Not actually writing this here, but I would like reviews.

This is based on an RP idea I had that never even got a Start-Up thread. So it's a story now.

Approximately 200 million years ago

The monotonous sounds of clanking and thuds reverberated in steady regularity off the bronze-lined walls of the room. Two large golden figures walked to either side of Au’raan.
“Are we done?” Au’raan asked, all four eyes staring down at the monitor as he typed in the final commands.
“Affirmative,” one figure droned in a booming voice, “The capsule is in order and prepared to receive you. The automations are disabled, save for the primary defence AI and ourselves.”
“And the Mhraes?”
“The Mhraes is yet to be activated,” the other machine answered. Au’raan nodded. It was a pity it never would be, after all that work he put into it. He rerouted all of the energy to go into nothing but the defence AI, ADDI, and the trillions of capsules. They would need it. He sent the commands, and the lights blinked out, the room illuminated only by the optical receptors of the robots and the eerie glow of the power lights of the billions upon billions of capsules, stood on enormous shelves like silver automations awaiting orders. But those days were long since over now.

Au’raan took a moment to reflect on the days when the Force Dominion was thriving, truly dominating the forces of reality. They had, even then, electroweak, strong force, gravity, all under their absolute control. They had made their mistakes, of course, and Au’raan, with ambitions like his own, took the credit for most of the bigger disasters. He remembered when he had destroyed Pangaea trying to develop a perpetual energy source. To that very day, its five shards lay scattered across the world, swept off to different corners by the currents of the seas. One had even frozen over completely. Antarctica, they had called it. Not that it mattered now. They were leaving the world to the mammals now. He had made sure that every trace of them had been removed. Their cities of force fields were emancipated, their automations extracted from all across the globe and deactivated, their cryptic machines violently dismantled. An era set to end until primates were evolved and advanced like them.

But he was stalling too long, he realised. Perhaps he was frightened. Was not everyone frightened of his or her long sleep?
“It is time to vanish,” Au’raan announced as if to conclude a popular event, “Deactivate.” The automations complied wordlessly, walking to either side of the doorway before their optics blinked out. If only he were like them. They had no emotions, and so no fear of death. But it was not death, rather the opposite; prolonged life. Perhaps soon they would live eternally. He chuckled at this. Au’raan had always thought of immortality as childish. Once you lived forever, what then? He was stalling himself again, he noted. His gaze shifted to the last open capsule at the back of the impossibly long room, his capsule. He sealed the entrance to the room, not once looking away, and reluctantly walked towards the almost beckoning silver figure. It was time. He just didn’t want it to be. And the slamming shut of the cryogen capsule was the final sound that room would hear for thousands of years.