitha’s new Piplup, or Elliott’s calm Turtwig. I knew this Pokémon was a Chimchar, and I immidiently fell in love with it. A wave of fire spread out of the creature's behind, and I could feel the heat radiating throughout the air. It had shaggy, orange fur, and continued to shake it out of it's eyes. The fur was longer and thicker, then the other Chimchar's hair I had seen.
    “This is….the one,” The monkey’s eyes glimmered, and it giggled, small, tan hands curled up to his mouth. He was confident, and I liked that.
    “I’m glad you’ve chosen Chimchar, he seems as if he’ll be a good partner for you. I, Professor Rowan, hereby give you permission to take this Chimchar,” Professor Rowan winked, turned around, picked up the briefcase, and began to walk away.
    “Well, come on Charlie, we have places to go, and badges to win,” I picked up the monkey, and he jumped on my shoulders, stealing my hat. I laughed, and so did Charlie. He blew up, towards the sky, and his shaggy hair brushed out of his chocolate brown eyes.
    I was staring at what would one day be an Infernape, and I pictured the team I would one day have. Would I have a team? Would I beat Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh? I know I would, because this Chimchar would be strong and undefeatable. We will show Elliott who the real baby is, and Tabitha who is older and wiser. However, for now, all I had to do was be patient and train. This would be the start of a grand adventure.
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    Default Re: A Sinnoh Journey- Chapter 1

    Well, this is chapter 2! :) No one replied to my first chapter. I hope it's different this time! :) Hope you all enjoy!

