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    Default Shadow Island

    This story is rated PG13 for...I don't know, really, it just is. lol

    The genre of this story, I guess you could say is a mix of Mystery, Fantasy, and Adventure

    The couples for this fic - if you care - are: Ash x Misty; James x Jessie; Butch x Cassidy; Todd x Duplica (hinting); Brock x OC; Kenji x OC

    Warning: The first couple of chapters are a bit slow, but it gets interesting once they get to the island, I promise you that. *Nods*

    Summary: Hi everyone, I’m back. I’ve finally done it! This is a continuation of The Biggest Battle in the Life of Ash Ketchum. I’m not good at continuations, but I decided to at least try. For those who didn't read the fic that this one is continuing, that's okay. You should still be able to follow this one, even though a few things are referenced in this story from the previous one.

    In the last fic both Kenji and Todd became a part of the group. Team Rocket has been disbanded and Jessie, James, and Meowth (as well as Butch, Cassidy, and Mondo) are all good guys now.

    Also, in the last fic, you find out what happened to Misty's parents; both were killed gruesomely by Giovanni and his henchman when she was only four years old, and the closer and closer the group was getting to Viridian, the more her suppressed memory of the incident was surfacing and she was pretty much a target for Giovanni.

    Another character in the last fic, was a Growlithe, that Kenji had found while traveling that was badly injured. This Growlithe had once belonged to Giovanni, and it had a lot of information on him that could get the man thrown into jail for a long time. Giovanni had ordered his henchmen to dispose of it, but before so, Growlithe had made sure that its story would get to Officer Jenny. When Ash went to battle for his Earth Badge (Misty and Todd along with him), Giovanni unleashed his strongest weapon, Mewtwo, who was under his control to pretty much go after a clueless Misty. That's about all I can think of to mention that happened in the last story to mention.

    Just a reminder, if you see a phrase in bold print, just scroll down to the end and it'll let you know what it means, or either I'll put a note up right after. I tend to do that a lot. I hope you all don't mind. Also, anything using single quotation marks (unless in a grammatically correct fashion) is indicating that the character is thinking and anything with a Pokémon speaking and colons are present, it's indicating that the Pokémon is speaking in Poké talk, but is translated for the sake of the readers.

    One more thing, this story was originally written before Ash had even gotten his Earth Badge, hence the differences between it and the show.

    Now, as you all know, I do not own any of these characters, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Now, on with this fic.
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    Default Chapter 01: "Misty's Sick!" A Brand New Adventure!

    Shadow Island (04.21.00)

    Part 1: "Misty’s Sick!" A Brand New Adventure!

    Ash: 13
    Misty/Todd: 14
    Kenji: 17
    Brock: 19

    It had been weeks now, since Ash has gotten his Earth Badge in Viridian. Ash has also finally enrolled into the Indigo Pokémon League games, but then found out from Professor Oak that he must go to this new place to battle an unknown Gym Leader before actually participating in the league competitions. This place is an island east of Cerulean and is called Lost Kage Island.

    Ash Title: Misty’s Sick!

    "Too bad you couldn’t stay in Pallet a little longer, Ash," a tan-haired boy wearing a striped shirt, and khaki shorts said in disappointment, by the name of Todd, his camera dangling loosely around his neck. "I really liked your mother’s cooking."

    A boy with messy, black hair, a white and blue button-down shirt, a black t-shirt underneath, and blue-jeans, along with a small, yellow rodent at his side (known as a Pikachu) nodded sadly. "Yeah, mom wasn’t too thrilled about my leaving again," Ash sighed as he fiddled with his red Pokémon League cap. The sun was blazing down on them, as the group made their way towards Pewter City, via the Viridian Forest. "She looked so sad when she found out I was leaving."

    A boy wearing a red headband, an aqua blue t-shirt, tan-shorts, and a giant backpack strapped to his back, spoke up next. This was the Pokémon watcher/researcher, Kenji. "I’ve never heard of this place that we are headed towards," he answered dully. "Well, not much about it, anyway," he added as an afterthought.

    "Me neither, but when the Times found out about it, they gave me the assignment right away," Todd spoke up proudly. "They want as many photos as I can possibly take!"

