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    Default To See The Future

    I'm back! To be short, I stopped writing fan fics last summer, and now I'm back. I started this one awhile ago, but school almost killed me, as some of you may know. And for a disclaimer, I do not have any rights to Pokemon, I am just a fan.

    Please read, enjoy, and comment!

    Chapter 1

    “Huh?” I looked around at my surroundings. “How did I get in school?”

    I was sitting in a high school classroom with someone else, all alone and sitting in the front. The sun shined through the window onto the tiled brown floor and white walls. Table and chair desks were in single rows, and a teacher’s desk was in the front by a blackboard. The room was warm, and so was I as I realized I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved pink top.

    The next thing I knew my Espeon was out in front of me. “What are you doing out of your ball?” I cried out to him. He looked at me, his purple fun glistening in the sunlight coming from the window, and his tail wavering side to side. Pokémon in school was never allowed. If Pokémon were brought to school, you can just say bye to being a student there, as Pokémon in class is seen as a distraction and misbehavior. Luckily my Pokémon stayed in their pokéball…well they used to. So what was going on?

    That’s when everything started to blur and I hear beeping and then vibrating. It was my pokegear! I quickly woke up to my room, and real life. A little bit of sunlight came through the window and lit up my all pink room. I hated it, as it looked the same as when I was 8. Pink flowers are for little girls, not 16 year olds. How can I even have my friends come over and see that?

    I then grabbed my light blue pokegear off the night table and looked at who was calling me. Sure enough it was my best friend, Max.

    “What do you want?” I said still half asleep as I answered. It was very rare that he called me at this time in the morning.

    “Angel! I’m worried about that test today.” He told me nervously. “I didn’t study as much as I wanted to.”

    “No…this isn’t good.” I said under my breath. If Max didn’t pass this big test he might fail the semester.

    “Playing video games last night?” I asked him as if I didn’t know.

    “Yeah….I should have opened the book.” He said as if he regretted it.

    I thought for a minute then responded, “I’ll be there soon. We need to get to school early.”

    “Kay.” He said as he hung up.

    Next thing I knew I was dressed in my jeans and a pink top, and was on my Altaria flying towards his house. It felt great to be flying on my Pokémon. I felt like super girl almost; my long brown hair flowing in the air.

    We landed in front of his house and found him waiting outside. He was dressed in jeans, and a black shirt; his blond hair was messy as usual.

    “Get on.” I nodded at him. “We don’t want to waste anytime.”

    “Wait…we’re flying on Altaria?” He seemed nervous because we had never tried this before. He wondered if Altaria could make the trip with the both of us on its back.

    “Sure, why not.” I trusted my Pokémon, and knew it could do this. I helped Max onto Altaria, and as he sat in back of me I told him to make sure he held on.

    We hadn’t even left the ground yet, and Max was nervous. Actually, the whole situation made him uncomfortable. “Why am I doing this...” He said as he held onto me. “Tomorrow I’m walking.”

    Altaria then rose into the air, and we were on our way to school.

    “Um…I don’t like this.” Max said as he looked down. “What if Altaria gets tired?”

    I knew Max was afraid of heights, but what could I do then? “Don’t worry, you won’t fall. Just don’t look down.” I assured him.

    Within minutes we were there, at school studying in the class. Nobody was even there yet as we studied for the test that would come soon. That’s when I realized we were in the same room as my dream. The desks were in straight rows, the sun was shining through the windows hitting the chalk board and white walls, everything was the same.

    “This seems familiar…” I said to him as my purple eyes wandered around the room.

    “Sure, we are here everyday at first period.” He said as if I was crazy.

    “No…I saw this in my dream last night.”

    That’s when it happened. Espeon flew out of its pokéball in a flash of light. It sat right in front of the desk, and stared at the two of us. “Espe!” He cried out.

    “What are you doing coming out like that?!??!!” I started freaking out. This was too weird. My vision was coming true right before my eyes.