    A Sinnoh Journey-Chapter 2

    I walked into the sunset, Charlie, my new partner, on my shoulder. The magenta in the sky molded perfectly with the golden auburns of the sun. The clouds were still slowly moving in the sky. Charlie let out a small yawn, and then took my hat off of his head, and placed it back on mine.
    “Thank you, Charlie,” I said to him, reaching up to give him a small pat on the head. He had had a long day, and deserved a nap. I picked Charlie off of my shoulder, and held him in my arm. He was warm and fuzzy, and I felt the fire radiated out of Charlie’s behind.
    I held him in my arms, and continued walking down a long, dirt path, while looking up at the sky. I hummed a short melody, and next thing you know, Charlie was asleep in my arms. I halted to a stop, and placed Charlie down on the ground. The sun was going down fast. I took my backpack off, and unzipped the small cord. Carefully, I took out a small blanket, a little larger then Charlie himself. It was a cool, baby blue, with one large golden star on the center. For Charlie, because he was a star. I placed the blanket on the small monkey, and picked him up back in my arms.
    Slowly, I continued to walk, and then found a large, oak tree. I sat down, and leaned up against the gigantic tree, still holding Charlie in my freckled arms. I brushed the shaggy hair out of Charlie’s eyes. This Chimchar was different than any other Chimchar I’d ever seen. Cuter, smaller, furrier then the rest. As I leaned against the tree, my eyes began to droop. I zoned out from the world, and fell asleep.
    “Chim-Chimchar?” I woke up next morning, to a small monkey playing with my eyelids. Poking and trying to open them.
    “Good morning, Charlie,” I said, opened one eye to look at him, and closed it again. He let out a small shriek of happiness, and then continued playing with my eyelids. He yanked on an eyelash, and then blew on my face.
    “Alright, alright, I’m up!” I opened both eyes, picked Charlie up, and then stood up. I threw him up in the air, brushed off my skirt really quickly, and then caught Charlie. Charlie giggled his cute little giggle.
    “Haha!” I laughed, making Charlie laugh as well.
    “So Charlie….where are we going today?” I asked him, and then set him down on the wet, dewy grass. I pulled my map from my purple backpack.
    “Hm…well, we appear to be right in between Sandgem Town and Jubilife City, and we need to go to Jubilife. We need to heal up, and,” I was cut off by a Starly, who jumped out of a bush.
    “Star-Starly!” It shouted, and I reacted immidiently, pulling a Pokeball out of my backpack.
    “Charlie, are you ready?” He jumped, facing towards the Starly.
    “Chim-Chimchar!” He shouted, raising his hands towards the air. This was Charlie’s time to shine. He hollowed into the air, slamming his small, tan fists against his chest. Now wait, what moves did Charlie know? Ember, I’m guessing, and I hope.
    “Charlie, use Ember!” He jumped into the air before I could finish the sentence. A wave of heat flew out of his mouth, followed by little chunks of red and orange flame. Pellets of fire jumped in the air, bobbing up and down. Charlie was on fire, not literally, but he was hot.
    I was jealous of his power and proud at the same time. The Starly flew through the air, dodging the hot fire-y chunks. Starly shrieked, and then flew down towards the ground, barreling through the air at top speed. It hit the ground with a thump, and cried out. I chucked a Pokeball at the creature, and a red beam shot out and captured the Pokemon inside. The ball wiggled back and forth, and I heard a click. I gasped out loud in amazement, unaware of exactly what had happened.
    “Charlie…” I announced, shaking, “I think we just caught a Pokemon…” I trailed off, slowly, walking over to the sparkling ball on the ground.
    I clicked the button, and light spread out of the ball. A small bird jumped out of the ball, still weak. It let out a noise, and then cried. I began to walk over to the Pokemon, and Charlie jumped on my shoulder, clutching onto my neck.
    “Hi….Kuru,” I whispered to the Starly. A small smile crossed it’s face. “Welcome to the team, brother,”
    “Chim-Chimchar!” shouted Charlie, waving a fist in the air. He was happy, and so was I.
    "Now, where is the nearest Pokemon Center?" I asked myself, and Kuru sang a short tune, as I leaned over him, about to pick up the small, frail bird.
    "Star-Starly!" He said, waving his wings, humming and singing. I had caught a very talented Starly. I picked him up, and held him close. Charlie held out a hand, touching Kuru with a gentle pattern. He felt the lacey feathers, and plucked one off of the bird. Kuru appeared to be unharmed, but I scolded Charlie.
    "Charlie, how would you feel if I went up to you and cut off part of your hair?" I asked, and he dropped the silky feather onto Kuru. Charlie blew up towards the blue sky, and his bangs fell away from him. I laughed as the bangs just fell back into place, and I petted Charlie's head.
    I began walking, Charlie on my shoulders, Kuru in my arms. I knew where I was going, I think. Just follow the dirt path, I thought to myself. Sooner or later, it'll end, hopefully in a city. Jubilife City, I hoped. It's coming up soon, I thought. I saw the end of the trees, and the dirt path ended, right at the border of three thick steps. Granite steps sat in front of me, and I looked up. A large city, lots of buildings, people, and Pokemon, was in front of me.
    Suddenly, everything went black. The last thing I heard was Charlie's shriek, combined with soft singing from Kuru.
    "NURSE JOY, NURSE JOY, SHE'S AWAKE!" An unfamiliar voice shouted. The scream echoed, as I heard metal colliding with the floor. I peaked one eye open, and a boy stood over me.
    "AH!" He yelled, and stumbled backwards. The boy had short, straight brown hair, and a pale face. He was kind of cute, and his eyes were an aqua blue, clear as the ocean. I had no idea who he was. A bright blue cap sat on his neat, combed hair. A familliar Pokemon's cry sounded through my soar ears. It was a Turtwig, I was sure of it. It sounded like Elliott's Turtwig did, but this cry wasn't as deep. It sounded almost feminine.
    I brushed my dirty blonde hair out of my face, and sat up. A Pokemon shrieked, and jumped on me. It was Charlie, happy to see me awake.
    "Hi Charlie....what happened?" I looked over to the boy as I combed through Charlie's fur with my fingers.
    "Umhh, I was running, and I didn't exactly see you...I guess....and then I hit you...." He shrugged, and looked down to his feet. He was wearing blue sneakers with yellow lightning bolt patterns.
    "Oh....who are you?" I asked him, staring down at Charlie.
    "My name? Oh, my name! Heh..." He was confused, nervous. "My name is Liam...what's your's?"
    "Abby....Abigail if you want,"
    "Well Abby...it's nice to meet you...." He was having trouble making conversation with me, obviously. A very small Turtwig jumped on my bed.
    "Tur!" It shouted, inching closer to Charlie. Charlie jumped on it's back, playing with the leaf on it's head.
    "Is this your Turtwig?" I asked him, trying to make conversation.
    "Yes....her name is Flower," He replied, looking down at the Turtwig. I reached out to pet her, but she snapped.
    "Flower, be polite," Liam commanded, stern and fierce.
    Flower reached out for a hand, and I petted her nuzzle. Liam began to reach for Charlie, but stopped himself.
    "May I?" He asked, very politely.
    "Sure. Liam, this is Charlie, Charlie meet Liam,"
    "Hi, Charlie," Liam started to reach his hand out, once again. Charlie, of course, accepted the petting.
    "Wow, he's warm..." Liam announced, as I rubbed Flower's back. Charlie had jumped off of it.
    "Yes, very, he is a fire Pokemon, you know," I stuck my tongue out at him, and he was obviously unsure how to react. He picked up Flower, holding her like a baby.
    "Well, I just wanted to make sure you were okay, bye," He blushed and backed away.
    "See you around," I said, but I was too late, he was gone.
    I think I just made a rival, named Liam.
    "Turtwig..." I made a mental note of that. I would definitely be battling this boy sometime soon.
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    Default Re: A Sinnoh Journey

    I'm afraid that no one is reading this :'( If you are, please reply and tell me you are!! Thank you!! :)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