    Kenji placed a hand on his chin, his walk still remaining quite brief. "Professor Oak, and Bill of the lighthouse, asked me to research the Pokémon that I see there and give them a full report once I return."

    Todd looked over to Kenji, who looked a bit perplexed. "What's wrong with that?"

    "Well, Bill just left a message telling Professor Oak this. It's strange, is all."

    "What's Bill been up to?" Ash asked, stretching his arms.

    "He’s been on vacation for the past month or so, very strange."

    "Maybe he's involved in some kind of project and just couldn't come back in time to give the message to you directly," Todd inquired.

    Kenji shrugged nonchalantly, as he looked towards the hyper, cap-wearing boy that was walking to his right.

    "We’re going to Pewter first, though to get Brock," Ash said while pumping his fist into the air, jumping slightly. The tall, pale Pokémon beside Ash gave him a quizzical look, curious as to why the boy was acting in such a fashion. Not saying anything, the Psychic Pokémon, Mewtwo, shrugged and looked ahead, still walking. "I told him about where we were going and stuff and he said that he’s never heard of this place either and Brock normally knows about things like this."

    "I wonder why Professor Oak waited until two weeks until the league matches start before telling you that you need to obtain this 'mysterious' badge from some gym leader we’ve never heard of."

    "I don't know, Kenji. He just told me that he forgot to mention it when I first got back. At first, he told me that the league games were going to be near the Sea Foam Islands, and that was weeks ago."

    "I don't think Professor Oak has it all upstairs, Ash," Todd frowned, obliviously fanning himself. "Everyone knows that they're held at the Indigo Stadium."

    The Pokémon Trainer was growing anxious, and a bit bored with the walk through the forest, which was growing hotter by the moment. "When are we going to get to Pewter," Ash complained.

    "It shouldn't be too much longer." Todd looked over to Ash. "What does the map say?"

    "Chizu?" Todd nodded as they all came to a halt. "I thought Kenji had the map!"
    x x x x x x x x x x
    RP: Chizu simply means, "map".
    x x x x x x x x x x
    Hearing his name, Kenji turned his attention to the two younger boys. "Me? I thought that Mis---"

    ":According to the map, we should get there in about 30 minutes.:" a certain yellow rodent interrupted. The others looked down at Pikachu, who was ahead of them, a folded up paper opened.

    Ash face-faulted from the sight. "Since when did you learn how to read a map?"

    ":Since you kept getting us lost.:" he answered back in slight annoyance.

    The Pokémon Trainer was the only one, pretty much, who could understand his Pikachu's speech, as well as his other Pokémon, although, some of the others could sometimes figure out what Pikachu was referring to.

    "What do you mean, 'since you kept getting us lost'! I've never gotten us lost!"

    The others began to look around, suddenly interested in their surroundings (trees all around), and sweat dropped from Ash's statement.

    ":The only time you didn't get us lost, was when you stole Misty's bike, and she told you which way to go to get me to the Viridian City Pokémon Center!:"

    Kenji lowered his head, sadness now overtaking him, some. He was starting to understand Pikachu since he had been observing and researching him for the past few weeks, including the extra month they spent in Viridian for Giovanni’s trial. He had understood Pikachu when he said Viridian City and Misty's telling Ash where to go. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the rest of what Pikachu had said.

    "Damn Giovanni," Kenji cursed angrily under his breath. "He should've gotten death for what he did to Growlithe and Misty's parents!"

    Mewtwo, who had remained quiet this entire time, walked over to the Pokémon artist, stopping short in front of him. "I am sorry for what my master did," he apologized sympathetically.

    Kenji sighed at Mewtwo's words, feeling even more down. "It's not your fault, Mewtwo," he insisted. "You weren't responsible for neither Growlithe's death, nor Misty's parents. From what I've observed, Pokémon aren't bad, just their trainers. You're the perfect example of this, Mewtwo. You weren't bad, only Giovanni was."

    Both Todd and Ash nodded in agreement as they started off again. After a short while, ":Hey, there's Pewter!:" Pikachu announced, pointing ahead.

    "Finally! Let's go!"