    “Espe! Espe!” He cried again.

    “Get him back in his ball now!” He cried

    I got out his pokéball, and still freaking out, returned him. “Don’t ever do that again.” I whisper in an annoyed tone to the pokéball.

    “You need to work on training your Pokémon.” He said.

    “Shut up!” Right then I just wanted to know what would happen next.

    “Don’t worry,” He tired to assure me. But was he sure of himself? “I…”

    I cut him off. “No!!! This isn’t right…I saw a dream.”


    “Yeah, I saw my dream from last night. Almost the whole thing”

    “That’s awesome.” Max stared at me in shock. “Some kind of coincidence, but still awesome.” He was getting excited.

    That’s when my mind when back to the test, and how time was running out. “We need to study.”

    He nodded, and then we continued with the studying. As we studied, I still couldn’t take my mind off of what would happen next.

    To be continued…
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    Default Re: To See The Future

    One suggestion: No need to use a period then a captial letter to separate the quotes from their description. For example:

    "Angel, I'm worried about that test today." He told me nervously.

    should actually be:

    "Angel, I'm worried about that test today," he told me nervously.

    But overall, I think there were many good things about this first chapter. You have a good amount of description and detail intertwined with your dialog. I like the amount of imagry you give to your reader.

    Great start! Keep it up.

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    Default Re: To See The Future

    Thanks for the review! That's really something I seem to forget, as spell check likes to tell me different.

    Chapter 2

    “I dreamed it, I saw it, it happened!!?!?!?” I almost screamed at him in the hallway after class. The hallway was long, and lockers were against all walls.

    “Ok. Ok…calm down, Angel.”

    “No, I…” That’s when everything started to blur and I got dizzy. Eventually everything went black…
    “Where am I?” I said as I looked around.
    I was in a familiar place…I was in my next class! But today seemed different…the room was dark, and up front was a TV and we were watching the movie “Snow Buneary”. I felt tense as everything began to blur again and spin out…

    The next thing I knew I woke up in Max’s arms.

    “Are you alright, Angel?” He asked seeming really worried.

    I felt I could barely talk. “I think so…what happened?”

    “You fainted like a minute ago,” He explained to me.

    That’s when I noticed a crowd around us, staring right at me. That’s what snapped me out of it. “Whoa! I’m fine…”

    “I don’t think so,” Max said.

    “Then why did you faint?” A kid yelled out.

    I didn’t know what to do, as I could still see the dream. “I was just dreaming…”

    “Dreaming?” A girl with long blonde hair asked me. That girl was one of the popular girls in school, and someone who had to know everyone’s business. She also dressed and wore enough make up to make herself look like she was going to a fashion show; black fashion boots, a denim mini skirt, and a tight pink shirt that showed off her skinny body. This girl was Bailey.

    “Yeah, I was in my next class, and that I was watching the movie Snow Buneary,” I shuddered, as I was still a little out of it.

    She gave me a look, and then replied, “Well, I’m in your next class, as if you remember, so I’ll see what happens. We aren’t watching any movie today…” And with this she walked away, and the crowd slowly did the same.

    “Angel…you had another dream?” Max seemed worried. “What is going on with you today?”

    I didn’t know myself, so I just told him, “I don’t know.”

    Max then helped me to class, as I was still out of it for some reason. As I walked into the room, I froze. The room was darkened, and in front was a TV. Just like my dream told me, we were watching a movie.

    Stuned, I slapped Max, who was just as shocked as I was, on the arm.

    “What is this?” He asked me, looking into my eyes.

    “I don’t know!” I screamed back.

    “Sit down!” Our teacher yelled at us, pointing to where we usually sit.

    We both did just as he ordered, and sat down, containing our shock. I waited in dread to see what movie it would be.

    Around me I heard a few people say, “How did she know?” and “She better be right about the movie!”.