    A Sinnoh Journey- Chapter 3

    "Abbigail...wake up, please!" I was awoken by some quiet yelling and shaking. I quickly sat up in bed, Charlie sitting on my lap.
    "I'm up....I'm...." I let out a loud yawn, and then continued. "up...." Slowly, I covered my mouth.
    "I think you are ready to go..." The woman whispered. She had pink hair, with some small ruffles and curls laced into it. A nurse's cap sat atop of her head, with a bold, red plus sign on it.
    "I guess...." I got out of bed, and the nurse escorted herself out of my room. I got dressed in a new outfit. A white skirt with ruffles, a green shirt, with a white vest over it, and a pale green beanie. Charlie immidiently grabbed the beanie off of my head and placed it on his shaggy head.
    I yawned once again, tears filling my eyes, ready to fall back down and sleep.
    "No...." I said to myself, "I cannot sleep, I must get to Jubilife city..." I whispered, as I stumbled down the hallway, holding a green knapsack in my hand. The knapsack had been refilled, with some canned food, like corn and carrots, a canteen of water, my Pokeballs, an extra outfit, and a couple more little things. My eyes drooped, and I continued to stumble. A hand placed itself on my shoulder and caught me.
    "You are in Jubilife City," A boy laughed while smiling, teeth and all. He was the one holding me up. He brushed the auburn hair out of his face. The boy was wearing a blue polo shirt, with black khaki style pants. He wore a black backpack on his shoulders, and a belt full of Pokeballs was on his waist.
    "Oh....where in Jubilife city?" I asked, shaking my hair, combing it out of my eyes with my fingers. Charlie sat on my shoulder, twisting my long, dirty blonde hair.
    "The Pokemon Center, of course!" He laughed, obviously a Pokemon expert, making fun of my novice skills. He smiled, and brushed his hair out of his face once more. Charlie did the same, and they both looked at each other.
    "Uh, this Chimchar your's?" He asked, puzzled. "You can't be a Pokemon Trainer....can you?" He questioned me.
    "Yes, I am a Trainer, and I come from Twinleaf. I'm new at this, okay??" I looked at him, offended.
    "Would you like to battle me?" He now looked me in the eyes, and I noticed his blue, sparkling eyes. A waterfall of blue color, mixed with green spots.
    "Yes....no....maybe?" I didn't know, did I want to battle him? He couldn't of just started his journey, he knew too much.
    "I challenge you to a Pokemon battle! Follow me!" He shouted, turning around and sprinting toward two wide open doors. I followed him, still unsteady on my feet. Charlie held my hand, and giggled.
    Finally, I reached the door, and felt the cool breeze sweep through them. It was a relief, to be outside again. Right in front of the door sat a large, dirt field, with some white circle markings on it. A Pokemon arena for battling. My first battle.
    "Are you ready?" He stood in place, already holding a Pokeball in his tan hand. I ran to the opposite side of the field. I've seen them do this on the television before, so I was pretty sure I knew what I was doing.
    "Yes," I replied, holding Kuru's Pokeball. I shook a little, unaware of what was happening.
    "Ready for battle, Kip!" He shouted, and out burst a blue light from the Pokeball. A small Pokemon stood in front of him. It was blue, with orange cheeks and a long fin his head. I'd never seen this Pokemon before. I stumbled, dropping my bag, and kneeling down. I pulled out a present from Mom, a pink machine. I held it up, and waved it by the blue Pokemon.
    "Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive radar receptors on its headfin to determine what's going on around it. In a pinch, it can remish enough power to crush rocks." The machine spoke.
    "Hm, Mudkip!" I looked at it, and held up my Pokeball.
    "Kuru, stage!" I shouted, and the ball exploded open and Kuru popped out. He was a big, strong, Starly, and looked very healthy.
    "I don't even know your name....my name is Alec! What's your's?" He asked, throwing the ball up in the air and catching it continuesly.
    "My name? Abigail. My destiny? To be a Pokemon MASTER!" I shouted across the dirt field. Kuru shrieked and Charlie cheered, both jumping in the air. I laughed, and immidiently fell into action.
    "Kuru, are you ready?" I asked, nodding my head. Kuru held a wing up in the air.
    "Starly- Star!" Kuru laughed, giggling and jumping.
    "Kip, what about you?" He asked his Mudkip, and his Mudkip happily replied.
    "Kip-Mudkip!" The small water Pokemon danced around.
    A battle was about to begin, and this would be a good one.
    "Kuru, use Wing Attack!" And Kuru launched into action.
    "I'd rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I am not." -Kurt Cobain

    Stop. Listen. What do you see around you? A world full of hate, and cruelty. You can change that.

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    Default Re: A Sinnoh Journey

    very good I did not see many errors
    My one bit of advice would be to change the Pokémon what they say for example look at this link Pikachu Language but that is personal opinion

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