    With Todd's words, they all ran towards the Pewter City entrance. The city was quite a dry place, perfect for raising or breeding Rock Pokémon. The group went straight towards the Pewter City Gym. The passionate, narrow-eyed Pokémon Breeder was the temporary gym leader there. His father had fallen ill, which was why he went back before Ash and the gang left for Pallet. Flint had gotten better a while ago, but Brock was giving him a break and was going to keep running the gym, since Ash called and told them that they were coming.

    Once arriving at the doors of the building, they entered, walking down a long, dimly lit hall. He arrived at another set of doors, but before going in, Ash told everyone else to stay back a little once entering the battling arena, except for Pikachu. Confused, his travel companions nodded quietly.

    They entered the double doors, glad to find no one was around or battling against his old friend. The gym was also the way he had remembered it when he encountered Brock his first time, rocks decorated the arena, giving Brock's Rock and Ground type Pokémon the advantage. On the opposite side of the gym, there was a platform, and it looked as if someone was sitting there.

    Ash took a deep breath, and cupped his hands around his mouth, shouting, "HEY, I CHALLENGE THE PEWTER CITY GYM LEADER TO A MATCH!"

    The person on the platform stood up, stepping forward onto the podium directly in front of the platform; the shadows no longer hiding his face. His hair was a spiky brown; eyes narrowed, "slit" like, and wore an orange t-shirt along with a pair of dark-brown pants. This was most definitely Brock. Ash smirked at the sight of his old friend.

    "I accept your challenge," Brock told the boy routinely, who he still hadn't recognized. "This will be a two-on-two battle, and all official gym rules apply. There will also be no time limit." Brock crossed his arms as he looked at his challenger. "I'm sure I'll beat you though. You're no match for my rock Pokémon."

    Brock examined the person before him - who had stepped forward a bit, to show himself a bit more - and noticed two things that stood out: the challenger was wearing a Pokémon League cap, and he had a small Pikachu standing by his side.

    "Ash? Wow, Ash!" Brock leapt from the podium he was standing on, and made his way over to Ash, and the others who were a little ways behind him. "Boy, it's been weeks since I've seen you all!"

    Everyone else greeted Brock with a typical "hi". After Brock's greetings towards Kenji, Todd, and Mewtwo, he started to look around curiously.

    "What's wrong, Brock?"

    "Where are Misty and Togepi? She never leaves your side for any reason," Brock pointed out, "even before the two of you officially became a couple."

    Ash, as well as the others, turned around to notice that a certain red-haired Water Pokémon trainer was conspicuously absent, as well as Togepi.

    "Um, I don't remember Misty saying much of anything on our way here," Kenji said while thinking back. "I don't recall saying anything to her since breakfast."

    "Same for me," Todd spoke up, feeling repulsed for not noticing. "She's been so quiet lately."

    "I, too, have not seen the redheaded one since her morning consumption of food."

    Pikachu shook his head sadly, realizing that he, like Mewtwo, hadn't noticed her since breakfast either.

    "I didn't notice either, and I'm her boyfriend," Ash muttered in embarrassment, blaming himself for his lack of notice. "I guess we were all so excited we kinda overlooked her and Togepi." He lowered his head. "I must've done something wrong, and Misty's mad at me!"

    Kenji patted Ash supportively on the back. "Don't blame yourself for her being missing. It's partially all of our faults."

    Not really listening, Ash went slightly hysterical, and was now very worried. Brock was right, Misty usually stuck with him, and wouldn't leave unless she told someone first. She was quite considerate in that sense. "Waaaah, Misty!! Where are you!!! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!!"

    As if on cue, a skinny girl, who wore her hair in a single ponytail to the side, suspenders, short shorts, and a yellow mid-driff, holding an egg-shaped Pokémon walked through the double doors. She forced a weak smile on her pale face, and quietly uttered, "I'm right here Ash." She looked to the temporary gymleader. "Hi Brock." She turned her attention back to the confused, yet relieved, looking boy. "I forgive you, Ash."

    ":Hi, Uncle Pikachu:" Togepi chirped sadly.

    Kenji and Todd rushed over to Misty. "Where were you?!" the researcher questioned.

    "I just walked a little slower than you guys, that's all," she insisted firmly. "I was just feeling a bit…nauseous, and, erm, had to relieve myself."

    "So, in other words, you had to go barf."