    I held my breath as he finally told us what movie we were going to watch. I listened to him as I heard, “Today we will be watching Snow Buneary since I think we could use a break from our usual lecture.” And then I wanted to faint.

    “How did she know?!” I heard a voice cry out from a few rows behind me. That voice was no other than Bailey’s. She then realized what she did and quickly apologized to the teacher to being disruptive, but he wanted to know more.

    “Who knows what?” He questioned her.

    “It’s nothing important,” She said as she gleamed at me. I could see a mix of confusion and what looked like jealousy in her face.

    Our teacher shrugged it off, and put on the movie. As the movie began everyone in the room started to whisper about what had just occur, as expected. This did not last long, as before they were corrected, they shut up and watched the movie.

    I sat through the class numb. Things were getting too weird for me in this one day. I just wanted to talk to Max about this more and then head home and sleep. But that wasn’t happening for quite a few hours yet.
    After class, Baliey stopped me in the hallway. Max was nowhere to be found and I was alone. “Hey, I want to ask you something,” She said in a serious tone.
    I had no idea what she could want, but I knew it wasn’t good. She wasn’t my friend; she never was. She was in the popular crowd while I was an unknown, unpopular Pokémon trainer. “What is it?” I asked annoyed.

    “Well…” She started. “I know this guy that likes you…he’s actually one of my friends, and I don’t know what he’s thinking. He told me, thinking he could trust me, saying didn’t know how to tell you.”

    “What?!” I almost screamed.

    She explained, “Well, he didn’t tell me to tell you, but I thought I would. He just wanted to know what girls like, but I decided I’d help him out because he’s just so shy about this stuff. You know, I didn’t want the two of you to miss out on this chance! You follow me?”

    “NOOO!” I cried. “I do not follow you! What the hell are you talking about?” I knew this girl was up to no good. It had to be some sick trick to make me look stupid in front of the school.

    “I’m talking about him!” With that, Bailey pointed to a guy who was now starting straight at me.

    I wasn’t impressed. “Him…seriously?”

    “Yes! So why don’t you go talk to him?” She started to take me by the arm as I struggled to get away.

    “Don’t feel like it,” I said as I finally got my arm back from her, and then backed away.

    “Fine, we’ll see. Just know that he has a crush on you,” She turned to walk away, but acted. “Damien! Come here!” She was calling out to this guy.

    “Oh my Arceus…” I stood there like a sitting psyduck not knowing if I should run or confront this as he started to walk over.

    He was now standing right in front of me and looking me straight in the eye. “Umm….,” He started. “Hey, Angel…”

    “Who are you?” Was all I could say.

    “My name is Damien, and you may not know me since I’m a grade above you, but I’m Bailey’s friend. But…I’ve noticed you before, and I need to know something!”

    “What?” I was now getting perturbed.

    He said it very fast, as if scared. “Want to hang out after school?”

    I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. What Bailey said must had been true, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t exactly like him, but I didn’t want to hurt him. I only had one choice, and that was to accept his offer, and maybe we could just be friends if anything in the end. “Ok, I’ll meet you out front of school,” I said as I forced a smile.

    “Awesome! See you then!” He smiled as he ran off to his next class.

    “That’s so nice,” Bailey said in a happy tone. It sounded as she was actually happy for me…or was it just for her friend. I still had no idea what was going on. “Now I just need to get myself a boyfriend,” She continued before she noticed the time on her phone, then before I knew it, she was gone too.
    While in my last class I felt myself get weak, and saw a flareon in a rocket. The rocket was not in regular outer space, but what looked like a purple fog….maybe a dream? I managed to survive that episode in class…
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    Default Re: To See The Future


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    Default Re: To See The Future

    Sorry this chapter took so long.

    Chapter 3

    As the last bell rang, I felt myself become very tense as I headed for my locker. This afternoon was going to be very awkward, and I could feel it. What was the deal with that Flareon???!!?!?

    “Hey!” Max came up behind me, making me jump.