    Misty frowned at Todd's usage of words, and sweat dropped. "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

    "Are you sure you're all right?" Ash asked her.

    "How long have you been like this?" Todd inquired.

    "How come you didn't tell us you were feeling sick!?" Kenji wanted to know.

    "I've been like this for a few days now, but I'm fine. I didn't want to slow anyone down."

    "Misty," Brock spoke up gently, "maybe you should go see a doctor if you've been that sick lately. You also seem to be a bit paler than usual."

    She shook her head assuredly.

    "I don't think that's such a good idea, Misty." Kenji gestured towards Brock. "He's right, if you're sick, you should go see a doctor, and we shouldn't travel for a while."

    "No, no, I'm fine." She felt a bit cold as of the moment, but figured it was from the air-conditioning of the gym. "Now, let's hurry up and leave now. If we do, we'll make it to that new island in no time at all!"

    "We should get to Cerulean in a few hours anyway by foot, with the route Kenji planned out for us, if," Todd glared over at Ash, "we don't get lost."

    The glare went unnoticed by the 13 year old, as he continued to stare at Misty. "Misty, if you're feeling bad you really shouldn't be traveling."

    "Maybe I'm just hungry."

    "I feel that the cap bearer is right," Mewtwo interjected wisely. "Maybe you should heed his advice."

    Misty gave Mewtwo and evil look, which made him back down, and refrain from saying anything further on the subject.
    x x x x x x x x x x
    RP: Didn’t see that coming, did ya? lol
    x x x x x x x x x x
    "If you're certain that you're all right, I guess we can leave," Ash said with a bit of skepticism, which didn't last long, "but let's all eat lunch first, or maybe a small snack so that we can pig out once we get to Cerulean! It's only a little bit before noon."

    At the boy's casualness, everyone (minus Misty) face-faulted from his reply. All three (Kenji, Brock, and Todd), after picking themselves back up, shouted to the clueless one, "Kasumi wa byooki da!"
    x x x x x x x x x x
    RP: That phrase pretty much means, "Kasumi is sick".
    x x x x x x x x x x
    Cowering down, Ash innocently responded, "But she said that she was hungry."

    "I'm fine!" Misty insisted, punching the air with her right fist, still holding Togepi in her left. "A big buffet sounds wonderful. Let's just grab a few snacks here and some tea, and then head on to Cerulean for a big buffet! I'm heading straight to the dessert bar if we do. All I know is that I'm hungry right now, and Brock's sushi rolls are some of the best!" She lowered her arm, and rested her index finger on her chin, as if in thought. "I've been like this for the past few days too…"

    Everyone looked at her in amazement. They knew that Misty’s appetite had increased within the past few days, but didn’t bother mentioning it or acknowledging it. Brock led the group to the kitchen, where he prepared some of his sushi rolls in record speed, along with Kenji's help. Misty, however, shoved down sushi roll after sushi roll, and gulping down cup after cup of the green tea that Kenji had brewed. Even when she was sick, she wanted to eat!

    They all decided to eat some of the sushi rolls, or what Misty didn’t eat. After the snack, Brock informed Flint that they were to leave right away, so that they could arrive in Cerulean by the early evening. With that, they all told Flint - along with Brock's ten younger siblings - bye, and left, Misty's walking slowly behind. Every time Ash, or anyone else for that matter, looked back at the girl to check on her, she forced on a smile and still managed to keep a good, steady pace.

    They all arrived in Cerulean with no problems in the early evening, thanks to Kenji's alternate route which didn't include having to go through Mt. Moon, although, Misty did grow a bit queasy on the way, having to stop a couple of times because of it. The group headed to the gym to meet up with Misty's sisters, whom were glad to see her, and offered them all a place to stay.

    All three girls, though, found Misty to look a bit wan. Curious, they, of course, questioned their youngest sister on her health, but insisted on it being nothing, wanting to eat dinner. Brock had suggested that Misty rest for a while, but she wouldn't hear any of it.

    After Misty's protests, realizing that there was no way of convincing the girl into staying home otherwise, they all left in a Rapidash drawn carriage, to eat at one of the best restaurants Cerulean had to offer...
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    I was wondering if I should put up chapter 2 of this fic.


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