    “Hey!” I turned around really fast, only to be relieved it was just him. “What’s up?”

    “Nothing. How about you? You seem in a hurry,” He stared at me.

    “Oh, I have a date today actually, and it’s not something I planned…”

    “Wait what? Who is the guy?” Max questioned me in shock.

    “Bailey’s friend seems to like me, and asked me out. I didn’t want to be mean and turn him down so I went along with it,” I sighed as I told him.

    “Oh…” Max didn’t know what to say to that. “Just have fun.”

    “By the way, I had another vision,” I said to him as he started to leave.

    Max turned around fast. “What this time?”

    “A Flareon in a rocket…” I said as seriously as I could.

    “Huh……” He stared at me with a puzzled expression. “I have no idea….”

    I then noticed the time and realized he must be waiting for me already. “Max, I got to go,” I cried as I ran past him. “See you later.”

    “Bye!” He called out to me as I made my way down the hall and out the door. Once outside who else but Damien was right outside waiting me for.

    “Angel!” He cried out upon seeing me. “I’m so glad you came. I was afraid you wouldn’t show up for some reason.”

    I was stunned for a second. “Me? Why wouldn’t I come?”

    “Well, I just thought maybe you were nervous…but that doesn’t matter now!” He tried to change the subject. “I want to show you my Pokémon!” And with that statement he took out a pokéball and released what was inside. “GO Booster!” Out popped a Flareon.

    “He’s adorable,” I couldn’t help but say upon seeing the Pokémon. I had to admit I found all Eeveelutions extra cute. That’s when I remembered the vision of the Flareon. The only thing was I didn’t see a rocket…it wasn’t complete. So, I tried to shrug it off with something. “You know my Espeon, don’t you?” And with that I released Espeon to see Damien and Booster.

    “That’s a nice Espeon,” Damien commented. “I’m sure it would put up quite a good battle against my Flareon.”

    I was a bit surprised, and hoped he didn’t want to battle. The reason was I hadn’t battled in a long time, and would probably lose. Then he’d just think I was weak. “Sure, maybe we can battle one day,” I laughed nervously.

    “Sure,” He just stared at me. “But right now I need to ask you something.”

    “Ok,” I wondered just what he was thinking.

    “If you have time, I’d like to show you my science project, but that’s if you have time,” He slowly approached me. “Do you?”

    “Ummm….” I really had nothing to do, but I just wondered where this project was. “Sure, if it won’t take too long.”

    “Oh great!” He was happy to hear that. “And don’t worry; it’s only right in the physic lab,”

    I was relieved, and figured I could trust him. What could possibly go wrong? After all, I didn’t have any more visions. “Ok, let’s go see it then,” I smiled. I was actually curious as to what it was anyway.

    “You’re going to love it,” He assured me as we started back into the school.

    Inside the school all of the students, and almost all the teachers were now gone. It was quiet and looked abandoned. We then came to the lab, which was dark, and Damien then opened the door and led me inside. He turned on the lights and led me to a small machine. It looked like a small metal headband in a way.

    “What is that?” I asked him.

    “It’s something that can translate a Pokémon!” He exclaimed. “And I was wondering if we could try it on Espeon,” He smiled. “Well, can we?”

    I was stunned. What was this about telling me what my Espeon had to say? I wondered if it really worked, and besides, what harm could it do? “Okay.” I took out Espeon’s pokéball and released him again. This was the only time it would be safe in school. Nobody was around. “Let’s try it out.”

    “This is great!” Damien exclaimed as he picked up the project and placed it on Espeon’s head. I watched nervously as it began to light up.

    “ESPE!!!” Espeon cried out in pain as soon as it lit up.

    “What is that?!” I screamed upon seeing this. “Stop now!”

    “No, it’s working!” He assured me. All I could do now was watch in horror at something I seemed to have fallen for.
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    Default Re: To See The Future

    Very nice! If only you didn't stop on a cliffhanger.... :(


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